2021-06-13 04:12:59 Joe Biden Meets Queen Elizabeth II At G7 Conference

Joe Biden Meets Queen Elizabeth II At G7 Conference

President Joe Biden met with Queen Elizabeth II in England on Friday, his first meeting with the British monarch as commander in chief.

The president and first lady Jill Biden were photographed chatting with Queen Elizabeth II at a G7 summit event in Cornwall.

The Queen, who was dressed in pearls, white gloves, and a floral gown, was photographed smiling warmly as she spoke with the first lady outside a giant dome at the Eden Project, where the leaders had gathered for an evening reception.

Biden is the 13th president of the United States to meet with the Queen, whose reign began in 1952.

Except for Lyndon Johnson, the 95-year-old monarch has met with every US president during her reign.

Her first meeting with Dwight Eisenhower as Queen was in 1957, the same year she met Herbert Hoover, who had left the White House two decades before. She also met Harry Truman in 1951, while she was still a princess.

Biden had previously met the Queen when he was a US senator in 1982.

The meeting on Friday comes just two months after the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, died on April 9 at the age of 99.

The British royal family was also represented at the G7 event by Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

In photos, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was seen conversing with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen conversing with Prince Charles.

Friday was the summit’s first full day of talks, and Johnson told those in attendance that it was an opportunity to “level up across our societies” and “build back better” after the coronavirus pandemic.

He also stated that leaders must address issues such as economic inequality and climate change.

“I actually think that we have a huge opportunity to that because, as G7, we are united in our vision for a cleaner, greener world, a solution to the problems of climate change,” he added.

Before the evening reception, the Queen posed with Biden and other world leaders for a group photo, making them laugh by asking, “Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?”

“Yes,” Johnson said. “We have been enjoying ourselves in spite of appearances.”

On Sunday, the Bidens will pay a visit to Windsor Castle for a private audience with the Queen.

12th of June, 2021, at 22:12 p.m.

The Queen’s reign began in 1952, not 1953. The year was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.

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Joe Biden Meets Queen Elizabeth II At G7 Conference