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What is a White Glove Delivery? A white glove delivery (or sometimes called “white glove service“) refers to the process of delivering an item with a sense of care and concern that goes above and beyond the standard delivery process. It is given meaning by the expression “with a white-glove test”. It can be used to describe any service that surpasses expectations in terms of quality, treatment, or customer service.

What is a White Glove Delivery?

As experts have said, not all goods are created equal. Whether it’s a pallet of Dom Pérignon or a new Luxury Lexus, the market’s top, Some packages are worth special attention; white-glove service is the perfect solution for those.

If you’re wondering what white glove services will do for your house, think about a perfect pair of gloves hunting down all the dust that is hiding in your clean room. The phrase comes from the practice of carpenters completing an important project by giving it a “final coat.” The phrase is now synonymous with special care given to any project that deserves an added attention to detail.

If you are going to allow someone into your home, the last thing you want to happen is for your possessions to be handled with anything less than the utmost care.

White-glove service is a better option than normal delivery because it costs more but provides superior service and reliable delivery. We are talking about the type that will safely shuttle your child from Dallas to New York City.

Do you want the best customer service around? Keep reading to find out how white glove freight can help your company.

White glove services are offered by carriers who have trained staff that can safely handle and install certain items. Some of their services may also include:

Pre and post site inspections. The area where the shipment needs to be installed is inspected before and after to be able to determine any specific configurations during installation as well as ensure safety and reliability.

Protective packaging. Given the nature of the shipment, it is packaged with the appropriate materials to protect it from damage during shipping.

Delicate handling. Your shipment is treated with top-level care throughout the entire packaging, shipping, delivery and set up process. Packagers and drivers are trained to handle your product’s unique needs and take all special considerations into account.

Clean and appropriate transportation. Containers are cleaned and inspected to minimize contamination and damage from external sources. Specific containers for certain shipments are also used to protect the cargo.

Attentive service. White glove delivery service professionals are trained to deliver your shipment quickly and safely every time. A white glove delivery company is typically available to answer any questions you have throughout your shipment, including feedback afterward.

Dismantling and product assembly. Trained delivery personnel carry the shipment to the specified location and assemble the product according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. They can also move and dismantle an old product if it needs to be replaced.

Standard vs Threshold vs White Glove Delivery

You might have seen these terms if you do research about delivery services. Let’s take some time to explain them, so you can know what to decide.

Standard vs Threshold vs White Glove Delivery

The service offered by the postal services for a standard delivery, such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. They ship your package from their hub and then have it delivered to your doorstep. It’s more affordable and less time-consuming to send something via courier than by regular mail.

Instead, threshold delivery is different. Your delivery service will still deliver your package from its origins to your home or business. But when they arrive, they take your package inside.

As an example, a service such as this is becoming more common. Amazon now offers free shipping for Prime members. If their track record as a commercial leader is any indicator, other internet retailers will soon follow.

You can think of white glove service delivery as the luxury service among delivery services.

When you invest in white glove delivery, you’re paying for superior service. We care about delivering your freight with care. Once it arrives at your destination, our staff will unpack and set up the package for you.

After movers get rid of any packing material.

This service is perfect for fragile cargo, Palletize your goods. This will help you transport them with extra care, such as by using scratchable furniture or pallets of delicate goods.

What are its benefits?

  • Better customer satisfaction

You minimize the possibility of breaking a customer’s order while in transit because it is packaged properly. And when it arrives at the destination, your customer doesn’t have to worry about installing the item because trained personnel do it for them. Overall, your customer will be very happy because of your customer service and is more likely to buy from you again.

  • Reduce product returns

Not all customers can dismantle an old unit and install the replacement, making them more likely to break the item before they’ve even started using it. Now, they want to return the item even if it wasn’t your fault.

But by having trained personnel to do the installation, you reduce the chances of losing money from these broken and returned products that also take up valuable warehouse space.

  • Real-time updates

White glove service often comes with tracking, so you and your customer know when the shipment arrives. You can also worry less about missing, delayed, or lost packages, which are ultimately losses to your bottomline.

What types of products need White Glove Services?

Certain products need white glove shipping because these will almost always break when not handled correctly. Let’s look at what these items are so you know if white glove services are needed for your business.

What types of products need White Glove Services?

  • Electronics and appliances

People nowadays buy their electronics online, namely laptops, smartphones, cameras, tablets, and desktop computer parts. They can also buy appliances online such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines.

A lot of these items contain electronic parts that can easily break from very strong impact. Some home appliances like dishwashers and ranges are also heavy and would need more than one person to install at home.

  • Furniture

Tables, shelves, and couches can also be bought online and these tend to come unassembled to the customer. Not to mention that these are usually big and heavy and would need more than one person to safely install.

  • Medical and lab equipment

These kinds of equipment also contain electronic parts and are usually very expensive because of their complexity and sensitivity. Items such as x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, CT scanners, microscopes, medical-grade glassware, and many other medical equipment require precise handling especially during installation.

  • Luxury goods

Buyers of luxury goods usually expect great service even up until the item is delivered. No matter how small it may be, they expect the item to be delivered on-time and in pristine condition.

How much does it cost?

The cost of white glove shipping would depend on several factors, which include:

  • Distance: The cost is usually higher for farther destinations, and it also considers if the cargo crosses international borders.
  • Delivery speed: White glove shipping can be as fast as expedited shipping because it is usually a single shipment, but white glove services can also be attached to standard shipping.
  • Nature of the product: The dimensional weight, size, perishability, and value of the packaged item all count when determining the cost.
  • Special transport requirements: If a shipment needs specialized equipment or temperature and humidity controlled transport, these can add up to the cost.

But What About Price?

Believe it or not, white glove shipping is still considered low-cost. Factors that may affect your price include:

Location: Transportation services are popular in some regions more than others. Cities have a lot of traffic, and rural towns have less.

The farther away you are from where your package is being delivered, the higher the cost will be. This is because it will take more energy to transport your package and this cost will be passed.

Delivery: Do you want the courier to deliver your package inside your home or outside? Would you like the movers to carry it up 5 flights of stairs? Is your home located at the end of 15 miles of dirt road?

Product Specifications: It is more hustle to convey 300 pounds of pottery than 100 lbs of pottery. It’s strenuous to convey odd shapes than square boxes. Those superfluous costs come out of your pocket.

Delivery Schedule: If you would like a package delivered overnight or over holidays, it will cost more. Your delivery service is under a lot of pressure when you order last minute. They often have to stay late or work overtime because they have to.

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Questions to Ask Your Delivery Service

Different delivery services have their own characteristics. They use different vehicles and go to different destinations. They specialize in different packages and offer different rates.

So how can you know which ones are right for your audience? You start asking questions. A list to start you off::

  • Would you like to specify a delivery time, or shall I schedule it by myself?
  • Would you charge more for over-night or daytime deliveries?
  • Can my movers bring my package in and tally it up for me?
  • Do your movers permit packages to be transferred up the stairs?
  • What type of care will your movers use to defend my floors from harm?
  • Do you have assembly services?
  • Will your professional employees clear up afterwards, take away packing materials?
  • Do you charge a higher fee for expedited shipping?
  • Do these amenities have any additional costs attached to them?

It’s important to be persistent with your questions. Even a small service provider will likely handle hundreds of customers in a day. They can’t know each customer’s unique requirements so they aim for the middle of the curve.

That does not mean they will decrease you or disregard your individual contributions. Rather, the contrary is true. They only need to know your expectations before fulfilling them.

Preparing for Your White Glove Package

If you’ve ordered white glove shipping, you may need to do something else. You’ll need to decide what your expectations are so that you can follow through accordingly.

Here are a few recommendations you can use to make worker delivery easier and help the team:

Clear a path: Look at the path from the door to the intended destination. Remove items such as tread rugs, cables, cords or anything that may trip the movers. When your package is large, you may need to remove the door from its hinges as well.

Clean the area: Clear your intended destination and make sure it’s safe for the movers. You might also want to clean the floor by using vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. In this manner, your delivery will be in order when it arrives.

Cover the floor: If you don’t want your floors covered in dirt and dust, make sure to cover them with a drop cloth before the service comes. While thin plastic sheets are cost-effective, they tear easily. Utilize thick tarps or canvas drop cloths to aid in keeping the floor safe.

Stay there: You would be astounded by how many people forget the most essential stage. Somebody needs to let the delivery people in when they arrive. And it must be at least 18 years of age.

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  • According to a survey, approximately 16.9 million people moved to a new county annually from 2010-2014.
  • According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), 31 million Americans experience lower back pain .
  • It is estimated up to 80% of people will experience a back problem at some point in their life, and Americans spend $50 billion or more each year on back pain.
  • In addition to equipment being 100% sterile, it’s vital the equipment works upon arrival, as someone’s life may depend on it. (
  • This small additional service you do for them stands out because large shipments of supplies often take considerable time and energy to move. (
  • While most people use white glove delivery service because they want peace of mind and assurance that their shipment is in good hands, many consumers appreciate the human touch that this type of shipment provides.
  • Businesses and individual consumers use white glove delivery services when they ship or receive products that require special care during processing, delivery and set up.
  • For example, an online retailer specializing in personalized engagement rings wants to be sure their product is delivered to the consumer without fear that the ring is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Peace of mind: For expensive and valuable products, white glove delivery offers you peace of mind that your shipment will be safe from damage or theft. (
  • Will the delivery professionals carry the item upstairs? (if applicable) What steps will the delivery professionals take to protect my flooring? (for heavy items) Will the delivery professional assemble the item?
  • GoShare even works with cash and carry When entering your project details, you may select one or two delivery professionals.
  • Is there an extra charge for evening or weekend deliveries?
  • Or, hire two delivery professionals and allow them to do all the heavy lifting. (


What is a White Glove Delivery?