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Time Tracking for Cleaning Companies :Time and team management applications

For cleaning companies, time tracking with GPS location capabilities is a must-have tool.
You can easily see when and where your team worked during the day, as well as the projects they worked on.

Time Tracking for Cleaning Companies

Time tracking apps with geofencing are even better.
These apps will begin tracking time as soon as you or a member of your team enters the job sites you create.
This enables cleaning crews to begin working immediately rather than having to remember an additional step when they arrive and depart.

Some options even include a scheduling feature that allows you to create one-time or recurring shifts and receive notifications if anyone misses their shift, arrives late, or departs early.

Hubstaff is a mobile time tracking app.

Hubstaff is a good example of a comprehensive time tracking app for cleaning crews.
In addition to the features listed above, Hubstaff can generate invoices automatically based on total hours and billing rates.
You can also use Hubstaff’s payment integrations, such as PayPal and TransferWise, to automate sending payments to your team members.

Top software for Cleaning Company Time Keeping

Top software for Cleaning Company Time Keeping

Clean Smarts

Time tracking demonstrates how our clients save $18,000 per year.

Money is made up of time.

Clean Smarts is intended to assist cleaning companies in improving their margins and lowering labor costs.
One way Clean Smarts accomplishes this is by holding your employees accountable for the number of hours they work while lowering the management costs required to achieve high-quality management.

Finally, you can relax because you have satisfied customers who receive high-quality service.

Check-in Options

Clean Smarts is exceptionally adaptable, allowing employees to check in via the Clean Smarts app, group check-in, land line (toll-free), text, or barcode scanning.

Scanning of Barcodes

You have the ability to effectively track where employees spend their work hours while also protecting your company from false accusations about the quality of your service.

You can require cleaners to clock in and out of service locations in Clean Smarts by scanning a bar code that is placed on-site.
This is a setting that you can enable or disable on a per-location basis.

If employees forget to perform a specific task, such as emptying the trash in a specific room, barcodes can ensure that a quality job is done every time by requiring a scan for that task.

Smart Location (GPS)

Clean Smarts can automatically check in and check out your employees when they walk into a location!
Even if a cleaner does a manual check-in, it is backed up by GPS satellites and cell towers to ensure the integrity of the timesheet and employee accountability.
If a person checks into a location where they are not supposed to be, the appropriate people will be notified.

Prepared for Payroll

The web portal stores all timesheet information.
The timesheet tools make it simple to review and approve the hours.
The timesheet can be easily exported to a variety of formats and integrated with programs such as QuickBooks Desktop for processing in QuickBooks Payroll, Paycom, Microsoft Excel, and other services via PDF.

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Increase the Size of Your Cleaning Company Using the Leading Cleaning Services App

Prior to Connecteam, cleaning companies faced a number of challenges.

How Connecteam Assists Cleaning Managers in Meeting Workplace Challenges

Starting a cleaning business can be a profitable decision because there is plenty of work with high demand, as well as low overhead and no typical operating costs.
Managing a cleaning company, on the other hand, presents its own set of challenges.
Hiring and training the best team, planning and disrupting an effective schedule, accurately tracking time for easy payroll, maintaining healthy internal communication, engaging repeat customers and ensuring customer satisfaction, and so on.

Many cleaning business owners have discovered that relying on pen and paper, or even Excel spreadsheets, with endless text messages and jumbled WhatsApp groups, is no longer effective.
It just isn’t good enough!
Given technological advancements, using a digital solution to manage daily operations is a no-brainer.

Hundreds of cleaning companies use Connecteam to help them deal with the day-to-day challenges of running a cleaning business.
As a result, we developed a guide based on their application to provide you with the best practices for overcoming obstacles and scaling your cleaning business.

Prior to Connecteam, cleaning companies faced a number of challenges.

Field reports are frequently misplaced.

“When a cleaner is required to submit a report, such as a cleaning confirmation form, I usually don’t receive it until later that day, if at all.
And if they made a mistake or forgot to sign the form, I have to chase them down to get this information, which makes processing the information take twice as long.”

“Sometimes, my employees send me confirmations via text message, which is difficult to track and just very messy!”

Errors Can Occur When Tracking Hours

“Time tracking and payroll can take an entire day or two because I have to sift through hundreds of Excel sheets or scribbles on paper, and mistakes happen.
It is completely inefficient.”

“If I make a mistake or need them to pick up hours, it’s just an endless game of ping pong with my employees.”

It takes hours to assign shifts.

“If a shift becomes available, I must find a replacement, and juggling so many employees and locations makes this a chore I would rather avoid.”

Onboarding is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

“I need new cleaners to be up and running the same day, but instead we’re trapped in a room and we waste an entire day just going over minor details like what’s in the employee handbook.
When half of my new hires quit within the first month, it’s a total waste.”

Internal communication is a disaster.

“When I need to send an urgent update, I either have to call all of my cleaners individually or organize a conference call, or I send text messages, but I have no idea who received the message or bothered to read it.”

“My cleaners have a hard time reaching me at times because I’m so busy managing a dozen different tasks that by the time I get back to them, it’s already irrelevant.”

It can be difficult to provide excellent customer service.

“There is a lot of competition out there, and I really want to have a competitive advantage, but I need a tool to help me manage everything so that I can focus on the big picture.”

It wasn’t until we discovered Connecteam’s cleaning service app that our biggest problems began to fade away!
– B&B Cleaning Service

How Connecteam Assists Cleaning Managers in Meeting Workplace Challenges

1. Daily Checklists, Reports, and Forms Can Be Automated

Because day-to-day operations are a critical component of efficiently running your cleaning company, checklists and reports are frequently used to reduce friction from day-to-day activities, automate information flow, improve response time, and build oversight.

The checklists and forms that cleaning companies use on a regular basis are as follows:

Form for cleaning confirmation

Checklists for daily cleaning

Checklists for weekly cleaning

Cleaning schedules for each month

Inspection of the site or facility

Return of equipment and equipment order

Ticket for repair order

Report a problem

Checklist for inventory count

Order Form for Stock (items and quantity)

Form for stock drop-off

Acceptance of customer service

Report on an incident

reimbursement of expenses

Employee performance evaluation

All checklists, reports, and forms are digitally recorded and can be shared as a PDF or exported to Excel.
Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of documents that can be stored, and the number of submissions has no bearing on pricing.

Furthermore, you can share these with your customers to reassure them that their needs are being met.

2. Track Hours Correctly

Because time tracking is available on an employee’s smartphone, you can manage time tracking and payroll sheets much more accurately.

Simple clock in and clock out with GPS location stamp

Sending automated reminders to employees to ensure they clock in and out on time

Using tags, shift attachments, and notes to determine how much time was allotted to each customer or job type

To manage and approve requests for leave and time off.

Payroll sheets can be exported per shift or as a total.

3. Assign Shifts and Service Calls Easily

Cleaning companies rely on Connecteam’s job scheduling feature to provide all relevant information to cleaners easily and all from one place for dispatching and managing a service user’s calls:

Cleaning services are assigned to cleaners based on a variety of criteria.

Providing all relevant information for each location and customer, including time, address, and special instructions.

Sending out reminders and notifications to ensure cleaners arrive on time, as well as notifying the manager if anyone is running late.

Keeping track of clock in and clock out times and locations, as well as allowing for shift notes and comments when additional information is required.

Know when employees clock in and out of shifts – employees can also add pictures and comments for each shift if needed.

Allowing employees to accept or decline shifts (optional – can be turned off).

4. Maintain Compliance at All Levels

Most cleaning companies require compliance, so ‘Read and sign’ forms and periodic refresher training courses are commonplace.
All documents are logged and automatically sent as a PDF copy to predefined email(s) via the app, and any form can be customized, as well as summary reports, which can be exported at any time.

Employee Handbook Appreciation

Using potentially hazardous materials

Health and security

Agreement that is consistent

Policy on sexual harassment

Report on Incident Findings

Documents are read and signed by others.

5. Effectively Onboard and Train Your Employees

Cleaning companies frequently have a high turnover rate and must provide excellent service on every job; therefore, it is critical to use Connecteam to streamline your onboarding process.
Everything is more efficient and quick with the app.

A formal letter of welcome aboard

Checklist for new employees

Form for collecting personal information

Forms for background and security checks

Form for ordering and agreeing on employee uniforms

Nondisclosure contract

Pre-booked vacation declaration

Forms must be read and signed.

Aside from onboarding, it is critical to train your cleaners as needed to avoid knowledge gaps.
Connecteam is used by cleaning companies to track an employee’s progress and create training materials on topics such as:

Training in health and safety

Training in the safe handling of hazardous materials

Sexual harassment education

Maintenance and use of equipment

There will be tests and quizzes.

Learn more about effective cleaning staff training here.

6. Boost Internal Communication

Internal communication is difficult to achieve when your employees are dispersed and do not work in a single location.
As a result, Connecteam makes it simple to overcome this challenge by including features such as:

Employee directory: It’s simple to find an employee’s or client’s contact information by searching for the employee’s or client’s name, location, title, and other details.

Chat groups and channels: Create an internal group for job locations or a small team to make it easier for everyone to communicate.
Employees can communicate with one another if a road is closed or if they are out of a product and someone is nearby to assist.

Real-time push notifications and updates: for both formal and informal announcements, such as HR updates, a letter from the CEO, employee recognition, or company policy updates, and so on.
Take it a step further and send amazing customer feedback to all of your employees to help boost morale.

7. Easily Obtainable Company Protocols

All company protocols must be available at the click of a button to ensure compliance across the board.
Furthermore, when you update a protocol, you only need to do so once on the digital cleaning services app, and everyone has the most recent version.
There will be no more printing dozens of physical copies and causing havoc among employees.

SOPs are standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Protocols for safety and emergencies

Cleaning procedures for carpets

Employee manual

Ethical guidelines

Policy on sexual harassment

Policy uniformity

8. Enhance Workplace Safety

Cleaning companies raise their safety standards and foster a culture of safety by allowing employees to report in real time, making safety information available, and communicating safety-related topics.
Some of the best practices are as follows:

Quick and simple reporting: employees can easily send reports on hazards or incidents in real-time, and the relevant supervisor receives the report immediately for further evaluation.

Safety digital resources: ensuring that all safety protocols, tips, and resources, as well as ‘lessons learned,’ incident findings, and periodic safety tips, are available with a single click.

Ongoing safety training entails sending training materials to employees on a regular basis to ensure that there are no knowledge gaps and that employees are aware of any updates, as well as sending quizzes to ensure that the content was understood.
The administrator can monitor the progress and send a reminder to the trainee to complete the training.

Safety first communication: You can distribute and communicate safety-related updates and protocols, such as incident finding reports, updates and guides on using hazardous materials and equipment, real-time updates, and more, in a single tap.

9. Simplify Human Resource Requirements

HR departments and executives prefer to automate processes in order to gain greater control over workforce-related issues by:

Recommend a friend: It is simple to refer friends for a job at the company in order to increase recruitment reach.

Management of vacation or sick leave requests: employees receive an instant update on whether a request was approved or denied.

Personal information form: When onboarding new employees, it is simple to obtain personal information, contact information, emergency contact information, and documents such as tax forms, photo ID, and more.

Updating contact information: Receive an update for an employee’s information such as name, address, bank account, and more in real time.

Employee satisfaction surveys or performance appraisals are both options.

Connecteam is a true all-in-one management solution with numerous scalability capabilities.
Furthermore, the pricing isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket.
Begin your free plan right away!


Cleaning Company Time Tracking App

Maintain order in your time and scheduling so that you can spend less time on busy work and earn more money.

It takes a lot of effort to run a cleaning service.
You must not only provide the services that your clients require, but you must also keep your business running smoothly.
Tracking time, sending schedules, running payroll, and billing clients can all take a significant amount of time and effort.
How do you find the time to focus on keeping your business healthy and growing with all of that work?
ClockShark is used by thousands of businesses to automate their Time Tracking App for Cleaning Companies.
Last week alone, ClockShark tracked over 1,000,000 hours.

Cleaning Companies Adore Mobile Time Tracking

The importance of keeping accurate time information is frequently overlooked in the rush of starting or finishing a cleaning job.
At the end of a shift, timesheets are filled out with guesses and rounded times.
But this does not have to be the case!

Employees can now clock in and out, switch jobs, and take breaks with the touch of a button on their cell phones.
Our time card apps work on both Apple and Android devices, so your employees only need a smartphone.
Your crews punch the clock as they go, ensuring that your time is precise to the minute.
It’s simple for them.
For you, it is correct!

Cleaning Company Time Tracking App

Employees should be scheduled.
There will be no more frantic phone calls.

A well-planned schedule is essential for running a successful cleaning business.
Customers expect consistency, so you must have the right people in the right place at the right time.
The employee scheduler makes it simple to keep a tight ship running.
Drag a job or an employee onto the calendar and schedule it.

Your employees can view their schedules directly from the mobile app, ensuring that they are always on time.
Have no fear if your schedule changes at the last minute.
Bye-bye, frantic phone calls and text messages.
Say hello to calm seas!

Employee Scheduling Using a Time Tracking App for Cleaning Businesses

Ready to save hours of your time and 2-8 percent on your payroll costs?

Get started with simple time tracking in less than a minute and without a credit card.

GPS coordinates ensure that timesheets are accurate.

Do you ever wish you could see where your cleaning crew is?
Did they arrive on time today?
The GPSTrakTM feature will inform you!
ClockShark records your employees’ GPS location every time they clock in, clock out, or switch jobs.
You can now confirm that your team is in the correct location.

During the day, you can also see a breadcrumb trail of locations on the map.
So it’s clear whether everyone stayed on the job or left to pursue other opportunities.
It’s almost as if you can be everywhere at the same time.
Just don’t let all that power get to your head!

Cleaning Company Time Tracking App with GPS Tracking

Payroll is made easier by easy time reports.

Wouldn’t it be great to have quick and accurate time reporting?
ClockShark’s reports can provide you with the time data you require, whether you’re running payroll or planning the next stage of your business.

You can quickly generate time reports by employee, job, or task to see where your time is being spent, which jobs are the most profitable, and which services are being used the most.
If you use one of our integration partners, such as QuickBooks, ADP, or Xero, you will receive a bonus!
Our easy integrations send time records directly to your payroll or accounting system.

Payroll Made Simple With a Time Tracking App for Cleaning Companies

In just five minutes, you can begin tracking your time.
It’s really that simple.

We’ve assisted thousands of businesses in making the switch to mobile time tracking, and we see how effective it can be every day.
However, it is only effective if people use it.
Fortunately, with ClockShark’s Time Tracking and Scheduling for Cleaning Companies, getting everyone on board is simple.

There is no need for training because the mobile apps are so simple to use.
ClockShark can be put to the test in just a few minutes.
Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.
You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you?

Cleaning Company Time Tracking App Reminds Employees to Clock In and Out with Notifications

With friendly timesheet reminders, we’ll help your cleaning employees get into the habit of using mobile apps.
They will remind your employees to clock in and out at predetermined times throughout the day.

If you choose to use ClockShark’s employee scheduling, your employees will receive a reminder at the start of each scheduled job.
With our geofence time tracking, your employees can even be reminded to clock in and out as they arrive and depart from your job sites.

Cleaning Company Time Tracking App That Reminds Employees to Clock In and Out

Payroll and accounting are made easier with ClockShark integrations.

The QuickBooks

Sage, Zapier, Xero logo, MYOB, Gusto, Paychex, Jasmin

Begin your free trial today and receive personalized assistance as you set up ClockShark for your team.
We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Please contact us at (800) 828-0689.

Timesheet Mobile

Don’t Get Sidetracked

Swept’s software makes it simple for your team to track their hours.
Our time tracking feature is precise, location aware, and payroll compatible.

Accurate and easy to use

Accurate timekeeping keeps you and your cleaners on the same page.
Your cleaners will be able to check-in to any shift by using the mobile app, SMS, or landline (IVR).
GPS-enabled and up to the minute accurate.
Swept janitorial software makes time tracking a breeze.

Recognized location (GPS)

You’ll know whether or not cleaners are physically on-site if they use the mobile app or landline to sign in.

Payroll can be completed in minutes.

All time recorded is saved in your web-based manager dashboard.
The recorded time for each cleaner is automatically imported, allowing your team to review and approve in minutes.
Approved time can be adjusted as needed and exported to your preferred payroll system.

Swept is used by many businesses, including yours, to save time, improve communication, cut costs, and organize chaos.
See how Swept can help your business by watching our micro-demo on time tracking.


Extend your search beyond basic scheduling and time tracking software.
Get precise, actionable insights into the performance of your cleaning company.

Cleaner Scheduling with Time Tracking

Reporting on Mood

Cleaning Instructions with Improved Translation

Inspections for Supply Tracking, Problem Reporting, and Inspections

Client Communication

COVID-19 Office Cleaning Checklist

Our most recent checklist is for office cleaning.
It will assist you in understanding what you require, what you should do, how to dispose of materials, and much more.

Use this document as part of the Prepare, Inform, Prevent, and Recover section of the Prepare, Inform, Prevent, and Recover approach to returning to work.

COVID-19 Office Cleaning Checklist

As we begin to return to work, we must consider the regular cleaning of our facilities and workplaces.
To limit your exposure to risk and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace, you must consider the role of effective cleaning and what effective cleaning might look like.

This checklist examines various aspects of the cleaning process in the COVID-19 world and assists you in understanding what can and should be done.
It examines six topics: ‘What do I need?’, ‘When do I need to clean?’, ‘What do I need to clean?’, ‘Safely cleaning,’ ‘Preparing to clean,’ and ‘After cleaning.’
These cover the main areas needed to achieve your goals, allowing you to check off each step as it is completed.

What Is Included in the Checklist?

What do I require?

Wipes and cleaning/disinfecting solution

Cleaning with household detergent, followed by disinfection

SDS for cleaning supplies

Follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Check that the product is appropriate for the surfaces you are cleaning.

Cleaning method for recordings

When Should I Clean?

At the end of the working day, general cleaning is performed.

When you have finished using the workstation, clean it up.

What exactly do I need to clean?

Surfaces that are frequently touched


Handles for doors

Switches for lighting


Toilets and entrances


Surfaces in the kitchen

Cabinet knobs

Cleaning in a Safe Way

Examine the product label and SDS.

Comply with the directions.

When cleaning, put on gloves.

Before and after using the restroom, wash your hands.

When possible, use disposable gloves. Only use reusable gloves for general cleaning.

Do not share your gloves.

Cleaning Preparation

Prevent access to areas used by suspected or confirmed cases.




Increase air circulation by opening outside doors and windows (if possible).

Following Cleaning

Disposal Single-use, disposable PPE

Place the above materials in a trash bag, then place that trash bag inside another one and dispose of it in the general waste.


Cleaning supplies that can be reused (e.g. mop heads)

Before reusing, allow to completely dry.

Equipment should be emptied and re-cleaned.
Buckets, for example, should be cleaned with a fresh disinfectant solution and thoroughly dried before reuse.



How do you keep your business running smoothly?

Join thousands of businesses that automate their Time Tracking App for Cleaning Companies with ClockShark.

What can we do for you?

We’ll help your cleaning employees get into the habit of using mobile apps with friendly timesheet reminders .

What is geofence time tracking?

With our geofence time tracking your employees can even get a reminder to clock in and out when they arrive at and leave your job sites.

What is Time Management Software?

The employee scheduler makes it easy to run a tight ship.

What is GPSTrakTM?

Every time your employees clock in, clock out, or switch Jobs, ClockShark records their GPS location.

What are the benefits of ClockShark Time Reporting?

You can quickly run time reports by employee, job or task so you can see exactly where time is being spent, what jobs are the most profitable and what services are being used most.

How do I use Time Tracking Software?

Whether you’re running payroll or planning the next stage in your business, ClockShark’s reports can give you the time data you need.

How can Swept help my business?

Swept is used by many companies just like yours to save time, improve communication, reduce costs, and organize the chaos.

How do I know if the cleaners are physically on-site?

When cleaners use the mobile app or landline to sign-in, you’ll know whether or not they are physically on-site.

How do I track my team’s hours?

Swept’s software is the easiest way for your team to track their hours.

What is time tracking?

GPS-enabled, and accurate to the minute. Time tracking with Swept janitorial software couldn’t be easier.

How do I record time for cleaning?

All recorded time is logged in your web-based manager dashboard.

How can I track Employee Hours And Locations?

Instantly import your Employees, Customers & Items.

How do I keep track of employees that are not reporting to a home office?

How do you communicate with and keep track of employees that don’t report to a home office?

How do you keep track of your workers’ hours?

Timesheet Mobile provides the ideal platform for mobile workers to easily punch in and out from any home or office, using any landline or mobile phone.

What is the best way to track your employees?

Easily create schedules and get automatic alerts if they’re started late, missed, or abandoned.

How do I track my cleaning crew’s time?

No matter what device they’re using, you’ll be able to keep track of your crew’s time cards.

How do I know if my crew is working properly?

Hubstaff automatically sends you an accurate digital timesheet for your crew each day so you can better manage your cleaning business.

What can you do with Hubstaff?

Create job sites and geofences so you can better track mobile teams’ locations.

What are the benefits of using Project Management Software?

Get a high-level view of projects, budgets, and locations so you can improve operations and keep clients happy.

How can cleaning crews improve their operations?

Watch how cleaning crews automate and streamline operations.

How do I track janitorial time?

Track Employees’ Time From Any Phone At Any Time.

What is new in Janitorial Manager?

Janitorial Manager now gives staff members the ability to clock in and out using geolocation.

How do I clock in and out of a location?

There are multiple ways to clock in and clock out of a location in Janitorial Manager.

What are the benefits of using a Labor Management System?

With JM you have the ability to keep better track of your labor expenses so you can accurately meet the margins expected per location cleaned.

What is the Janitorial Manager?

The Janitorial Manager janitorial time tracking feature keeps management updated with who failed to show up at a certain location or who didn’t clock out of a certain location.

How do I know if my employees are cleaning properly?

From your original bid, using the official ISSA 612 time and tasks standards ISSA Calculator for Job Bidding , you can judge if your employees are cleaning locations as efficiently as they should be based on the industry standards.


  • Connecteam really helped cut our time invested in oversight because we used to spend like 75% of our time just on tracking stuff. (
  • More than 50% prefer to message rather than call to book.
  • According to a previously cited study, commercial cleaning companies lose 55% of their customer base because of low customer satisfaction. (

Time Tracking for Cleaning Companies