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Party Rental Software for Small Business : The heart and soul of organizing the perfect event is rental equipment, and there is no room for error.

It is for this reason that party rental business owners must always be on their toes in order to keep the celebration going.

This outcome is only possible if you have a large crew on hand. However, technology can make it easier to run a business.

Party Rental Software for Small Business

We have everything you need, from tents to tablecloths.
We understand event and party rental management, as well as all of the minute details that go into flawlessly completing an order. For decades, we’ve collaborated with top event rental companies to develop and improve technology that saves time and increases profits. Our event and party rental management software has been used by clients to:

  • Control the event cycle
  • Reduce your use of paper.
  • Streamline the dispatching process
  • During the pull period, automate change reporting.
  • Save time, cut touch-costs, and reduce error frequency.

Best Software

Party Track

What exactly is Party Track? 
Party Track is specifically designed for party rental companies that provide tent, linen, and full-service party equipment rentals. Our event rental software handles the order entry, inventory control, warehouse management, and accounting requirements of businesses that rent out equipment for special events.
Best For Party Track is intended for party rental companies that provide tent, linen, and full-service party equipment rentals.

Support & Deployment 
Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based Desktop – Mac Desktop – Windows Desktop – Linux Desktop – Chromebook On-Premise – Windows On-Premise – Linux Mobile – Android Mobile – iPhone Mobile – iPad
Email/Telephone Help Desk Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days (Live Rep)
Party Track is based in the United States and can be reached at

Features of the Party Track 

Contract/License Administration
Inventory Control
Calculation of Late Fees
Rate Management for Multi-Location Online Bookings
Reservations Management Scheduling for Recurring Rentals


Owners of small-to-medium-sized party and event rental businesses all agree:

If you’ve ever overbooked your inventory, you know what I’m talking about.
If you’ve ever missed a sale because you weren’t sure what was available, or if you’ve ever lost track of schedules or items, this is the book for you.
If you want to spend less time looking for details and more time living your life!
RentMaster rental software is required to organize, simplify, and master your business.

more precise than charts and lists
Manual tracking methods are less expensive and take less time.
More dependable and profitable than any “universal” software tool
Designed specifically for your party and event rental business – to have an immediate positive and profitable impact on your operations.
The number of items, dates, locations, schedules, pickups, deliveries, and other details to remember can be overwhelming. Coordinating all of this can tax even the most organized business owner’s mind and resources.

The assistance you require is now available.

If you’re still using manual charts and lists, or if you’ve ever tried to adapt a standard database to work with your rental business, it’s time to step up, streamline, and simplify!

Another advantage: remember that the party and event industry is supposed to be about having FUN? Allow us to assist you in returning to the true heart of your business. Consider this: Your clients come to you not only for efficiency and organization, but also for a smashingly successful event. When you can work with ease, with complete command of your inventory and details, you’re much more likely to provide the great, positive service that reassures your customers as they plan their fantastic event. PLUS, you get to have fun while doing it!

We’re so confident you’ll love what RentMaster rental software can do for your business that we’ll let you try it for free right now.

RentMaster gives you complete control over ALL of your rentals and schedules thanks to a variety of flexible, user-friendly features.

Create as many categories and subcategories as you want in your inventory.
Simplify paperwork by combining rental and for sale items on the same invoice.
You can save time and effort by entering multiple items with a single click.
Using, you can streamline your orders.
Check the availability of inventory in real time.
Simple customer database that can be searched by any field and is simple to update on the fly
Custom order statuses include reserved, shipped, received, and cancelled.
Payment history – accept and record multiple payments quickly using a variety of payment options (check, cash, credit card and more)
Discounts for special orders
Types of delivery that can be customized
Payment methods that can be customized
With advanced features for storing and retrieving complete customer history and information (even driving directions! ), you can serve customers better and more easily.
Provide accurate quotes for increased profit and better customer service – easily convert quotes into orders. RentMaster detects complete customer information and auto-verifies quotes to ensure inventory availability.
Increase your profits by using accurate reports and forms that are tightly controlled and well-organized.
Inventory, customer, and order lists are adaptable and simple to customize.
Text for rental agreements that have been customized
Filtering options for records that are extremely powerful allow you to filter and sort the records you need based on any field
Calendar of inventory availability by days or hours
Order history for inventory items
Statistics on rental and sales by date
Take advantage of a plethora of other features.
You can easily communicate with your customers, integrate with email and accounting software, improve instructions to employees and vendors, and export data in any format you want.
Now is the time to unleash the FULL POWER of RentMaster.

Best of all, it’s far less difficult than you imagined! Every task is made simple and intuitive by the user-friendly interface. And if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Quickly master the simple RentMaster program.
Isn’t it true that you don’t need another complicated software package to learn? That’s why we’ve kept RentMaster rental software as simple as possible. It’s simple, but it’s full of rich, useful features that will truly streamline and profit-power your business.

The most important thing to remember is that we’ve spent years developing software and data tracking solutions specifically for the party rental industry. We’ve seen a lot of companies do things the hard way along the way, but YOU don’t have to repeat the school of hard knocks!

Because, in place of all the costly blunders and inefficient methods we discovered, we devised ONE SIMPLE, POWERFUL SOLUTION: RentMaster. RentMaster rental software is ideal for you and your business because a significant amount of time, talent, and resources have been invested in its development. And it’s so easy to learn and use that you can get started the same day you get it! Get RentMaster Right Now!

Consider RentMaster to be not only a complete software toolbox for your business, but also the culmination of our many years of experience. You get all of the advantages and know-how of people who have already faced those daily challenges.

We understand how you feel and what you require: RentMaster

So, what’s the point of it all? Is it necessary to spend a fortune to obtain all of these features, capabilities, and the benefits of this experience?

No! We’ve also made RentMaster a great deal for you.

RentMaster is the most cost-effective option: it quickly pays for itself in saved time and avoided mishaps!

Try it for 30 days for free right now.
We’ve been there before. We understand how easy it is to waste valuable time looking for the right information or item, having to reschedule deliveries or pickups due to a miscalculation, or having to tediously re-enter information and manually generate reports of dubious utility.

Trying to stay on top of everything can consume a significant amount of time and money. But there is now (finally!) an answer. Thankfully, there’s RentMaster!

Try RentMaster right now: simply download the FREE trial version and use it for 30 FULL days. RentMaster’s worth will be obvious to you right away. Your clients will, too!

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The Easiest Party Rental Software You’ve Ever Seen.
Introducing a more user-friendly method for party rental companies to keep track of their inventory.

You Can View Your Inventory Using Our Party Rental Software
Instead of looking for your inventory, start seeing it. Sortly is a party rental software that allows you to add multiple photos of each item, as well as any item details, for a more intuitive (and less frustrating) way to track your party rental inventory across multiple locations.

System that can be completely customized
Inventory can be tracked across multiple locations.
Set up alerts based on quantity or date.
Spend Less Time Inventorying Your Party Rentals. More time spent renting them for money.
Sortly is designed to get you in, out, and on with your day because inventory tracking is one of the most time-consuming tasks for party rental companies. Simply launch the inventory app whenever you (or any member of your team) needs to make a change or update.

Make or join QR labels and barcodes.
Items can be checked in and out using the built-in scanner.
Inventory can be tracked on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
In minutes, you’ll be ready to go. There is no need for training.
It is the year 2019. Long sales calls or a 100-page manual should not be required to figure out your party rental software. Sortly is an easy-to-use inventory app that you can set up and use in minutes. We’ve purposefully designed it so that you never have to call us (though if you do, we’d be delighted to assist).

Import, export, and share CSV and PDF files with your team or customers.
The data is automatically backed up and synced to the cloud.

Choose the best plan for you. 

100 Entries for $0.00 per month
Plan for a Single User
1 license per user 1 custom field
Scanner within the app
Customized notes and tags

Advanced’s Most Popular
$39.00/month $468 Billed Yearly
There were 2000 submissions.
Plan for multiple users
3 no-cost user licenses
ten unique fields
Create your own QR codes.
Reminders and stock alerts
View more information about tracking user activity

Billed at $99.00 per month for a total of $1188. Unlimited Entries for a Year
Plan for multiple users
5 unrestricted user licenses
Unlimited Individualized fields
Please attach any files or documents.
API Availability

Highly adaptable. Party Rental Software that is Refreshingly Simple.
Our one-of-a-kind customizable system makes inventory tracking a breeze in any industry.

Features that make our party rental software less stressful and less of a headache for you 

Link Barcodes or QR Labels
Set up automatic alerts and reminders.
Allow team members or customers access
Make and print your own QR codes.
Keep track of user activity
There is no item limit.


Software for Event and Party Rentals
Automate your event rentals, improve order and payment processing, and increase your ROI.
No Credit Card Is Necessary

Streamline Your Party Event Rental Company
With our mobile app, you can access your orders from anywhere.
Payment gateway integrations make credit card payments easier.
You can easily manage, categorize, and interact with your customers.
Set up variable rental rates and coupons for customized offers.
We Make Event Rentals Easier for You Booking, invoicing, and rental management are all done in the cloud!


Increase your traffic and grow easily by assisting customers in finding your business, browsing your rental catalog, and booking equipment online.

Order Administration

Quickly create, update, manage, and set recurring orders and invoices. Scan the availability calendar and schedule Orders well in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Financial Interconnections

With our payment gateway integrations – Stripe and – you can accept credit card payments and sync your transactions in QuicksBooks and Xero.


Manage sub-rented items in Orders with ease. This is useful when borrowing items from partner vendors and renting them to customers.

Alerts and Reports

Create custom fields to record unique data points, as well as custom reports and email alerts tailored to your company’s needs.

Control of Access

Secure data by limiting access based on user roles, or create new roles with customized permissions and access rights.


Nobody understands and cares about your rental business like you do. Reservety, fortunately, cares about your company as well. Reservety is a high-end rental business software that recognizes the importance of making your customers happy. It not only builds and nurtures relationships with your customers, but it also increases your revenue.

Most importantly, the software is inexpensive, so whether you own a small business or a large corporation, Reservety promises to deliver the best performance at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of a Rental Store

The expanding digital landscape necessitates the implementation of technology that entices potential customers. In this case, it is critical for rental companies to establish an online rental store that utilizes such technology. Reservety assists rental owners in this regard by offering an excellent option for creating a free rental store for customers to make reservations on the go.

Integration with Google Calendar

By syncing it with Google calendars, you can keep track of all rental orders. Find relevant and specific details about an item for a specific date; view order history; and much more.

Renting Products in Groups

What if your customers want to rent a single item as well as other items associated with it? You must keep track of everything at all times, which can be difficult when you have a lot of orders to keep track of. Reservety offers to keep track of a bundle of inventory rather than an individual one in this case. Furthermore, if you have items in your inventory that cannot be rented separately, you can allow customers to rent the entire lot for the same price as their desired quantity.

Promotion and Customer Loyalty

Reservety boosts customer loyalty by awarding points based on their usage. These points can be redeemed on future purchases, making a customer loyal to the brand. Furthermore, it is simple to generate a discount code for the specific promotion.

Inventory control

Take care of inventory details, schedule and manage orders, generate invoices, documents, e-signs, and create reports to get a clear picture of how your business is doing.

Processing of Payments

With the help of the POS-rental solution, Reservety enables you to implement multiple payment options on a rental store and take in-store orders. It supports over 30 payment providers, resulting in a higher conversion rate of visitors to leads.


Make accounting easier by easily integrating Reservety with popular accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks.


Accepting and managing payments is the most important aspect of the rental business. You can use Reservety to allow customers to rent products by asking for a quote and renting at their desired price. Furthermore, they can make partial payments both before and after placing their order.

If you have a large inventory, there is no way to search for products based on product ids or serial numbers. The development team, on the other hand, is working to add functionality.

The software has competitive pricing that starts at $49/month for 10,000 unique visitors to your rental store with unlimited features. You can upgrade to other economic plans to add more features and merchandise.

Intempo Software

Rental software, such as Intempo’s, can alter your company’s outlook. It can open up new opportunities, boost productivity, and aid in the development of stronger customer relationships for your party rental company. When it comes to large-scale events such as parties, concerts, and other gatherings, execution must be flawless and on time. Furthermore, you must overcome numerous obstacles in order to make the event a success for your customers. Intempo recognizes all of the inevitable growing pains in the party rental industry and provides dependable solutions to reach full potential.

Finance Management is one of the advantages.

By providing insight information about your accounts and cash flows, Intempo software enables you to make smart data-driven decisions. Furthermore, with the help of the account receivables promises feature, rental owners can easily track rental payments. As a result, it ensures that you do not miss any overdue payments. It is also simple to integrate with quick-book software.

Fleet Administration

It is extremely simple to manage the delivery process by tracking truck locations, coordinating with drivers, and optimizing routes to ensure that the dispatch process adheres to the deadline.

Inventory management throughout its lifecycle

Rental owners can easily create and purchase equipment before the scheduled period thanks to exceptional reporting and monitoring capabilities. When equipment requires maintenance, it notifies you via a maintenance schedule report.

Rental Administration

Intempo creates and manages trouble-free reservations by handling reservation, invoicing, contract management, billing, e-sign, and real-time inventory management.

Cons: Other than English, Intempo does not support multiple languages.
For small businesses, the software is prohibitively expensive, necessitating an exorbitant subscription fee.
The pricing begins with a $200/month minimum plan.

Party Rental Studio

Party Rental Studio is a powerful custom-made solution for managing party rentals. To drive more conversions for your business, the software combines simplicity, convenience, and robust technology under one roof. As a result, you can put your heart and soul into this rental software to transform the face of your rental business.

Route Tracking is a pro feature.

Do you want to keep track of the equipment until it is finally dispatched? Party Rental Studio’s intuitive technology can assist you in selecting optimal paths based on your destination.

Website for Rent

It is simple to present your rental products with appealing designs and images when you use a rental website. A party rental studio can design a website for a rental company in order to generate more leads for the rental company.


Because orders are automatically tracked in the database, creating invoices is quick and simple. The software can generate and send invoices to customers in a matter of seconds.

Management of Equipment

Using a dedicated inventory management solution, you can keep a close eye on your inventory. It is beneficial to avoid multiple books and to plan the availability of existing equipment.

Signature by electronic means

By saving time in contract management, you can provide convenience to your customers. With the software, you can easily collect e-signatures from your customers, eliminating the need for them to appear in person to sign.

Calendar of Events

By syncing it with Google Calendar, you can manage and review all of the important events.

Cons: If your rental company does not have a website, you will have to pay extra money to design one and make a reservation. This process eventually results in more money flowing out of your pocket.

The basic plan costs $30 per month and allows you to manage 25 products and take five reservations per month. It does not include the option to create an online catalog, SEO, hosting, or CMS features.


Small-business party rental software
Simple party rental software to streamline, simplify, and improve the processes of your rental company.

14-day free trial
Simple to assemble
There are no obligations.

Worldwide event rental companies rely on us.
Lockhart & Smith logo Emerson James logo Hall & Co logo On Trend logo Lockhart & Smith logo
Party rental software that is adaptable and simple to use
Stop worrying about your inventory. Using party rental software to manage and track inventory, save time, and avoid double bookings, you can streamline your rental processes.

Spend less time quoting your customers.
Create stunning, customizable quotes that you can send directly to clients from Booqable.

Quotes can be created and updated quickly.
Put your own stamp on it with your own style and branding.
Send payment links to customers
The quoting feature of party rental software
Allow your customers to request a quote online.
Give your customers a hassle-free party rental experience. Set up your store in minutes and display your catalog exactly how you want it with features that adapt to your preferences.

Considerations before starting a party rental business

It’s critical to understand that the party rental industry can be volatile, especially because it’s so closely linked to disposable income and overall economics. This can also be a very seasonal business, with events taking place more frequently around holidays or during good weather. Expanding into different event types, such as corporate holiday parties and weddings, can increase your bookings, but it also means investing in and storing more equipment.

This is a competitive industry as well. Customers will want new and high-quality equipment and supplies, so as a business owner, you must stay on top of evolving trends and be one of the first in the area to offer them.

Networking is critical to the success of a party rental business. Developing and maintaining relationships with local event planners and venues can bring in new business and open up new opportunities.

How to Start a Party Rental Business 

How to Start a Party Rental Business

Create a Business Plan.

After you’ve come up with an idea, the next step in starting your business is to write a business plan. Writing the plan forces you to think about and research critical aspects of the business, such as who your competitors are and what differentiates your company, pricing, and whether the business can be profitable. Not only will a bank require you to have a business plan, but numerous studies have shown that having one increases your chances of starting a successful business.

Establish a Business Entity 

A business entity is how a company is legally organized to operate. There are four main types of business entities to choose from: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and Limited Liability Company (LLC). Each entity type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, such as liability exposure, costs, and administrative requirements.

Give the Company a Name 

Finding the ideal business name can be difficult. The name must not only be memorable to your customers, but it must also be available for use.

Choose a Location 

A physical location is required for a rental business to store equipment, and customers may also place orders or pick up smaller supplies at this location. Due to the size and volume of a company’s inventory, it may be necessary to rent a large building or even a small warehouse, which can be costly. The exact rental costs will be determined by the size and location of the building.

Obtain Business Licenses and Permits
There are no specific licenses required for party rental businesses; however, general local, state, and federal business registrations are required, such as a sales tax permit, Employer Identification Number (EIN), and Occupancy Permit, among others.

Obtain Financing 

Having a good business idea and the skills to run it is one thing, but getting the funding to start a party rental business is quite another. Starting a party rental business can be difficult to finance. To qualify for a loan, the borrower(s) must have good credit and be able to personally invest 15-25 percent of the total start-up costs.

Establish a Business Bank Account 

Keeping your business and personal finances separate in separate business bank and credit card accounts makes tracking the business’s income and expenses easier.

Create a marketing strategy. 

Party rental businesses rely on active marketing to bring in new customers, especially since customers may only throw occasional parties, resulting in only occasional repeat business from repeat customers. Print marketing, direct mail, radio, online marketing, and social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are all examples of marketing. Marketing expenses will vary depending on the type of marketing and the volume of marketing.

Obtain Commercial Insurance 

To be fully protected, party rental businesses must have several types of insurance:

General liability insurance protects the company in the event that customers or event attendees are injured as a result of the rental equipment. This insurance can cover costs such as legal fees and is typically required when organizing events for corporate and municipal clients.
Commercial property insurance protects a company from the financial loss of inventory and property caused by an event such as a fire.
Commercial auto insurance protects against expenses such as legal fees and medical bills that may arise if a company-owned vehicle is involved in an accident.
Worker’s compensation insurance pays for expenses such as medical bills and lost wages if an employee is injured on the job.
The cost of insurance policies will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the location of the business, the value of its inventory, and the number of employees. Request quotes from multiple insurance companies to get the most accurate estimate of how much insurance will cost. When comparing quotes, keep in mind factors such as coverage limits and exclusions, premiums, and deductibles.

Employees must be hired.

To take and prepare orders, as well as deliver and pick up equipment, a company will require at least a few employees. According to Payscale, sales clerks earn a median hourly wage of $10.27, with some earning up to $14.82 per hour. According to Payscale, delivery drivers earn a median hourly wage of $14.32, with some earning up to $21.58 per hour.

A store’s budget must include worker’s compensation insurance, paid time off, and health insurance contributions for employees, in addition to salary expenses.

Establish an Accounting System 

Setting up an accounting system is critical to your company’s long-term success.

Staying on top of taxes not only keeps the company out of trouble with the government, but the numbers can also be used to track and monitor trends and cash flow in the company, allowing it to maximize profits.

How much money can you make running a party rental business? 

There is no data on the specific income you could expect from a party rental business, but keep in mind that your income will be determined by a variety of factors. A smaller business catering to backyard parties will not generate the same revenue as a larger business catering to weddings and corporate events. Startup costs for a smaller business, on the other hand, will be more manageable. The number of years a business has been in operation, as well as its reputation, will have an impact on its income. Finally, a business owner who understands the most in-demand equipment and how to source these types of equipment at the best prices can help to maintain profits and increase overall income.



  • As reported by Construction Business Owner, equipment rental industry revenue is projected to grow steadily through 2021 .
  • Equipment Trader’s article “Equipment Rental Trends: How Big is the Boom” reported: “In 2017, a whopping 77% of construction survey respondents report that, compared to last year, they are maintaining or increasing their equipment rental usage.
  • Only 23% are decreasing how much they use rented machinery.” (
  • The proof is in the pudding: Our customers give our support team a 97% satisfaction rating. (
  • Auto backed up and synced on the cloud Choose a plan that’s right for you save 20% (
  • They have a helpful and friendly staff to help you the moment you register, and they believe in it so much that they guarantee 15% growth your first year. (

Party Rental Software for Small Business