2021-09-18 14:28:30 Despite Censorship and Poor Internet, Cuban Podcasts are Booming

Despite Censorship and Poor Internet, Cuban Podcasts are Booming

There is no such thing as an off-limits subject.

El Enjambre provided in-depth coverage of the remarkable anti-government protests in Cuba on July 11th, as well as harsh criticism of the ruthless crackdown that followed.

The hosts also discussed the island’s deteriorating health-care system as Covid-19 cases increased, mocked the government’s sputtering initiatives to allow some private sector activities, such as garage sales, and attempted to read the tea leaves on the future of Washington’s relationship with Havana.

Each episode includes a short, humorous scripted drama, a segment called History without Hysteria, and a lengthy conversation about issues that Cubans have been debating on social media in recent days.

“The goal was to create a conversation that you could have on any street corner in Cuba,” Mr. Condis explained. “However, we only provide verified facts because it is extremely important to us that we never provide false information.”

Mr. Condis stated that he avoided using what he considers unnecessary polarizing language, such as referring to the Cuban government as a dictatorship. The hosts do not take for granted the relative freedom they have had in criticizing the government thus far. After all, there are no press freedom laws in Cuba, and critical journalists are frequently harassed and detained at home.

“They could go to war with us at any time and take us off the air,” Mr. Condis warned.

Ms. Sánchez, an outspoken critic of the government who rose to prominence as an early adopter of technology in 2007, when she began writing a raw and lyrical blog about life on the island, has been pushing the boundaries.

Ms. Sánchez saw an opportunity to expand the reach of her journalism, which had previously been distributed as an emailed newsletter and a PDF file, in December 2018, when Cuban telecommunications company Etecsa began offering data plans for smartphones.

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Despite Censorship and Poor Internet, Cuban Podcasts are Booming