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How to get 1 dollar from everyone – Putting aside the difficult of actually have a message, story, or idea that one million people would care about…

How to get 1 dollar from everyone

Raising a million dollars is not as difficult as you might think. Good ideas that are executed upon well do it all the time. There are many new startup nonprofits and businesses that raise at least a million dollars in their first 5 years. This takes a lot of hard work, networking, and being willing to tell your story over and over again.

How to get 1 dollar from everyone

If you’re dead set on the $1 from one-million people then you need to do 2 things exceptionally well. Assuming you want to do this rather quickly. How to get 1 dollar from everyone?:

1) You must have a compelling story that can be consumed nearly instantly. To get in front of over a million people you’ll need to get some kind of virility to your message. Most things that get the widespread media/internet consumption are brief and easily consumed. This most likely limits you to a visual mediums of photography, graphic design, video/film, and motion design. This consumed item then must tie directly into the second thing.

2) It must be stupid simple to pay/donate. You are going to have a hard time converting your views/awareness into $1. So you’ll need to make it as simple as possible for them to do. They likely wouldn’t bother to even enter payment credentials, or sign into a service like paypal. So you’re left with something like apple/android/samsung pay. But here is the rub, not a lot of people have used it yet. As of June 2015 an estimated 3.6 million people had even used apple pay. At the time of writing this is still the largest user base for contactless payments. The easier you make this step the more will actually give you $1. If you get more than 5% of your audience I would be very impressed with you (that’s 20 million viewers…). The easier they can go from your content to your payment the better your conversion ratio will be.

There you have it, a surefire way to grab $1 from one-million people.

However if you don’t care how long it takes you, I would recommend pan handling. The current worldwide life expectancy is 71 years. Assuming you’re at least 21 this would give you 50 years or 17,800 days before you would die (on average). That is only $56 a day you would need to score from passers by assuming you worked everyday for those 50 years. If you are in a large enough city this seems doable. Then the trick is to have a compelling enough reason for people to give to you. A funny sign would likely go a long way. This also assumes that the one-million people wouldn’t have to be unique.

Alternative idea:

Open a dollar store, where every item only costs a dollar. In hindsight this seems like the most surefire way to get there. Though you’d be hard pressed to get 1 million different people through your store.

Here is to your first million my internet stranger. How to get 1 dollar from everyone – May it be $1 at a time.

I would follow the proven example given by many fledgling entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. They have repeatedly shown that you can easily achieve a high volume of sales by selling a commodity at a loss. The products they make often end up costing far more to manufacture than they sell them for. To achieve the same results, you effectively sell a $20 bill for the bargain price of $10. Following this method, you can quickly have customers lining up at the door and the phone ringing off the hook. You will have no complaints and your support costs will be minimal. It’s as easy as that, and you can now call yourself a marketing genius! Then, just like start-ups in Silicon Valley, you can fool yourself into thinking you have a viable business, and you will be retiring rich and famous shortly after your Wall Street IPO.

Unfortunately, this business plan has a limited lifespan. So, just as you frequently read in the news about dot com startups that crash suddenly, you will find yourself confused about why your seemingly amazing business idea, with all its satisfied customers, is actually in deep trouble. Suddenly you find you have burnt through millions of dollars of venture capital funding, and you’re now broke.

As your company crashes into oblivion, repeat this dying phrase I have heard many times from entrepreneurs in the Valley:

“We appear to be losing money on every sale, How to get 1 dollar from everyone, but we can compensate by selling a higher volume.”

This is exactly what a young college kid in England did, but the way he did it was pure genius. He set up a 1000 x 1000 grid of pixels and sold each pixel for $1. For that $1, How to get 1 dollar from everyone, he put an advertisement for their business on a pixel. Any time someone clicked on that pixel, the company’s advertisement flashed on the screen. It took him four months to collect $1,000,000 from selling all 1,000,000 pixels! People all over the world would spend time playing with his grid just to see all the different companies advertised!

I rather imagine that idea is patented, but then there is always a question of how similar an idea might be for it to be allowed legally. What if you modified the idea a bit, and created a 400 x 500 pixel electronic billboards for five different cities, and allowed them to place a single unique photograph of somewhere in the city on each pixel? Then if you charged $2 per pixel, How to get 1 dollar from everyone, but paid the photographer $1 for each picture accepted, might that be legal? The point is to get the cities involved and their photographic community in creating their own unique billboard. Of course, if you did that for five cities, what is to say you had to stop there?

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How to get 1 dollar from everyone