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How To Fix Controller Drift On Every Console In 2022

Meta: Are you stuck with a controller drift and missing your goals for unwanted inputs? Check out these methods that work on every console to fix your problem.

Controller drift on your console may be one of the most common problems you encounter. It is also known as the thumbstick drift or analog stick drift. This issue causes a movement in the stick when you do not even touch it.

It does not depend on the model or the life of your console. It can happen even in the latest generation consoles or on the first day you bought it. As it can occur at any random time, it is enough to ruin your gaming experience.

However, the fixation on this problem is not as frustrating as the problem itself. You can apply a few methods that have been helpful to many people. Here we will discuss these methods along with the reason for this problem.

Why Does A Controller Drift happen?

If any unattempted input ever made you lose a goal or miss a crucial moment, the reason is a controller drift. Unfortunately, many gamers have experienced such drift due to dirt and dust deposit, wearing and vigorous usage of analogue or thumbstick.

Fix Controller Drift On Every Console In 2022

If you are a thorough gamer and your controller drift ruins your gaming experience, check these following methods out.

Method 1: Clean the controller’s thumbsticks

It is the easiest and most common technique to fix the frustrating controller drift. This method does not hurt your controller much and avoids the risk of losing its warranty. You can perform the following steps to clean your controller’s thumb:

Step 1:

First, take a cotton swab, wet its tip with some isopropyl alcohol, and make sure it is adequately dipped.

Step 2:

Then, gently press one corner of the analog stick to insert the cotton swab in the gap.

Step 3:

Now, keep turning the stick in every direction and cleaning it thoroughly. Repeat this step at least thrice for a thorough cleaning.

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Method 2: Replace the analog stick module

If you own a relatively old controller, you may be having controller drift due to a worn-out thumbstick. In such cases, replacing the old one with a new module is wise to fix a controller drift. Check out the steps to do so:

Step 1:

First, you must disassemble your console’s controller with a pry tool.

Step 2:

Then, check the position of the thumbstick and whether it is loose by rotating it in different directions.

Step 3:

Lastly, remove the thumbstick, install a new one and reassemble the controller.

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Method 3: Clean the controller by disassembling it

Debris and dirt are often the reason for a controller drift. Therefore, if cleaning your controller’s thumbstick was not enough, you can try cleaning the controller by disassembling it. Check out the steps which you can follow to clean your controller or joystick:

Step 1:

Remove the outer plastic cover of the controller with the help of a screwdriver. Do not put too much pressure as it may disrupt the connection between the motherboard and the controller.

Step 2:

Now, carefully disconnect the motherboard by removing its connection with the controller.

Step 3:

Lastly, remove its thumbpads and gently clean the analog stick with some isopropyl alcohol and water mixture.

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Method 4: Reset your controller

Sometimes the drift controller occurs due to some bugs in the system. Therefore, many people could resolve this issue by resetting their controllers. It may sound vague, but it takes nothing to give it a go.

Here is how you can reset your controller:

Step 1:

First of all, turn off your console and unplug the controller from it.

Step 2:

Then turn it back and find the tiny reset button at the back.

Step 3:

Take a small pin or pointy tool to press and hold the button. You must hold it for a few seconds to reset the controller.

Step 4:

Now, turn your console on, connect the controller and pair it with the console.

Step 5:

Lastly, check if there is any drift issue anymore by playing a game.

Method 5: Replace the analog stick module

It is another way out to fix your drift controller if nothing has worked out for you. You must be focused and mindful of doing this job on your own. Otherwise, you can take the help of a professional.

Check out the following steps to replace the analog stick module:

Step 1:

First, disassemble the controller with the help of a pry tool.

Step 2:

Now, remove the analog stick by using the de-soldering tool and place a new module on the circuit board.

Step 3:

Then, reassemble the controller and have a final check by playing a game.

Wrapping It Up

Controller drift is an annoying problem that can occur at any time and in any model. This minor issue is a result of some insignificant things like debris or wearing, but enough to frustrate a gamer.

Therefore, you must know some quick fix for a controller drift to eliminate the issue quickly. These methods have been proven to be quite effective for many people and almost every console.

So, share this article with other gaming geeks if you find this helpful and keep reading more of our content.

How To Fix Controller Drift On Every Console In 2022