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Google is arguably the biggest tech giant of this era, with its expertise on multiple levels and platforms. It is highly comprehensive, incisive, and easy to use. It started off with its search engine, which has virtually wiped out other search engine options. Furthermore, it was the pioneer of SEO and marketing strategies. Basically, if you’re online through Cox customer service phone number or any network anywhere, then Google has played a role in your life.

Therefore, it’s obvious that there are numerous things you may not know about Google. After all, it is a major engine with a vast variety of tools and useful in-built mechanisms. The company’s aim is to become the go-to engine for everything internet-related in your life, so it is always coming up with new things. As the search engine is its primary tool, you should explore some of its tips and tricks to get the best out of it.  Here are some really cool things Google lets you do.

Roll Dice 

Whenever you’re playing a board game or having your latest Dungeons and Dragons session, you may find yourself looking around for dice. Google makes your life much easier with its dice roller tool. You just need to type ‘roll dice’ in the search engine, and a roller will automatically come up.

While the default option is the standard 6-sided die, you’ll also see a variety of other dice options, from 4-sided to 20-sided. These are programmed to be completely random, so you won’t have to worry about loaded or unbalanced dice either.

Flip a Coin 

In this age of credit cards and online payments, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a coin if you want to make a random decision. Flipping a coin is one of the easiest and most well-balanced ways to make trivial decisions such as where you should eat, or who should start their turn in a sport first.

Type ‘flip a coin’ into your Google search engine, and you can simply use your phone for these decisions. So, there’s no need to dig around for pocket change which you’d just lose later anyway.

Play Pacman 

Remember Pacman? Google paid a tribute to this classic game on its 30th anniversary with a dedicated Google Doodle. In this Doodle, you can play a full-fledged Pacman level, complete with ghosts and blinking energizer orbs.

Just type Pacman in the search bar, and you’ll see the game at the top. Your arrow keys will let you navigate the mazes and avoid ghosts.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe 

If you’re just sitting around bored, a quick game of tic-tac-toe might just be your thing. Type ‘tic tac toe’ into Google, and a game will pop up. You’ll be able to pick your symbol and then play against Google’s AI. This is a fun way to spend a bit of time when you’re waiting for your bus or other such mundane activity.

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Go Back to the Past 

Do you want to see what Google was like when it started? You can easily do this if you type ‘Google in 1998’ into the search engine. Then, you’ll see how it looked all those years ago, and see how it evolved over time.

You can easily navigate back to the present search engine user interface, so don’t worry! Just appreciate the difference between the two eras and see the search engine which sparked an internet revolution.

Make it Askew 

Google also has some silly tricks you can use to simply entertain yourself for a few seconds. These Easter eggs are simply fun experiments some designers and engineers put in for the sake of it. One of these is making Google askew.

You can simply type ‘google askew’ into the search bar, and your page will be tilted a bit. While this has no practical application, it’s simply a bit of good fun and a show of programming capabilities.

Play With Gravity 

Go to the Google homepage and type ‘Google gravity’. Then, press the “I’m feeling lucky” button. You’ll be taken to a homepage where the search bar and the menus at the top fall down and collapse. This is another Easter egg programmers just wanted there for fun.

Check Celebrities’ Bacon Number 

Have you heard about the Kevin Bacon theory of separation degrees? Basically, it uses the actor Kevin Bacon as a center point and states everyone is connected with each other, with an average number of six degrees of separation.

You can check these separation degrees by typing a celebrity’s name, and then writing ‘Bacon number’ in front of it, and you can see their levels of separation. This is a fun social experiment and is a way to see how the world is connected.

In conclusion, Google is not only a powerful tool, it also lets you have fun with some simple tips and tricks.

Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Let You Do