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Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix > You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this dog is made up of a mix of a Golden Retriever and an American Pitbull Terrier. It’s important to know a bit about the parents of this dog, because most puppies are the result of first generation breeding.

Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix

Their personalities can be unpredictable especially if you leave them for a long time — both Retrievers and Pitbull struggle with being alone since they are very devoted to having a pack. Even if they are inherently well-natured, loyal, and social, periods alone can be distressing to them. With that being said, the retriever-pit bull requires people who can provide good company at all times, and live an active lifestyle.

Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix

They may turn your things, and furniture’s into chew toys, and this is a common personality trait for both pit bull and retriever breed. This trait can be corrected, especially if you begin training your dog at an early age. Teaching them while they’re still young can help eliminate the chances of them carrying this trait in their adult years. If you think you can’t give your pup the right attention and training, the Pitbull Retriever isn’t a good option.

Pit bulls and Retrievers are inherently smart dogs, which is why training shouldn’t be a problem. However, these dogs are very independent, which is why you might experience some struggles with training them. If you already have a lot of experience with training dogs, training your pup shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t have any skills yet, training your puppy might become a test of your patience. Seeking expert help is a good solution, and make sure to do the training while your dogs are still puppies.

These dogs can come out looking like either one of the parent breeds, or a perfect mix of both. Their appearance is variable and will depend on gene expression.

They should be large and well-built dogs that stand up to 24 inches tall.

You will find they can be thin and lean or have a wider, more muscular build.

Lab Pitbull mixes can come out with any possible combination of these appearances, but careful selective breeding can create a more predictable appearance.

Breed Characteristics
Size: 17-24 inches.
Weight: 30-75lb.
Lifespan: 10-15 years.
Coat: Single or double.
Color: Golden yellow, black, brown and white.
Do They Shed: Yes.
Temperament: Loyal, social, protective and athletic.
Intelligence: Medium.
Socialization: Social and eager to make new friends.
Destructive Behavior: Destructive if under stimulated.
People Skills: Friendly, but can get a bit excited with others.
Good with Children: Yes.
Activity Levels: High.

Is a Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix healthy?

Because this uncommon breed hasn’t been overbred, they are relatively healthy. They have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

That doesn’t mean they’re free of any problems, however. Watch out for:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Cataracts
  • Bloat

As much as you’d like your dog not to develop any health problems, it’s often impossible, as dog owners, the best you could do is to prevent them from having health problems or at least reduce its impact. All dogs have the propensity of developing genetic health problems, and some breeds are more prone than others. The Golden Retriever-Pitbull mix has an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, depending on their health. The combination is also likely to the following health problems: bloat, hip dysplasia, heart diseases, and cancer.

Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix

Bloat is a medical emergency which is life-threatening to dogs. This occurs when the stomach of your dog fills with gas, and it twists in a way that your dog can’t release gas and food. Bloat is among the leading cause of deaths for many large and giant dogs, which is why you need to watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Swollen hard belly;
  • Drooling;
  • Signs of distress, pain and restless.

Hip Dysplasia is common among large dogs, and it can drastically change your dog’s way of life. The condition can be prevented as long as you’re mindful of your dog’s weight and nutrition because these are some common causes why dogs get this condition. Hip dysplasia is preventable, and precautionary measure isn’t that hard, and you need to be mindful of the following:

  • Feed your dog its special nutritional requirements, and supplements to promote bone development.
  • Give them regular exercise so that your dog doesn’t become overweight.

Some symptoms of hip dysplasia include:

  • Reduce activity and inability to jump and run properly.
  • Having a hard time walking and exhibiting signs of pain.

Bloating (or Gastric Dilation Volvulus)
Bloating may happen 2-3 hours after eating, or at any time. Your dog may dry heave, or its stomach might be swollen and hard. It might have difficulty breathing or getting up, be drooling, or be in distress. This is a health emergency that may result in death.

Your dog could have a preventative surgery called a gastropexy to prevent bloating. To a lesser extent, you can decrease the chances of bloating by feeding your dog from a bowl on the ground (as opposed to from an elevated surface) and feeding it twice a day.

Hip Dysplasia
As your Golden Retriever Pitbull ages, it may develop hip dysplasia if you are not meeting its nutritional and exercise needs, or if it becomes overweight. Hip dysplasia will make it hard for your dog to walk, run and jump, and will cause it pain.

Hip dysplasia is hereditary but said to be preventable by feeding your dog a nutritious diet with supplements for its bone health, making sure it gets adequate exercise, and keeping it at a healthy body weight. Before purchasing your dog, consider asking for its hip score for each hip.

Elbow Dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia is a developmental problem that results from an error in the genes that develop the elbows. Being overweight as a puppy, getting too much exercise, or growing too fast may cause elbow dysplasia. It will make it hard for your dog to move efficiently and might cause lameness.

Elbow dysplasia is hereditary, but keeping your dog lean during its first year of life while its bones are forming is helpful. Continuing to control your dog’s weight and giving it supplements for joint health can also be helpful. Before purchasing, consider asking for its elbow scores.

The Golden Retriever Pitbull is prone to getting cancer. The Golden Retriever, one of its parents, has a 60% chance of getting some form of cancer, the highest of any breed. It might suffer from various cancers, and the symptoms range widely from lumps to lethargy to loss of appetite.

Selecting a reputable breeder who screens their breeding stock for cancer is an important step in decreasing the risk of cancer in your dog. Spaying or neutering it, and avoiding environmental risks from cigarette smoke, chemicals and sunlight are other measures you can take to protect your dog.

Heart Disease
With age, this type of Retriever Pit mix is genetically prone to heart disease, especially if it is overweight or has heartworm. It may have no symptoms at all, but if it does, symptoms include fatigue, frequent cough, shortness of breath, reduced appetite, weight gain/loss, and stomach swelling.

Selecting a reputable breeder who screens their breeding stock for heart disease, and preventing heartworm, are the only two ways to mitigate the risk of heart disease in your dog. Dogs can get heartworm from mosquitos, and some dogs show no symptoms, so your veterinarian may recommend regular preventative medication.

The Golden Retriever Pitbull mix is prone to cataracts, which could be present at birth or develop later. Cataracts are hereditary but can be caused by diabetes or eye trauma. They will result in your dog having trouble seeing and its eyes looking cloudy or a bluish-gray color.

Cataracts are generally not preventable, but you could select a reputable breeder and obtain your prospective dog’s ophthalmology test results before you purchase your dog. You can also maintain an ideal diet and weight for your dog to prevent diabetes.

Height and Weight

Males stand anywhere between 18-24 inches tall with females standing 17-22 inches tall.

You can expect them to weigh anywhere between 30-75 pounds.

Coat Color

Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix

This is certainly a dog of many colors.

They can be the solid gold colors of a Golden Retriever, or a mix of darker colors against a white base.

Your mix may be a solid, bi colored or even tri colored.

This breed can be single or double coated, with fur of just about any length.

A short coat is typically thin and fine furred, while a long coat may be shaggy or wavy. Some may even have an attractive curl to them.

Short to medium coated dogs will shed mildly and only need brushing once or twice a week. Long coated dogs are frequent shedders with daily brushing and grooming requirements.

Goldens and Pitbulls have very different coats, so their offsprings’ coats have a wide range of possibilities. Common coat colors for a Golden Retriever Pitbull are golden or yellow, or a white base with black and/or brown on top of the white base.

Coat Length & Thickness

There is a wide range of coat lengths, from short, fine and thin, to medium and long. If the coat is long, it could be shaggy, wavy, or even have some curl to it. Just as the color and length vary, this mix may have a single or double coat.


There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with Pit Bull retriever, and they are perfect for every family. The breed may not be so familiar, but keeping one as a family dog is worth it. They are sweeter, friendlier than most dogs, considering how both parent dogs exhibit great personality traits. The breed is perfect for families who can give the right time and attention in training and caring.

If you’re considering getting this breed, remember that a happy dog will be a great addition to your family. Taking care of the kind requires a lot of love and attention from the family.

Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix

The breed’s personality should be the perfect mix of a big friendly dog and a confident, loyal companion.

However this dog’s personality and temperament will be luck of the draw (just like with any hybrid). Their unpredictability can make them difficult to train and to manage.

One thing you can be certain about is their fun loving and active nature.

A mix of a sporting dog and a terrier is a recipe for boundless energy.

Their energy must be let out in bursts through the day. Your dog will certainly let you know when they need something to do.

Pitbull Lab mixes social butterflies have an inborn desire to make new friends. They won’t have any trouble getting along but may get wild when they get too excited to see their friends.

They cannot tolerate boredom and hate to be by themselves. If you expect them to keep themselves entertained, they will do so by trashing your house. A high prey drive means that it will take some time for them to get along with your other pets.

It is nearly impossible to pinpoint which specific behaviours your pup will inherit. But no matter what, you can expect them to be a loyal devoted friend to you and your family.

This breed is said to be one of the friendliest dogs ever, and devoted, loving, loyal and playful. But mixed breeds are by nature unpredictable, and you might have a dog with the personality of either of its parents, in this case, the Golden Retriever, or the American Pitbull Terrier.

Does Not Like Being Alone
The Golden Retriever Pitbull mix is social, with humans and other dogs. It loves attention and does not like being alone. It can develop separation anxiety, which is not uncommon in dogs, and might end up barking, chewing, and digging. It is not known to be territorial.

Barks Loud and Likes to Chew
It is known to chew, play-bite, and bark excessively at night, so it must be trained to stop these behaviors. In 2013, a Golden Retriever won a spot in the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark at 113.1 decibels, as loud as a rock concert.

Has an Unpredictable Personality
In addition to having a very loud bark and potentially barking a lot at night, this mix is said to have an unpredictable personality. Your particular dog may end up acting like either of its parents, the Golden Retriever, or the American Pitbull Terrier, depending on its genes.

Not as Aggressive as You Would Think
The Golden Retriever Pit is not said to be aggressive or to be a fighting dog. But we cannot ignore that Pitbull is in its bloodline, and Pitbulls were bred for dogfighting. Also, one of its direct parents, the American Pitbull Terrier, is somewhat likely to show aggression.

Preferred Climate Is Warm Weather
This mix has an array of coats, so the ideal weather for your dog will depend on its coat. Short single-coats will do best in warmer weather, especially if the coat has a light color. Long and thick double-coated dogs, especially with dark-colored fur, will thrive in colder temperatures

Golden Retriever Pitbull Exercise Requirements

Retriever Pitbull are highly energetic dogs, and they need a lot of exercises and to be with a playmate. A dog such as this retriever mix is excellent for someone who lives an active lifestyle, and who enjoys long walks, hikes, and the like. The trick with the retriever mix is that you need to exhaust their energy throughout the day, so they don’t develop destructive behaviors. Many energetic dogs who don’t get enough exercise become destructive, chewing and destroying furniture and things.

Here’s what you can help your Golden Pit Retriever be active:

  • Set play dates with other big dogs, that way they can exercise and socialize at the same time.
  • Give them toys which they can chew and chase around your home or lawn, especially if they don’t have anyone to play with.
  • Take them on runs or when you want to exercise. With their energy levels, they’ll be sure to keep up with your demands.

Any dog in the sporting group needs more exercise than your average pooch. Taking your dog for long walks and runs will help both you and your dog stay fit.

Golden Retriever Pitbull mixes need at least an hour of exercise every day. The best way to do this is to take them out for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and dedicate the rest of the time to play.

Running and fetching is one of this dog’s favorite ways to let loose. They also love to jump, and will catch a Frisbee or a ball right out of the air. You can tune in to their wild sides by giving them toys to hunt.

This is the perfect pooch for taking along with you on your own daily activities. They make excellent hiking partners and will enjoy a trip out into nature just as much as you will.

  • Number of Walks Per Day: 1.
  • Total Exercise Needed Per Day: ~60 Minutes.

Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix Food Requirements

Your dog’s diet depends on its breed, and overfeeding them is never a good idea because it can lead to many health problems. Although the Pitbull Golden Retriever mix is a large breed, you need to regulate their diet. If you’re unsure of your pup’s food requirements, be mindful of these tips:

  1. Introduce fresh food like fruits and vegetables because these ingredients are rich in fiber, and have a lot of nutrients. Unlike the worst dry dog food, the best dry dog food contains all the nutrients dogs need.
  2. Avoid processed foods and choose ingredients rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, such as Wellness Core Dog Food or Dog For Dog Food. Inflammation is the number one cause for your dog’s premature aging, and this is the effect of many processed foods. Adding food boosters such as Nutra Thrive dog food supplement can also be convenient.
  3. Avoid cooking your dog’s meat and leave it raw. Unlike humans, dogs are better off with eating raw meat than cooked ones.
  4. Mind their size. Petite pooches have different dietary needs when compared to their larger cousins. Choose wisely between the best dry dog food for small dogs and the best large breed dry dog food according to the size of the pooch.
  5. Keep in mind their age. Age dictates the amount of needed nutrients, and best puppy food brands are not appropriate for older dogs, just as whelps will not make the most of the best senior dry dog food.

Pitbull golden retriever mix breeders

If you decide to bring a puppy home, expect to pay up to $2,500. Be sure to ask for any health certifications and registrations for the parents. You should also ask to visit the parents to check them out.

You can always search for dogs near you, or travel to a breeder to pick up your dog.

Be sure to do your research before buying a puppy – watch out for breeders who won’t let you meet the parents or who seem more concerned about getting paid than the health of their puppies.

Check out Greenfield Puppies.

Pitbull golden retriever mix for adoption

Because this is a relatively rare breed, it can be challenging to find pups to rescue, but it’s not impossible. First, check local rescues like the Humane Society.

You can also call pitbull rescues or golden retriever rescues to see if they have any mixes needing a home.

Last Chance Animal Rescue may have golden retriever pitbull mixes. You can also keep an eye out on Craigslist or Facebook.

There are no breed-specific rescues because they are so uncommon.

Are there any other similar mixes out there?

If you are wanting to find something a little different, there are several mixes out there that incorporate either the golden retriever, the pitbull, or both, combined with another dog. These include:

Pitbull golden retriever mix husky

Pitbull golden retriever mix Rottweiler

Pitbull golden retriever mix lab

Pitbull golden retriever mix Australian shepherd

Pitbull golden retriever mix German shepherd

Goberian puppies

Pitbull English golden retriever mix

American pitbull golden retriever mix

Pitbull terrier golden retriever mix

Pitbull golden retriever mix boxer

Dog diabetes life expectancy


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Are these Pitbull Golden Retriever mix puppies as cute and friendly as many people hope?

This should undoubtedly be a very friendly loving dogs that enjoys family life.

The Golden Retriever is well known for being one of the sweetest, softest dogs around. They get along with pretty much anyone, with no fuss, and are highly tolerant.

Despite their reputation, Pitbulls are also very sweet dogs with the right training.

This combination means that this should be a great family-friendly dog.

Those that take the time to socialize the dog and establish its place in the family unit could do pretty well.


What does this all mean for the Pitbull Golden Retriever mix price?

As with all cross breed dogs, the cost can vary depending on the situation.

There will be some breeders that charge too much for a special line or a “rare” trait. Uncommon fur colors may cost more, especially if they suddenly become desirable.

Some will charge too little as they overbreed pups and create unhealthy litters.

Try and find the middle ground. The alternative of adoption is cheaper in the short-term with lower fees, but may lead to higher health care and training costs.


Do Pitbull Golden Retriever Mixes Make Good Family Dogs?

Pitbull Golden Retriever mixes absolutely make great family dogs.

Golden Retrievers are known as excellent family dogs. In addition, American Pitbull Terriers love children and are very kind to strangers.

Both breeds are very affectionate and extremely loyal to their owners, however, these would not be recommended guard or alarm dogs.

According to the United Kennel Club, American Pitbull Terriers are too friendly with strangers for guard duty.

The United Kennel Club also believes that American Pitbull Terriers are, “excellent family companions and have always been noted for their love of children.”


Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix – Friendly Companion or Great Guard Dog?

A Pitbull Golden Retriever mix combines the American Pitbull Terrier dog breed with the Golden Retriever dog breed.

The Pitbull Golden Retriever mix is usually medium sized, friendly, and quick to respond to training.

But some people remain nervous of this mix because of its potential to inflict a powerful bite. So, socialization and training are important from a young age.

Read on to find out more about this mix.


Where Does the Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix Come From?

Unlike many breeds, the Golden Retriever has a well-documented history and origin thanks to the efforts of a man named Dudley Marjoribanks. Marjoribanks kept detailed notes on the breed’s development and use for 50 years from the 1840s to the 1890s.


How to care for your Golden retriever pitbull mix

Grooming will largely depend on the type of coat that your dog inherits. Long haired and double-coated dogs require more grooming than short or medium, or single coated dogs.

The first should be brushed daily, while you can wait every 3-4 days for shorter or medium, or single-coated dogs.

Golden Retriever Pitbull mixes are clean dogs and they don’t need frequent baths – once every 2 months should be fine. That is, unless they get dirty. Then it’s the dreaded bathtime.

Use a dog-specific shampoo to prevent irritating their skin.

Trim their nails every few weeks using a clipper or grinder. Be careful not to cut the quick. If you can hear your dog’s nails clattering on your wood floors, it’s time for a trim.

Brush their teeth every few days using a doggie-specific toothpaste and either a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger or a dog toothbrush.

Clean their ears whenever you bathe them using an ear cleaning solution. In between cleanings, be sure to check your dog’s ears for any redness or unusual smells.

This is especially true if your dog has Golden-like drop ears.

Golden Retriever Pitbull mixes need about 1,600 calories a day divided between two meals. Look for a high-quality kibble with meat as the first ingredient.

Puppies should eat a large breed puppy food four times a day.

The trick with making sure your dog has all the best traits and not the bad ones is training . This includes early socialization when your pup is young.

Introduce them to lots of different situations, people, places and noises when they’re young. Just keep it all positive.

This means introducing them to new people and animals, and giving them treats or praise when they behave well.

Repeat this with different noises, smells, and situations, like walking over a metal grate or being around an umbrella opening.

You need to teach them to respect your space, your furniture, and your authority. Praise them when they behave well.

You should also teach them to accept it when you leave to avoid separation anxiety, as we discussed above.

Positive reinforcement starting right when they come to your home for the first time is key.

Finally, to keep them happy, they need an hour of exercise a day. This can include playing fetch, running, hiking, swimming, or anything else that they like to do.

You can also mix in some mental stimulation in the form of puzzle games or treat toys like Kong stuffing treats.


Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix