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A Complete Guide for website Support & Maintenance

Many people think that developing a website is enough for the business’s success and attracting users, but they are wrong as website support and maintenance services are equally important.

Compared to the past, websites are developed using the latest technologies and frameworks, which can be tough to maintain.

A lot of competition is going on between the online businesses to make their website unique and attractive for the users to attract them. Making a website unique and keeping it updated is very important.

Website support and maintenance services will also check whether your website is working properly or not. It will also check if there is any error or glitch in the website and regularly update it.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is essential after developing the website as it will regularly check your website for glitches and will ensure that it is working properly and is well optimised and updated frequently.

Website support and maintenance services are crucial things to perform as they can help the website enhance its performance, and by maintaining the website, you can take care of it regularly.

Once a website is deployed on a search engine and set live for the users to access it, the website needs to undergo regular observation attention so that it stays away from hackers and is up-to-date.

Suppose you are running a business through a website. In that case, you need to regularly take care of maintaining and updating the website to add new features in it that can attract more users and make the performance of the website smooth and easy to navigate.

Why is it necessary to maintain a website?

When a website is associated with the business, it performs many daily tasks and operations. As a result, business owners need to maintain the website to work seamlessly.

Business owners should spend some money on website support and maintenance services along with the development of the website as by maintaining the website it can run for a long term without any issues.

Let us look at the important reasons to maintain a website.

Keeping the website updated

Keeping the website updated

It is the main reason behind maintaining the website. You will need to ensure that the website is regularly updated and consists of trending features. The updates should be for both software and platforms.

You also need to check that your website is installed with basic needs such as themes, design, and plugin updates. By doing such a task, you will be assured that your website is not missing any updates.

Essential for security

Essential for security

As your website will be used by several people worldwide, the risk of hacking and cyber threats will increase. Hackers always target websites that are not updated regularly or are not protected.

Once they hack your website, they can change the code and steal the essential data. To protect your website and the data of your customers, it is necessary to maintain the website and check for security updates.

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Website support and maintenance services for security are:

  • SSL certificate

  • Security and malware scans

  • Preventive hacking measures

  • Regular monitoring of security and functions

Website backups

Website backups

Websites play a vital role in your business because you invest in the website to make your business successful. You won’t like it if you lose your important data and your progress in improving the business.

You need to keep a backup of all your essential data so that it doesn’t get lost and set a data recovery plan so that you can ensure the security and safety of your data.

Many reasons are there that can lose your data:

  • Human error

  • Hacking

  • Crashes

  • Wrong updates

  • Malware and virus

Uptime monitoring

Website downtime will have a detrimental impact on your business. The more time your website is down, the more you lose customers and visitors.

We can’t guarantee that the website will stay up regularly, but you can bring your website up in very little time. Uptime monitoring is the best way to do it. Uptime monitoring will monitor your website to ensure that your website is live.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to rank in search engines such as Google, you need to keep your website SEO friendly. SEOs believe that if a website is not well maintained, the SERPS of the site will be worse.

Google will examine your website by using its Google bots. Such google bots will look for the key information that will give Google the value of your website. Google will also analyze the keyword optimization, site structure, and errors.

Online customer experience

Website support and maintenance services play a crucial role in improving the user experience. In a world full of multiple websites, the only way to attract customers is by providing a high quality of service and better content.

With the help of frequent maintenance, you can ensure that the website is optimized, well designed, and updated regularly. The website that performs in a proper condition every time has a chance to attract more users.

Saves money

If you think that website maintenance is an extra cost initially, it can save a lot of money later. A regularly maintained website can load faster, provide a good ranking, enhance sales, and assure a better user experience.

It will help you to save costs such as hosting costs, storage costs, and much more. Your website will also eliminate the problems and issues that usually occur in the website.

Business reputation

Users will look for a trustworthy website. Although a website is not properly maintained, broken links have outdated features and functions and can attract fewer users compared to other users.

To build a reputation for the business and attract more users, you will need to maintain and update your website regularly and make it secure to trust your website.

What does website maintenance involve?

Website maintenance consists of many things to fulfil that can enhance your website. Multiple things are there to consider, such as the front end, back end, and examining the content.

If you don’t understand what to focus on, the task can become staggering. We have divided the website support and maintenance services into various parts such as:

  • Web design

  • Web development

  • Content

  • Data and analysis

Let us look at the four important areas of website support and maintenance services in detail below.

Web design

Unattractive design and aesthetics can be considered obstacles to your website. It is essential to have a design that is appealing and is relevant to your brand and reflects it.

While discussing design, there should be no rules for designing it and the only thing that can limit you must be your imagination and abilities. You have full freedom to design a website, but some areas are there that you need to handle properly.

  • On-page text – If you want your message or information to reach more customers, you must pay attention to on-page text to make it readable. Maintaining the text means ensuring the font is clear. Additionally, you must ensure the background and foreground colours of the text to make it legible.

  • Observable interactive components – When we talk about interactive components such as clickable elements, it is essential to add cues to give suggestions. Implementing colour, size, and border can give your page the functionality that can lead you to success.

  • All links need to function – Broken links can impact your users, your business, and its reputation. You need to ensure that each link you have placed is functioning.

  • Easy navigation – Assure that all the features related to navigation are easy to use and properly designed. It could save people’s time to find out how to navigate.

  • Responsive design – Users will use your website from any device, so you need to ensure that the design you selected for your website is responsive for all the devices, whether it is a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or PC.

Web development

Perfect website development and augmentation will require you to focus on the software and code. Essential parts of web development are:

  • Having a secured website – Every website must be secured and trustworthy to build trust among the users to feel safe while using your site. For making your website secure, you must have a HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure website. It is a technology that will help you keep your data secure and encrypted.

  • Website speed – Website speed is one of the essential factors to rank in Google. If the page speed is low and users need to wait for the website to load, you have a chance to lose a lot of users and visitors.

  • Cybersecurity – Protecting your website from malware and hackers is one of the most crucial things to consider for the success of your business and attracting customers.

  • HTML, CSS, Java – The designing and development process almost goes together. But for designing ample ways to set up a website, but for development purposes, you will always need an expert.


The look and performance of the website are not just enough for the success of the business, but the content of the website must also be proper and relevant.

You will need to manage, create, and put out the content. There will be a lot of content all over the internet, but to look out in the market and get noticed by the users and concert your visitors as customers, you need to create relevant and trendy content.

Data and analysis Data and analysis

The main aim of website support and maintenance services is to keep the website working seamlessly. In some cases, it involves making some changes to the website’s appearance.

One of the best ways to do it is to collect data and use it to enhance your website regularly. It is a vital step in maintaining your website accurately. You need to connect your site with the proper tools to track performance.

Website maintenance tasks

After deploying the website, the developer’s work gets finished, and now the owner of the website must manage and handle it regularly. We have already discussed what is involved in website support and maintenance services.

We have divided the main and important tasks and outlined them to make them easy to understand.

Annual maintenance tasks

  • Ensure to renew your website domain name

  • Update the areas which give reference to the present year

  • Analysis active email addresses and checks whether they can be removed or not

  • Go through the pages to see whether the content is proper and relevant or not

  • Update the website design

Quarterly website maintenance task

  • Look at the website structure design, and look for the things which are needed to improve

  • Check for the photos and graphics if they need to be updated

  • Check the content to keep it updated

  • Test and update forms, pop-ups, and call to action

  • Use your website from various devices to check its responsiveness

  • Restore a recent backup

Monthly maintenance task

  • Check the website loading speed if it takes a longer time you need to fix the speed

  • Perform security scans and ensure there is no issue

  • Look at the past website statics

  • Check your blogs and update if any blog needs to be updated

  • Look for local search visibility

Weekly maintenance task

  • Check, fix, and redirect broken links

  • Go through the pages of loading errors

  • Ensure all forms are working properly

  • Delete spam comments

  • Post a blog

Daily website maintenance task

  • Log in and go through the forms

  • Ensure you take backup of your website

  • Check for updates

Options to choose for website maintenance

After knowing what you all need for website support and maintenance services, you have four options to choose from to maintain the website.

  • Doing it yourself – If you have the required skills and have time to maintain your website accurately, it is a good idea.

  • Making the team – Making a dedicated and skilled team to maintain your website is a costly option as the team will involve professional developers that can cost you much.

  • Hiring a freelancer – Choosing a freelancer is the most reasonable option. Although, it will require proper communication during work.

  • Choosing an agency – When we talk about your website, it is best to have an agency to cover all your requirements. So hiring a dedicated company is fruitful.


The blog above will show you the guide for website support and maintenance services. As we all know, website maintenance is essential to make your website user-friendly and make your business successful.

You can go through the blog to get guidance and understand the importance of website maintenance for your business and customers. I hope the blog will guide you to maintain your website accurately.

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Rahim Ladhani, CEO and Managing Director at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the Website Maintenance services.

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A Complete Guide for website Support & Maintenance