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Logo Design South Africa : Improve Your Conversion Rate And Increase Revenue With These User Experience Design Essentials

It’s a staggering statistic, but it certainly says something about the importance of user experience in website design : Logo Design South Africa.

User experience (UX) is the overall experience a visitor has on a website, in a program or in a mobile app. It’s not any single design element or layout that defines the experience — instead, it is a comprehensive compilation of many little interactions woven together, producing positive or negative feelings about the website and, by default, the parent company.

The emotional connection that users feel as a direct result of the UX design directly impacts brand identity, consumer retention and a business’s bottom line.

Plus, according to research from Stanford University, over 46 percent of consumers view a website design as a top indicator of credibility — a quality that is imperative for brands to secure to captivate new consumers and then turn them into returning customers.

But these three simple design tips will improve your user experience, increase conversions and revenue and ultimately grow your business.

We design problems to solve

We are thinking that the idea of a brand is starting with the founders, because in the end the brand will be driven by their own personal preferences, stories and ideas.
But where design companies like us can help, the brand is made visually via your vision and your ideas and building a world around it.

Here are some things to take into account:


No doubt, the company or product logo [BRAND] is the most important item to address in any new start-up company.
Unfortunately, it is frequently reserved until later.

It is reasoned, “Well, we will make the effort to do something good if our business really starts.”
Then they will go on to create a temporary solution in-house.
It’s GREAT error!

We cannot emphasize enough that it is so important to start putting your best foot forward.
You will use this artwork in various ways for a long time.
Then along the way, it is a big disconnection from all the things you did in the past when you decide to do something NICE and professional and start using this new piece of artwork.
It generally transmits mixed messages, confuses your customers and makes no effort at all.

The best solution is…to do it right from the start!
Establish your business identity and your BRAND from the start – again the logo and colors of your company – is VERY IMPORTANT.


Perhaps, your logo or identity needs a facelift, you’re an established company.
In this field, too, we have a lot of experience.
Our expertise helps companies to move from their looks to a more progressive, up-to-date picture, without losing the basis which they have built.

Logo design South Africa price

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Aesthetic theory and logo design: examining consumer response to proportion across cultures

Logo Design South Africa Incorporate consistent branding.

Studies show that consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23 percent. Plus, a cohesive visual identity across every platform and device — including your website — will aid in creating a brand that consumers enjoy engaging with, leading them to want to engage with you over and over and over again.

This cohesive visual identity is quite easy to reproduce. The top website designs utilize a recognizable color palette, imagery that provides value and information to users, consistent typography and a subtle branding on each page of the website — often in the form of a watermark-like logo. This consistent branding creates a stable environment that empowers your users to find the products or information they are looking for without distracting or confusing them. They know where they are, what they can expect and now have the time to determine what they want to do.

An excellent example.

An example of consistent branding and strong user experience design. The megastore’s investment in a modern, simple logo design and an easy-to-use website have resulted in a digital destination that is completely intuitive and easy to shop on. The regularly large logo design condenses to a simple responsive symbol, but in every iteration of the design — desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly — the bones and structure of the site remain intact.

Users can quickly search, easily access their cart and personal account, and speedily find their way back to the homepage should they get lost while journeying deep into the website’s many pages. This simple, clean, consumer-centric design is branded in Walmart’s signature blue and yellow hues and mirrors the visuals and messaging that every piece of Walmart’s marketing collateral has, from commercials to social media posts to banner ads. Walmart prioritized a consistent brand and simple site over bells and whistles — and it paid off, too. Their e-commerce sales grew by 23 percent in Q4 of 2017 — just like the study said they could.

In fact, a custom logo design and brand development is one of the most exciting and challenging projects for a graphic designer.
The nature of a custom logo design is so essential that it serves as the cornerstone or foundation for a company or product.
A logo or brand is often a very personal part of a business owner’s marketing material.
A logo design needs to use creativity and intuition, combined with years of experience, to find the best way of taping into business owners’ vision and to create a professional, but durable, custom-designed logo.

Through an exploratory process, a good graphic designer reduces the initial concepts of the logo to the final logo design or identity through a process of great teamwork with customers.

Logo Design South Africa Utilize clear calls to action.

As author Nora Roberts said, “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.” That idea certainly rings true in website design. Amazingly enough, even after they have found their way to your online site, some consumers won’t know the action you want them to take until you make it crystal clear with direct language and calls to action (CTA).

To maximize the UX design — and effectiveness — of a CTA button, there are a few rules to live by:

  • Make buttons large and fully clickable — don’t just rely on the text within the button
  • Write clear, easy to understand messaging. This can be playful and on-brand, but most importantly, users should immediately understand what will happen when they click the button. (Bonus tip: Include a verb, an urgent adjective and keep the whole CTA short and sweet).
  • The font itself should be readable and large — now is not the time to play with any trendy, swirling fonts you may have recently discovered. Stick to simple sans-serif typography.
  • Ensure the call to action stands out. Stay within your color palette but use a hue or unique shape that makes the action stand out and grabs a user’s attention to boost conversions.
  • If it fits with your aesthetic, include tiny complementary design elements, such as an arrow or a shopping cart.
  • Utilize white space to allow the message to breathe.

Logo Design South Africa Create for consumers – not designers.

At the end of the day, a website isn’t for designers or a company — it is for the consumers. Therefore, before adding any features or implementing any changes, designers should walk through what that means for the user experience and customer journey, first.

Once you conduct consumer research, you and your team will understand the features that are the most important to them and those that — even if they are beautiful — won’t make a difference in a customer’s overall experience and interaction with your brand.

Finally, once you design any UX design improvement, take the time to A/B test the new feature to ensure it is functional and breeds better conversions. Studies show that most companies discover the best conversion rate optimization through A/B testing as opposed to total implementation.

Ultimately, investing in user experience design will provide a strong return on investment down the road. Of course, there are always other improvements that will improve UX, such as fast loading time and site speed, strong SEO, and integrated content marketing and videos. But by paying attention to the customer journey on every device, creating intuitive navigation and focusing on clear messaging and calls to action, you’ll dazzle consumers with a pleasant interaction and keep them coming back for more.


Many million business owners have employed the tool of the logomaker of Designhill to create their own brand logo.
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Determine your brand

Since our logo designer has an extensive range of fonts, icons and frames, it is much easier to find a unique combination that resonates with your business.

Why does your business/company need a logo?

A logo is not just a small icon or a mark; it is your brand identity that visually reflects your company’s true essence.
There may be anything in a logo — an image, a text, or both.

With a logomaker tool in just a few minutes, you will create lovely logos on your own.
Remember when using the logo generator or designer to create your own logo carefully, it acts as a catalyst that increases promotion of your brand.

A well-designed logo should be applied to each brand that wants to create a long-term impression on its target audience.
Whether created by a designer or creator of a logo, its design should be timeless, visually attractive and straightforward.

This allows your brand to adhere to your customers’ thoughts.
Simplicity lasts for a long time since it is easy to remember and remember.
Our logo generator provides you with hundreds of simple layouts to suit your needs.

What type of logo should you pick?

Brand recognition is intended to design strong company logos by means of logo generation or designer.
Make sure you know your target audience and preferences before using the logomaker tool.

Only then can your own logo be made via a logo manufacturer that takes these factors into account.
Choose a simple, memorable, versatile and relevant professional design.
In addition to the color theory, font and meaning of symbols, the right brand message must also be taken into account.

You know what? What do you know?
All these features come from our logo creator to make your brand a logo ideal.

The creator of the DIY logo is easy to handle, as coding or design need not be known.
The logomaker will show you colors and their meaning once you reach the color selection stage.

Select and continue to choose a color suitable for your business use using our logo creator.
Note that every brand uses color psychology, so you ought to use it as well.

1.What kind of logo is right?

2.How is a timeless logo design?

3.Do you have to use fonts in logo

4.Take advantage of color power

Keep your logo engaging, memorable but simple

You can keep your design simple, even if you use an online logo generator.
Remember, an easy logo designed both by a logo maker and by a designer can easily be understood from afar.
You may want to use your logo in several ways – on your business cards, screens, boards of signage, labels, packaging and elsewhere.
Thus it needs to take meaning and express your brand value just like other famous brands, even if you create a logo using a logomaker.
In addition, you should be updated according to your niche with the latest logo trends.
You should supplement each other with your brand and logo.

Consider various logos shown by a logo manufacturer and choose the logos that best suits your needs.
The best bet that you can make is to make it easy.
Your audience is overwhelmed by a complex logo.
Opportunities are that you may not receive the exact message.
Use our logomaker to create an easy and comprehensible logo.

How to make your own logo?

Create your own logo for free in a very convenient way.

Follow the creator steps of this logo:

Enter the name of your business.

Pictures, styles, colors and icons from the array of logo templates.

In minutes, you’ll create hundreds of free custom logos.

To see what your logo looks like on different products, click on or favorite the ‘heart symbol.’

If necessary, continue with the logo generator editor, using font, icon, text, frames and different design elements to tailor your logo.

Purchase if the design of the creator of the logo is satisfied.
Choose a budget-based package.

Pay and download your files. Payment.


  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all design contests, except those with a guaranteed designer prize and those that have entered the Final Round. (

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