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While Wix Website offers an easy to use website builder, you can accomplish a lot more with WordPress over the long run.

WordPress is far superior than Wix Website as a web publishing platform for any kind of website.

The cost depends on how much resources you use, and you are free to use your WordPress site in any way you want.

WordPress beats Wix Website with flexible plans available from a variety of web hosting companies.

WordPress has a much larger range of themes and design layouts than Wix Website.

If you want to build a proper store and be ready for growth, then WordPress offers much more flexibility, freedom and choices.

WordPress users can also switch themes or customize them as much as they want without any restrictions.

Even though Wix’s app library is growing, it is still limited in comparison to the huge choice of plugins available to WordPress users.

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Wix Website so why wordpress is better than wix : Price and Costs

Price and Costs : Wix Website.

The basic website builder in Wix is free. However there are two major downsides to it. First, it adds Wix branded advertisements on top and bottom of your website. Second, you cannot use a custom domain for your site, so your site address will be:

Apart from that the basic plan does not offer necessary addons such as Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. To remove ads and get additional features, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium plans they offer.

Each Wix premium plan has different storage and bandwidth limitations. You can pay monthly or choose a yearly plan.

The best value plans on Wix is the Unlimited plan ($12.42 / month), and if you want eCommerce store ($16.17 / month), then you need the eCommerce plan.

This cost does not include any apps that you later choose to use with your Wix site.

Price and Costs : WordPress

The WordPress software is available for free for anyone to use. We often get asked about why is WordPress and what’s the catch?

Well, the biggest catch is that you need your own domain and hosting to install it. There are several WordPress hosting providers that you can choose from. See our guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Depending on your budget, you can start with a basic plan with a WordPress hosting provider like Siteground that will cost you $3.95 per month. If your budget permits, then you can use a managed WordPress hosting provider like WPEngine which costs $29 per month.

The cost of a WordPress site will increase if you decide to use premium WordPress themes or plugins. However, there are thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins available that you can use to reduce costs. You can add any feature to your WordPress site using a plugin without upgrading your hosting plan.

Hosted vs. Self-hosted Platforms

To look at Wix vs. WordPress directly – we’re going to look at what I think are the primary considerations for most new website owners. We’ll look at Wix, Self-hosted WordPress and in each section.

Remember that the primary tradeoff will be control/convenience. Wix & are both hosted platforms interested in providing the best, most convenient experience.

But to get the convenient experience, there’s a tradeoff with control & features (since they have to control the environment to provide the best experience).

If either Wix or doesn’t have a feature you want, you can’t just add it. If you want to migrate to a new platform – you can’t just pick up, leave and start elsewhere with your exact same website.

When you self-host on your own server – you can do both those things. However, it’s also notas convenient as a hosted platform.

That’s the core tradeoff to remember. But like I’ve mentioned in other website builder reviews, my website setup guide and my ecommerce platform reviews – it’s not the onlytradeoff (which is what we’re gonna talk about).

Price and Costs Conclusion

WordPress beats Wix with flexible plans available from a variety of web hosting companies. The cost depends on how much resources you use, and you are free to use your WordPress site in any way you want.

Wix Website : Deisgn and Layout Conclusion

WordPress has a much larger range of themes and design layouts than Wix. WordPress users can also switch themes or customize them as much as they want without any restrictions.

Data Portability Options in Wix vs WordPress

Data portability allows you the freedom to move your content away when you need it. Let’s take a look at how Wix and WordPress help you move your content away if you need.

Data portability options in Wix

Wix comes with very limited options to move your content to another platform. You can only export your blog posts in XML format. You’ll have to manually download your pages, images, videos, and other content.

According to Wix documentation, all your content is hosted exclusively on Wix’s servers and cannot be exported elsewhere.

This makes it a bit difficult to move your content to another platform if needed. However, you can still transfer a Wix site. See our article, on how to switch from Wix to WordPress for more details.

Data portability options in WordPress

WordPress makes it extremely easy to export your content. It comes with a one-click exporter that allows you to download your content in XML format.

Since it is a self-hosted platform, you can also create complete WordPress backups, download your media files, and even manually export your WordPress database.

You can then easily move your WordPress site to a new host if you are not satisfied with your current WordPress hosting company.


WordPress is a lot better when it comes to downloading and moving your data. Wix, on the other hand, makes it quite difficult to move your content away.

How Popular Are Wix and WordPress?

Each platform follows the latest technology trends offering more robust website building solutions. This fact defines their success and popularity among users across the globe. Wix and WordPress power millions of live websites featuring crowds of subscribers. What do the official stats say?

Wix Usage Stats

As last researches show, Wix boasts 3,373,287 currently running websites. The platform has been evolving rapidly jumping from 500,000 in 2013 to over 3,000,000 in 2019. The number of users is growing fast estimating:

  • 154 million registered Wix users
  • 4,3 million Premium Wix subscribers.


The stats are as for the second quarter of 2019. The community of Wix followers is growing rapidly each month.

WordPress Usage Stats

For over a decade, WordPress has been the most popular website building platform featuring 24,808,989 live websites as per June 2019. The CMS made a comeback after a decrease back in 2016 with the number of subscribers falling down by almost 3 million. However, WordPress got its positions back to take the lead in the next 3 years and become the most popular open-source website building platform in the world.


Why are the platforms so popular with users? What features define their success? Our ultimate comparison guide is to answer these questions. First of all, let’s find out, what websites can be built using Wix and WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress: it seems like no one can beat WordPress in terms of popularity. It has almost 10 times more live websites if compared to its rival although Wix still has a growing number of millions of users globally.

Customization and Design Features

Customization and design start with picking the right template. Both systems offer a huge selection of themes although none of the website builders can compete with WordPress. Users may choose from thousands of layouts. They include not only content-based sites like blogs or forums but also small business layouts, digital shops, templates for Amazon guides, etc.

As for Wix, it currently has more than 550 templates. Not as much as WordPress has. However, users will certainly find the one that suits their projects the most. The key difference between platforms is that Wix themes come with pre-installed features. The system has its own App Market with all necessary apps and add-on that can be integrated with a click. Do you need analytic tools or event calendar for your site? Choose it from the widget list and bring to a necessary page.

WordPress that provides full access to themes’ HTML/CSS. It means that you may actually redesign the template anyhow. You may code the style of your own, change general and advanced parameters, enable new functions, and more. It is possible only in case you have coding or web designing skills. Of course, this option will never work out for newbies.

Open vs Closed

Wordpress is an open-source CMS— which means anyone can contribute to it. This is both a strength and a weakness.

For example, Wordpress has a huge amount of plugins and themes that were created by the open-source community (plugins extend the Wordpress core by adding specific features). At the time of writing, there were 50,000+ plugins on and 11,000+ themes on Themeforest. That’s way, way more than any website builder has.

But the breadth of Wordpress is also what can make it a hairy, hot mess. Wordpress backends can get notoriously confusing. There can be long, technical settings pages and the language can get abstract and techy (Wordpress beginners will struggle to understand what Jetpack is).

Plus taking advantage of Wordpress’s many themes and plugins never quite works perfectly. Incompatibilities often arise between themes, plugins and certain versions of Worpress— and getting the fix can require users to make tweaks to code— something not every user is comfortable doing.

Design and Layout

Your site’s design and layout play an important role in your success. Every site owner needs a design that’s not only good looking, but also user-friendly and makes their brand stand-out.


Wix comes with more than 500+ pre-made templates to choose from. All Wix designs are fully responsive and written in HTML5. Using the built-in tools, you can further customize your site design, change the layout, and rearrange items as you see fit.

There are designs available for every kind of site. Templates are divided into categories like business, eCommerce, hobbies, arts & crafts, personal, etc.

One big disadvantage is that once you have selected a template, you cannot change it. You can modify it and customize it as much as you want using only the built-in tools, but you cannot switch to another template.


There are thousands of free and paid themes available for WordPress. Free themes come with limited support, but they also go through a strict review process. Paid themes generally offer more features and come with premium support options.

WordPress themes range from small personal sites to full-fledged eCommerce sites. Most themes come with built-in customization options of their own. You can also use one of the many styling plugins to further style or customize your WordPress themes.

Users can download free themes from directory. For paid themes, there are several WordPress theme shops like Themify, CSSIgniter, StudioPress, and more. See our list of the best commercial WordPress theme shops.

Furthermore, you can hire a developer or learn to create a completely custom theme for your company.


WordPress has a much larger range of themes and design layouts than Wix. WordPress users can also easily switch themes or customize them as much as they want without any restrictions.

Customer Support

Wix includes phone, chat and email customer support in all of their packages— and in the more expensive plans you can get VIP Support which lets you skip the line.

Because Wordpress is free and open source, they don’t include customer support— though oftentimes if you pay for a theme or plugin, the creators will include support as part of the cost (support is limited to their theme or plugin of course).

SEO: WordPress Wins

Unless you’re just really lucky, building a website is pretty much meaningless without some understanding of SEO. Search engine optimization is how you capture the attention of popular search engines, like Google or Bing, and earning their favor puts your site on the radar of potential visitors or customers. SEO matters — so it’s become a hot topic when comparing site builders.

A leading argument in’s favor is that the software comes with “cleaner” code out of the box. This makes sites easier for bots to navigate, read, and judge for authoritativeness.

Knowing what we know about optimizing your website for search engines, the more control you have over the content and structure of your site, the better. WordPress (the self-hosted platform, not necessarily the fully hosted online version; know the difference) gives users the utmost granular control over HTML, CSS, image attributes, design, and URL structure.

What really wins us over, however, are the plugin options available to further the SEO advantage:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Jetpack by

Tools like these are what really give WordPress users the upper hand over Wix website owners. Not only are the SEO resources for WordPress abundant, but plugins and apps bring the WYSIWYG approach to an otherwise somewhat intimidating subject matter.


WordPress and Wix both offer great options on their platforms for eCommerce. Neither are the best option – Shopify takes that crown – but both have compelling reasons as to why you would use them for an eCommerce store.

Using WordPress for eCommerce steps up the difficulty quite a bit. A lot of developers set up eCommerce website on WordPress but obviously they really know what they’re doing.

The best way to use WordPress for eCommerce is to set up WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the best plugins on WordPress and is easy to use at first. When using WooCommerce there are many extra things you have to figure out like payment methods, sales tax, and other random small aspects of running an eCommerce shop that most people don’t think about. Shopify takes care of all of that stuff.

WordPress was built to do everything so eCommerce works well on it. Wix was built to make building a beautiful website easy. With that being said, adding eCommerce on top of that works to a degree.

Wix works well if you have a small product library. Selling under five products on Wix is actually great. The issues start to arise when you want to showcase your product lines and build a beautiful product library. On top of that there are aspects like return policy and emailing that are seamless on Shopify that don’t exist on Wix.

Shopify was built for eCommerce, every aspect of the settings, design, and build of the software is built to accommodate eCommerce options. The plugins and apps in Wix are good but don’t compare to what is available of Shopify.

Speed, Backups, Security & Maintenance

Related to customer support are the issues of speed, security, and maintenance.

If you are using or Wix – these are not your problems. They take care of all three as part of the bundled deal.

If you are self-hosting, you’ll need to regularly update your WordPress install and plugins. Additionally, you’ll need to install a basic security plugin and understand what makes your site fast/slow.

None of these topics require a developer or deep technical knowledge, but they are topics that you need to be aware of.

Going back to the house analogy – it’s like changing the air filter monthly and setting a security system. They aren’t complicated, but they are your responsibility. My post on essential plugins for WordPress is a good resource.

Verdict: Wix is Best for Beginners, WordPress is Fit for Growth

Wix website the BIG SECRET wordpress is BETTER

While Wix has its share of impressive features, and it is exceptionally well-suited to those who want a website but lack the technical knowledge and patience to learn how to build it, WordPress’ nearly limitless potential for customization and control steals the spotlight for anyone who is serious about creating a successful website.

There will be more work involved when you take the WordPress route, but the rewards are all the greater when you do.

Results are in — drumroll, please — and the winner is… WordPress! Unless you are just interested in a free virtual playground to test the waters of website building, go WordPress. Wix is fine for creating very basic websites with fewer than five pages, but WordPress will last you for the long haul.

If you have conflicting thoughts on WordPress, Wix, or website building in general, we’d love to hear from you.

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Out of the three, the preferred web design method by most is the Wix Editor. There is no denying the WordPress dashboard does have a bit of a learning curve compared to Wix.WordPress Themes In comparison, if you build a website with WordPress you will have thousands of themes to choose from. Let’s take a look… Wix SEO The Wix cloud based platform comes with the majority of SEO features built-in. Wix SEO Wiz – This impressive tool will create a personalized step-by-step plan for SEO on your site. The benefit of this is that you can then manage your online presence from just one place. The Wix and WordPress eCommerce experience does differ. These premium themes are usually packed with extra features and functions, demo content, premium plugins, and much more. (

These are designed for a variety of business niches and purposes, including consulting, real estate, photography, schools, nonprofits, online stores, blogs, and more. Below you can take a look at The Spice Suite , a highly successful online store built on Wix. You can also download or purchase SEO apps in the Wix App Market. The Wix App Market offers over 250 free and premium add-ons. These add-ons are designed to help you collect leads, analyze traffic, interact with visitors, and design your site, among other purposes. To help you with on-page SEO, for example, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress site. You can also use a page builder plugin for even more customization options. WordPress does lack built-in SEO tools, but it offers some of the most popular and advanced tools in its plugin directory. Additional premium plugins are available in third-party marketplaces. Wix SEO Wix makes it easy for you to optimize your on-page SEO with the the Wix SEO Wiz. You can also use the new block editor, Gutenberg , to create blog posts by dragging and dropping different elements on the page. You can find more resources, including blog posts, videos, and courses on third-party sites as well. WordPress Templates Nearly every website building platform offers pre-designed templates. While Wix offers a drag-and-drop editor for creating pages, its post editor looks and functions like WordPress’s Classic editor. You can add image alt-text, meta descriptions, headings, and custom URLs to your posts and pages. (

The highest monthly payment is the Business VIP Plan which offers the best Wix eCommerce features. WordPress builders typically allow for front end or back end development. (

At some point, your website might grow to the point where you feel the need to access more advanced features. Finally, it’s also worth remembering that WordPress is an open-source platform. (

This involves using the platforms Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature known as “Wix ADI”. One which must be carefully considered because this will be the cornerstone of your online presence. Do bear in mind one important point here: Take your time in selecting the right template for your online presence. (

It offers strong e-commerce options, and will probably continue to develop in that area. (

These apps offer a wide range of features like adding contact forms, gallery, comments, social media buttons, email marketing and so on. Most eCommerce plugins for WordPress even have their own dedicated themes and add-on plugins. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. This is why smart business owners use WordPress because it offers them greater flexibility. 3. It has all the blogging features you will need like a native commenting system and all other advanced features that are missing from Wix. (

There are thousands of themes and thousands of plugins available. (


Wix website the BIG SECRET wordpress is BETTER