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How to make Money Blogging in South Africa: If you are thinking of starting a blog site to make a full time living, you have arrived at the right guide. Production a full time earnings from blogging in Southern Africa is very possible. In fact, I have directly done it over and over once again. Here is the technique I use summarized into a solitary guide.

Here is exactly how to earn money blogging in Southern Africa:

– Choose a ‘small niche,’ which can be a rate of interest or pastime, to blog site about.
– Set up your blog site by signing up a domain and installing WordPress.
– Research a listing of article ideas.
– Press apart all interruptions and begin writing.
– Once your blog site starts getting traffic, it is time to monetize. I’ll share 11 ways you can monetize your blog site.
What makes Jim and Ricky so ‘great?’ Well, I love them because they use themselves as “crash test dummies,” by producing real blogs from the ground up, and building them up to fully-fledged websites that easily make over R15,000 monthly each. This process provides a unique perspective on what works and what does not in the blogging world, and the cool point is they freely share all this knowledge with their community on YouTube and Project24.

All the information I am ready to show you comes mainly from Jim and Ricky, and the individual experience I gained while implementing what they instruct.

How to make Money Blogging in South Africa: Before Obtaining Began

Concentrate on obtaining traffic first, after that monetize later on.

Too many blog writers worry about how they’re mosting likely to monetize their blog sites before they have any site site visitors. DON’T be lured to waste valuable energy and time on this. Monetizing is the easy section, in the meantime, focus 100% of your energy and time on producing quality web content that will place on msn and yahoo. This guide will show you exactly how.

How much money can you make in Southern Africa blogging?

While Jim and Ricky from Earnings Institution blog site in America, it is important to know that it does not matter. Blog sites targeting American visitors can be began ANYWHERE on the planet. All you need is a laptop computer and a web link.

Here are 3 instances of blog sites Jim and Ricky produced from the ground up and how much money they made.

– – They recently sold this website for a massive R3000000. Yes, you read that right, 3 million rands!
– – Jim began this website after he bought a pontoon watercraft. Thirty-four articles and 18 months later on, the website was currently production R80,000 profit monthly. Ever since, Jim sold the website for R1000 000, and the new owners relabelled it if you want to check it out.
– – They just ever got about to writing 7 articles on this website; however, what is outstanding is it began production about R7000 monthly on simply those 7 articles.

If you had prefer to learn more on blog sites that Earnings Institution began with scratch, click here. It is extremely inspiring and makes you recognize how feasible it’s to create a full time earnings through simply blogging.

You will need patience, Rome had not been integrated in a day.

It takes, typically, 8 months for msn and yahoo to place a short article. For the first eight to twelve months, you will seem like you are in a ghost community with no one interested in your web content, but don’t be lured to quit. Blogging requires confidence, persistence, and persistence. If you stick it through, it could change your life. So ensure you hang tough and give on your own at least a year of continuous writing before expecting any real results.

Target American traffic.

The BIGGEST mistake I see with Southern African blog writers is they concentrate on Southern African subjects. Here is why you should target American visitors rather:

– American website traffic deserves a great deal more money compared to Southern African traffic so that you WILL make more money on affiliate systems and AdSense. Up to 10 times more!
– There are a great deal more people online in America that can visit your website.
– The buck is more powerful and more dependable compared to the rand, and it constantly will be. So making bucks like an American while residing in Southern Africa where everything is a great deal less expensive means your money will go a great deal further!

So before you also start your blogging trip, ensure you choose a subject that Americans will have an interest in, sign up your blog site with an American website hosting web server, and register a .com domain name rather than a .carbon But more on that particular in a min.

Ready to start? Let’s go!

01. Choose a ‘small niche’ To Blog site About


Choosing a specific niche can be confusing, however simply be definitive and start. Do not be lured to invest more time planning compared to doing.

ACTION STEP: Watch the video clip listed below, jot down all your pastimes and interest, after that filter them to a solitary idea. If you struggle to obtain your innovative juices streaming, after that view these instances.

Niche website ideas. Here are essential points to consider when choosing a subject to blog site about.

The more passionate you’re about the subject, the more you will have the ability to discuss it. I cannot stress this enough, choose a subject or pastime you are extremely interested in. An effective blog site requires a TON of articles, I am mosting likely to suggest attempting to write at least 3 to 4 a week, so if you are not interested in the subject, you will not have the ability to correspond.

Ensure there are people interested in your subject in America. Since you should be mainly targeting Americans, you want to make certain you are not blogging about a pastime that just Southern Africans are interested in.

Let’s take rugby, for example. While it is common in Southern Africa, there will not be lots of Americans looking for tips around this subject.

If you are having a hard time to think about ideas, here are 50 niche website ideas provided by Earnings Institution that you could ‘steal.’ Simply ensure you choose one that really rate of passions you, or you will set up your self for failing.

02. Configuration your blog site


Since you have a blog site idea, it is time to obtain the technological stuff out the way so you can start writing. You will need to register a domain name, install WordPress, and set up the main structure of your blog site. If you are new to establishing websites, do not be daunted, it is truly easy to learn.

ACTION STEP: Simply follow the video clip listed below detailed. If you prefer text, I also set out the technique listed below the video clip.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost in December 2020 (Step-by-Step Guide)

Sign up a brand-new domain name.

The most affordable and easiest to use U.S centered holding company I have found is They offer a holding plan that about R40 monthly, however the just drawback is you need to spend for year in advance. That being said, they offer free SSL, (Various other holding companies charge R1000 simply for this,) and they offer a free domain with your purchase.

Here is how to register with Bluehost:

– Most likely to their register web page here.
– Select the “basic” plan, that is all you will need.
– Enter your “new domain” name. Have something basic and short so that you could expand your niche later on down the line. For example,
– Complete your account information.
– Under package information, change your choice to “year.”
– Under package additionals, deselect everything. Holding companies constantly attempt to upsell you on “devices” that you truly do not need. So disregard it and move on.
– Make a repayment.

Congrats, your domain name will now be registered.

Install WordPress.

All you need to do currently is install WordPress, (blue-host makes this incredibly easy,) and you will prepare to begin writing.

– Login for your Bluehost account here.

Step 01 of 02.

– Name the website. This can be changed later on.
– Set your tag-line. This is the motto of your website. Once again, this can be changed later on.
– Beside “do you want a blog site” ensure you select yes by sliding the symbol and after that select the web page.
– Beside “do you want an on the internet store” leave that unattended. If you want to add an on the internet store at a later on day it can be set up then, however, I suggest you disregard that in the meantime.

Step 02 of 02.

– Complete the objectives form.
– Under convenience degree select little if you do not feel comfortable with the process.
– Under themes, simply scroll down and skip this section. The default 2020 theme works perfectly fine especially when beginning.

Bluehost control panel.

After WordPress is installed, you will be required to your control panel. You will be pounded by a collection of upsells that you DON’T NEED. Decline all them, do not be lured to pay greater than you are currently spending. You will currently need to login for your WordPress website.

– Click “My Website” left wing food selection.
– Click “Manage Website.”
– On top right, click “Log into WordPress.”

Done, you should now remain in your WordPress dash board. This is where you will do all your writing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT obtain lured to waste a lot of time attempting to test themes, produce logo designs, experiment with font styles and design, and so on. Simply obtain some good web content on your website immediately. You must start with what is mosting likely to own your traffic, and that is producing top quality web content! Obtain at-least 20 articles on your website before you begin hanging out on your website design.

03. Research a List Of Article Ideas


Since you have a completely configuration WordPress website, it is time to find topics to obtain embeded and start writing.

However, I highly suggest that you invest a couple of hrs doing your keyword research wholesale first, after that combine them into a ‘HIT list’ before you start writing.

By doing this, in the future, when you rest at your workdesk to write, you will have a subject available ready to go, which will save you energy and time.

There are 2 almosts all to producing your HIT list:

– Find subject ideas using the alphabet soup technique.
– Do rival research on your subjects.
Let’s start.

Alphabet soup technique.

This is a technique that was produced by Jim and Rick, it does not require any paid devices, and guy does it work! The alphabet soup technique uses the msn and yahoo search engine as the research device, which is BRILLIANT, besides, you’re attempting to obtain your articles to place on msn and yahoo.

ACTION STEP: Watch the video clip listed below, after that find around 200 browse regards to your own and write them into an stand out sheet.

Stop Using Keyword Research Devices (And do this rather!)

Rival evaluation.

ACTION STEP: Watch the video clip listed below, after that do rival research on all 200 of your browse terms, in stand out note beside each browse call if it is reduced competitors, or high. After this, include or your reduced competitors browse terms for your last HIT list.

04. Begin Writing NOW

HOW MANY ARTICLES IS ENOUGH? Attempt to write at least three articles each week and never stop. If you continue, eventually, you WILL succeed!

You have obtained your article ideas ready on your HIT list in an stand out sheet, currently all you need to do is find a hr or more every day to take a seat and get some writing done.

How to Write a Perfect Blog site Post in One Hr.

So what article should you begin with and for the length of time should it be?

Well there are 3 various types of blog messages:

Post kind:Word Matter:Time to write:Research strength:Instance:*Response post1200 to 1500 words1h30minMinimal”do hair expansions tangle?”Staple post2000 to 2500 words3 to 4 hoursModerate”How to color hair expansions.”Pillar post3000+ wordsAround 7 hoursIntense”finest drones”3 various post types. *Response post – 1200 to 1500 words. Solution to an extremely specific question. For example, “do hair expansions tangle?.” These typically take about 1h30min to write, typically have hardly any competitors because few websites have answers dedicated to very specific questions.

Staple post – 2000 to 2500 words. These messages answer a wider question that’s usually more affordable compared to reaction messages. For example, “How to color hair expansions.” Although it is just about 500 words greater than a reaction post, they take two times as lengthy because the research needed is greater than the reaction post.

Pillar post – 3000+ words. Pillar messages are designed to tackle an incredibly affordable browse inquiry that needs a great deal of web content to be discussed. This is the post where you go ALL IN, you will need to do a lots of research, and you will need to have video clips and video embedded in the article to create the user experience top-notch to stand a possibility. For example, “Finest drone”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning it will take you a great deal much longer to write an article. When I began writing, it took me 3 hrs to complete a reaction post, a couple of months later on I was knocking them down in 45 mins, so if it takes you lengthy it is important not to allow that dissuade you.

Begin with reaction messages!

When beginning do not puzzle on your own, concentrate on simply starting and choose the post type which the shortest—the reaction post.

Just after you write 20 or two, and you seem like you are writing faster, and you know a great deal more on the subject, just after that attempt to tackle staple and pillar messages. Simply do not attempt to begin with them, you’ll obtain dissuaded.

05. 11 Ways to Monetize Your Blog site

Just if your website is obtaining traffic. I directly would not also consider monetizing my traffic until I contend the very least 3000 web page views monthly.

ACTION STEP: If your blog site does not contend the very least 3000 web page views monthly, after that rather focus your energy and time on more writing. However, if you do have more than 3000 site visitors a month, after that it might deserve spending a little bit of time determining how you are mosting likely to monetize your blog site. Watch the video clip listed below to find out how.

11 Legitimate ways to monetize a target market

Need More Help Making A Full-Time Living Through Blogging?

As you might have noticed, I am a HUGE Earnings Institution follower. I learned almost everything I know through their project24 blogging course, which gives you a comprehensive 60 step guide that takes you from beginning a blog site as a total newbie to making a full time earnings detailed over 24 months.

So if you want to take a more in-depth look into this process, and get some hands-on assist with the process, I highly recommend you consider joining the Project24 community here. Signing up with Project24 has saved me YEARS AND YEARS of mistakes, I simply wouldn’t be where I’m today without signing up with. My just regret is I wish I had done it quicker.

Aside from that, if you have actually any questions, or you feel I missed out on anything in this guide, please let me know in the remarks listed below.

YOUR TURN: Have you currently began an effective online blog? What helped you and what didn\’t? Let us know in the remarks listed below so that we can all gain from each various other!

Showit vs Wix

7 Ways you can earn money from your website blog

Do you have a blog site (or want to start a blog site) and are interested about how you can monetize it? Fortunate for you, it’s feasible, but it is not a obtain abundant over night type of scenario. You need to integrate various success factors to have an effective blog site. One thing that of these methods share, is that you need to have high quality web content and a great following.

Advertising is probably one of the most common way where blog writers begin earning money from their blog sites. This strategy is more effective the more viewers and traffic that you reach your website.

Marketers (for items relates to your web content) are often prepared make a contract to pay you to feature their services or product. They obtain targeted direct exposure to feasible customers and you obtain a kickback for featuring them.

Various other forms of online advertising are Pay Each Click (PPC) and CPM (cost each thousand). A PPC is an advert which you put on your blog site as a banner or sidebar. Everytime that someone clicks on that particular advert, you make money. CPM works similarly, other than you make money a quantity when a set number (eg. 1000) of individuals view the advert. Msn and yahoo Adsense is device that helps you with PPC and CPM advertising. Basically you’re allowing Msn and yahoo decide and choose an appropriate advertisement to put in the banner. This readies because it motivates people to click the advertisement, as it will have some connection for your article (which is what the reader was looking for).

This technique works by connecting to a services or product that’s for sale on another website from your blog site. Let’s use Wonga.carbon as an instance. You form a contract that if someone follows the link on your blog site and ends up buying the solution off of Wonga, you’ll obtain commision on the sale. Normally, it would certainly make good sense if the item has some significance to what your article have to do with. You would certainly probably want your blog site to involve some business or monetary aspect to affiliate with Wonga.

This is a source that couple of blog writers make use of. By operating an occasion, you can earn money from obtaining enrollers or billing entryway to attend the occasion. The range of the occasion depends on you and the dimension of the readership of your blog site.

Here, you’ll be billing your visitors a repeating (usually monthly) quantity which grants them access to premium web content, a neighborhood
or some form of training. It’s basically producing a subscription for your visitors. In purchase for this to succeed you need to create quality web content which will be preferable and cause people to want to join for the premium web content. The Plan is a great example of a website charging for premium SEO web content.

Lots of companies have a blog site which links and relates to their business. This is known as a bricks and mortar business. It allows a company to make money from their blog site as it guides people to their business and in turn they have more sales and profit. In other words, the blog site produces more awareness for your business and can provide users with tutorials, updates and various other cool articles about your business.

Another way where you can make money from your blog site, is to offer a solution for your visitors. This solution can be anything from freelancing to training or designing. You simply need to offer a high quality solution that you have experience with or an reliable opinion/view on.

You can earn money on your blog site by selling items too. You could sell Tee shirts and various other small scale product that associate with your blog site or use your blog site to produce an appropriate online store. However, you’ll need an appropriate storage facility and delivery system. Additionally you could maintain points simpler by selling online items such as electronic books or software.

If you’re wishing to earn money, your best option is to use a mix of these options. Woww offers you a solution to assist optimize and lay the structures for a great following for your blog site. We do this through the use of SEO. The rest depends on you to be innovative, innovative and choose the right combination to fit your needs. Purchase your Woww blog site website currently.

Extra Reading

Is it worth to start blogging in South Africa?

I often get asked about why & how I started blogging in South Africa, followed quickly by “how much money do you make?” On one hand you get the skeptics who think that blogging and social media is just a waste of time and “not a real job” while on the other hand you get the folk who think that they can make a quick buck with a blog.

So, if you think that blogging is just a waste of time; it isn’t! You really can make a living off it. However, it takes a lot of hard work and a good few years! I have been doing this part-time now for just over three years and although I do make some money, it’s not much at all and I still have a long journey ahead.

If you’re only interested to start a blog in order to make money then rather don’t waste your time. There are probably easier ways to make money. This needs to be a passion and you need to enjoy learning, experimenting, interacting with people, social media, writing, etc.

So having gotten all of that out the way, let’s get going with how to start blogging in South Africa. It’s probably the same process in any country but I’m in South Africa and will share my experiences from this perspective.


Self-hosted or platform hosted?

And the next question is whether you want to sign up for hosting somewhere and host your blog or whether you’re happy to use the WordPress (or similar) platform to manage your site.

As I’m using WordPress I also just host on their platform. It’s costs a little more but it’s the simplest for me. If you think that time is money then sometimes paying for a service is just simpler.

As an example, you can search for a hosting provider, learn how to use the system they provide (often called CPanel), learn how to install WordPress (or contact support), ensure that all files and folders are secure, search for a nice template, etc… or you can just spend 10 minutes and use the quick and easy option. Again… you can change things later.

Pros of using WordPress on their hosting platform

Everything just works – quick and simple

Not necessary to deal with a hosting company

Awesome chat support (only for paid plans I think)

They manage security patches, upgrades, backups etc

Paid plans have free premium templates that are approved by WordPress and don’t have any dodgy scripts

You get JetPacks plugin which tracks all your stats for you (costs a fair bit if you buy it seperately)

The mobile app just works with your site; no issues

Everything just works (oh, I mentioned that LOL)

Cons of using WordPress on their hosting platform It’s expensive – self hosting in South Africa can cost around R20 – R50 a month (eg Afrihost ) whereas a Business Plan on WordPress costs $300 which at my last renewal was around R4,300 (about R360 per month). That’s 10 times more expensive.

However, I have 2 blogs on the WordPress system and would recommend it any day. Seriously. To me it’s better use of my time.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , and is quite a technical field. It is the work that you do to make your content (blog post) rank on Google and make it searchable so that people find it.

So how do you do that? Here are a few SEO tips for beginners.

Do a Google search for the topic of your blog post. If it comes up in auto-complete it shows that it’s a popular topic, if not, then not so popular.

Read one or two of the highest ranking pages for your blog title. Think about what you are giving that’s different.

Ensure that you repeat your search term several times in your article.

Install an SEO plugin (if you’re using WordPress) – I use Yoast SEO.


If I want my own site how do I register a domain for my blog?

If you do want your own domain, then just go to Google and type “domain registration services” into the search bar, and look through the results to see which service provider you would like to use to register the domain for your blog.

Or you could register your domain through us, for R120


How to make Money Blogging in South Africa