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Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave


We’re Brooklyn, NY’s go-to pharmacy. With our friendly and experienced pharmacists, convenient city locations and extended hours, we’ve got you and your family’s health needs covered! Not only are we your trusted pharmacy, but we have also earned accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), due to our high level of care. We’re here to go the extra mile to ensure you’re more than satisfied and feeling like yourself again.


120 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215


  • Phone: 718-857-1600
  • Fax: 718-398-6559


  • Thursday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Monday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

RX REFILL – Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave

Life gets busy but refilling your medications is easy through our online RX refills. You can send us refills via the internet, find out if you require a new prescription, or view your overall profile anytime!


Not only do we provide traditional pharmacy services, but we also carry a variety of home medical equipment including lift chairs, bathroom safety products, compression garments & more!


It’s been an honor and a privilege to have served our community successfully for all these years. Our philosophy has held true when we say, “We care about you, and your health is our business.” This personalized approach has allowed us to create a relationship with our customers, making lasting connections with them and our community. We couldn’t be prouder and more humbled to continue these relationships through our business.


Neergaard Pharmacy has been serving the community for generations. Our story began with Julius De Neergaard, an immigrant from Denmark, who opened a pharmacy after passing the NY state boards in 1888. Originally, the pharmacy was open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The 24-hour service became the hallmark of Neergaard.

Later, Julius’s son, William (Bud), became a pharmacist in 1916 and served in WWII for 15 months before returning home and carrying on the legacy. Bud’s leadership allowed the business to grow and prosper and included the addition of the surgical department. Bud later had a son, William (Bill), who served overseas in WWll and later became a pharmacist. Bill was instrumental in the renovation on our 5th Ave. location and opened another store on 7th Ave. The De Neergaard family was in operation for 100 years.


We can handle all the health needs of you and your loved ones. Our friendly pharmacists can help you in several ways. Here are a few highlights:

  • Provide helpful advice on over-the-counter medication
  • Refill your prescriptions in a timely manner
  • Administer immunizations to help combat influenza


In addition to our pharmacy services, we offer surgical products and services too! Neergaard Pharmacy carries a variety of products such as:

  • Compression Stockings
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Therapeutic & Diabetic Shoes
  • Orthopedic & Diabetic Supplies
  • Mastectomy Products
  • And more!


We’ve got stuff for the kiddos too! Our toy store features a wide selection of fun gifts for the young ones and the whole family too. Explore our toy store today to see games, puzzles, educational toys, arts and crafts, stuffed animals and more!

The best part? We’ll even wrap it for you.

Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave – Reviews


James P.
Brooklyn, NY

This pharmacy is a great place for all pharmacy and related needs when a local run is more desirable than a ride out to a large chain pharmacy. I haven’t used the prescription service in a while , but when I did long ago , it was super, so it is likely still really good. The rest of the pharmacy is extremely useful and almost always has what I need , when I need it. The prices are also really good, considering it looks so expensive ( but it actually is not). The staff is also always pleasant and helpful.

Ambience is A+. 7th Avenue /Park Slope is very lucky to have this pharmacy!

Elizabeth A.
Gravesend, NY

The only good thing was that their pharmacy is open late and it’s pretty much a one stop shop. HOWEVER, older man in the front literally followed me from aisle to aisle and being that I was waiting for a prescription and was just killing time, he asked me if I was done. Pharmacy cashier man and front cashier man were pleasant tho. Just crazy how the IndIan looking costumers weren’t being stalked as they shopped. I’ve worked retail 13 years and there’s being aware and assertive and then there’s in your face RUDE

E M.
Andover, MA

this review relates to unfriendliness of the staff—making people wait for extended periods of time,,,when you ask a question and general uncooperativeness. The worst issue was the shorting of about 20 pills out of a 3 months supply (should have been 90). I didn’t realize this on a medication that I have taken for 30 years until I was going on vacation & found I didn’t have enough pills. My pharmacy insurance plan wouldn’t refill it as they said I should have enough left. I reported them for shorting me. They asked if I counted the pills at the store—of course not …Who counts pills when you are supposed to get 90. The only good thing is their location. Customer service and a smile goes a long way–and an apology for not supplying enough pills-they denied it. they haven’t learned customers come first, though they have been there for a long time.

Jake L.
Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

I had just returned from the hospital following back surgery. I called to see if Neergaard offered delivery of medicine as I was unable to walk. They confirmed my meds were ready and could be delivered right away. Timing was important as the hospital required i take the meds within a few hours. After 3 hours, and numerous calls, Neergaard still hadn’t delivered my meds. Each time they had a different excuse, wrong address, delivery guy on foot, delivery guy on bike, etc etc. Ultimately they took no responsibility for the delays and issues they caused us. If they aren’t equip to handle delivery service they shouldn’t offer it…

Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave

Dj 3.
Miami, FL

I was actually attended by a young lady called Desiree and she was very respectful and handled my order really well I was satisfied with the service. Even though there was a high volume of customers she handled it professionally. Will be going here from now on.

M Q.
North Brunswick, NJ

I would give 0 stars to this pharmacy if I could for the following reasons:

1- Overcharges the Medela symphony rental. Monthly rate is $75 and competitor pharmacies charge $50

2- Medela pump made a loud noise and I called Neergaard and their solution was for me to call Medela myself to troubleshoot. Neergaard rents pumps directly from Medela and then rents the pump to the consumer. If I pay Neergaard for the rental, then why am I responsible for calling Medela????

3- Neergaard surgical supplies department (where you rent the breast pump) is open Mon thru Sun 9a-4pm. I called on the weekend to exchange for another pump (problem described above) and spoke to John who lied and said that the surgical department is closed due to holiday. I caught him lying because I rented the pump from him and I recognized his accent. When I called him out and said that he was the person who helped me with the pump rental so how could that department be closed he promptly changed it to “you may come in today to exchange for another pump”.

4- left a message for the supervisor at Neergaard to call me to make a complaint about John and I never heard back from the supervisor

5- be very careful and be sure to write down the rental periods (1 week, 2 weeks, or 1 month) because Hema does not know her own policy and asked me to pay $35 if I return the pump on 11/10 instead of 11/7 (my monthly renewal date) when the weekly rental rate should be $25.

6- please read the other reviews about the rudeness of the staff. The surgical supplies staff are extremely rude and you have to be your own advocate for simple transactions like renting a pump, in my case

Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave

Samantha B.
Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

Zero stars for this place! Extremely rude and nasty staff. Never go here! They will have you waiting 2 hours for your medicine, plus they make you wait online on top of that. They are the last people you want to deal with when you are sick. For years there’s always been two lines to pick up your meds and to drop off the script now all of the sudden they want to change shit and make one line for everything so that you’re there all night. They don’t know what they are doing there. Go to rite aid instead.

lvr of food f.
Manhattan, NY

Poor follow-through, poor listening skills and they really do not care to serving the community. Claimed to have received a prescription yesterday for an item they have been delivering for 2-3 months.

Allan N.
Brooklyn, NY

This is about the 7th Ave. branch. It would be 1-star review if not for the fact that, occasionally, I have encountered, on the floor, helpful and pleasant staff; the second star is for them. The one star is for the astoundingly unfriendly person at the pharmacy counter (far end of the store). She is poker-faced and doesn’t even make eye contact. Forget about a “thank you.” Sometimes you get the feeling that you are bothering her. Surely there are many people available who can display some humanity and do what she does. What is keeping her there is a mystery.

Annett C.

Went in for a tdap shot and I made sure that they check if my insurance covers it. They checked and told me it was covered. Gave me the shot. However despite having them checking with my insurance company, have me sign the receipt, gave me a receipt indicating the co-pay is $0, their billing person still sent me the bill after 3 months.

When I told her that the people at the pharmacy gave me a receipt for $0 co pay ,she said what is that and refused to believe that the pharmacy person was able to generate something like that. Because according to her, the pharmacy can not see if my insurance covers it at all. (Then what is that receipt I got? ) And she said ok if you said so then I am just going to continue to send you the bill.

Why? With no explanation and I just have to go from paying $0 to paying $69.99. So horrible. She basically thinks that I made up the whole thing.

If I had known that they will charge me for this then I would have gone to my doctor. Just watch out! They will lie to you about charging you.

Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave

Julie S.

There is a reason why this place has terrible reviews. I came to the pharmacy 2-4 mins prior to them closing- yes very close to closing time YET before they’re officially “closed”. They refused to give me my husbands medication and now the doctors office is closed. I haven’t the slightest clue as to what I should do. The employees are rude and disgusting individuals. I will be reporting them to the appropriate sources. I just hope my husband will be okay without his meds until tomorrow.

Brandon C.
New York, NY

Truly terrible service here. We needed some medical information for our records and on multiple occasions the staff very rudely hung up, and never resolved our issue. We will be taking our business elsewhere.

Ari S.
Brooklyn, NY

Terrible experience probably as result of terrible management. Prescription for toddler was sent to them, they did not have the item in stock, they did not inform me or doctor. Showed up in the evening and then was informed that they don’t have the item. Took about 40 minutes until they told me that they have the item at another location. Spent about 45 at other location until they prepared the item. Recommend avoiding this place.

Chelsey S.
Brooklyn, NY

I always liked this neighborhood spot, it feels very homey inside and they have some nice stuff.

However, I had an upsetting experience with the pharmacy today. After 4 days of the flu, I was finally well enough to venture out in the cold rain to the doctor, and then to this pharmacy after, since it is the closest one.

I told them my doctor had just sent in a prescription for me, and then handed them an additional paper one (for a controlled substance). They asked if I had been there before, and i said I wasn’t sure. They practically snapped at me “WE HAVE NO RECORD OF YOU HERE” and I said okay, and handed them my insurance card.

So then, they said that they hadn’t received anything from my doctor, and were questioning me about both prescriptions.

After several minutes of this, plus giving them my ID, insurance card, etc, they came back, threw my cards at me, and said they didn’t carry the controlled substance I was trying to fill. I asked about the other script my dr. had sent, and she said she didn’t receive anything, and turned away from me, almost like smirking at me or something.

This was some of the only face-to-face human contact I had had in 4 days, and considering how sick I felt, it would have been nice to have been treated with a bit more warmth. Beyond that, the interaction felt almost bizarre! As if I did something horrible to them by walking into the room.

I had my doctor switch everything to Modern Chemist down the street, where I usually go, but it’s a further distance.

So, thanks Neersgaard pharmacists, for making my flu-ravaged body walk an extra 12 blocks in the rain today. I really would have loved to switch to your pharmacy, but I guess not.

Neergaard Pharmacy 7th Ave

danny s.
Brooklyn, NY

Dishonest crooks.

Wanted to charge me over $90 for a drug I ended up getting at CVS for nearly half the price.

I have read the stories on yelp about them “accidentally” leaving people short a few pills. I am telling you – it’s no accident.

If you can’t trust a pharmacist to be honest about the price, how can you trust they are giving you the proper prescription? That’s a scary proposition.

Gilda M.
Brooklyn, NY

I was hoping to go locally for my pharmaceuticals. I have shopped happily in Neergaard before. However now that I have had prescriptions here I have a totally different feeling. I have called in renewals with fairly negative results The time before last I called in my prescription they told me a half an hour I arrived before taking a trip to be told it wouldn’t be ready for another half an hour. Unfortunately I could not wait. I went back several days later to pick it up and they had no record of it. Today I called in renewal they said it will be ready in an hour I arrived two hours later to be told it won’t be ready for another half hour. My time is as valuable as their’s and I am the customer.Having a pharmacist in our family gives me an insight as to how long it really does take to run a renewal prescription fill the bottle, paste the label on the bag therefore I don’t understand why they take so long. I am still going to try going there hopefully it will improve.

Jane A.
Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been going to this pharmacy for years. They’re great. I’ve never had a problem. They are courteous and professional. Everything I could ask for in a pharmacy.

The shop is small but well-stocked. And the staff has always been friendly and accommodating in both the shop and the pharmacy. I like this place.

Marcos C.
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

They provide such a helpful service to the community. Anytime I need some obscure over the counter remedy, they always have it and at a fair price.

E.M. W.
Brooklyn, NY

I have been a loyal customer for decades and give a most high rating to this pharmacy. They keep track of all my prescriptions including drug interactions with my allergies and drug sensitivities for which they alert me when needed. They deliver which helps when I am sick. The pharmacist always explains everything clearly and with a good listening ear. The counter staff always, and mean always are helpful, professional and understand that people come to the pharmacy because people are ailing. Personalized service from people who know your name.

Leo L.
Brooklyn, NY

Very quaint and convenient neighborhood Pharmacy, I prefer this Pharmacy over any “Big Box” or chain Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions because of the personal one-on-one relationship that you feel and develop with the staff at Neergaard, you feel like you are being attended to on a personal level unlike Big Box Pharmacies.

There are 2 Neergaard Pharmacy location in Park Slope, this pharmacy located on 7th Ave and another located on 9th Street and 5th Ave, although they tell you that they are not affiliated, I prefer the Pharmacy on 9th Street due to the fact that they are open 24 hours and also I am accustom to visiting the Neergaard pharmacy on 9th street since as long as I can remember, in fact I’ve never filled a prescription at any other pharmacy other than Neergaard and I will continue to do so as long as Neergaard is open for business.

You get a sense of local neighborhood “Mom & Pop” shop which I love to support.

I recommend this Pharmacy for anyone living in the neighborhood (Park Slope).

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