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Rent to own tiny house shells

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Rent to own tiny house shells

If you believe less is more, it’s easy to see the appeal of the tiny-house movement: You’ll spend less money living in a tiny house, use less energy, and spend less time inside. But if you’re not ready to downsize your entire life into two hundred square feet, you can rent to own a tiny house.

How to build a cellar under your house

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As tiny houses get more popular people are looking for more affordable housing options and a rent-to-own tiny house is one option to move into a tiny house today!  Rent-to-own is an agreement, in which you rent a tiny home for a certain amount of time, then have the option to buy it before the lease expires.

So today we are going to break down all the key parts of a rent to own agreement and what you need to know when it comes to paying for a tiny house on wheels with this method.

How Does Rent To Own Work?

When it comes to renting a tiny house to own there are two main types: Lease Purchase and Lease Purchase.  The main difference is that with a Lease Purchase at the end of the time period you have the option to buy the tiny house.  While the Lease Purchase at the end of lease, you’re legally obligated to buy it.

In some cases when your lease window comes to an end there may be an agreed upon amount you’ll have to pay to finalize the purchase and in other cases you can make it so when the lease payments are completed, you’re the owner with no more additional money.

What Is The Cost To Rent To Own?

Like many things in life, it depends.  Generally speaking a completed tiny house will cost the builder between $20,000 and $60,000 to build, with that in mind you’re going to typically see a monthly payment between $120 per month up to $460 per month depending on terms and cost of the house.

When you rent to own you’ll also be required to pay a down payment, which is between 2%-5% of the loan, so plan to put down at least $500 up to $3,000 as your down payment.  This number is often negotiable and can be worked out, but the more you can put down the better.

Rent To Own Tiny House Shells

A tiny house shell is another really great way to save even more money.  A shell is simply all the exterior elements (roof, siding, windows, and doors) built on a trailer.

I recommend tiny house shells to people who don’t have much building experience because it lets all the really important parts be built by a professional tiny house on wheels builder, but not going through the expense of all the interior work which really should be customized to your needs.

About a third of the labor that goes into building a tiny house on wheels is in the shell, while the bulk of the time spent on building goes into the last steps of finishing the inside.

Buying a tiny house that is already built can be tricky because if it isn’t designed for you, then it won’t meet your needs and you’ll be looking to move out.  So make sure you know the layout that you need to enjoy life and meet all your day to day needs.

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Rent To Own your Tiny House

When you can rent to own your tiny house, everything gets easier!

Buying a tiny house can be difficult.

We offer an option where you can rent-to-own your tiny house! We are currently only offering this option on our DIY Tiny House Shells!

Criteria for rent-to-own applications can vary based on your specific situation

Contact Us today to see if you might qualify for our rent to own program, or just email us directly at:

Do Tiny Houses Have Addresses – Rent to own tiny house shells

Some tiny houses do have addresses, but it depends on the area you live in and where your house is located. If you do not have an address, there are plenty of other solutions so that you can still receive your mail, such as mail forwarding services and PO boxes.

Click This Link -> How to get your mail when renting to own tiny house shells?

How much does it cost to park a tiny house

Another cost factor is where you’re going to keep your tiny home.

Some tiny homeowners choose to put their tiny houses on land that they own with the intent of having their home be stationary.

Part of the appeal of tiny homes is that they can be mobile. So another option, if you don’t own land, is to park your tiny home in tiny house communities or RV parks. This allows you to travel and live anywhere in the United States.

Most parking in tiny home communities will cost approximately $300-$600 per month.

How much do tiny homes rent for

Long-term tiny houses for rent can be found for much less per month, but they can also be difficult to locate. Some are listed on tiny home rental and purchase site Tiny House Listings. Although prices ranged at publishing time from a low of $120 per month to several thousand, $500 per month was a typical range.

But that’s the cost for long-term rentals. Renting a tiny home by the night through a site like Airbnb or through a tiny house village can cost substantially more. Mt. Hood Tiny House Village rentals in Mt. Hood, Ore. can start at about $139 per night, making short-term rentals a better option for vacationers or for those who want to test drive tiny house living before committing to it for the long term.

Where can I build a tiny house in Florida Laws by State

Laws Surrounding Tiny Houses You Must Know:

Many states still don’t have specific laws surrounding tiny houses. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t run into trouble when building one.

The biggest restrictions on tiny houses will come during the building process.

This is because builders still have to follow zoning regulations that are put in place by that state.

One good thing to note is that even if your state doesn’t have laws, you still have options. This is because it doesn’t matter the size of the home in order to get permits to build it. All that matters is that you obtain proper permits.

This way your house, no matter how small, can still be deemed safe to live in.

The biggest problem that people run in to, however, is actually living in their tiny house.

While you may be able to obtain zoning permits to build your home, you might have a difficult time living there full time.

This is why so many people choose to build tiny homes that can be moved.

Finding a permanent lot that can be lived in year-round can be tricky. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. People have found creative solutions to still live in their tiny house without breaking the law.

We have written an article about why tiny houses are illegal in some states. It has lots of tips and tricks to help keep yourself safe from the law while living in a tiny house.

The US States Which Are the Most Tiny-House Friendly

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota

Rent to own tiny house shells – LEAST Tiny-House Friendly States

New Jersey
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
West Virginia

Rent to own tiny house shells by US Location

Rent and find parking for your Tiny House on many places across the US. More locations will be added to this article.

Rent to own tiny house shells Florida

Rent and find parking for your Tiny House on many places across Florida

Orlando Lakefront tiny houses Orlando FL

Looking to stay in one of our 10 tiny home rentals for your vacation to Orlando? 
Click here to book with us directly!

Orlando Lakefront Tiny Home and RV community is a haven for those looking to experience tiny living. With 10 unique tiny home vacation rentals, and 40 lots to park your own tiny homes or RVs, we provide the opportunity to enjoy lakeside life in the heart of Orlando.

Tiny house Bradenton FL

Tiny House Siesta

Each Tiny House Siesta has it’s own unique features that set it apart.  Whether it is a 1st floor bedroom you seek, a 3 bedroom model, or a pet friendly tiny, we’re sure you’ll find one that will make your Tiny House Siesta a memorable experience that you will enjoy and cherish.

Tiny house Naples Florida


A coveted Central Florida location in the heart of it all that promises a relaxed small cottage home lifestyle in a community of 220 homes. Life in Lakeshore offers exclusive private amenities, close proximity to world-class golf courses, events, diverse shops and restaurants, top-notch medical facilities, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

Tiny house Gainesville FL


1705 NW 6th Street Street
Gainesville, FL 32609

Phone: 1-352-262-5573

Mobile: 1-352-262-5573



Tiny home Panama City FL

As a relatively cheap housing option that doesn’t look like a mobile home, tiny homes have started popping up in some areas around the county as interest in the area is high.

PANAMA CITY — Modular houses typically referred to as tiny homes could be a quick, relatively cheap living option for area residents recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Some area officials say that, as long as it adheres to basic Florida building codes, a tiny home can be erected in the county in residential zones. Interest in the topic has ignited on local social media sites in recent weeks after at least one out-of-state tiny home manufacturer started advertising its product in the area to help address the housing shortage since the hurricane.

Rent to own tiny house shells Texas

Rent and find parking for your Tiny House on many places across Texas

Tiny house rent to own Texas

As tiny houses get more popular people are looking for more affordable housing options and a rent-to-own tiny house is one option to move into a tiny house today! Rent-to-own is an agreement, in which you rent a tiny home for a certain amount of time, then have the option to buy it before the lease expires.

Small home builders Austin TX

Small House Solutions

Small House Solutions is an Austin, TX based Custom Design-Build Firm serving many Texas Metro Areas. We specialize in a variety of home types and structures including: Tiny Homes on Wheels, Park Models, Backyard Homes (ADU’s), Accessory Structures (Studios, Pool Houses, Offices), Granny Flats, Mother-in-Law Suites, and Large Custom Homes.

Tiny Homes On Wheels

These are built on either a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer. Maximum dimensions: 8.5′ wide, 13.5′ tall. Popularly parked in an RV park or rural property outside of the city limits.


When it comes to tiny house designs, our full-service approach ensures that each small detail is covered and we meet your expectations. Our tiny house design packages include:

  • Site visit and site analysis by highly experienced members of our staff
  • Sit-down design consultation or Zoom video conference with screen share
  • Due diligence research and site-specific calculations, including zoning, impervious cover, setbacks, and much more
  • Finish materials and color selection via,, and our selection spreadsheet
  • CAD tiny house floorplans and four-sided elevations
  • Photo-realistic 3D layout rendering and interior and exterior 3D renderings
  • CAD site plan if the property survey is available, or we can arrange a survey at an additional fee
  • Complete design file, needed for structural engineering, including electrical plan, roof plan, window schedule, door schedule, and more
  • A fixed price quote to have your new tiny home built
  • Co-ownership of your tiny house plans and renderings. You can use the designs as you wish.
    Small House Solutions

Tiny homes Bastrop TX

Arnold Custom Builders

Small and Comfortable Homes

If you prefer a home that’s small yet spacious, efficient yet comfortable, then a tiny home might be a great choice for you. With over 20 of years experience, Arnold Custom Builders can create the tiny home of your dreams.

1011 Highway 71 W
Bastrop, TX 78602
Phone: 512-321-9298

Rent to own tiny house shells