Have you attempted to manifest your desires using the principles of the law of attraction? Did you know that your chakra can also be used for manifestation?

It has gained a wider audience since the release of the film The Secret and the exposure it has received on the global stage. If you’ve tried your hand at manifesting before, this may come as no surprise.

In short, the manifestation process aims to raise your vibrational energy to a level that matches that of your desire. The tools and techniques used to assist you in manifesting aim to increase your positive energy while decreasing your negative vibes.

Now let’s talk about chakras. Have you heard anything about them?

Chakra health is the only thing you need to focus on if you want to manifest successfully.

Continue reading to learn more about the chakra energy system and how it can assist you in manifesting.

An Overview of Chakras

Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “disk.” Our body is divided into seven major chakras in the chakra energy system, each of which corresponds to one or more vital organs.

It is believed that the energy in our bodies is constantly in motion, spinning like a wheel within and between the chakras. The vibrational frequency of the chakra energy can be altered by both external and internal influences.

Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra are the seven major chakras. All of these chakras are located along the spinal cord, from the base to the top of the head.

The chakra energy is greatly influenced by your daily activities – what you do, who you meet, and the conversations you have or hear. Anything going on in your environment that you are aware of will affect you and, as a result, your chakra energy.

This means that any negative event has the potential to lower your vibrational frequency. Your chakras may become blocked, underactive, or overactive. This results in chakra imbalance. Furthermore, one chakra that is affected can have a domino effect on other chakras.

This means that your body’s and mind’s alignment is harmed. As a result, despite your best efforts, the manifestation process will fail.

The solution is to reestablish chakra alignment. This can assist you in manifesting your desires while also keeping your body, mind, and soul in good health.


If you’ve been following our chakra journey, you’ll know that the chakras are the body’s energy centers.

In the post about the 7 chakras, I mentioned prana, which is the vital life force energy that is responsible for all life experiences. I also discussed the nadis, which are the pathways that transport prana throughout the body, similar to subway lines for prana.

The chakras are centralized points where the nadis meet and cross – similar to prana subway stations where different lines meet and cross.

In addition to the thousands of nadis that run through the body, there are four major energy channels that, like highways, converge at the chakras. These run in three directions: up, down, and horizontally.

Within the body, the main currents of energy flow upward and downward. This is due to the fact that we are vertical beings who walk around with our feet on the ground and our heads in the air. These are the liberation currents, the manifestation currents.

When we come into contact with the world outside of our bodies, we participate in energy exchanges that engage the horizontal currents. These are the expression and reception currents that exist outside of the body. We express ourselves, such as our thoughts, creativity, or feelings, and we receive energy from those around us in the form of information, emotions, or touch.

If either of the horizontal currents is blocked, we may find it difficult to receive or express one or more of the chakra-related aspects in our social interactions.

We discussed the liberation current in last week’s post. Today, we’ll look at the manifestation current.

Investigate how you can make your visions a reality by working with the chakras and moving down the manifestation current. Includes a vinyasa class on manifesting through the chakras for you to try at home!

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The downward current is known as the manifestation current, and we use it to bring ideas or goals to life.

The manifestation current flows from the crown of the head down through the chakras to the base of the spine (as we’ll see in the class below). This current represents the manifestation of consciousness into physical reality.


This current of energy serves as our road map for transforming our ideas into intentions, intentions into specific goals, goals into action, and actions into realized, manifest ideas. As a result, the manifestation current.

If this downward current is blocked, you may have many ideas and even discuss them with your friends, but you will not be able to see them through to completion.

This work will contribute to changing that.


The upper chakras are associated with spirit and imagination, while the lower chakras are associated with physicality and experience. This can be seen in the elements of the chakras.

The upper chakras’ elements are light, ether/space, and air. They are subtle and imperceptible. We can’t shape or hold them. The lower chakras’ elements are fire, water, and earth. They are solid and concrete. We can make something with these elements.

The higher chakras give us the ability to imagine and express ourselves, while the lower chakras give us the ability to manifest our desires. Bringing our ideas and goals from the upper chakras down into the lower chakras is how we bring them to life.

What does it mean to have your chakras aligned?

Chakra meditation is one of the most recommended manifestation techniques for restoring chakra alignment. It entails meditating on each chakra one at a time in succession.

Meditation, on the other hand, cannot restore the lost chakra balancing. Meditation can help to unblock chakras. To assist each chakra in regaining its health, you must pay close attention to the physical health of each of the organs associated with the chakras. Such as eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy ones, providing it with the activity or exercise it requires, and providing it with enough rest to recover.

Each chakra has an effect on all four aspects of your life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When each chakra is functioning properly, the organs associated with it are in good health. By flipping the influence, we can say that you can ensure chakra health by maintaining good health.

The heart chakra, for example, is one of the most important chakras. The heart, as the name implies, is the primary organ associated with the chakra. When the heart chakra is open and balanced, the physical well-being of the heart, as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects associated with the heart chakra, are all in order.

On the other hand, you can influence your heart’s health and well-being by eating heart-healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods. By keeping the emotions associated with the heart in a positive state, you can indirectly influence the health of the heart chakra.

In addition to these activities, chakra-specific yoga, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and crystals can be used to restore the chakras’ health.

How do you use the chakras to manifest?

The common point between manifestation and chakras, as you have already seen, is energy vibrations. Chakras that are in good health and balance are essential for manifesting desires.

In the chakra energy system, you work your way up from the root chakra to the crown chakra. In terms of manifestation, however, it is the other way around. You should start at the crown chakra and work your way down.

Manifestation necessitates connecting with the energy of the Universe. The crown chakra has spiritual connections and can attract Universal energy. This energy flows down one chakra at a time until it reaches the root chakra. This is when the manifestation takes place.

Let’s start with an idea or goal that you’d like to see come to fruition. I’ll use myself as an example: four years ago, while completing my first yoga teacher training, I had an erroneous thought: I should travel more… I should take a trip.

This thought was floating around in space, in the collective unconscious. It passed through my individual consciousness several times before I connected with it. Something about being in yoga teacher training and doing all of the chakra work had allowed me to connect with this thought. The crown chakra is at work here, connecting individual consciousness to universal consciousness.

I started doing some research on backpacking around the world. As time passed, I imagined myself with a large backpack, boarding and disembarking from planes, trains, and buses. Visiting new places, trying new foods, and walking down new streets. Visualization is the work of the third eye chakra. Seeing what the two physical eyes cannot see because it is not yet manifested through the third eye.

As my vision became clearer, I began to speak about it. I discussed it with my partner, who, it turned out, had also been considering traveling. I told my friends and family about it. My vision was being translated into words, and I shared them, bringing this concept down into the throat chakra, where it truly began to take shape.

This is where many of us get stuck on a regular basis. It’s relatively simple to fantasize and visualize. It’s much more difficult to express those visions aloud. We are afraid of what other people will think of our dreams and visions, so it feels much safer to keep them to ourselves.

My vision of traveling the world began to take shape as a result of the power of my words, and my relationships and connections began to reflect this. My thought was traveling down into the heart chakra, where it would require the power of connection and love to manifest further.

As we shared this travel vision, my partner and I grew much closer. I looked for connections through Facebook groups and other travel communities that matched my vision. When I felt like it was all too much and I couldn’t make it happen, I practiced (or tried to practice) compassion for myself.

Remember to love yourself throughout the manifestation process, especially as we enter the third chakra space. Shit will happen, and the going will be tough, but if you can be kind to yourself, you will be able to get through it.

My desire to travel the world began to make its way into the manipura chakra space. This is the chakra of action; it is the chakra of doing. My traveling companion and I determined how much money we would need to save in order to travel for the length of time we desired. We set a time frame for saving that much money and devised a budget to help us get there.

We took this big, bold, audacious idea and broke it down into manageable, actionable steps to make it a reality. Then we used willpower to take each of those steps.

We encountered challenges and frustrations along the way (obviously, right?). This is where the sacral chakra’s power comes into play. Our seat of creativity and fluidity is the svadhisthana chakra. To get around those obstacles, we had to think creatively. We had to go with the flow in order to come out on the other side.

Finally, after working long hours, saving money, and selling most of our possessions, our departure date arrived, and we boarded that first flight. This thought, which had descended into a goal over a year before, had manifested here on the earth plane, the space of the root chakra.

This is how the chakras can be used in the manifestation process.

Step 1: Crown Chakra (Intention)

This is the start of your manifestation journey. It is the source of consciousness and inspiration. The idea for the goal may have come from a known or unknown source and entered your subconscious mind first. It will become your intention as it enters your conscious mind.

Step 2: Third-eye Chakra (Visualization)

This is the intention’s next stop. You must think about it in order to learn more about it. This is where you scan your belief system for mental blocks and limiting beliefs that could derail your manifestation attempt. You advance by removing the negative aspects.

Step 3: Throat Chakra (Communication)

This is where communication takes place. This chakra is used to gain support for your manifestation endeavor. You engage in conversation with others and allow them to inspire you further.

Step 4: Heart Chakra (Relationship)

The heart chakra is the foundation of your emotional well-being. You use this to reach out to others, form relationships, and enlist their assistance in furthering your journey. Humans were not designed to work alone. To achieve something, they must seek out like-minded individuals and collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Step 5: Solar Plexus Chakra (Energy to carry out activities)

Here you will find the willpower and courage to carry out your manifestation attempt. The solar plexus chakra assists you in determining your path and overcoming obstacles.

Step 6: Sacral Chakra (Coordinate different aspects)

The sacral chakra, the seat of passion and desire, provides fuel to your goal. You will now have a taste of success. As you notice the beginnings of manifestation success, it gives your desire more impetus. You have a good idea of what you want by this point. You start to reap the benefits of your efforts.

Step 7: Root Chakra (Fulfillment)

You are only an arm’s length away from success as your manifestation approaches the root chakra. It provides the final push needed to turn your manifestation into a success story. All that is left for you to do now is enjoy the fulfillment of your desire and express gratitude to everyone who has assisted you in getting here.

Congratulations! You now understand how to use your chakra for manifestation.

Chakras provide an easy way to connect various aspects of manifestation. By focusing on chakra health, everything else falls into place on its own. Manifestation happens naturally when the chakra is focused on.

Chakras serve as a gauge of your readiness for manifestation. If your manifestation is being held up for no apparent reason, pay attention to chakra health. You’ll be able to attract your desire in no time.

How to Use Your Chakra for Manifestation