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Top Dental Digital Marketing Strategies To Captivate Maximum Patients In 2022

Have you recently inaugurated your dental clinic and are waiting for potential patients to hit your doors? Or you’ve been in the business for quite a time yet unable to drive as many leads as you desire? Do you feel like the superb quality dental services you provide and the years of experience you’ve got are helping you by no means to get more patients?

If your answer to all or even one of the above questions is positive, you’re in serious need of help. This blog post is a detailed guide explaining all the great dental digital marketing strategies you can implement to captivate maximum patients in 2022.

But before we dive into those great dental digital marketing strategies, let’s just take a look at why digital marketing is significant for your dental practice in the first place.

Why Is Digital Marketing Significant For Your Dental Practice?

The advent of digital marketing has made the competition really tough for almost every business industry. The same is the difficulty for dental clinics. The rising competition has made it important to fight for your market share and drive potential patients to your clinic.

Research indicates that an estimated 77% of patients use the internet when searching for a reliable dentist. And so, if you’ve still not entered the realm of digital marketing – you’re losing some massive share of the market.

However, it’s still not very late. Dental digital marketing still seems to be a new concept, and a lot of dental clinics have not implemented great digital marketing strategies yet. Thus, you’ve still got the chance to earn a competitive edge over them and capture most of the market’s share by implementing the right dental digital marketing strategies.

How Is Digital Marketing Beneficial For Your Dental Practice?

Digital marketing is highly beneficial for your dental practice in many ways. A few common benefits you can gain via dental digital marketing may include –

  • Unlike traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing strategies don’t cost you a fortune. If you’re successful at implementing the rightful tactics, dental digital marketing can really bring you amazing outcomes, and that too without costing you a fortune.

  • Digital marketing strategies, when implemented the right way, can help identify significant patient insights. So, you can customize your services and marketing resources according to their alignment and maximize the chances of captivating their attention.

  • Another amazing benefit of digital marketing for your dental practice is that you can easily measure the outcomes of your campaign. There are numerous ways you can determine whether your campaign performed well or not. And you can also identify the reasons behind if it has failed.

  • With digital marketing, you always have the chance to make changes in your campaigns and update them in compliance with the gathered patient insights.

Top Dental Digital Marketing Strategies To Captivate Maximum Patients In 2022

Take a look at these amazing strategies and pick the ones you find best for boosting your dental practice and maximizing the patients’ influx.

Build A Full-Fledged Functional Website

First things first, you need to have a full-fledged website established that can represent your dental clinic on the digital platform. It can serve as your virtual address where you can be found 24/7.

An ideal website for your dental clinic shall have proper sections detailing your adequate introduction along with the dental care services you offer. In addition to that, you can also add a patient scheduler to your site – allowing your patients to book their appointments without hassle.

You may also share reviews and testimonials from your satisfied patients on the website to showcase the credibility of your services. Adding your contact information and integrating a chatbot are also great options, for they provide your potential patients a medium for communication.

It is one of the best dental digital marketing strategies and can help boost your dental practice like never before.

Get Your GMB Profile Optimized

Google my business is an important part of dental digital marketing. It can serve as your digital business card and play a crucial role in showcasing the credibility and authenticity of your business.

An optimized GMB profile refers to the one that has a keyword-rich description of your dental practice and the services you offer, a link attached for making appointments, accurate hours and days of work, pictures from your dental clinic, and reviews from the satisfied patients you’ve treated.

The more optimized your GMB profile is, the better it would appear in front of your potential patients – captivating their attention and driving them to your clinic very soon.

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Implement Local SEO

Now that you’ve got the website established and an optimized GMP profile listed for your dental clinic, it’s time to implement local SEO. Since you’ve to target patients from the locality you’ve got patients in – local SEO is a crucial strategy for your growth.

The majority of searches made on Google are similar to phrases such as ‘dental clinics near me’ or ‘dentists near me, etc. Thus, investing in local SEO and targeting the right keywords can really help you appear on top of the SERPs and drive maximum traffic.

A rightful SEO strategy includes publishing keyword-rich content that also follows accurate intent. In addition to that, local SEO also calls for a clear and simple website design, a color palette that reflects your dental practice, seamless navigation, and functionalities that perform extraordinarily.

Only a website that performs great in each of these aspects is ranked on top of the SERPs by Google.

Experiment With Content Marketing

Content marketing is an extensive concept and includes numerous content creation and publishing types via different platforms. The core objective of content marketing for a dental clinic could be providing value to the patients via sharing informational content.

The more value your content would provide your patients with, the more they’d be attracted to your dental practice, driving maximum traffic and generating qualified patient leads for your clinic.

In addition to ensuring that your content provides value to the patients, you must also make sure that each piece of content you publish is keyword-rich, search engine optimized, and fully relevant to the dental services you provide. As a dental practitioner, you can offer numerous types of content to your audience. A few popular among them may include –

  • Generic health tips and tactics

  • News updates related to dental care

  • Common dental problems and their simple solutions

  • Dental hygiene guides, and so on

The more extensive and intent-focused content you’d publish on your website, the better your patients would be attracted and converted over the period.

Establish Active Social Media Profiles 

With an estimated 70% of the total population using social media actively, the engagement you can get through them is insane. If you think that dental practice is a way too serious a niche to be active on social media, you’re certainly not known for the miracles these platforms have made, even for the driest niches.

Every kind of person can be found on social media, so there’s a great chance the patients you’ve been looking for might also be waiting for you there. Looking at the massive percentage of active social media users, would you ever want to miss the opportunity to grab your share? Nope, right!

So, if you’ve still not started actively posting on your social media accounts – it’s high time to begin doing that. Working on an effective social media marketing strategy that is focused on clear goals such as brand awareness, building a community, lead generation, and conversions, in the long run, can really help you make the most of these platforms.

The more active you’re on social media, the bigger the community you’d be able to build – leading to maximum traffic and generating qualified patient leads for your dental practice.

Launch PPC Ads

PPC advertising is one of the best dental digital marketing strategies and a great means of boosting your search engine ranking. Though search engine optimization is a great means of uplifting your rank and driving maximum traffic, it generally takes some time to finally produce the outcomes. However, if you need quick results – PPC ads could be the best way of driving traffic and generating leads within no time.

Ppc ads are basically the ones you have to pay for each time your ad is clicked. It can work the best with strong keyword research and audience targeting. The more high-performing your keyword and accurate your targeting is, the better your PPC ad would perform.

Paid ads appear on top of the search engines even before the organic results. And as far as the fact that most people only click on the results appearing on the top of SERPs is concerned, your PPC ads, if rightly strategized, can really make an impact on your dental clinic.

Make the most of this amazing digital marketing strategy and generate maximum patient leads.

Try Hands On Email Marketing

A lot of you might presume that email marketing has outdated. The truth is – 4.3 billion people from across the globe are using emails actively. And the number is expected to grow up to 4.6 billion by the end of 2025. Isn’t that a whole lot of people that can surely consume a major percentage of your target patients?

Thus, creating and executing the rightful email marketing strategies can really help you grab that share from the market and maximize your patients. There are numerous types of emails you can send to your patients.

  • Informational emails that can help you build solid brand awareness

  • Promotional emails to introduce new offers and discounts

  • Introductory emails for patients who might have signed up

  • Onboarding emails for those who’ve scheduled an appointment

  • Reminder emails before the day of the appointment,

  • Feedback emails asking for the patients’ experience post their treatment, and so on.

Each of them can help you engage your patients and build a quality relationship with them.

Video Marketing

Though video marketing is relatively new, it could serve as an amazing dental digital marketing strategy. It is an effective means of connecting with your patients. There are several ways you can make use of video marketing – sharing dental procedures and patient testimonials standing on the top.

The best part of video marketing is that it can better communicate with your patients than any other form of content. Videos have something attractive and captivating about them – they can easily grab the attention of most people, unlike text or static content.

Thus, the better video content you’ll create and publish through your website and social platforms – the more patients you’d be able to attract.

Become The Best Dental Practice With Effective Dental Digital Marketing Strategies

The above-listed dental digital marketing strategies are great. They can definitely help uplift your dental clinic and captivate maximum patients. You can easily pick the ones that suit your time, budget, and resources, and boom – you’d be all set to become the best dental practice in your locality.

But wait, do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating and executing all these strategies while managing other responsibilities at the same time? That’s no surprise. You must have a lot going on in your schedule as a dental practitioner, and taking out to experiment with these strategies could be really difficult.

We’ve got you a solution – you can either onboard a team of digital marketing experts or simply outsource to a dental digital marketing company. While hiring an entire team in-house could cost you a lot of budget and effort, outsourcing to a professional agency can save you the fortunes and provide experienced assistance.

An ideal dental digital marketing agency could have certified professionals hired in their team with solid experience in the dental industry. They’d have the expertise of helping numerous dental clinics become the best in their locality. And so, you can also trust in their services and witness how they take your practice to some incredible heights.

Top Dental Digital Marketing Strategies For Maximum Patients