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Content is king? Is it really that important? What is Content? (Can I eat it? Yeah ! That is the full extend of how much I will joke about this subject)

Index of the Content Royal Family

King “Content”, Queen “Context”, Princess “Engagement” and Prince “Conversion”

If you are in any sort of blogging, app development or any business on the net, you probably heard the slogan “Content is King” by now. This article will in depth, attempt to blow open the significance of Content, as well as Context and Engagement from your site visitors. I will attempt to show the correlation of these 3 factors to Search Engine Ranking. As well as the correlation to Conversion Rate. I will also show how to create awesome content which your readers as well as Google will become addicted to.

Content is King

Let me first answer some relevant and interesting questions you might have about content:

Who coined the phrase content is king?

Bill Gates - Content is King

The first significant citation of the slogan “Content is King” are found in 1996 when Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) published. Many believe that this was a prophesy that Bill gates made then. Although Bill Gates gets the credit, there is a earlier book citation of this phrase in 1974. The book Magazine editing & production is by J W Click and Russell N Baird. In that time Sumner Redstone popularised the slogan from this book.

Read more about it at : Who Said It Better? and WorldCat

Why is content king?

Sumner Redstone - Content is King

Great content builds engagement with, and generates sales and leads from your visitors (audience). It increases traffic to, and naturally attracts backlinks (great for search engine optimization) to your web property. Great content provides information to your audience, which builds authority for your brand. It affords you the opportunity to answer questions your audience struggles with. Content improves brand recognition and increases trust with your audience and increases your conversion rate.

What does Google say about content?

Google quite recently (2016) stated that their Rankbrain algorithm signal is the 3rd biggest ranking factor. They also stated that Backlinks and Content signals hail no. 1 an 2. They did not say which one is first or second. So we can safely establish Content Quality to be in the top 2 ranking factors in the eyes of Google.

Read more about Rankbrain at Wikipedia

Read more about Google AI

E.A.T and Y.M.Y.L

Google even more recently (2018) said that E.A.T and Y.M.Y.L will be assessed more stringently.  E.A.T = Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Y.M.Y.L = Your Money, Your Life, which is indicative of ex. medical websites where they do not want the traffic to fall to any website lesser than a real medical company or doctor’s website (well to explain very narrowly). This also indicates the high level of importance of High Quality Content.

Some Scholarly interpretation on Content in SEO at :

Optimize: how to attract and engage more customers by integrating SEO, social media, and content marketing

Context is Queen

Context is Queen

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we rely heavily on keywords. We do in depth research on keyword to find the optimal Search Volume, Competitor Strength, Ranking Difficulty Factor, Click Through Rate and various other key factors. We do this to find the keywords which will bring us the most benefit, in our individual settings and situations. Thus Context is wording that surrounds our keywords to give it context and understanding or explanation.

Context is also the explanation your wording provides your visitors to clarify and bring understanding to them.

For your human visitors, your Context should be very Human Readable now, obviously.

So what is Context (in SEO)

When we found the specific Keywords, Long Tail Keywords and LSI Keywords, which we want to use in our web pages, we need to put them into contextual wording (paragraphs, sentences) so it can make sense for the reader.

Mirriam Webster Dictionary Definition of Context

the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning
the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs (ENVIRONMENT or SETTING)

Some Scholarly interpretation on Context in SEO at :

Identifying valid search engine ranking factors in a Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 context for building efficient SEO mechanisms

Engagement is the Princess

Engagement is the Princess

Okay so Google are getting more focused on determining if your web property has any user engagement and the how, where, how long, why of the interactions of these visitors.

Besides what Google thinks, user engagement in a common sense perspective means the customer or visitor is finding value at your web property. If they like what you present them they will have a tendency to interact with you/your web property.

Some Scholarly interpretation on User Engagement at :

A study of mobile user engagement (MoEN): Engagement motivations, perceived value, satisfaction, and continued engagement intention

What is User Engagement when Content is the King

  • User Engagement can be explained though a couple of metrics:
  • How long does visitors stay on your website as a whole or on a specific page (Dwell Time)
  • How many visitors return to your web property (Return Visits)
  • How many visitors click through your web property. Either to the next/other page or part of the property (Click-Through Rate)
  • Do visitors share your pages,text, images, videos or parts of your property on social media. And how often do they share. (Social Sharing)
  • How many visitors subscribe to you RSS Feed (RSS Feed Subscription)
  • Do visitors leave comments and how often (Commenting)
  • Do visitors use the search function on your web property, that is if you have search in place (Internal Search)
  • Do visitors subscribe to your email list, If you have this functionality (List Subscription)
  • Do Visitors interact with your web property’s Chat Bot or Chat Box, if you have this in place
  • Are your visitors interacting with questions, polls or surveys you may pose on your property

Conversion is the Prince

Conversion is the Prince

Most of the time our goal online is to get as much Conversions as possible. Because visitors that do not convert means no gain in any sort of business transaction. Whether it be the buying of a service, product or simply advancing your knowledge about your Industry and Customer’s Demographics, Psychographics, Lifestyle, Life Stages, Geographics, Belief and Values, Behaviour, Consumption Patterns, Urgency of Satisfaction, Re-targetability, Professional Roles, Challenges, Sources of influence, Buying decisions etc.

What is Conversion when Content is the King

In terms of a web property and online marketing strategy, a Conversion could be:

  • A Interested visitor’s email address  (and maybe some more details) is captured into your email list. (Email Capture)
  • A person clicks through a link on your web property. (a Click Through)
  • Visitor completes a form which provides you with his perspective, thoughts or needs. (Form Completion)
  • A prospective customer phones you for more information, (Telephonic Lead) or to make an apointment.
  • A person buys a service or product from you. (a Sale)
  • Upgrading their service. (Service Upgrade)
  • Visitors download an E-book (or any digital entity) from your website. (a Download)
  • When someone attends a webinar directed from your website. (Webinar Attendance)
  • Prospective customer takes a trial or test on a product or service you provide. (Trial)
  • A visitor clicks on an advert. (Advert Click)
  • Registering on the site. (Registration)

Mirriam Webster Dictionary Definition of Conversion

the act or process of changing from one form, state, etc., to another

the act of changing the process of being changed

What is Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors who converts (take the designed action).

Why is Conversion important

Conversions directly correlates to Profit. The higher the Conversion Rate, the more Sales or Leads or Actions that leads to Sales per number of visitors. Optimizing Conversion Rate is less expensive than generating more traffic to your web property.

Conversion Rate Case Study here :

Developing a new model for conversion rate optimization: A case study


Come back to this page soon, cause I will add a section here about how to create the best content for the best search engine results as well as the best user experience

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Bill Gates - Content is King