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Factoring Company for Freight Brokers: Build your business among carriers and shippers and build your reputation.

Freight broker factoring helps ensure a smooth and visible relationship between your customers for carriers and shippers across the country.
You can maximize efficiency and strengthen the reputation of your cargo brokerage company by partnering with Triumph Business Capital.

In this article you will learn about these terms and much more:

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Factoring Company for Freight Brokers

Everywhere, small and medium freight brokers are struggling to compete with cutting rates and carrier programs offered by today’s few mega-brokers.
The biggest benefit of the mega brokers is their access to working capital compared to the smaller shops.
Expand your customer base by giving small companies fast payment options!


  • Design a custom Quickpay program to set and maintain rates, and you receive fast payment from carriers.
  • Standard terms of pay offer7-14 days after paperwork has been received.
  • Stop wasteful time on paperwork and focus instead on finding new companies and quality carriers.
  • Give comfort to your customers to know that carriers take care of their cargo.
  • Create a corporate credit.
    Receive increased credit lines from manufacturers to expand your carrier base.
  • Stop working with low credit rating companies.
    Check your existing and potential customers for thorough free credit checkin
  • Fuel card access

Disadvantages Of Using a Factoring Company

Some offers from an enterprise may seem excellent but the use of a factoring invoice includes disadvantages:

  • Factoring can resolve any problems you have with immediate cash. This is the only problem which can be resolved by factoring. Do not use a manufacturer to resolve any other problem.
  • Participants are: You will contact every customer by the factoring company you choose. Your factoring company is entitled to contact your customers if they pay late on their invoices.
  • No bad debt: If your customer chooses not to pay their invoices at all, it is not wise to go to your company. Certain carriers err as a collection agency in factoring companies. The debt will come back to your company so you will have to deal with it.
  • There’s too much to keep up: You must collect different documents in order to get an advance on your line. All your invoices and regular accounts which must be sent to the manufacturer include these documents. The following documents.


The sector continues to grow and freight brokers are now facing a lot of competition.
You have to work efficiently and reliably with approximately 18,000 registered freight brokers in the U.S. to keep pace with the bigger brokers and not be left behind.
Cash flow problems prove to be a major failure in the commercial freight industry for many dealers and trucking companies.
This problem extends from smaller equipment for the smaller owner to larger firms.

Were you aware that factoring services are not for carriers alone?
In fact, we’ve been providing freight broker factoring services for years and truly understand the industry’s unique needs and insight brokers need to succeed.
We realize that the cash flow problem can be a factor or a break for your business.
Shippers are not always interested and pay less often than needed so that the company can continue to do the next job.

We have seen the growing trend in recent years in bankruptcies among registered cargo dealers, who feel their finances are squeezed by shippers who continue to slow their pay.
Nevertheless, we know that numbers are often higher than those noted because, instead of dealing with bankruptcy and closure processes, smaller companies tend to fade silently without a word when they get there.

You say 20/20 backward, what if you could know which customers to work with and avoid before you learn the hard way?
Well, this information can make life much easier at your fingertips.

Fuel is currently the largest company expense.
To offer carriers up to a 50% advantage on their fuel offers them real value in daily operations and can easily distinguish you from others, to keep carriers happy and running loads.

Don’t let another carrier get over for one of the mega-brokers to take the whole business.
Take control of the situation and get the right team to make a gain.

Want to increase your cargo brokerage?
Use the right partner.
Do not fall for a hidden fee or the factoring non-recourse gimmick with other carriers.

Flat Rates and Variable Rates

Some factoring companies can establish a flat-rate plan with a one-off fee that they will make you pay at the start.
Invoices will be paid within 90 days in factoring companies who do this.
It doesn’t matter how long the invoice is open, if you pay that one time fee beforehand.

This type of plan can help a freight broker understand just how much each invoice costs the factoring fee.
In addition, a freight broker makes the agreed percentage with their company, even with the profits.
This helps you to maintain and see your company’s profits grow.

Most factoring companies use a variable-rate structure.
The more an invoice is unpaid, the more charges are paid to a freight broker.
For instance, in the first thirty days you will be charged 1.5% by a factoring company, then every two weeks the invoice can be added to the fee at 0.5%.

Advance Rates

An advance rate takes your invoice and converts it into cash.
You will no doubt give them a large volume of invoices at a time when you turn invoices over to your manufacturing companies.

The industry has higher forward rates at 80% and 90%, while more uncertain industries have lower advance rates of between 70% and 85%.
There are therefore an advance of $15,000 if your invoices are $20,000 and your advance rate is 75 percent.

A general rule is to ensure that your advance rate is currently applicable to your business.
This means that you may have to reorganize your cash until the rest of your payment is received.

Tiered Rates

If you understand when your customers pay their invoices, you can agree on tiered rates in your contract.
Tiered rates begin with a small percentage, which is increased every ten days or so.
If your customer does not pay his bill on time, your rate can start at 0.5% and potentially reach 3.5% by the 90th day.

This is why you need to know what questions to ask a factoring company with which you plan to partner.

Picking the Right Factoring Company

There are various factoring firms to select, but you have to select a truck manufacturer.
This ensures that people who understand the lorry industry get the best rates.

Consider these two freight factoring options when you start shopping for a major manufacturer in the market to help with your invoices

  • Recourse Factoring: The customer must pay the invoice, and the freight broker is responsible for unpaid invoices. Invoices are subject to a charge.
  • Factoring with no recourse: This type of factoring permits the freight agent to sell its bills to the manufacturing company. Here the credit risk is taken on by the factoring company. That will ultimately cost you more.

Asking Questions

Your next step is to invite the factoring company you consider to ask great questions.
You may be scratching your head later if you do not ask these questions.

  • “What is the nature of your long-term and short-term contracts?” Read the beautiful print at all times. The prices and duration of their terms must be known. Most factoring contracts can last a year, but you can cancel with a notice of 60 or 90 days.
  • What are the fees and hidden fees that they charge?” The rates of each factoring company differ and items for which they charge a fee or won’t charge. No collateral or equity in your company should be given to you. Be careful about minimum charges.
  • “Do you offer remedies as well as factoring non-recourse?” A sketchy factoring company will try not to explain the factoring of the non-recourse. Both options for future contracts will be great for you.
  • If you consider a factoring firm, you might want to file a Commercial Code at too early a time. When do they file the UCC?” This will slow down the process when you choose not to go with them because before you submit another UCC you must destroy it.
  • “Are they able to grow the capital as you grow?” Make sure you consider the factoring company has a good number of its own customers. This shows you that they can make payments to you if necessary.
    Look for a long time running companies.
  • “Have you a mobile app where you can send documents?” “What technology use it?” How do I get information about my account? E-mail, faxing and mailing may sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • “How’s the process for applying?” Check with the company to see what the needs of the new customer are. Ask which documents or documents they need to see. If they stop your request, it is likely that they are slow to pay you.

Just be careful about the manufacturers you consider. Make sure all of your questions can be answered.

How to Start a Factoring Company

Top Freight Factoring Companies as Chosen by Carriers

It is an important decision for any carrier to choose which load factoring company to work with.
Although it is important that you choose the company you want to enjoy these benefits fully, while there are many advantages to factoring.
In order to simplify the process, DAT has contacted a number of experts to get feedback on the best truck factoring companies.

Best Freight Factoring Companies

Freight factoring is a process in which the person or company that delivered the load sells its invoice to a company of factories, also called transport factoring, trucking factoring or freight bill factoring.
Instead of a month or more waiting for a dealer to pay the invoice, the manufacturing company will pay the carrier the full amount of the invoice minus a small percentage within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.
Payment can take time depending on a number of factors, but different companies generally have different payment schedules.

The essential point to be remembered is not to confuse factoring with loans.
When an enterprise buys your invoice, the invoice is a matter for the enterprise.
Drivers and firms have the ability to receive a loan or incur debt in advance and to use this money to pick up new loads.

According to feedback from owner-operators, the following seven cargo companies are chosen and then examined by industry experts.
You have to know here about the right choice for your company.

Triumph Business Capital

Better Business Bureau® Classification: A+.

Since its establishment in 2004, Triumph has been a market leader in freight factoring.
Since that time the company has supported the control of its cash flow in over 20,000 SMEs in the U.S.
Although the numbers of Triumph may speak for themselves, the positive feedback from owners and industry experts really shows why Triumph is the number one choice on this list.

Triunph has helped her and her business, Chamaine Jeffers described.
“You get free credit inspections on brokers and advances of up to 50% on fuel payments at Triumph. She says.
You have a large customer service, and some basics of the contract can be negotiated.
TriumphPay is also an excellent way to handle the payable account process.
It allows operators to easily set up pay, including QuickPay on their mobile phones.”

As Triumph has the most positives feedback on its Better Business Bureau® page and on TrustPilot from any of the companies on this list, it is not surprising that Jeffers is just one of many Triumph customers with some good information about the company.

Crescent Foods CEO Ahmad Adam, for example, was able to explain why Triumph is outstanding during his 25 years with many financial institutions.
He described the factoring experts of Triumph as “very expert, effective and courteous!
[They are] a solution with quick replies that is oriented and extremely prompt.
[Triumph is] the best financial institution in 25 years I’ve ever handled.”

While such reviews help show why Triumph is at the top of our list, it is also important to look at the specific offerings and benefits of the company to understand just how it differentiates itself from the competition.

Specifically, Triumph offers:

  • Advance rates up to 100% without reservations
  • Fast 24-hour funding
  • Full transparency — The fees for triumph are clearly laid down in the factoring agreement
  • Fuel cards discount to save domestic and regional money
  • In an hour or less fuel progresses
  • 24 hours a day.
  • Invoice submission and status update management online
  • 24 hours a day.
  • Credit checks free, unlimited
  • Customer service of high standard
  • Contracts are available every month
  • Freedom to select which clients to choose
  • Referral program: earn additional money by referring Triumph to other companies

Triumph is known for its invoices, but it also offers other benefits that you can easily combine with factoring.
These include asset loans, equipment funding, insurance, fuel cards, credit checks and analyses, back-office solutions. These include assets based lending.
You have a dedicated account team of professionals assigned to partner with Triumph to ensure that you have the money to administer and develop your trucking operations.

Finally, if you already use the DAT load board, Triumph has added a benefit for factoring.
In fact, the client was approved by Triumph if the green marking is shown next to the load on the board.
The factmaking process is easier and more reliable than ever with a load board and factoring firm connected.
Most importantly, because there is no minimum for Triumph, it gives you as little or as many invoices as you would like every month.


 RTS Financial

Business Bureau® Classification: A not accredited

In addition to a number of trucker services, such as fuel cards and software designed to help you manage your business, RTS also offers quality freight assessment.
This software can help you and other elements of your operation with managing the factoring agreement with RTS itself.

All these points help RTS to become one of the top companies in terms of the best freight factoring.
Furthermore, here are some extra features of RTS that make it an excellent option for owners:

● Up to 97 per cent of the invoice value paid upstream

● Equipment rental

● Large credit line fuel card program

● trucking-related software

● Mobile application

● Quality support to our clients, via email, telephone and online chat.

When asked why they chose RTS, customers often point to the low rates and fast payments of the company.
Up to 97% of the value of your invoice are in theory readily available.
However, this figure is somewhat complicated because the pricing of RTS is not transparent.
It can be difficult even to determine exactly what fees you pay if you contact your customer service.

Another challenge with RTS is that, unlike with many other factoring companies, it is impossible to apply online for the service. Instead, you need to speak directly with a sales representative who will discuss your business and your options with you. Many people find this to be less convenient than simply applying online before speaking to a representative.

Porter Freight Funding

Betters Business Office® Credits: A+, not accredited

Porter Freight funding was established in 2011 in order for small and large lorry companies to have consistent cash flows.
The company also provides a dispatch network with previously approved brokers and shippers in addition to factoring services.
Moreover, with Porter, truck drivers can use fuel advances and discounts in chains around the country to access free fuel cards.

Porter offers flexible factoring services without long-standing contracts or obligations and has overwhelmingly favorable assessments.
Every customer works with his/her own person who understands his/her unique business needs.
Porter has been a great partner of my company for many years now, according to Tosh Farms.
Cash flow is all in business today and they have done a good job.”
“Excellent customer service, good behavior and low rates,” adds Tiffany Mitchell.
Moreover, my money is always on time,” offers Porter:

  • Factoring in both recourse and remedy
  • An extensive network for dispatching
  • a list of brokers and consignors approved beforehand.
  • Free fuel card with discounts and advances
  • Insurance quotes
  • Assistance to compliance
  • Credit on assets and AR funding

Porter Freight Funding is the leading company for many industry experts, thanks to its 4.6/5 stars on TrustPilot and the A+ rating on Better Business Bureau®.


  • The factoring company then pays the carrier the full amount of the invoice, minus a small percentage, within as little as 24 hours of receiving the invoice, rather than waiting a month or longer for a broker to pay the invoice.
  • She said, “With Triumph, you get free credit checks on brokers and advances of up to 50 percent on fuel payments.
  • Both recourse and non-recourse factoring programs Competitive Factoring Rates Freight factoring with no minimum Advance Rates as high as 100% with no reserves required Fast funding within 24 hours
  • In theory, customers are able to get up to 97% of the value of their invoice upfront.
  • Both recourse and non-recourse factoring A flat rate of 2 percent on already billed invoices
  • The company’s specific factoring offerings include: ● Non-recourse factoring ● Rates of 2-4 percent more expensive than some of the other factoring companies ● Fuel cards and fuel discounts ● Free credit checks ● (
  • It’s the process by which a factor purchases your unpaid freight bills and advances up to 98% cash within 24 hours. (
  • These companies have rates that fall between 1% and 5%
  • For example, a factoring company will charge you 1.5% in the first 30 days and then as time goes on a 0.5% fee may be added every two weeks the invoice goes unpaid.
  • The transportation industry sees higher advance rates at 80% and 90% , while more uncertain industries receive lower advance rates between 70% and 85%.

Factoring Company for Freight Brokers