How to Sleep with a New Tattoo: You don’t want to be waking up and feeling like a prune because of an irritated tattoo area. Just put a little more on before going to bed so that it can properly absorb during the night.

How to Sleep with a New Tattoo

It can be hard to sleep comfortably when you have a new tattoo. There are a few easy tips and tricks that may help!

-Keep the tattoo clean, it will regret not being washed properly.
-Apply lotion or oil to the area if it’s dry and scaly. You may even want to use your favorite lotions that are not petroleum based, as they can cause more problems if applied topically to your skin under wraps.

-Wear loose clothing, it will be easier to move the skin around and is more comfortable than tight clothing.

-Lie on your side, this will help with circulation and ease of breathing.

-Try not to stay in bed all day, it can cause irritation to your skin. (And you might even get a little bored) 😉

-Change position constantly throughout the night, you want to make sure that circulation is good on both sides of the tattoo so that doesn’t become hypoallergenic (That means there’s less chance for infection).

-Try using a heating pad to soothe the skin, but not too much.

-Try using ice packs, but not too much also. (Icing is good for aches and pains.)

-To help relieve itchiness, try using a breakaway bandage or even just paper tape on the area will do.

When you are in bed sleeping, you want your tattoo to be breathing and circulating blood so that it can heal correctly.

When you first get your tattoo, make sure you have someone apply a good amount of lotion to the area. It will help keep things moist and make the process go more smoothly.

If there is not enough lotion, use a little extra and apply it yourself at night after you get in bed. If you feel like it’s split or dried well, reapply another layer as needed.

Leave your new tattoo alone for at least 4 weeks before trying to sleep with it on.

If you feel the need to sleep on your stomach or back, just use a paper tape and breakaway bandage to be sure that your tattoo is secure during the night.

If you sleep on your stomach, make sure it’s flat and not too much pressure is applied, because this could cause damage.

New tattoos can be cool to show off while you’re awake but a little irritating when it comes to sleeping.

A little lotion or oil applied to your skin before bed will help with any pain or itching.

You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive lotions to treat your tattoo, even petroleum based ones can be a little harsh for your specific skin type.

Because it’s more sensitive than the rest of the skin, even the most mild lotions may cause some itching. However, there are a few safe non-petroleum based lotions that you can use on top of the topicals that you apply at night.

Tips & Tricks For Sleeping with New Tattoos:

Apply lotion or oil to the area if it’s dry and scaly. You may even want to use your favorite lotions that are not petroleum based, as they can cause more problems if applied topically to your skin under wraps.

Don’t go swimming while taking a new tattoo. You can get a rash or irritation because of the water going in and out of your skin. For flushing purposes, try using a salt bath once you’re done with the tattooing process. If you have someone that can take care of it for you, go ahead and do it yourself!

Keep the tattoo warm. This will help with blood circulation and prevent scabs or patches from forming on your skin.

Pain cream and lotion can be a little harsh for new tattoos. It is important to verify that the lotion you use is not petroleum based, as they could cause more irritations while the tattoo heals. Petroleum based products will hold bacteria in place, which can lead to infection.

After a long night of sleeping and tossing around, you may just have to get up and wash some of that ink off your hands, but it can be time consuming to remove all of the ink completely off your hands before applying a fresh coat of lotion.

Instead of having to wash the tattoo multiple times at night, you can use a gentle soap that is not as harsh for your skin. Something mild like dove or ivory are good products and will not leave a film residue on your skin to interfere with the lotion or oil you put on after.
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How to Sleep with a New Tattoo