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Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Attractive.

If you are blessed with beautiful eyes, you don’t need any other asset to look attractive. It’s not necessary to apply tons of makeup to make everyone fall for those gorgeous eyes. Many people think having beautiful eyes completely depends on genetics.

Well, this fact is partially true. Along with genetics, there are several other ideas to make anyone fall for those mesmerizing eyes.

You must be wondering why there is so much hype about the eyes. An answer to this much-anticipated question is Social Media and the desire for acceptance by the world. The entire beauty industry is flooded with products made for eye care and beautification based on this single motive.

A lot of women go to any extent to make their eyes desirable. They are ready to spend millions on plastic surgery for upper eyelids, lower eyelids, baggy eyes, puffiness, dark circles, excess fat and sagging eyes.

In this era of insecurities and changing trends where everyone is running behind looks, we have summed up some tips for you to catch up with the trends.

It’s not all about covering up your eyes with harmful chemicals or eye accessories. All you need is to take care of the most sensitive part of your face i.e. the skin around the eyes.

Let’s discuss the healthy ways to make your eyes the most attractive feature of your personality.

  1. Stay Hydrated:

You must be reading this for the hundredth time, but staying hydrated is the most basic requirement for naturally beautiful eyes. Our skin around the eyes is very thin. It needs to be hydrated all day. Drink around 2 to 3 liters of water to keep your skin hydrated.

This helps your body to precipitate well and still hold the required moisture. You can apply moisturiser every night before sleep to give extra nourishment to this sensitive part. Make sure that you pick specifically curated eye moisturizers only

  1. Facial Exercise for The Eyes:

Facial exercise may seem a hack to you but it actually works wonders. These simple 5 minutes exercises help in relaxing your eyes. They help in removing fluids that cause puffiness. A routine of facial exercises reduces signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines.

You just need to massage your eye area with gentle hands for 2 to 3 minutes every night before sleep. You can do the same exercises after long screen time to relax your eye muscles and improve focus.

  1. Curl Your Lashes:

A secret hack for beautiful eyes is styling your lashes. Long voluminous lashes grab attention naturally. Apply your favourite mascara and curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Your defined lashes are definitely going to grab some points for you. If you can’t find any curler nearby, just rub your hands and heat your fingers. Roll up eyelashes by holding them for 20 seconds. You can feel the difference.

  1. Wear Colors That Make Your Eyes Pop:

Go a bit out of your comfort. Try some pop colours to make your eyes speak louder. Ditch your regular eyeshades and try some new shades. This little change is going to make a big big difference in your appearance. Always keep your eye shadow tone close to your eye colour. You can wear some fabric resembling or in contrast with your eye colour.

  1. Eat Right:

What you eat is going to reflect on your skin. Keep a track of the good amount of vitamins and minerals in your everyday diet. Your food must be balanced with the right amount of carbs, fibre and protein for nutrition and proper blood circulation.

Eat Vitamin A, B, C, D and E rich diets for healthy skin and good eyesight. Include green leafy veggies, fruits and an adequate amount of water for glowing bright twinkling eyes and skin.

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  1. Nude eyeliner:

Try nude eyeliner to define your tear line. Nude eyeliner highlights your lash line without actually highlighting it. Your friends will notice the difference without figuring out the actual change. It’s the best hack for your tiring looking eyes. Nude eyeliner instantly makes your eyes look attentive and bigger.

     7. Shed Light on Dark Circles:

Dark circle is a global problem. Relax! And try retinol creams for that matter. If you are not getting enough sleep for a long time, try some home remedies for your eyes to relax your eye muscles. Green tea packs, cucumber and rose water are natural remedies for dark circles.

Go for Hyaluronic acid-based under-eye night creams for best results along with these home remedies. You need to be consistent and patient for results to show up. Get a good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours without any interruptions.

  1. Long-Lasting Eye Makeup:

For long-lasting makeup, you need to keep an eye on the products you are applying. Always choose the beauty products considering your skin type, your skin issues and the event you are going for.

A lot of makeup is not necessary to cover up your flaws. You need to moisturize your skin first and apply the layers gently without overdoing them. You can use a makeup setting spray if you like.

  1. Use a Good Eye Cream:

Investing in good products saves you from damages later. It’s necessary to understand that a good product may cost you a little more but it’s a good practice in the long run.

Always go for an eye cream that contains natural ingredients without fragrance, is hypoallergenic, donned with moisturizing agents and improves collagen production. Avoid products that are too greasy on your skin. Go for water-based products.

  1. Brush Your Eyebrows Up:

Eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping your eyes. Take care of your eyebrows. Brush them up and keep them in good shape that suits your facial geometry. You can use an eyebrow pencil to fill up sparse areas. Keeping your eyebrows in a well-maintained shape makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Avoid waxing as it loosens your skin. You can try threading or tweezers instead. You can colour your eyebrows and hair according to your eye colour to make them look more attractive.

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Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Attractive