2021-09-21 06:13:39 Justin Trudeau Projected to Remain Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau Projected to Remain Prime Minister of Canada

According to Canadian broadcasters, Justin Trudeau will remain Canada’s prime minister following the vote in an early election on Monday.

Despite the fact that many voters were still stuck in long voting lines in some areas, broadcasters predict that Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal Party will only have a minority of seats in the next Parliament.

The prime minister called the election last month, two years ahead of schedule, expecting that his handling of the pandemic would boost his popularity enough to give him the majority he was denied in 2019. However, those encouraging figures quickly fell as Canadians expressed their displeasure with the election taking place while the Delta variant of the coronavirus was straining hospitals and prompting authorities to reinstate restrictions in some areas. According to preliminary results, the final numbers will largely mirror those of the 2019 election.

While dissatisfaction with the election call dominated the five-week campaign, the pandemic became a campaign issue in the final days. Mr. Trudeau has proposed mandatory vaccinations for some people and has advocated for vaccine passports. Both were rejected by Conservative leader Erin O’Toole.

Mr. Trudeau first came to power in 2015 as a new voice in politics with a new approach and policies.

This time, Mr. Trudeau is a member of the political establishment. So he focused on telling voters, explicitly or implicitly, that a return to a Conservative government led by Mr. O’Toole would erase his accomplishments in a variety of areas such as gun control, gender equity, climate change, child care, poverty reduction, and, most importantly, ending the pandemic and getting Canadians vaccinated.

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Justin Trudeau Projected to Remain Prime Minister of Canada