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Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge

Over the years the Tygerberg Animal Hospital Group has become renowned for world-class professional services, delivered with warmth and care throughout Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

Our philosophy is the highest quality medical and surgical care, and treating each pet as if it were our own. In fact, our motto is ‘pets first’.

To promote long, healthy lives for pets, we believe in good communication between veterinarians and owners so that owners can make well-informed decisions about their pet’s health.

Apart from maintaining the highest pet health care standards, we emphasise prevention and healing. This means our vets and staff continually undergo education programmes. It also means we regularly update our procedures and techniques programmes to be the most effective in keeping pets happy and healthy.

Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge - Dr Stephen Smith - Squirrel eye surgery

Address and Contact

78 De Bron Street, Kenridge, Cape Town, Western Cape

Tel: (021) 914 0886
Fax: (021) 914 0887

KENRIDGE’S STORY – Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge

Established in 1992, this branch at 78 De Bron Ave has earned itself an enviable reputation in not only treating small animals, but also reptiles, fish, rodents and exotics. Patients that have become quite commonplace are snakes, tortoises, rock monitors and rabbits. Run by Dr Stephen Smith, Kenridge has special heated snake/tortoise cages, heating pads and facilities for special anaesthetic requirements.

Following the recent renovations, clients now have the use of a new and much larger parking area in Mildred Road, with easy access to the clinic via a new entrance. Kenridge now boasts a new reception and retail area with separate dog and cat waiting areas, plus separate dog, cat and exotics hospital wards. Of importance is a state-of-the-art theatre, as well as new prep room, dental/non-sterile procedure room, laboratory and pharmacy.

Complementing Dr. Smith at the practice are veterinarians Dr Liesl Shaw, Margaret Haddow and Donna Brook, as well as eight staff members.

Tygerberg Hospital Wards

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Tygerberg Hospital Visiting Hours

What We Do

Our primary goal is the improvement of animal health and this takes many forms. In our consultation rooms we provide primary health care, ranging from vaccinations to deworming and flea treatment, in order to maintain the health of your pets as well as to prevent diseases.

Sick animals are checked in consultations where the client’s concerns as well as the history of the pet are discussed. Upon examining the animal, decisions are made as to whether any further diagnostic tests are needed and what treatment options are available. Some patients with less severe ailments are treated at home or on an outpatient basis. The more serious or complicated cases may be admitted for in-hospital treatment, further tests or surgery.

Many different surgeries are done on a daily basis at all our branches, but the most routine include sterilisations (spaying or castrations), stitching up wounds and the removal of growths or tumours. These are done under very sterile conditions in special theatres to prevent infections. For more specialised procedures you may be referred to one of the bigger branches.

In-hospital patients are regularly monitored and appropriate treatment is given. Further testing may be necessary for accurate diagnosis, and many of these, including X-rays, ultrasounds, blood and other laboratory tests, can be done at the bigger branches.

At our Bellville branch we have vets on the premises 24 hours a day for emergency and intensive care cases.

Incidence of rabbit diseases at an animal hospital

Consulting Hours

8:30 – 11:30 — by appointment only
15:00 – 18:30 — by appointment only

8:30 – 12:00 — by appointment only
View Bellville for afternoon hours

Sundays & Public holidays:
Please view Bellville for Sunday
and Public Holiday hours

Retail Hours

8:30 – 18:30

8:30 – 12:00

Sundays & Public holidays:
Please view Bellville for Sunday
and Public Holiday hours

HISTORY – Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge

A heritage as diverse and remarkable as all the patients we’ve treated with care and love over the years marks the Tygerberg Animal Hospital history.

Way back in 1954 Dr John Dorrington opened his veterinary practice in Teddington St, Bellville. Nine years later Dr Wendel du Buy joined him and the practice in Kort St, Bellville operated as Dorrington & Du Buy. In 1965 the practice had to be registered as a hospital in order to purchase drugs – which used to be bought from the local chemist – therefore the name Tygerberg Animal Hospital was born. Dr Wim Peters joined Drs Dorrington and Du Buy in 1967.

Durbanville branch saw the light of day in 1974, while Parow branch was opened in 1984. In the 1980s Drs Du Buy and Strong started the first clinical pathology clinic for animals by sending blood to pathologists in order to set up a blood test database for dogs and cats.

TAH Bellville relocated to Edward St in 1985 and bought out
Dr Kriel’s practice in Goodwood three years later. Another three years later the Kenridge practice was opened, and in 1997 TAH Bellville relocated to its current location in Kontiki St. With each move the facilities were upgraded. Meanwhile, the Eversdal branch relocated to Sonstraal in May 2003.

Over the years, TAH grew from a four-man team of vets to 19 vets and 100 staff members. The long-serving veterinarians all agree that one of the most rewarding aspects of progress has been the huge change in client attitude towards pets. From the extreme of people willing to put their pets to sleep for the sake of convenience years ago, pet owners now spend whatever it takes to keep their pets healthy and alive. This has been facilitated with all the hi-tech options available for optimum pet health care and TAH has been at the forefront of this technology.

Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge – Dr Stephen Smith – Squirrel eye surgery

It all started in January 2011 when a newborn baby squirrel, Stuart, was brought to her – literally – by the Jack Russell dog belonging to the hostel master at Rondebosch Boys.

Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge - Dr Stephen Smith - Squirrel eye surgery

It was probably kicked out of the nest, because it only had one functioning eye.

“People always associate me with animals and even it is a dove or another small animal they found, they bring it to me.

The other day the matric boys brought in a tiny sunbird chick.

It just worked out this way; it has followed me,” she said.

Dr Stephen Smith, an exotic animal veterinarian at the Tygerberg Animal Hospital in Kenridge, performed plastic surgery on Stuart’s deformed eye to build a functioning eyelid.

Tygerberg Animal Hospital Kenridge - Dr Stephen Smith - Squirrel eye surgery