Chihuahua Breeders in California:

Chihuahuas have long been popular as pets due to their high energy and outgoing personalities. There’s a lot to love about this four-legged ball of energy and sass, with roots in Mexican culture and a lineage dating back to ancient kingdoms. In California, there are many Chihuahua puppies for sale.

On the other hand, you should purchase a Chihuahua puppy from a reputable and well-known breeder. If you buy a cheap Chihuahua without performing any health or genetic testing, you may end up paying more in medical bills in the long run. Reputable Chihuahua breeders in California will conduct health and genetic testing, provide a puppy warranty, and offer excellent customer service. Always conduct your own due diligence and research before putting down a deposit!

Chihuahua Breeders in California

In the California area, you have a wide range of breeders to choose from when looking for a Chihuahua to welcome into your home. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Chihuahua breeders in California to help you make the right decision. If you want to learn more about the breeder, you can find contact information on their website.

The Chihuahua, with its small size and big attitude, can be an exciting and playful addition to your family and home. If you’re looking for a Chihuahua puppy in California, you have several breeders to choose from who can provide you with the necessary information and your next puppy.

The Chihuahua is a small but powerful dog. According to the American Kennel Club, the Chihuahua stands 5 to 8 inches tall and weighs no more than 6 pounds. Small dogs, such as the Chihuahua, have a life expectancy of 14-16 years. The AKC ranks Chihuahuas as the 33rd most popular dog in the world, owing to their charming yet eager personality.

Chihuahuas are known for their terrier-like demeanor and big attitude, as they try to rule the household by refusing to let their size determine their status. They require a lot of attention, making them ideal lap dogs, especially in urban areas throughout California. They don’t like cold weather without sweaters or other extra coverings because of their small size and thin fur. California has the ideal weather conditions for your future Chihuahua puppy.

A Chihuahua is a great option if you want to add a four-legged friend to your life. They, like all dogs, require regular exercise, a healthy diet, grooming, and upkeep.

Find a breeder near you or look into other options for puppies in your area. Once you’ve found the right one, welcome them home with joy and love, and they’ll be sure to reciprocate.


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Honey Bee Chihuahuas

The sweet honey AKC apple head’s home. Chihuahua puppies in Sacramento, California, where temperament, health, and quality are important. Chihuahua puppies are available for purchase.

We are AKC chihuahua breeders with a show home who strive to produce Chihuahuas that can compete in or out of the show ring to improve the breed. Every single baby is lavished with love and is a member of our family.

Explore my adorable toy chihuahua puppies and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your visit to Honey Bee Chihuahuas!

Do everything you do to the glory of the One who created you, because He created you, to do everything you do to bring a smile to His face and to tell the story of grace with every move you make and every little thing you do!

Chihuahua Breed Requirements

Chihuahua Breed Requirements

Overall Appearance 

A graceful, alert, quick-moving compact little dog with a saucy expression and terrier-like temperament.

Size, proportion, and substance are all important considerations.

Weight – A well-balanced little dog weighing no more than 6 pounds. Proportion – Because the body is not square, it is slightly longer from the point of shoulder to the point of buttocks than it is tall at the withers. Males with slightly shorter bodies are preferred. Any dog weighing more than 6 pounds is disqualified.


With or without molera, a well-rounded “apple dome” skull. Saucy is an expression. Full, round, but not protruding eyes that are balanced and set well apart-luminous dark or luminous ruby. Light eyes in blond or white dogs are permitted. Blue eyes, differences in the color of the iris between the two eyes, or two different colors within one iris should be considered serious flaws. Ears – Large, erect ears that are held more upright when alert but flare to the sides at a 45 degree angle when in repose, providing breadth between the ears. Stop – Clearly defined. When viewed from the side, it forms a nearly 90-degree angle where the muzzle meets the skull. Muzzle – Short and slightly pointed. Leaning cheeks and jaws Nose – Self-colored in blond or black varieties. They are self-colored in moles, blues, and chocolates. Pink noses are acceptable in blonds. Bite – Scissors or a level. Any distortion of the bite or jaw, whether overshot or undershot, should be penalized as a serious fault. A missing tooth or two is acceptable. Ears that have been broken down or cropped are disqualified.

Neckline, Topline, and Body 

Neck – Slightly arched, sloping gracefully into lean shoulders. Level is the topline. Ribs are rounded and well sprung in the body (but not too much “barrel-shaped”). Tail – Moderately long, carried sickle up or out, or in a loop over the back with the tip barely touching the back.
(Never tuck between your legs.) Docked tail and bobtail are disqualifications.


Shoulders – Lean into a slightly broadening support above straight forelegs that set well under, allowing for free elbow movement. Shoulders should be well up and sloping into a level back, providing balance and soundness (never down or low). This results in a well-developed chest and forequarter strength. Feet – A small, dainty foot with toes that are well separated but not spread and cushioned pads. (Neither the hare’s nor the cat’s feet.) Dewclaws can be cut off. Pasterns – Sturdy.


Muscular, with well-spaced hocks, neither out nor in, well let down, firm and sturdy. Angulation – Should be the same as the forequarters. The feet are in the same position as in front. Dewclaws can be cut off.


The coat in the Smooth Coats should be soft, close, and glossy. (Heavier coats with undercoats are permitted.) Coat should be worn well over the body, with a ruff on the neck preferred and less coverage on the head and ears. Furry tail hair preferred. Long coats should have a soft texture, be flat or slightly wavy, and have an undercoat. Fringed earlobes Tail – Thick and long (as a plume). Feathering on the feet and legs, pants on the hind legs, and a large ruff on the neck are all desired and preferred. (Grooming the Chihuahua should be limited to creating a neat appearance.) Disqualification – In Long Coats, a coat that is too thin and resembles bareness.


Any color – solid, splattered, or marked.


The Chihuahua should move quickly and with a firm, sturdy action, with good reach in front that is equal to the drive from behind. The hocks remain parallel to each other from the back, and the foot fall of the rear legs follows directly behind that of the forelegs. As speed increases, the legs, both front and back, will tend to converge slightly toward a central line of gravity. The side view reveals good, strong drive in the back and plenty of reach in front, with the head carried high. As the dog moves, the topline should remain firm and the backline level.


Alert, with ‘terrier-like’ attitudes of self-importance, confidence, and self-reliance.


Any dog weighing more than 6 pounds.
Ears that have been broken down or cropped
Bobtail, docked tail
Too thin coat in Long Coats, resembling bareness.

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Location: Sacramento, CA

Phone/Facetime: (916) 600-9678
Skype: California.honeybeechihuahua
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WebsiteHoneybee Chihuahuas California

Natelsong Chihuahuas – Northern California

Chihuahuas are a valuable breed that brings excitement and joy to owner Michelle. Michelle breeds Chihuahuas to be healthy and live long lives, according to AKC standards. Furthermore, you can be confident that your Chihuahua will follow the AKC’s purebred guidelines.

She raises her Chihuahua puppy litters in her own home as a small business breeder, so they are accustomed to family living and interacting with people and other dogs. As a result, you can be confident that their Chihuahua puppies will be well-socialized and will experience less stress and anxiety.

Michelle is passionate about raising champion dogs to win breed standards and do well in dog shows, in addition to breeding. She has competed in several shows and transfers her success to the litters she produces.

While litters only appear at certain times of the year, you can contact her to find out when the next litter is scheduled. She’s one of California’s most reputable Chihuahua breeders, with a wealth of experience. She lives in Crescent City, California, which is located in the far north near the Oregon border.

Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas – Southern California

Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas has been breeding, caring for, and sharing this breed with families since 1997. Their Chihuahua puppies are raised with people and other dogs in Riverside, California, as a family business. On our list, they are one of the oldest Chihuahua breeders in California.

They’ve had some exciting claims to fame in addition to breeding high-quality Chihuahuas. They’ve had their Chihuahua puppies featured on Animal Planet and in a Vanity Fair photo shoot. With this breed’s beauty, it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular in the media and in people’s homes.

Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas puppies come with vaccines, shots, and a full health record, so you can be confident in the puppy you choose. They also offer helpful advice on how to transition to caring for your Chihuahua puppy.

Toyville Chihuahuas – Northern California

Chihuahuas are a joy to celebrate because of their excessive “cuteness.” That is precisely the attitude of Sweetie Pie Pets, which specializes in breeding Apple Head Chihuahua puppies. Apple Head Chihuahuas are distinct from standard Chihuahua puppies. These dogs have a rounded head and large eyes that protrude from their face. They also have a smaller snout, which emphasizes their larger eyes.

Their website features a plethora of photos of current puppies and parents, making you fall even more in love with these dogs. Aside from litters and puppies, the Sweetie Pie Pets team also shares valuable videos and other resources that will provide you with the insight and information you’ll need as you welcome your new Chihuahua puppy home.

She advocates for kids and families to experience the love and responsibilities of having a pet based on her own personal experience. She firmly believes that dogs can teach humans more than humans can teach dogs! She is not far from Los Angeles, California.

  • Location: Near Los Angeles, California. Located in Southern California.
  • Email:
  • WebsiteSweet Pie Pets California

Chihuahua Dreams – Southern California

The team at Chihuahua Dreams is passionate about sharing the joy and love of puppies with interested families, having 6 to 8 litters per year. They enjoy breeding Chihuahua puppies that meet AKC purebred standards, have a great temperament, and are healthy when they enter your home, and they have over 10 years of breeding experience.

You can make requests for your puppy’s appearance or demeanor as you browse their list of available Chihuahua puppies for sale in California. They will do everything possible to accommodate your preferred size, color, and gender.

The socialization they receive in their home and environment is crucial to their good behavior. This Chihuahua breeder focuses on early neurological stimulation to various noises and human interaction from an early age. Furthermore, as you bring your puppy home, they provide a wealth of resources and care tips to ensure that raising your Chihuahua is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Your Chihuahua puppy will come with a full contract and health guarantee, so you can be confident in your puppy choice. They provide a sample of the puppy’s favorite dog food as well as health records. Their staff is also willing and available to answer questions about the best ways to raise your furry friend. This is a Chihuahua breeder in Southern California, close to Murrieta.

Lucky Star Chihuahuas

In Southern California, we are a small breeder of AKC champion line Chihuahua puppies.

We breed for high-quality Chihuahuas with long or smooth coats.
Before they are show dogs or breeders, our dogs live in our home and are beloved pets. Every decision is made with the dog’s best interests in mind. We continue to seek improvement for the Chihuahua breed through health testing and AKC confirmation shows out of love for the breed.

Our dogs come from excellent pedigrees and champion bloodlines in our selective breeding program. We conduct health checks on our adult dogs. Their findings can be found on The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals’ website (OFA). Dogs who have been cleared for Heart, Patella, and Eyes (as recommended by the Chihuahua Club of America) will be given a C.H.I.C number.

Embark DNA testing is performed on all of our Chihuahuas. They screen for over 170 genetic diseases and disorders. We have peace of mind knowing that we are not doubling up on genetic conditions that could affect the well-being and health of the Chihuahua puppies we produce thanks to health testing.

We are frequently complimented on our puppies’ wonderful temperaments. This is due to selective breeding, early stimulation exercises, and enrichment activities. Our puppies are raised underfoot in our home and have been adored since the day they were conceived.

Contact Info: Tera Jameson
If you have a question please text or email. I will call the applicants we are considering for our puppies. Thank you kindly, Tera
Text :(951) 385-3478

How To Choose A Chihuahua Puppy From A Litter

Here are some characteristics to look for in a healthy Chihuahua puppy:

  • When fully awake, Puppy is energetic and playful. (They can sleep for more than 18 hours per day.)
  • The coat (smooth or long) should be clean, shiny, and soft.
  • You should be able to feel the ribs but not see them (Correct portion of body fat).
  • Paws and pads should be squeaky clean. Toe nails should be cut.
  • The eyes should be shiny and clear, with no yellow or red discoloration or discharge. (Excessive crying
  • is normal.)
  • The inside of the ears should be clean and odor-free.
  • The nose should be moist but not runny.
  • Gums and teeth should be light pink and white.
  • There should be no evidence of coughing or vomiting.
  • There should be no signs of diarrhea on the bottom.
  • A large pot belly, which could indicate worms, should be avoided.
  • There are no ticks or fleas. Excessive scratching or biting may indicate the presence of fleas.


  • According to the American Kennel Club , the Chihuahua reaches a height of just 5 to 8 inches and doesn’t weigh more than 6 pounds. (


What Are the Best Gift Ideas for Chihuahua Lovers?

Featured Products Chihuahua lovers mugs make a perfect gift for someone, or order it for yourself and enjoy a cup of hot tea while you cuddle on the couch with your Sweetie Pie!

Where can I buy chihuahua puppies in California?

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What are the different muzzle sizes?

Muzzle – Moderately short, slightly pointed.

What are the different types of tail?

(Never tucked between legs.) Disqualifications – Docked tail, bobtail.

Where can I find a Chihuahua breeder in California?

You’ve probably tried searching for something like; ‘Best Chihuahua breeders in California’, ‘California Chihuahua breeders’, ‘Chihuahua Breeders in (CA)’ This is a good place to start and hopefully our breeder directory will help you find a breeder.

How do I find the perfect Chihuahua in California?

Follow the simple steps below to help you find the perfect Chihuahua.

How do I know if my Chihuahua is a good fit for me?

Do you know which questions to ask your breeder?

What are the available Chihuahuas?

Available Boy 1 Male Chihuahua, Ready Aug 1 Reserved Boy 1 Reserved Male Chihuahua, Went Home Mar 21, 2020 Reserved Boy 2 Reserved Male Chihuahua, Went Home Mar 21, 2020 Reserved Boy 3 Reserved Male Chihuahua, Went Home Mar 21, 2020 Reserved Boy 1 Reserved Male Chihuahua, Went Home Feb 14, 2020 Reserved Boy 2 Reserved Male Chihuahua, Went Home Feb 14, 2020

What are the Best Features of a Chihuahua?

Personality: Graceful, charming, and sassy Energy Level: Somewhat Active; Though they love to scamper around a bit, Chihuahuas don’t need much exercise Good with Children: Better with Older Children Good with other Dogs: With Supervision Shedding: Seasonal Grooming: Occasional Trainability: Independent Height: 5-8 inches Weight: not exceeding 6 pounds Life Expectancy: 14-16 years Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

What is the AKC Breed Rank?

2 weeks old Marcy, NY 13403 AKC Breeders of Merit STANDARD LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT: Minimum of 4 dogs earning titles Breeders of Merit are denoted by level in ascending order of: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

What are the benefits of AKC membership?

has proven their dedication to preserving breed characteristics goes above and beyond to produce litters with optimal health and temperament certifies that applicable health screens are performed provides care and socialization AKC National Breed Club Member AKC CLUB MEMBER This breeder is a member of an AKC-licensed parent AKC Champion Bloodline AKC CHAMPION BLOODLINE This litter has at least one dog in the puppies’ parentage, going back 3 generations, earned an AKC Conformation Championship or Grand

What are the benefits of AKC PuppyVisor?

has proven their dedication to preserving breed characteristics goes above and beyond to produce litters with optimal health and temperament certifies that applicable health screens are performed provides care and socialization AKC PuppyVisor™ Hire AKC PuppyVisor to guide you through the puppy finding journey Every puppy buyer should start here.

Chihuahua Breeders in California