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Excelsior pre workout is a nutritional supplement manufactured by Imperial Nutrition. It is known for having a 5.3 gram proprietary blend that is mysteriously powerful. It has been compared to legendary pre workout supplements of the past like Craze and Jack3d. Excelsior is a high stim pre workout with unique effects

What is Excelsior Pre Workout?

Excelsior is the strongest pre-workout formula available to date that provides an instant hit of energy, giving you skin-tearing pumps & hardcore intensity

Why Excelsior?

Everyone knows the benefits of stimulation prior to working out, and the effect this ultimately has on your gains. Don’t be the person missing out on muscle growth or strength gains because you aren’t feeling up to doing more reps in the gym. Stim up, raise hell, then get home & rest.

Who needs Excelsior?

1. Someone looking to take their performance in the gym to new heights.

2. Anyone looking for an edge.

3. Those seeking a huge jolt of energy.

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Official Description

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Due to increased cost and demand, 20% coupon code is not valid on this product.

One of the strongest pre-workouts on the market today


  • Brings back the glory days of preworkouts
  • All day energy and focus
  • Innovative stim complex that goes far above and beyond the usual caffeine loaded preworkouts
  • Kicks in within minutes to transform your workout performance to a new level
  • Enhanced protein utilisation and fat loss
  • Citrulline and Trimethylglycine for pumps and endurance


Excelsior is a completely new type of preworkout featuring a high intensity, high focus energy blend like nothing you will have experienced before. If you have been crying out for a preworkout to do more than just give you pumps and a caffeine kick you can wipe your tears now as Excelsior delivers the kind of energy last seen in the days of Craze v1 and Jack3d.


With a long lasting stim effect Excelsior is best used at least 4 hrs before you plan to go to bed. Being stimulant-based it is best to cycle off Excelsior periodically to help maintain optimal intensity.


Anyone craving for a massive energy rush plus laser-like focus will love Excelsior.


We have all been waiting. Waiting for the next innovation in the pre-workout category. Waiting for those killer workouts, where it seems like you can never lift enough weight. You never seem to get tired. You never want to stop. We’ve been waiting long enough…

The Problem with Pre-Workouts

The pre-workout category used to be a haven for great products. After the loss of some of the best formulas we have witnessed the industry make a move to ever-escalating dosing of caffeine. Caffeine is great, we all know it is and we all want a good dose of it but if the formula is based around that alone, you’ll get your quick bump of energy and then you crash. If caffeine was all that was needed we’d be ordering triple espressos from the bearded hipster in flannel at the local artisanal coffee shop before every workout. It’s bullshit and something needed to be done about it.

With the exception of Frenzy and Hydrazine very few high intensity preworkouts use anything innovative to power your workouts, almost all of them rely on high levels of caffeine.

Redefining the Pre-Workout Category

That is exactly what Imperial Nutrition have done and Excelsior is just the beginning.

We are talking about cutting edge stimulants, endurance for days and the laser-like focus needed for setting new PR’s in your workout. A formula that actually lasts all day with energy and stimulation not for the faint of heart. The neurocognitive explosion you have waited years for. If you don’t care how the magic happens, go and buy Excelsior right now. Don’t hesitate. It is that good. If you are interested in understanding the magic then keep reading.

What Makes Excelsior Different is Stimulant Source

Let’s not mess around here and waste any time, we are well aware that all you really care about is the stim. Yeah, Imperial have put in citrulline and betaine for pumps and increases in endurance but really it’s all about the stim when it comes to pre-workouts, that is what users have been craving since the glory days of preworkouts.

Kigelia Africana – Remember the part about cutting edge stims? That’s what Kigelia Africana is. It’s a traditional African extract used by locals for a ton of different health related functions. Kigelia is part of the industry’s push to be compliant. By moving away from the illegal synthetic stimulants like DMAA and BMPEA there has been a resurgence into plant sources rich in stimulants like Acacia, Cymbidium Goeringii (found in Hydrazine), Pouchung Tea (found in Frenzy), Dendrobium and Alpinia.

Kigelia’s stimulant content gears up your central nervous system to boost energy as well as provide a unique sensory feel. It increases the activity of neurotransmitters from the brain to the muscles. An amped up CNS makes muscles fire harder and stronger for that powerful mind-muscle connection you’ve been missing. It also has a mild analgesic effect; it numbs your pain allowing you to continue to push harder and harder. Extended workouts with more reps means more gains and improved athletic performance.

Bauhinea Purpurea – The purple orchid tree, also known as Bauhinia Purpurea increases metabolic rate. In other words, it strips body fat. You may be thinking, who cares about a fat-stripping ingredient in my pre-workout? Everyone should if your goal is to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat. Improving metabolic rate and increasing T3 and T4 also increases lean muscle via increasing the rate of protein synthesis. Increased metabolic rate improves protein utilization as well.

Hawthorne Extract – Now when it comes to Hawthorne extract you are probably thinking, this stuff is used for heart health and blood pressure, or life extension purposes, not for crushing PRs in the gym. Anyone who thinks that has never looked into Hawthorne deep enough. It reduces MAO activity by 50%. MAO attacks stimulants and reduces their activity in the body. By reducing MAO we have been able to make Excelsior last all day and work better then anything else. It’s key to improving the feel and duration of stimulants, like Kigelia, Bauhinia, Bitter Orange and Octopamine.

Bitter Orange Extract – But that’s not all. Bitter orange extract (BOE) contains a few stimulants itself which mimic the actions of neurotransmitters. But BOE also contains a bunch of constituents that inhibit drug-metabolizing enzymes in the body known as the CYP system. In other words, like hawthorn, BOE can extend the life of stimulants in the body so their effects are prolonged. If you’re looking for a long-lasting stimulant effect then this inclusion is a fucking no-brainer.

Excelsior is more than just mega-dosed caffeine. What we have here is the absolute best ingredients for awesome workouts, and to fuel your day. This is what you have been missing from your supplement arsenal. This is what you need. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

You’ve been waiting long enough.


Imperial Nutrition Excelsior 30 Servings Fruit Cooler
Serving Size: 1 scoop (6g)
Servings Per Container: 30

Propietary Blend 5.3g
Kigelia Africana Extract (fruit)
Caffeine Anhydrous
Bauhinia Purpurea
Bitter Orange Extract (fruit)
Hawthorne Extract (fruit)
* Daily Value Not Established
* Daily Value Not EstablishedOther Ingredients: Malic acid, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial flavours, Silica, FD&C Red #40.


Take 1-2 scoops before working out.

Excelsior Pre Workout Review Video Three

How many push ups equal one pull up

Excelsior Pre Workout Label

Below are the ingredients listed on Excelsior’s label. Because it uses a proprietary blend, I am unable to provide amounts for each ingredient.

Excelsior Pre Workout


A classic pre workout ingredient, L Citrulline helps with pumps, blood flow, etc.

Trimethylglycine (Betaine)

Also known as betaine, this has some evidence suggesting it improves power output.

Kigelia Africana Extract

Also known as the “sausage tree,” Kigelia Africana is sometimes included in pre workouts as a central nervous system stimulant. It is a naturally occurring source of DMHA.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine needs no introduction, right? Energy, focus, increased performance, etc. are all delivered by caffeine.

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract

Bauhinia purpurea extract is included here as a metabolic booster.  This is an anti-ulcer ingredient traditionally used as an anti-ulcer treatment. However, it has been shown in at least one study to increase concentrations of T3 and T4 hormones, which are produced by the thyroid. Among other things, these hormones help control metabolism.

Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine)

This is a minor stimulant frequently seen in pre workouts.


This is a stimulant that may also have minor fat burning properties (Examine). It is a metabolite of synephrine.

Hawthorn Extract

This is used to treat heart disease and blood pressure issues, including low and high blood pressure. I’m guessing this is included to help take some edge off of the stimulants included here.

Some Consumer Words

Any comparison of this to Re1gn, i have been using OL Re1gn as my replacement to DMAA dust extreme and mesomorph and find it works better than both of them for focus and mind to muscle connection and provides better pumps and decent energy / strength and endurance, i used the hydrazine pre workout from PN and found that to be quite effective at 1 cap and even better at 2.

Completely different for RE1GN…one and done and in the trash where it belongs. Just more shtty Yohimbe extracts thrown on top of Alpha Y,etc. OL for some reason has become infatuated with Yohimbe, Rawl, Alpha-Y, Johimbe or any other herb like that in their last 2-3 pre’s. Completely ruined CU for RE1GN…but that’s a topic for another day.

Excelsior…hmmm…was “supposed” to contain the mythical ingredient in Craze/Detonate…failed. Feels nothing like REIGN, nothing. You like the RE1GN shakes, etc. stay with it, nothing like that in Excelsior.

Hydrazine is where it’s at…smooth 1 cap does the trick every time. Stuff is fantastic.

ESP/AMP was a great pre especially when using the bigger scoop

I want to pick up centurion labs G.O.W red next I think I prefer amp over DMHA/DMAA

I do not recommend this product, it ended in the bathroom as my money : no effect
I would take Arez white if you support yohimbine and if not Re1Gn but the US version because for me the EU ver is not as good

How do you find sleeping with Excelsior ?

My mind is all over the place with Excelsior. I would really to have breathe and focus that I am on the beach to sleep or else I would be up all night.

Where to Buy Excelsior Pre Workout?

The best price we found on the internet for the Original Excelsior was for $49.99 at Supps Central Spoiler alert: This pre-workout is a stim junkie’s dream come true and then some. You can read all about it below or watch the review on YouTube. (

Excelsior Pre Workout Review Summary

Excelsior is a stim-heavy pre workout that absolutely delivers on that promise. If you have a high tolerance for stimulants and are looking for a new thrill, this will certainly satisfy that itch. If you’re at all prone to negative mood impact from stimulants, then this pre workout is not for you. If you’re not looking for significant appetite suppression, then this pre workout is not for you.


  • Insane focus
  • Relentless energy


  • Horrible crash
  • Negative impact on mood
  • Too much appetite suppression
Excelsior Pre Workout