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How to measure Chainsaw Bar is totally different than the actual bar size. The bar measurement is vital to know if you’re changing a series or buying a substitute bar. The bar measurement expresses the efficient slicing size of the chainsaw, not the complete length of the bar, which is actually just a few inches longer than the chopping size. If you wish to know the bar’s true size, you may want greater than a tape measure.

How to measure Chainsaw Bar

How to measure Chainsaw Bar

Step 1

Flip the chainsaw off and remove the spark plug wire from the plug itself. Grasp the boot that covers the spark plug and remove the wire by pulling gently on the boot. This prevents any risk of the chainsaw unintentionally starting.

Step 2

Butt the top of a tape measure in opposition to the casing on the point where the bar emerges.

Step 3

Stretch the tape to the alternative finish of the bar and browse the measurement on the farthest cutter at the tip of the bar.

Step 4

Round the measurement to the nearest inch. For example, in case you measured 15 7/8 inches from the casing to the cutter, you’ve got a sixteen-inch chainsaw.

Step 5

Take away the nuts securing the casing to the chainsaw body utilizing a socket and ratchet.

Step 6

Pull the cover off completely, exposing the complete chainsaw bar.

Step 7

Stretch the tape measure from one end of the bar to the opposite end. This measurement is the precise size of the chainsaw bar, which is often 2 to 3 inches longer than the chainsaw measurement you took in Steps 1 to 4.

How to measure Chainsaw Bar

How to measure Chainsaw Bar explained

If you’re looking for a replacement bar for your chainsaw, you’ll need to determine the size of your bar.

You’ll be measuring the useable length of the bar, also called the cutting length or the called length.

How to measure Chainsaw Bar, measure it from its front tip all the way back to the cutter closest to the body of the saw.

Round this measurement up to the nearest even number in inches. For example, a bar that measures 18 3/4″ will actually have a called length of 20″.

You then could look for a new bar with a 20″ bar length. You also could enter that measurement into the Bar and Chain Calculator to find the right bar replacement for your chainsaw.

How to measure Chainsaw Bar

Effective Length

How to measure Chainsaw Bar, or effective cutting length, is shorter than the actual length of the bar.  This is the simplest measurement to take.  All you’ll need is a standard tape measure.  This length is also sometimes referred to as the chainsaw length.

Since you’re going to be handling the chain itself, a couple of safety steps are prudent before beginning the measuring process.  Turn the chainsaw off.  Grasp the rubber boot that covers the spark plug and remove the wire from the spark plug by gently pulling on it until it comes free.  This will prevent the chainsaw from coming on, even by accident.

Lay the chainsaw down and place the end of the tape measure against the body of the chainsaw where the bar emerges from the casing.  Stretch the tape out to the end of the bar and slightly past the end.  You want to measure to the tip of the cutter that sticks the furthest out from the tip of the bar.  If the chain is missing, you can estimate about 1/2″ further from the tip of the bar.

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How to measure Chainsaw Bar