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Silver Labs for sale > Ever seen one? They’re not new – in fact, the color appeared in pure-bred Labs in the USA over 60 years ago.

Would a silver Labrador be right for you?

What exactly is the right color? The Kennel Club’s breed standard states that “any shade of gold or cream” is acceptable for golden retrievers, while the American KC requires “rich, lustrous gold of various shades”. Colour is a contentious issue in many breeds.

However, when it comes to controversial coat colors, there’s nothing to beat the so-called grey or silver Labrador. This isn’t a new color variety, but one that first appeared in pure-bred Labradors in the USA 60 years ago. Many claim that these dogs must have Weimaraner blood somewhere in their ancestry, but despite extensive research, there’s no indication that this is the case. The color is causing controversy in the United States, where a number of kennels are now specializing in breeding silver Labradors. However, the color is virtually unknown in the UK.

Most Labrador enthusiasts become positively apoplectic on the subject of silver Labradors, as the following, posted on the Internet, reminds us: “There is no such color as champagne, grey or silver — they are the brainchild of an idiot who is ruining the pure-bred Labrador. They are mongrels.” In the show-dog world where racial purity is everything, there’s no more damming word than “mongrel”.

Silver Labs for sale – Overview

Silver Labrador Retrievers, or Silver Labs, are relatively new to the scene. Contrary to their Yellow, Chocolate, and Black cousins, which have recorded sightings from 1800 and before, Silver Labs have only cropped up since 1950. There seems to be a heated debate over their authenticity, as many breeders believe the silver tint appeared from outside the breed. However, genetics has been able to provide more than enough evidence to support that these are 100% Labrador Retrievers. They’re just a rare coloration of the dog breed.

A diluting factor in coat color dominance traits is responsible for the silver hue – something that is also present in Charcoal and Champagne Labs as well. The jury’s still out on whether they’re simply subset colorations from their pure bred parents or breeds in their own right. At any rate, they’re regal, loyal, and friendly Labradors that have a lot of love to give!


Silver Labs are curious and playful dogs. Their curiosity will often get the better of them, and they may wander off in search of adventure. They’re so good-natured that they’ll almost never lose their tempers. Because of this, they make the ideal family dog. After all, with children around, there’s always someone to play with and something to explore!

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These dogs are highly adaptable. Although they’re on the larger side, they will still do well in apartments if taken outside often enough to run around. They prefer bigger spaces to stretch their legs and explore but will take an outside adventure over an inside one any day. With some training, they’ll control their barking instincts without issue. As long as you can keep them mentally stimulated and loved, these dogs are happy. Their double coat also makes them a good fit for almost any climate. As with most dogs, they are sensitive to extreme heat or cold.

Silver Labs for sale – Health

Silver Labs are very healthy dogs. They tend to overeat, and if you’re not careful may become overweight. They can develop eye disorders and joint problems, but as long as they are attending regular veterinarian visits will stay perfectly healthy. Asking the breeder about the genetic history of the parents and to see any health clearances can help allay concerns about potential health issues.

Owner Experience

Silver Labs’ intelligence, adaptability, and independence make them excellent dogs for beginners. Keeping their brains occupied will go a long way towards ensuring good behaviour. If not, and they get too bored, they may get into things they shouldn’t. They like to dig and may chew on your shoes when looking for something to do. The good news is, they’re easy to redirect with attention and a little training.


Labrador Retrievers have very short, water-resistant fur in two layers. Because of this dense double coat that protects them from the cold, and love for swimming, they may go for a swim regardless of the season. They shed more heavily twice a year and will shed slightly throughout. Their fur should be washed down every so often, especially if they’ve been swimming or hiking with you.

Brushing their coat a few times a week or once a week will usually be sufficient to keep your dog’s coat healthy. Plus, your Lab will love spending the time with you. Other grooming tasks include trimming their nails on a monthly basis, regularly checking and cleaning their ears as needed, and proper dental care for dogs. It’s important to brush your dog’s teeth or use an enzyme toothpaste every day to prevent the tartar build up that causes gum disease and tooth decay.

Silver Labs for sale – Activity Level

This dog breed tends to be very active. They were bred to be working dogs and crave exercise. A good hike, or run, or swim, will soothe a Silver Lab’s need for speed. If you don’t have a yard for them to run in, Labs are often happy with a trip to the dog park.

Size & Lifespan

Silver Labs are classified as medium to large dogs. They reach an average height of 23 inches at the shoulders and have an average healthy weight of around 75 pounds.

A Silver Labrador Retriever will generally live 10 to 14 years.

How much is a silver Lab?

Expect to pay upwards of $1000 for a silver Labrador puppy.

The price of your pretty grey puppy may be greater than the price of a Lab of one of the three recognized colors.

People are often willing to pay more for something they believe to be unusual. We’ll look at just how rare silver Labradors are in a moment.

Are Silver Labradors Overpriced?

You may have heard that silver Labs are overpriced.

Objections to so-called overpricing are common in dog breeding and not confined to the silver Lab.

The same accusations are often aimed at Labradoodle breeders and Cockapoo breeders.

Many pure-bred dog breeders feel it is outrageous to charge large sums of money for dogs that are cross-bred.

And view the silver Labrador Retriever as a cross-breed too.

Others feel it is entirely reasonable to charge whatever you can get for a puppy.

No matter what its ancestry, provided that it is healthy and well cared for.

Their view is that it is the quality of the puppy that counts, not the price on his head.

And like most prices in a free world, demand is what drives prices up.

It’s an interesting debate!

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Are silver Labs good family dogs?

Silver Labradors make great family dogs. They are ideally suited to active, outdoor-loving families with children over five.

Labradors can be very bouncy when young so a silver Lab puppy isn’t always a great match for toddlers or those unsteady on their feet.

But an older, calmer, rescue Lab can make a perfect companion for younger children.

Labradors are very sociable dogs that love company.

A silver Lab is likely to be happier in a family where there are people at home for part or most of the day.

Silver Labs for sale – Are silver Labs rare?

As a relatively new color variation silver Labs are rare in some countries.

Partly because registration of silver puppies is not widely permitted.

Some national kennel clubs and breed clubs have clarified their views on silver Labradors.

You can find some of these statements in the links below:

However, the silver Lab is no longer particularly rare in the USA where it is registered under the color Chocolate.

While not rare, It is still a more unusual color and silver puppies can be harder to find than black, yellow, or brown.

Where do silver Labs come from?

Reports of silver Labradors seem to have first appeared in the United States in the 1950s.

Culo Silver Labs was one of the early kennels to produce this new silver color.

You may be interested to read this report of an interview with the owner Dean Crist giving his account of the history of the silver Lab.

Exactly how this new color came to be is a question that many people are asking, and arguing about.

When such a dramatically different shade of coat appears in a long-established breed of dog, it’s only natural that people start asking questions about it.

People want to know where silver Labradors came from and how they were created.

Do the AKC Recognize Silver Labs?

With regard to the AKC, many silver Labs have been registered as pedigree pure-bred Labrador Retrievers.

Silver is not recognized as a color and not permitted in the show ring.

However, a silver Lab can be registered (as chocolate Labs) and entered into field trials and hunt tests provided that both its parents are registered with the AKC

Silver Labs for sale – Where to buy?

Greenfield Puppies

Everyone loves Silver Labrador Retrievers! Their shiny Silver coats and blue eyes set them apart from other Labs. This loyal, intelligent gun dog is classified as a Sporting Class dog. While this dog has a thirst to retrieve just about anything, the Labrador is just as well suited to be a great family pet. Labs are known to be children’s personal jungle gym, and will never tire of the attention they get. This breed of dog was first recognized by the AKC in 1917, and remains one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Contact Greenfield

Infinity Pups

Silver Labrador Retriever puppies make one of the best companions for a family and home.  Consistently one of the most popular dog breeds, Labrador Retrievers are friendly, excellent with children and other animals, and ready for any activity.  Our Silver Labrador Retriever puppies for sale are guaranteed to become your family’s new best friend!

Contact Infinity

Serenity Ranch Kennels

We are a small breeder of Labrador Retrievers located in Central Texas. We have 2 locations in Central Texas, in and outside of the city of Flatonia for dog training, pet supplies, puppy sales, and dog boarding. We have a multi-use commercial building in the city and a 120-acre ranch outside of the city limits. Serenity Ranch Kennels is a family-owned and operated Labrador Retriever breeder and we love our labs. We have some that we keep for personal pets and others we breed so you can have one of your own. They are wonderful dogs.

We have Labrador puppy pictures from all ages before the adoption is complete and they go to their new homes.

We have old pictures to include the following ages listed below.

  • Two weeks old
  • Three Weeks Old
  • Four Weeks Old
  • Six Weeks Old

Light Silver Labs and Charcoal Silver Labs are available year-round.

Jay D. & DeAnna Crouch
Home – 361-865-3301
Cell – 512-619-8662

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 435
Flatonia, Texas

Contact Serenity

Silver and Charcoal Kennels

The silver Labs for sale from Silver & Charcoal kennels are an uncommon color of a Labrador. Their stunning coats make them stand out in a crowd. Silver lab puppies often have beautiful blue eyes, giving them a piercing, unique look. Usually, by the age of 6 months, their eyes change to a stunning green.

Of course, looks are not everything! The beautiful silver labs are very intelligent, trainable, and healthy. With two decades of excellent bloodlines behind them, each litter of silver lab puppies not only have unique silver coats, but healthy bodies and very loving dispositions. Many of the puppies come from the proud females, Madison and Sophie, two incredible silver labs, and two handsome males, Hoss and Duke!

After about eight weeks of love and attention from the experts at Silver & Charcoal Kennels, the silver lab puppies are available for their forever home where they will fit in like one of the family. They are easily house broken because of expert care and training. Feel free to call and reserve your new silver lab puppy today at 662-299-5435 or contact Silver & Charcoal Kennels today for more information.

Lankas Labs

The silver coloring is a rare shade for Labrador retrievers and even rarer in labs bred with hunting skills. Lankas Labs is an experienced pointing silver lab puppy breeder and one of the only breeders providing this unique color for gundogs. We carefully select all of our dogs to ensure all of our puppies for sale not only exhibit these distinctive beautiful colors and shiny coats but also have trainable attitudes, great pointing skills, and loyal, loving personalities.

Breeding an exceptional hunting dog doesn’t happen by chance; it takes great care, training, and experience. We work with all of our puppies individually and use time-honored techniques to raise happy, healthy, and capable pointers. Our dedication and care are what has made us a preferred pointing silver lab puppy breeder for hunting dogs and pets for a quarter-century.

Silver labs are quite unique. While the coloring of most labs varies between shades of yellow, brown, and black, silver labs are actually more of a light gray. This remarkable color actually comes from a diluted chocolate gene. Instead of exhibiting the rich, dark brown of a chocolate lab, silver labs showcase a mix of brownish-black fur that gives them their namesake color. Like most lab pups, silver labs may have darker markings around the ears and face that show off some of their heritage color.

Our silver labs are prized for their ability to blend into their surroundings, however, color plays a relatively small role in the success of the pointer. The biggest factors in raising a successful family and hunting dogs relate to their training and breeding. With our focus on exposing pups to basic training early on and dedication to careful breeding to create the healthiest dogs possible, you can trust that a pointing lab puppy for sale from Lankas Labs will be an excellent addition to your family and your hunts.

To add a silver lab to your hunting party and your family, contact one of the leading pointing silver lab puppy breeders in Kansas. Take a look at our silver lab puppies for sale online now or call Lankas Labs at 785 626-9313 for more information on these unique, beautiful dogs.

Contact Lankas

Silverose Labs

Located in Central California, our puppies are all raised in a loving family environment on 10 acres of land completely fenced for the dogs to run as Labradors love to do.

Although we offer yellow, black and chocolate puppies for sale–and love those colors–we specialize in breeding high-quality Silver , Champagne and Charcoal puppies. We know there are many questions for people who have never seen the Silver Labradors and Charcoal Labs and Champagne Labs before, and although they are rare they are definitely real Labs! Some people say once they see one, they need to have one. We couldn’t agree more. One look and we fell in love ourselves. For those who would like to know more go to our Silver Coat Debate page and call or email us if you have more questions.

Temperament and soundness are of the highest importance to us and we strive to produce puppies that will become irreplaceable members of your family for years to come. We only have dogs in our breeding stock that we feel represent the best of what Labs can be.
Our puppies have gone on to become Master Hunters, Field Champions, Dock Diving Extraordinaires, Beach Frisbee experts, Dog Super Models and just plain old best friend couch potatoes.
Our Labs are part of our family with very distinct personalities and we can help you choose which breeding lines would fit best with your personality. Some of you want that Lab that will chase Frisbees at the beach for hours with energy to spare and some of you want a Lab to sit by your side in peaceful contentment. Some of you want a Lab with that special hunting instinct that makes them a joy on the field. We have found our Labs are a wonderful combination of all three.

We encourage you to come visit and see our Lab puppies for sale in California for yourselves. If you are too far away to come yourself, look through our pages and remember a picture truly is worth a thousand words. We love to talk about our dogs, so please feel free to contact us. We want you to find the right puppy. I have found people know when they find the right one. So put on your “puppies can slobber on me all they want clothes” and
come see us or browse through our pictures.

We would love to help you find that perfect puppy!
We microchip all our puppies prior to going to their new home. All you need to do is go online and register the new member of your family.

We strongly recommend this valuable service which could help reunite you with your much-loved pet in the chance he/she is lost.

We offer a one-year guarantee against any debilitating congenital defect and a 26-month guarantee against genetic defects.

Our pups’ dewclaws are removed at 3 days and they are wormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks. Their first Combo shots are also given at 6 weeks.

We have Lab puppies for sale in California that are available throughout the year in different colors, including Silver Labradors , Charcoal Labs and Champagne Labs! Let us know what you are looking for and we will find the right puppy for you!

(559) 246-0676

Contact Silverose


Silver Labs for sale