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Showit vs Wix: How does these two website builders platforms compare and measure up against each other?

It’s good you’re doing your research because your choice is important.

Showit vs Wix

Both platforms give a wide variety of template, storage, and customization options to choose from, so how do you know which one should you use to build your website?

The choice is ultimately up to you, but here’s a well-researched look into both platforms to help you determine which one is the best fit for your brand.

Pros and Cons

Showit is by far my favourite website platform in terms of flexibility and reliability. The platform is mainly targeting photographers, but with such creative freedom, I have built all types of websites on here, from marketing managers, designers, gyms, copywriters, etc.

Pros of Showit:

  • True Drag and Drop Builder
  • Unlimited Creative freedom
  • Powerful WordPress Hosting with the ability to use Plugins
  • Support Team available to answer your questions. They will also handle all the DNS connections, SSL and blog migration for you.
  • Comes with SSL included.
  • Works well with Shopify lite allowing you to sell products straight from your Showit site.
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • You can edit the mobile + desktop separately which is so good for SEO
  • Showit sites are so attractive!

Cons of Showit:

  • Mid-range costs
  • Not suitable for advanced WordPress plugins or set-ups such as membership sites, courses, etc. These generally will have to be hosted elsewhere like Kajabi
  • A little bit confusing to set up the blog at first – you may need some help.


There’s no doubt Wix has definitely improved over the years. I had to do a bit of research on this one to make sure some of these points were still valid and up-to-date with where Wix is at now.

Pros of Wix

  • Lower cost
  • Drag and drop
  • Good as a DIY starter
  • You can launch a ‘free’ website under their domain (not recommended, but possible).
  • No coding knowledge needed

Cons of Wix

  • Limited for SEO
  • Often has ‘made with Wix’ written across the bottom which looks unprofessional
  • Slow load speed
  • Everything is locked into WIX.
  • No migration for your blog posts or email list.
  • Can’t export these things either!

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What Is Showit?

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder that is perfect for photographers, planners, florists, artists, designers, and… well, pretty much any other type of creative professional. If aesthetics are important to you, you’ll love Showit!

What makes Showit so remarkable is the almost complete creative control one has in designing her website. It’s easy to change fonts, colors, layouts, and images. And you don’t have to start from scratch! Choose from hundreds of professionally designed website templates created by Showit Design Partners.

Showit also packs a powerful punch! If you blog, Showit integrates with WordPress. So you get the power and SEO capability of WordPress combined with the design freedom of Showit. It’s the best of both worlds!

What Is Wix?

Wix is another DIY drag-and-drop website builder that makes it easy to build a website. Like us, they also have plenty of templates to choose from as you get started.

But if you build your website on Wix and ever decide that you want to leave… good luck! Wix is known for making it difficult to export content from its platform. That means if you write hundreds of blog posts that you want to move elsewhere, you’ll likely have to do it one-by-one.

Key Differences Between Showit and Wix:

I design on Showit. My website templates are built on Showit as well as my custom sites. I LOVE IT! I choose to work with Showit because it goes above and beyond any other platform. I havve had many custom design clients and template buyers switch from Wix to Showit and have heard their stories about it.

1. Ease of Use:

In Showit, you can “drag and drop.” And honestly, I don’t even know if “drag and drop” is the best term here! Because you aren’t dragging stuff into a super stringent template where stuff has to go. You can literally do whatever you want. There is so much creative freedom. While Wix also advertises itself as “easy to use” and affordable — from my own experience and the experience of my clients, Showit is an even easier platform when it comes to designing your website. This allows you to control more on your website using Showit. In Wix, you’re more tied to the template design, which makes changing things more difficult. When you think about yourself using a template with Showit, you can truly know that you can change as much or as little as you want!

It really is EASIER and more intuitive to use. And, with my templates, I take it a step further and give you an online course to teach you how to use Showit. You get an actual online course on this included in your purchase! The course videos are short, sweet, and to the point. You’ll watch the introduction videos to get rolling, and then after that, you watch what you need as you need it. This really helps prevent the overwhelm that comes with a new platform and any difficulties that come with learning something new. I’ll be there to teach you and support you! So, know that in the opinion of many people, Showit is easier to use than Wix.

I would say that both are convenient options in that you can sign up for an account, choose a template, make your edits, and have your site up in running relatively quickly.

I think that both platforms are easy to use, but as with anything new, there is going to be a learning curve with both. I’m a designer, and even I had to sit down and learn how these platforms work before I could create websites on them.

I am working on a course to go along with the Showit templates I’m creating, which I’ve nicknamed the “Website Workshop” to help you learn Showit and customize your template at the same time. Hopefully this will help with understanding the platform and getting your site up quickly.

One way that Showit and Wix differ in terms of convenience is that in my experience, it has been hard to get in touch with the Wix support staff. They have an extensive library of help articles on their site, which was great! But when the moment came that I needed to speak with a real person, it was hard to find a contact number and get in touch. I eventually did, though.

Showit also has an extensive library of help articles, but they also make it super easy to chat with a real person. There is a chat box in the bottom right corner of the website editor. All you have to do is type your message, and someone will get back to you.

2. SEO Capabilities:

Wix does let you do SEO on your site by answering a couple of questions and then they “do SEO for you.” However, it’s not very good (my opinion) and you’ll likely struggle a bit to get found on Google. I’m NOT saying it’s impossible to have good SEO with Wix. I’m just saying it’s harder, and why make something harder when it doesn’t have to be? With Showit, you can do on-page SEO for every page of your website. And, I have a video in the training course teaching you how to do this REALLY WELL! I’m teaching you what we do for my business and what I do for my clients. I also teach you how to do SEO on your images. It’s awesome and can make a HUGE shift in your business. Being found regularly on Google is awesome!

With Showit, you can also use Yoast SEO for blogging. It’s the best SEO plugin around (and again there are 2 training videos on that in my Showit course). With a template from my shop, the training library and the capabilities of Showit, your SEO is going to ROCK! I’ve had clients go from not ranking at all for any valuable searches to ranking within a week or two after we do their SEO.

(P.S. I also offer an add-on service with the templates where I do SEO for you and do final touches on your website – called a Polish Session!

3. Customer Support:

With Showit, if something goes wrong or you have a question, you can chat with a real person immediately right there in your account. Showit also has “emergency” support for if something happens to your site to get you an even faster response time. Plus, you have ME as support. I offer one-on-one lifetime customer support with your template plus the training course, that I’m always keeping up to date with the best resources to help you with your website. Wix also has customer support, but they are less available and less effective than Showit in my experience.

4. Blogging Methods:

Both platforms have blogging capabilities. But, Showit integrates with WordPress for blogging, so you can have the power and flexibility of WordPress with the design freedom of Showit. By blogging with WordPress, you open the doors to unlimited optimization potential, SEO capabilities, and more. Like I mentioned, with a template from EM Shop, you get an online course to teach you Showit. In this course, there’s an entire module just on WordPress. I cover all my favorite WordPress plugins to let you do really cool things on your website (again, not a feature of Wix), there’s a 30-minute training on doing SEO on your blog posts, a video on how to set up your blogs, and so much more!

So, if WordPress scares you, don’t let it. You’ll love it. Seriously, everyone I know who gets to blog on WordPress while being hosted by Showit LOVES IT. It’s the bomb, and the online course is going to help you take your blogging game to the next level. Wix blogging has got nothing on the Showit/WordPress combo!

5. E-Commerce:

Wix has e-commerce capabilities built right in the platform, and Showit doesn’t. However, Showit can integrate e-commerce with ease.  You might be thinking I’ll count this as a win for Wix, but I don’t. Even though Wix does e-commerce, if you have an actual e-commerce website (where that’s what you’re doing, you’re selling e-commerce) then I’d pick Shopify. Or, you can use Showit and do an integration with companies like Kajabi, ThriveCart, Thinkific, or Shopify Lite!

If you have a lot of products to sell, Showit might not be the right platform for you (or at least not for the e-commerce side of your business).

For example, I have a client right now who did her main website on Showit, but her online courses and membership site are purchased through a ClickFunnels sales page that’s clicked to from the Showit website. It’s awesome, it’s the best of both worlds! As another example, my client, Well-Watered Women did their main website on Showit, but their shop on Shopify. The two sites integrate together beautifully.

So, don’t stick with Wix just because they offer e-commerce built-in, there are other ways to do it that work even better.

6. Quality

The quality of your website matters. Research says that when a person is browsing on the internet and clicks on your site, they will make the decision to stay or leave in a matter of seconds. You want to make a good first impression!

What affects a site’s quality? A combination of structure, intentional design, and well-written copy (the text on your site) determines a site’s quality.

You want a website that is:

  • Easy for visitors to use on desktop and mobile
  • SEO-optimized so that you can get found on Google
  • Isn’t just pretty, but converts browsers into fans and eventually, paying customers or clients
  • Reflects your brand well

Showit and Wix both have features that allow all of the items on the list above to be accomplished, but to varying degrees.

For example, Showit integrates with WordPress for powerful blogging and SEO tools. Wix uses their SEO Wizard and built-in blogging tools, but you don’t have as much flexibility and control as you do in Showit.

Also, one of the things that I love most about Showit is that you have complete control over how both the desktop and mobile views look. One does not depend on the other.

I’m not sure if this is the case with all Wix templates, but the ones that I have used allow you to edit the mobile site, but not to the extent that Showit allows. Which brings us to the topic of customization.

7. Customization

When it comes to customization, Showit really stands out as a front runner to me. Even if you start with a template, you can literally customize anything that you want about the design of your website. You can change colors, fonts, and move things around. You’re not bound to the template on desktop or mobile. 

Compared to other website builders I’ve tried, Wix does offer lots of customization options. That’s one of the reasons that I enjoyed designing on it before I discovered Showit. You can change fonts and colors. Elements like photos and text can be moved around within their section of the template. It’s just that you are more bound to the template in Wix than you are in Showit, especially when it comes to mobile customization.

In Wix, you can hide certain elements on mobile, but you can’t create a mobile layout that’s independent of the desktop layout, which means less customization.

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Pricing Comparison

Wix is actually less money or the same price as Showit depending on what tier you get of Wix. So, Wix does win on price, which is often why I see people using it. When my template buyers and clients are explaining why they started on Wix, price is usually the first (sometimes the only) thing that they say. You shouldn’t pick something like your website host/builder just based on price, friend. One thing people don’t often realize is you can’t transfer designs between website builders. So, if you design a site on Wix then decide later that you want to change platforms, it won’t work. You can try to replicate what you did on Wix and bring it into the Showit world, but you can’t just click and move between any of these website builders.

So, don’t choose your website builder based on price. You should choose for the longevity of your business. Also, the prices aren’t that different. Wix’s VIP level is the exact same price as Showit’s highest price. And, some of Wix’s less expensive pricing tiers actually put their branding on your website or do things like take away your support and slow down your site speed. The lower prices might be flashy, but they aren’t worth it. Do not make pricing your main factor!

Showit’s Pricing

  • Showit’s Basic Plan is $24/mo.
  • However, if you want to have a blog on your site (which I recommend) the Showit + Basic Blog plan is $29/mo. For most businesses who are just switching from their first-ever site, I suggest starting with the Showit + Basic Blog.
  • Of course, if you are a blogger, or just have lots of blog posts to transfer over, then the Showit + Advanced Blog might be best for you, which is $

These prices are for Showit’s monthly payment plans. If you wanted to pay for a year upfront, for the Showit + Basic Blog plan that is $288 billed annually.

Wix’s Pricing 

  • Wix’s lowest plan is the Combo, which is $14/mo. However, if you’re listening to this episode, I’m guessing that you are a creative business owner. In that case, the Combo plan actually doesn’t  apply because it is for personal use only. 
  • The next tier is the Unlimited plan, which is recommended for entrepreneurs & freelancers. It’s $18/mo.
  • The Pro plan offers complete online branding, and is $23/mo
  • The VIP plan offers first priority support for $39/mo.

It’s important to mention that Wix has a note on their pricing page that these prices are for the yearly subscriptions, paid in full at time of purchase. So if you went with the Unlimited plan for entrepreneurs, you’d actually be paying $216 upfront. 

Wix also offers pricing for Business & eCommerce plans. However, I’m not going to go over those for the purposes of this article.

While WIx has improved their eCommerce features since I last used it in 2017, if you are a product-based business owner, I recommend going with Shopify, which was specifically built to serve you.

Showit: Other Costs to Consider

It’s important to note that with Showit, your investment amount often doesn’t stop at paying for the website plan. The monthly plan amount doesn’t include your website design.

Here are 2 common routes that Showit users take to get their website designed:

  1. DIY (Template) – You can purchase a Showit template from Showit’s store, or any designer that sells templates, and customize it yourself. Because Showit’s platform makes editing a design easy (even if you’re not a design pro), I’ve heard of people choosing to go the template route and having their website up in a week or less! As far as price goes, Showit templates usually run anywhere from a $200 to $1000+, so that’s something to keep in mind. There are some free templates out there as well.
  2. Hiring a Web Designer to Create a Custom Design – When you hire a designer to create your Showit site, they’ll work with you to create something that is completely unique to your business and brand. This is typically more of a high-end investment, as most of the Showit designers I’ve seen, including myself, charge at least $3,000 for custom web design.

Wix: Other Costs to Consider?

When you sign up for Wix, you have access to hundreds of templates included in your subscription, at no extra cost. So it’s very possible to pay for a plan, DIY the customization of a template, and have your site up and running.

You can also hire a website designer that specializes in Wix to help you. I’m not as familiar with the going rate for custom Wix website design right now, since I focus on Showit.

After hearing all that, it probably sounds like Wix is the best option right now. Hang with me, though, because I don’t think you should base your choice for a website platform on price alone, if you can help it.

The real value and return on investment of a website comes in what it can do for your business. So let’s talk about Quality next.

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