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New York Web Design Company

New York Web Design Company

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205 3rd Street
New York, NY 10003

Tel. (646) 904-8654


Since 1998, New York Design Studio has developed exceptionally effective websites for organizations in a host of industries, enabling our clients to enter new markets, build and strengthen customer relationships, and gain the competitive advantage they need to succeed. Expert professionals and proven processes, all working together, strategically, to deliver the very best in web design.

Website Discovery & Planning

We conduct a detailed appraisal of existing website content, analyze technical requirements, clarify roles and responsibilities. We define marketing objectives, target audiences and desired outcomes. Next we create a functionality document and user profiles, and assign asset creation among our New York Design Studio professionals and the client’s team. We then finalize the requirements and define the web architecture and sitemap.

Web Design

This phase of the web design project starts with wireframes. A wireframe is a visual representation showing the approximate position and weight of text, images, videos and other required elements on each web page. From here, we employ New York Design Studio’s secret sauce and create the actual design layouts. We present the client with jpg files that showcase the actual colors, graphics, and text.

Web Coding & Development

From our Photoshop designs, we slide and code responsive css and html. When using a content management system like WordPress, we will tie-in the html with an admin and database. Then we populate the content.

Testing and Website Launch

We never launch a website before thoroughly testing it on all devices and platforms. We make sure layouts are optimized and functioning properly on smartphones, tablets and desktops—Android and iOS, Windows and MacOS, all the leading browsers, and more, This is also when we set up sophisticated security measures to help protect your site, your company, and your customers. Once the final website design is approved, we handle all the technical challenges of setting up the host and pointing your domain (DNS).

Web Design Training

We develop a document with everything you need to know to update your website quickly and efficiently. We include screen sharing sessions to ensure your team is comfortable and proficient with making changes and additions. We also update WordPress, plugins, and more. Contact us anytime via phone or email to make sure your website keeps working perfectly.

Website Marketing

We’ve launched your website, now let’s grow. We integrate analytics and search engine optimization plugins. We optimize your site, develop internal and external links, and take your online presence to the next level with integrated social media marketing. Share your new web design with a global audience, and reach the customers you are looking for, efficiently and effectively, anywhere in the digital universe.



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Long Island Office

565 Broadhollow Road Suite 12e
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Toll Free: 888.962.9932
Phone: 631.293.9100

New York City Office

205 East 42nd Street, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212.651.1879

Creative Web Design Services

New York Web Design Company - MAXBURST, Inc.

Our web design services can help rediscover your business’s image in the Internet marketplace. The blending of style and technology we offer, in conjunction with our expertise enables your business to succeed on the Web.

MAXBURST specializes in creating unique, high-end web designs, print, and multimedia. Our talented staff is constantly striving to deliver products that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to make you stand out with style and be remembered.

Here at MAXBURST we believe web site design should focus on the following:

  • Take account of the needs and sensibilities of the Web Site’s target audience
  • Use graphical elements appropriately to the demographic of its target audience
  • Complement a Website’s central message
  • Use unifying elements to reinforce the design throughout the site
  • Impart trust in the website and, by association, its owners

Web Design Focused on Achieving Your Business Goals: Like anything in business, making a decision often comes down to the return on investment. If your goal is to generate more revenue, get more customers, or increase profit margins, MAXBURST’s approach to integrated marketing can get you there. MAXBURST isn’t just about web design; we’re dedicated to Internet Solutions with a purpose.

Ecommerce: Sell your products online with ecommerce solutions that fit your needs. Add products, update pricing and manage your content easily and effectively. Our ecommerce solutions can be integrated with paypal or one of our payment processor partners to allow your company to easily take payments online. We offer integration with all the major shipping companies, including FEDEX, UPS and USPS. Contact us to find out more about our ecommerce solutions.

Content Management (CMS) Driven Solutions: We believe our clients should always have access to easily changing most of the content on their website. The right content management system can help give you and your staff control over content that needs to change on a regular basis. Manage everything from your Blog, News , Photos, Videos easily without the need to know html.spaceman-support

Support: Have a question? Need to setup an email? Need to add some content to your website? We know running a business is hard enough and though you have the tools to manage your website, there isn’t always time in the day. We offer support packages to fit any monthly need. Let us help you make those updates when there isn’t enough time in your day.




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Edward Web Design Co. (Eddiz Inc.)





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Big Drop Inc


111 John Street
Suite 450
New York, NY 10038

(212) 244-3767


78 SW 7th street,
Ste. 7-105
Miami, Fl 33130

(305) 223-9837


6101 W Centinela Ave
Suite 350
Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 388-9824

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New York Web Design Company 5

Web Team Management

225 Broadway Suite #701

New York, NY 10007.



Phone: +1 212-470-0057


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  • Web Management
  • Local Marketing
  • Paid Advertising