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How to get a Taurus woman to chase you? Taurus girl is earthy and no-nonsense.

She’s impressed by real achievements, not big empty talk or name-dropping. So, if you are having an eye on a lady born under the sign of the Bull and want to know tips for getting her heart, this article is totally for you.

We would like to give you advice on how to make a Taurus woman to chase you.

In order to make her fall in love, you have to initially understand her personal characteristics and behaviours.

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How to get a Taurus woman to chase you

She is a fixed sign who’s mind is difficult to change when she has made a decision. She works hard to get what she wants and has extreme patience.

Once a Taurus woman decides that she wants you she will show you her romantic side. She will talk to you about elaborate dates she’d like to experience or that she thinks you’d enjoy.

She is very generous when it comes to all forms of showing affection. Furthermore, she will give high-quality gifts that mean a lot or be a shoulder to lean on. Show her the same type of encouragement towards her interests and goals if you want a Taurus woman to chase you.

She prefers a traditional relationship that includes romance. If you want to know how to get a Taurus woman to chase you be emotionally and financially stable and someone who is dependable when needed.

The Taurus zodiac sign has a connection to nature. Tell her how much you like to be outdoors such as taking walks on the beach or your favourite hiking trails.

Some Taurus women like to chase “bad boys” and see their behaviour as a form of security because, from her perspective, his toughness shows others that he can’t be pushed around, and he can physically protect her.

Attract a Taurus by allowing her to take control of a situation sometimes. As an Earth sign, Tauruses like to provide or help in some way. If she wants to help you with something, let her. She’s naturally dependable and practical and she gives good advice.

The Taurus woman is a creature of habit. Taurus women find comfort in their daily routines and are frustrated by the unfamiliar, uncertainty, and surprises. She takes her time to reach her goals and obtain what she wants. Show her that you are consistent in some areas of your own life as well to attract her.

You have to show a Taurus woman that you are patient. She needs time to think about major decisions and doesn’t jump into relationships quickly.

As mentioned before, the Taurus woman innately understands the law of attraction. Use this law to your advantage by focusing on her. Give her your energy and attention and only react to the positive things about her that you see. This mindfulness will attract more of her good energy to you.

A Taurus woman will notice your scent. If you wear a signature scent that is high-end and intriguing, that is a good way to attract her. Layering with scented soaps, lotions, oils, and colognes is very appealing to her.

Tips on how to get a Taurus woman to chase you?

Take it slow and steady

Be patient, since she will never allow herself to be hurried. She needs to spend a while getting comfortable with you and developing affection for you. Rather than pushing her around, take a low-key seduction approach and use your subtle powers of attraction to bring her under your spell.

Smell good

Look, all five senses dominate the Taurus’s world. The Taurus woman’s head will be turned if you’re leaving a heavenly trail for her nose to pick up on.

Don’t overdo it, though. Bathing yourself in Brut is going to assault her senses and make her want to put some distance between you and her, so go easy. This woman loves subtlety.

Look good

Make yourself appear as attractive as possible by taking extra care with your look.

Her heart will skip a beat, and you’ll be providing her with mental eye candy for the rest of the day. It will stick.

Again, you don’t need to wear formal attire when you see her or gel your hair up to the sky. Just make sure your appearance is neat, clean, and stylish.

Taurus women dig a man with style, so give yours some spotlight.

Show her you are reliable and trustworthy

Do not do anything which is likely to threaten her security. She does not like too much excitement and finds it hard to deal with unexpected surprises.

In short, make sure you provide her the loyalty and security that she wants as she believes that love is for keeps. Be patient with this girl; she may take her time considering, but once she opens her heart and lets you in, she will be the ultimate perfect partner.

Show her your sense of humour

Want to get her really interested? Give her a taste of how spontaneous and fun you can be. Show her a great time, and she’ll think highly of you.

Taurus females also love to laugh. Not just little giggles, but deep belly laughs. If you can make her laugh out loud and laugh with her, it’ll charm her socks off.

Let her know she’s witty, funny, gorgeous, deep, etc

Compliment her. Later, compliment her again. A little “You’re gorgeous” or “I love how thoughtful you are” goes a long way with Tauruses.

They adore being adored. At the very least, it’s a sure-fire way to let her know your feelings, which she will appreciate.

Allow her to show you her creativity

Because they love to show off at times, you should allow her to show off, her creativity and also admire it when she does so. Even encourage her if you have to do so because all these will make her easily fall for you.

Let her know you’re stable and independent

No Taurus woman seeks out a partner who can’t stand on their own two feet. It’s not that she’s going to shun you if you’re in between jobs or something, but if you’ve got that stability that she craves, make sure she knows it.

This goes for whether you want to see her in a casual or more serious way. Trust me, she’ll like knowing it.

Buy her flowers sometimes

Yeah, Tauruses really do like the whole flowers thing. As a Venus-ruled sign, Taurus has a deep appreciation for beauty and nature, which means that flowers are totally appropriate.

Sending her roses for Valentine’s Day or a beautiful, fragrant bouquet just because is the right move to make if you’re courting her.

Do this after a successful date, and she’ll melt.

Compliment her

Another most natural way to get her is to compliment her and tell her how lovely and beautiful she is. Compliments are one of the things that draw Taurus woman close to a man but don’t overdo it. Too much of everything is terrible, and they believe strongly in that.

Send her racy texts

Only do this if you’ve received CLEAR SIGNS from her that she’s open to it or if she’s initiated it. Heavy flirting and dates that go swimmingly open the door to sexy exchanges that will keep her coming back for more.

This is a good way to make sure the spark doesn’t fizzle out. A strong sexual appetite is part of her makeup, and she revels in lust. She’s probably big on sexting, so if she finds you attractive and is into it, it’ll go a long way.

Make your place a palace of sensual delights

Pull out all the stops when it comes to making your pad more comfortable, soft, good-smelling, and generally appealing to her senses.

Vanilla scented candles, soft pillows, mood music, silk sheets…you get the idea. And don’t forget good food and drink.

What not to do when trying to attract a Taurus woman?

You can repel a Taurus woman by being the type of person who needs outside validation and attention. She does not associate herself with people who have negative reputations that can end up being placed upon her.

She is turned off by boasting or spilling secrets. Her guard will stay up if she feels she can’t trust you. If she confides in you and you betray her trust, you will not be forgiven. This is a big deal to her because vulnerability is outside her comfort zone and not treating her emotions delicately will make you lose out on her with the strong possibility of losing her forever.

If you are trying to seduce a Taurus woman, you should not put her under any pressure. Don’t surprise her by meeting her out in places or showing up unannounced or uninvited. Don’t be overly persistent with calls, texts, and comments on social media.

When a Taurus woman shows interest, she’s screening you to see if you have the potential to be her future spouse so if you are looking for a quick fling she will sense this and lose interest completely.

Show her you are in it for the long-run. Bringing up serious or next-level aspects to a relationship like moving in together, marriage, or engagements too soon or before she shows any signs that she likes you will show her that you are not genuine, and she is not for the games or silliness.

Even after you’ve put your best foot forward in seducing a Taurus woman, there’s a chance you could undo it if you’re doing the following things.

Don’t worry, she’s not necessarily going to run at the slightest faux pas. Just try to limit these particular ones.

Do not play hard to get

Avoid making things too complex; instead, all you have to do is whetting her appetite, waiting for her to take the bate, etc. Simple sensuality with lots of kisses and cuddles will please her best.

Don’t try to split the check with her

Just pay for it.

Who pays the bill at the end of a dinner date is a subject for some debate in the modern age. Some feel that the person who does the asking out should pay. Between a man and a woman on a date, it’s sometimes looked at as stuffy and antiquated for the man to pay. Then again, some see it as a matter of dating etiquette.

Every Taurus woman is different, so I can’t stay with certainty that she’s going to swoon if you pick up the check. But I will say that she loves being pampered, so if you can discreetly pay without making a big deal of it, it’s likely going to show her that you’re not counting pennies. A partner who isn’t stingy is important to her.

She may want to pay for the movie tickets later, or cook dinner for you next time (she’s probably a stellar cook as Tauruses are known for their culinary interests) in return. She’s about reciprocity for sure, but she will expect that you show her that it’s worth her investment.

Don’t be clingy

Since she loves to be independent and free. If you are the emotionally dependent type, and can’t give her that freedom she wants, because she doesn’t only want to be independent but will also want her man to be so too.

Don’t move too quickly

Rushing a Taurus will get you NOWHERE. In all things, romantic pursuits included. It’s one of the quickest ways to be shown the door.

If you really want a Taurus to chase you, seduce her slowly. Tease her. Let her determine the pace if she wants it to accelerate.

Don’t be aloof

Do you normally play the whole don’t-call-or-text-for-three-days game? I mean, you can try with the Taurus, but if she isn’t getting a response from you and it’s in the very beginning of things, she might write you off or put you in the friend zone.

Don’t be aloof when you’re with her, either. It’ll annoy her. Just be yourself. Your charming self.

Don’t ruin the mood

Let me tell you a story.

My Taurus friend went on a date one time with a man she’d been crushing on forever. Finally, he was single, and I think she was even the one who asked him out on the date. She was gushing over the phone about it.

Well, post-date, she was talking about how poorly it went. What really sealed it for her was that he asked her for toll money for the drive home and if he could take her leftovers home with him. Suffice it to say, she didn’t call him again.

Treat every moment as a real romantic one. And unless you’re starving to death, probably don’t ask to eat her leftovers like you’re her dad or something.

Don’t cheap out

If you’re going to take a Taurus woman out on a date, you best be sure that it’s going to meet her standards. Choose a place with a nice ambiance or at least quality entrees, but scene-setting is preferable if possible. No McDonald’s or 24-hour diners.

If you’re buying her a gift, make sure it’s not the cheapest version you could find. She’ll know it, and she’ll make a mental note for future reference.

That doesn’t mean she expects expensive gifts, though. If you give her a card you wrote, she’ll love it. Just…don’t be cheap, OK?

Don’t waffle

She knows what she wants. You should, too. That means not making her wait, not flaking out on her, and generally maintaining a steady presence in her life.

If she thinks you’re flaky, she’ll think you’re not serious or actually into her and she might lose all interest quickly.

How to get a Taurus woman to chase you Questions and Answers

How do you tell if a Taurus woman likes you?

Clear Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You at Each Stage:

1) She will stop what she is doing to talk with you.
2) She will agree to a date.
3) She may invite you to dinner.
4) You will become a part of her routine.
5) She will share her favorite movies with you.
6) She will share her dreams with you and want to know yours.

How does a Taurus woman flirt?

You’ll know Taurus is flirting with you because she’ll likely be all over you. Taurus is super sensitive to touch; she loves hand-holding, brushing arms, and shoulder rubs. If she starts holding onto your arm unexpectedly, don’t point it out, or she’ll quickly move her arm just out of spite and embarrassment!

How do you please a Taurus woman?

Taurus can get depressed, and feel lazy, and guilty for not making the most of their life. This is a sign that likes to relax, but also to feel productive. If you foster confidence in her gifts and encourage effort, she’ll see you as a cheerleader for a satisfying life. That’s the best way to win over a Taurus woman.

How does a Taurus woman break up?

How Do Taurus Signs Breakup With Lovers? Taurus will approach the subject of a breakup the same way the bull approaches any negative event- gently. This means Taurus will most likely take you out to eat and at the end of the evening announce things have changed.

How compatible is a Taurus woman?

Taurus woman adores the strong and powerful characteristics of Leo man.

Although she can bring all her love, if the Leo man avails it and orders her, she will reply by leaving all in silence. Meanwhile, the Leo loves receiving praises from the others, but the Taurus woman doesn’t like that.

Besides, her passive role might threaten their relationship because the Leo’s essence is dynamic, enthusiastic. So, he easily gets angry because of her silence and composedness.

The important thing here is that they have to learn how to harmonize their differences than against them. Be flexible in order to soften their egos. For instance, when a Leo man doesn’t control his emotion, the Taurus woman should stroke him down quickly by motivating him.

Conversely, the Leo needs to bow to the Taurus’s stubborn attitude when both are during a fight. Although the Leo loves taking control of making decisions, he should gather Taurus’s opinions so that their relationship will improve at the best level.

How to attract Taurus woman with texting

Avoid using naughty words on her because they hardly harbor any unusual conversation.
Make use of correct English and spelling when typing or texting her.
Give her a mind testing messages that she will read repeatedly before understanding what you meant. But let it be pure text messages.
Do not forget to be the first to wish her a happy new month, year, birthday or even good morning text messages before anyone else.

How to make a Taurus woman jealous

Be happy in front of her
Do the things she thinks she can only do you. Do it yourself and let her see that you can do it, even more better but always watch your side so that you don’t overdo it.
Avoid her for some time and make new friends, especially her close ones, but always watch your limits.
Work harder and get busier.

How to make a Taurus woman laugh

Be a funny type or you can be friendly
Set a funny bet and make sure she wins
Watch movies together and let each one of you explains his or her view in that movie.
Mimick someone that both of you knew. For instance, in your area, if there’s a funny person or naughty person that makes people laugh. Both of you should mimick the person or you can lead the discussion that will bring it up.

How to get a Taurus woman to forgive you

Make her stay with you one on one, or you can go to meet her yourself
Do not wait for her to speak or show you how much you have hurt her, because she will never do it. Instead, be the one to bring the issue up.
Accept that you are wrong, and she is right.
Come with some packages or a gift that you will give her after the settlement
Apologize to her and romantically persuade her to forgive you.

Taurus woman likes and dislikes

They hate pride but likes honesty.
They hate too much pride but can be proud sometimes.
Hates too much shyness.
Not being outspoken.
Inadequate use of English.
They don’t like Commands.
Hates friendship with benefits, but adores true friendship.
They dislike rough and dirty things or the environment, but like a neat environment.
Love neat and smart guys.
Love reading novels and traveling.
They Socialize with people.
Love listing to music.
Value their respect.

How to tell a Taurus woman, you love her

Go on the text first
Put it in action
Go on a date with her but try to be nice
Tell her by yourself and do not expect an answer immediately.
Do not delay your feeling because you might lose her to another.

Does a Taurus woman like to be chased?

No. A Taurus woman doesn’t want to be chased instead, she will like you to approach her in a responsible manner. She likes to be respected so if you chase them they will run from you and count you as one of those guys that chases woman up and down.

How to get a Taurus woman back

Admit your mistakes
Apologize to her
Work more to gain her trust again.
Always give her hope and make her believe that she’s important to you.
Respect her but always guide her.

What does it mean when a Taurus woman ignores you?

If she is ignoring you, the first possibility is that she is knowing that you are a manipulative person. She can tell the signs that your friend is fake, this means that if you are faking or lying, she will know. She is that type of person who is respecting honesty.

What is special about Taurus woman?

Taurus women boast many positive traits that make them so special. They have a great sense of humor, avoid conflicts and they make fantastic friends. Taurus women are practical, reliable, ambitious, and sensual. … Maybe they are, but their stubbornness is not as strong as Aries women have.

How do you gain a Taurus trust?

If you want to get a Taurus to trust you, you’re going to have to have patience and be willing to take the time to show them you’re a trustworthy person. They may test you and they may make you feel as if you have to jump through hoops, but ultimately, it will be worth it.

What is a Taurus woman like in bed?

Taurus is everything that the word sensual encompasses. She is carnal, physical, and bodily. … She will delight your senses, and soon enough you will be melting into her very comfortable bed (all Taurus women have luxurious beds). They are also great cooks as well, so don’t be too surprised if food is used for foreplay.

Can you trust a Taurus woman?

A Taurus woman is loyal.

If a Taurus does not see a future or think you are compatible, she will not waste of second of either of your time. So for this reason, she probably hasn’t had many serious relationships. If she says she loves you, then she loves you like crazy and will never betray your trust.

What is the weakness of Taurus?

A Taurus’s self-centered, unmovable, material, security conscious, pleasure-seeking nature is revealed in the above love weaknesses. But to better understand a Taurus’ personality and their faults when it comes to love, it helps if you know a little about the astrological sign of Taurus.

Where does a Taurus like to be touched?

Taurus’ erogenous zone is the ears, so nuzzling, nibbling, or stroking the ears is a good move for foreplay.

Are Taurus good kissers?

A truly passionate sign, Taurus enjoys the art of kissing as much as they do lovemaking. Expect long sessions of foreplay as they give themselves very freely in this regard. They are born to kiss. It’s just something about them that comes very natural to them.

What sign does a Taurus hate?

For Aquarius, you may find Taurus hard to get along with. “Taurus is more relationship-oriented than freedom-seeking Aquarius, which causes trust issues for Taurus,” Stardust says. If the two of you can’t find ways to find trust, you won’t get along. The second sign Aquarius has trouble with is Scorpio.

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How to get a Taurus woman to chase you