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Endless Mountain Labradors – English Labrador Breeder

Since 1988 Endless Mountain Labradors has continued to bring the tradition of experience and excellence in our line of work. We trust you feel like “family” as you browse our website and get to know us better.

Outstanding English Labrador puppies that are family and house raised
Flawless, low-key temperament
Selectively bred with careful genetic screening
And, what many other lab breeders can’t claim…

OFA Certified Clearance: hips, elbows and heart
CAER/CERF tested to eliminate genetic eye defects (retinal folds, cataracts, etc)
Cleared for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
Cleared for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse)
Cleared for CNM (Centro Nuclear Myopathy)
Cleared for NARC (Narcolepsy)
Cleared for HNPK (Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis)
Proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit

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Snowy Pines White Labs – English Labrador Breeder

If you are looking for a white Labrador retriever, then you have found the perfect place. Thanks to their undeniable friendliness and loyalty, white Labrador retrievers are among the nation’s most popular dog breeds. As one of the nation’s leading breeders and trainers of English Labrador puppies, you’ll find the most superior bloodlines at Snowy Pines White Labs.

At Snowy Pines White Labs, our family and team pride ourselves on being the best of the best. So, we don’t only offer pedigree bloodlines, but also well-socialized and healthy puppies that are guaranteed to settle in perfectly in their new forever homes.

Snowy Pines White Labs is a family institution located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. We are certified professional breeders and trainers that aim to excel in continuing the superior bloodline of white English Labrador retriever puppies.

Our puppies are raised to be family members, and each pure-bred white Labrador retriever puppy that we raise can make an excellent companion. Boasting a docile, patient, and friendly temperament, our puppies are more than ready to join your family, no matter the size or experience level. Simply put, you get the best when you choose Snowy Pines White Labs for your white Labrador retriever puppies.



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Kentfield Kennels – English Labrador Breeder

We are Ted & Laurie Soloski, owners of Kentfield Kennels Labrador Retrievers, a small hobbyist kennel located in the beautiful countryside of Sebastopol, California, just 1 hour north of San Francisco.

Here at Kentfield Kennels we are firmly committed to breeding the traditional English Style Labrador Retriever that will become your best friend, a loving family member, hunting companion, service dog, or will be out there competing in one of the many events you can enjoy with your dog.

What we wish to produce is a substantial, medium sized dog with a good bone structure, strong muscles, a broad head and muzzle with wide set eyes that have a kind expression. A great double coat to keep out the cold and that thick traditional otter tail that is carried straight and flat from the body is our goal in each breeding. We want our females to weigh approximately 55-65 lbs, and our males to weigh around 65-80 lbs.

All of our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club, micro-chipped and enrolled in the AKC ReUnite program before they go into a new family home. This service is included in the purchase price of your puppy.

Visits are by appointment only.

Our kennel is located at:

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Goggins Lonestar Farms – English Labrador Breeder

Welcome to our farm; Home to AKC Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers.

Life is too short to be mediocre – Not your average Labrador!

Our mission is to pair families with the unparalleled companionship of Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers. We do this by having great Pedigrees, Personalities, and Place!

We are a Christian based, small time, Texas quality breeder of Champion Quality English Labrador Retrievers. Our primary focus is on health, confirmation, and temperament. Focusing on quality over quantity, we have a limited amount of breeding females, which allows us to give each of our dogs the love and attention they deserve! Our dogs have a sweet life; living on a farm where they are able to run, swim, play and enjoy the country life style as they wish! When not roaming the farm, they can be found relaxing and enjoying the climate controlled pet lodge.
Our website is our way of openly showing you our operation, we hope you enjoy looking around. If your interest grows for a Champion Quality English Labrador Retriever puppy, we would delight the opportunity to host your family in person where we would eagerly show off our family, farm, and of course our four-legged family members that have blessed our lives!

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Smoky Mtn Labradors – English Labrador Breeder

We are a family run kennel based in the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. With nearly four decades of experience in breeding dogs we work hard to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality English Labrador. We are always keenly aware that the bloodlines of these dogs are credited to those who have intentionally bred and maintained the integrity of the full English Labrador. To those who have strived for this before us, we say thank you! We hope you enjoy our site, and thanks for stopping by as my family and I continue to strive to breed the highest quality of English Labrador for you.

Gene Wolfenbarger
Knoxville, TN
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Why Did Labradors Split into English and American Labs

Dogs typically produce a litter each year. As such, it doesn’t take long for the effects of selective breeding to show.

In the second half of the twentieth century, exhibiting dogs became increasingly popular. So for the first time, multiple Labrador generations never required to work as retrievers, were bred.

But over time when dogs are bred for the show ring, exaggerations in type begin to creep in. A certain look becomes fashionable and breeders select for that look. That’s how heavier bodies, bigger heads, and shorter legs can quickly become established At the same time, those working their dogs were increasingly breeding not just hunting companions, but dogs aimed at succeeding in competitions known as field trials.

In both the US and the UK, the field trial community is the main breeding pool for Labradors. Here, breeders’ dogs compete for the coveted title of Field Trial Champion. Such a title enables the breeder to earn stud fees from their champion dogs.

In field trials, speed and drive are rewarded, less than the steadiness and endurance of old. Overall, dogs are often rewarded for special skills appearance counts for little. Thus our American labs were selected for their retrieving and marking skills and for their athleticism and speed. Little consideration was given to their appearance.

The split happened over a relatively short time in history, and was almost complete within five decades.

Of course not all Labradors are an extreme example of one type or another. You can see examples of dogs like this moderate black English Lab, in American Labs lines too.

But it has now been many years since we have seen a dual champion Labrador winning as a show champion and also as a champion in the field.

Source: thelabradorsite.com

Is There a Different Breed Standard for English Labs?

As far as the breed standard is concerned , there is only one Labrador Retriever. So in theory, all Labrador Retrievers should meet the breed standard, or at least come pretty close to it.

Dogs exhibited at dog shows are judged against that breed standard, so you would assume that any divergence would be on the part of the working dog lines.

In reality, however, breed standards are open to interpretation. And because of that, there have been changes on both sides of the divide. Show dogs have become more heavily built, whereas working dogs have become more “racy.” We’ve also seen show dog heads becoming bigger with looser skin. On the hand, working dogs have lost their wonderful otter tails, and in some cases their double coats too.

Source: thelabradorsite.com

Obesity in English Labradors – How Chubby Can You Go?

There is evidence that some Labradors are more prone to obesity than some other breeds. However, whether or not this tendency is expressed in your dog, will depend entirely on you. The English Lab community can be accepting of higher weight levels . Basically, it’s easier to let your dog get a bit chubby if your friend’s dogs are all overweight.

However, studies have shown that avoiding obesity in your Lab is the single most important thing to keep your dog well and give him a long and happy life.

Source: thelabradorsite.com

Is an English Lab the Right Dog for Me?

Both Labrador types share many features. For one, they are big, messy, powerful, and bouncy when young.

And like all Labs they are very sociable and don’t much like being left alone for hours. So if you have a full time job, do check out our advice on raising a puppy when you work However, before you think about what type of Labrador is right for you, there’s something to keep in mind. Consider whether now is the right time for your Labrador adventure to begin, with this article:

When you are confident that you want a lab, then you can decide whether an English Lab is the right dog for you.

If you just want a relaxed family pet, or the appearance of your dog is important to you, then an English Lab may be a simpler choice than a Lab from working lines.

Some breeders are trying to bring classic Labrador features back into their working lines, but not many.

If appearance is less of a big deal, you have more choice. For active people who intend to walk and train their dog extensively, either American or English Labs will suit you.

If you love training dogs to a high standard or intend to use your dog as a hunting companion, perhaps reconsider. You are likely to find an English Labrador a little more frustrating to train. You may find he lacks the drive, persistence, and athletic ability that you need.

Having said that, here in the UK, many English Labradors do work part-time as hunting companions and do a pretty good job.

Source: thelabradorsite.com

Why Are They Called English Labs?

The name English Labrador, is a bit of a misnomer. And somewhat confusing for some of our European readers.

Most English Labs living in the US are as American as their American Lab cousins. It’s simply that the breed was divided into these types of Lab, based on their roles as either pets or hunting companions.

Both strains were named differently depending on where you live. In England, the English Lab is called a Show or Bench Labrador. To those living in Britain, “English Lab” simply means a lab that was born in England.

The American Lab is called a working or field-bred Lab in Britain. And an American Lab to an Englishman, is simply a Labrador born in America.

Source: thelabradorsite.com

Where Did English Labs Come From?

The Labrador breed was established in Newfoundland by pioneering English settlers. These settlers who bought their hunting and fishing companions with them from England.

So in a sense, all Labradors are “English,” despite the fact that all early Labradors were working dogs.

I’ve written about the history of the breed in some detail , and it’s a truly fascinating story. The split between the English and American labs came later, when the Labrador grew in popularity as a pet during the twentieth century. And as we have seen, it is a division based not on geography, but on role.

Until the 1940s, the breed was essentially one strain, and one type. The breed standard was based on this type, and on the role of the Labrador as a working retriever. Then, over the next few decades, two different types of breeders emerged, and with them, the two different strains of dog.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll be sticking to the terms English Lab for show or bench Labradors, and American Lab for working or field Labradors. And we’ll be looking at the key differences between these two strains of the same breed of dog.

Let’s look first at the physical differences between the both Labs.

Source: thelabradorsite.com

Are English Labs Shorter?

The deep broad chest of the English Labrador may give the impression of a much shorter legged dog than the American strain.

In some cases, this is not just an ‘impression’ and some show line dogs are actually slightly shorter in the leg, in proportion to their spine, than working strain Labs

Source: thelabradorsite.com

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You can see the marked “stop” nicely on this yellow English Lab.

The yellow Lab, Tess has the focus and sensitivity common in Labs from working lines.

English Lab Colors It is common knowledge that English labs come in three key colors: black, chocolate, and yellow .

The yellow variety can range from a pale cream to a rich deep golden color.

But most yellow

Comparing English Lab with American Lab Puppies From quite an early age, an experienced breeder or Labrador enthusiast will be able to identify an English Lab puppy from an American Lab puppy.

Here you can see a comparison of two of my Lab puppies at the same age The puppy on the left is 3/4 English Lab and 1/4 American Lab.

English Labs tend to be a paler yellow or cream.

The most common health issues with English Labradors include: Joint issues: particularly hip dysplasia and elbow problems.

Diet, Exercise, and Weight as Risk Factors in Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Arthrosis in Labrador Retrievers (2006) Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Evaluation of risk factors for degenerative joint disease associated with hip dysplasia in German Shepherd Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Rottweilers (2001).

She adores retrieving, although sadly being born with congenital hip dysplasia we have to limit her exercise.

Comparing English Lab with American Lab Puppies From quite an early age, an experienced breeder or Labrador enthusiast will be able to identify an English Lab puppy from an American Lab puppy.

Golden Retriever Rottweiler Mix

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