Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login

Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login

Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login – Member : We are the champions of your smile.

We believe in the power of your smile. That’s why protecting and caring for smiles like yours has been our sole focus. We’re here to help you use and understand your dental plan.

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Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login

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Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login

Knowledge Center

Pregnancy and Dental Care

Pregnant moms have a lot to keep up with. Between extra doctor visits and preparing for a new family…

Don’t Miss This Back-to-School Essential

While you may be busy getting ready to send your children back to school, life will likely get even…

What can I access on the online broker account?

With a Delta Dental online account, you can access:

  • Commission agreements
  • Pool Plan Rates
  • Forms
  • Plan descriptions
  • And more

My Clients

Can a group change its new hire waiting period?

The contract signed by the group defines the waiting period. The waiting period applies to all new employees. Some contracts may allow changes to the waiting period.

How far back can a group’s account be credited for changes/terminations?

Credits for changes and terminations on your group’s account are generally limited to 60 days prior to the current billing cycle in accordance with the Delta Dental contract.

When are groups’ Delta Dental premiums due each month?

Payment should be submitted to Delta Dental by the due date printed on the invoice (billing statement).

When should groups expect their billing statement to arrive?

Delta Dental generates billing statements (electronic and paper) on the 25th of each month. Groups that have selected electronic billing will receive an email notification that their bill has been posted to our website.

Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login – Dentist

Accessing Patient Information

My patient is covered under two dental plans. How is his/her coverage handled?

If your patient is covered by both Delta Dental of Kansas and another dental carrier or a medical plan that offers dental coverage, Delta Dental coordinates benefits with the other carrier. Generally, if the patient is covered as an employee and also as a dependent of an employee at another company, the coverage through the patient’s employer is primary. Children covered by parents who work for different employers are usually primary under the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in a calendar year (not necessarily the oldest parent). Total payments from both carriers cannot exceed 100% of the approved fee for the service. Some groups have specified a “carve-out” clause in their dental programs that might limit a secondary carrier’s payment.

If I don’t participate with Delta Dental, do my patients with Delta Dental insurance still have benefits?

Under most plans, your patient will still receive benefits, but he or she may have more out-of-pocket expenses, and the Delta Dental payment will go directly to the patient.

If your patient has a PPO-only plan (or an Exclusive Provider Option Plan), that means that patient would only receive benefits if they visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist.

Can I participate with only one of Delta Dental’s groups?

When you sign an agreement for Delta Dental Premier® or Delta Dental PPOSM, you agree to see members of all groups who have purchased the program for their employees.

Can I choose to participate only with Delta Dental of Kansas?

Delta Dental of Kansas Provider Login – By signing the contract to participate with Delta Dental of Kansas, you also agree to see patients who have coverage through other Delta Dental Member Companies nationwide.

What are the benefits of participating with Delta Dental?

As a participating dentist, 1) you have the convenience of submitting claims and checking claim status online, 2) you are eligible for electronic funds transfer and 3) you may even be eligible for daily claims payment. When you participate with Delta Dental, we will send payments directly to you based on your fees or Delta Dental’s maximum allowance. In addition, we will include your name in the participating dentist directory available to all groups and members covered by Delta Dental of Kansas, plus your name will be listed in Delta Dental’s national directory of participating dentists.

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