2021-10-03 19:42:40 Small Plane Crashes Near Milan, Killing All on Board

Small Plane Crashes Near Milan, Killing All on Board

According to Italian authorities, a small plane crashed into an empty building on the outskirts of Milan on Sunday, killing all six passengers and two crew members.

Police said three Romanians, two French, one Canadian, and two Italians were on board, but refused to reveal their identities. According to Italian media, one of the passengers was a young boy, and the pilot was a Romanian billionaire on vacation with his family and friends.

. The Italian civil aviation safety investigation authority could not be reached for comment immediately, but the country’s air traffic controller, ENAV, said it lost radio and radar contact with the plane a few minutes after takeoff.

According to Italian firefighters, no one was killed on the ground.

The plane was on its way to the Italian island of Sardinia when it crashed early Sunday afternoon just south of Milan, minutes after taking off from Milan Linate Airport, according to a statement from Italy’s firefighters. A number of cars parked nearby were set on fire as a result of the impact, but the street was deserted at the time.

Residents in the area told Italian television that they heard the plane’s engines stop and saw fire before witnessing the plane crash into a two-story building that was being restored.

Andrea Speciale, a 19-year-old student, told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in a televised interview, “I saw something flying in the air, and then a loud noise; it was very scary.” “It was already in a low flight when it dove and crashed.”

Another witness, the owner of a pizza restaurant in San Donato Milanese, the town where the plane crashed, told Adnkronos that he heard a loud bang and walked out of his shop, then saw the bodies of a young boy and an adult on the ground.

Police footage from the scene showed cars that were still on fire and a long pipe of smoke coming from the destroyed facade of the building, which was a warehouse with some office space owned by Milan’s public transportation company.

Firefighters were retrieving the small plane’s scattered components in a large area that had been cordoned off by authorities. Next to a subway terminal, the neighborhood contains an urban mix of residential buildings, large office spaces, and warehouses.

Authorities were still investigating what happened, but the plane’s trajectory appeared to indicate that the pilot attempted to veer and return to the airport shortly after flying over the local seaplane base and densely populated areas southeast of Milan.

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Small Plane Crashes Near Milan, Killing All on Board