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Build better websites faster with Genesis : Genesis makes setting up a WordPress website easy for everyone – no developer needed!

Genesis enables WordPress professionals to build better sites faster and to embrace modern WordPress with a set of free and premium tools.

This article will guide you by setting up your own WordPress website.
My following recommendations will help you to create a quick, elegant and SEO friendly website.

Build better websites faster with Genesis

Why Genesis?

There are many WordPress themes on the market, but most features do not slow your site down and make it hard to edit.
When you buy the topic, it’s often difficult to set it up for the demo.

Genesis is different. Genesis is different.
It is designed for speed and SEO.
And now it’s easy to set up with its one-click demo install.

Genesis has many design options and layouts packaged as children’s topics.
Dozens of Genesis children’s subjects are available, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

The core theme of Genesis includes all the key features and tools on all websites and is packaged as the theme of the parent.

Where can I find themes of Genesis?

You can buy the Genesis themes and the StudioPress core framework.
You have free access to all the topics when you use WPEngine as your web host.

Here is how you set up a WordPress website with the theme Genesis.

Step 1: Hosting and Domain

You can proceed to the next step if you already have a website up and running.

A domain is the URL in which people type you in their browser.
It’s your web address.
You can purchase them at Namecheap or Godaddy for about $10/year.

A web host is your website’s server.
Since you plan to have a WordPress website, I strongly recommend a managed host of WordPress, a host of WordPress websites.

Having purchased a domain, registered for hosting and indicated your domain to your new host (your host will give instructions for this), you should have an entirely new WordPress website that looks like this:

Step 2: Choose a theme

Check out dozens of themes in Genesis to find one that works well for your particular needs.
I recommend picking up one of the newest themes as they use all the new features in WordPress and are more likely to be able to install the demo with a single click.

For this tutorial I will use the theme Revolution Pro, the Genesis theme recently published when this article was published.

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Step 3: Install your WordPress

You should have two zip files, after selecting a theme and either buying it from StudioPress or downloading it from your WPEngine account: one for the theme frame of Genesis and one for the theme of your child.

Go to Appearance > Themes on your WordPress website and press the “Add New” button at the top:

Then click the “Upload” button and upload the zip file from Genesis.
Do the same with the zip theme file for your child.
After your child theme has been uploaded, click “Activate.”

Step 4: Install demo with one click

You should now view the screen below if you selected one of the newer themes.
This is the one-click demonstration installation.
It installs all plugins used on the demo site automatically and updates the content in order to match the demo.

That’s it! That’s it!
A website that matches the demo site should now be available.
Click on “Edit” in the toolbar at the top of your homepage and start customizing the content of your website.

Training for WordPress

If you need assistance with learning about the editor or backend of WordPress content, I recommend you register for WP101.
They have unbelievable WordPress video tutorials and popular plugins.

Here’s a video describing the content editor of Gutenberg.

Plugins Recommended

These are plugins that I use on nearly all websites.

  • Yoast SEO to help optimize the search engine.
    You may also take Yoast SEO Premium into account.
  • WPForms Contact forms lite.
    See the premium version of WPForms for advanced fields of formatting, online payments and integrating newsletters.
  • MonsterInsights for the integration of Google Analytics.
    For additional reports and features, check their premium version.
  • WP Rocket to accelerate your website

Genesis: Popular WordPress Framework pros

Genesis is famous

According to BuiltWith, more than 318,000 sites currently use the Genesis Framework.

Genesis is also only the second most popular WordPress themes in the top 1 million websites in the BuiltWith list.

With Genesis you can build a wide range of sites

Genesis is suitable for most sites.

Genesis manufacturers have built more than 30 children’s themes for different needs.
Some of them are here:Pro, Altitude Pro, Atmosphere Pro, Author Pro, Agency Pro Daily Dish Pro, Wellness Pro

The majority of Genesis themes feature multiple layouts including full width layouts for page builders.

Specialist themes exist for specific niches:

Food: Brunch Pro, Cafe Pro, Cook’d Pro, Foodie Pro, Daily Dish Pro,
Wellness/Health/Lifestyle: Essence Pro, Lifestyle Pro, Mai Lifestyle Pro, Wellness Pro.

Choosing one of these topics will help you to quickly get a site up and running.
Many other topics can be adapted to a range of business types: see the Genesis showcase for examples.

Genesis is friendly to the developer

No Genesis review would be complete without emphasizing the characteristics that make it attractive for developers:

Code quick and clean.
Genesis is built according to DRY principles (do not repeat yourself), meaning that the code is lean and well organized.
It therefore runs faster.

Filter hooks and action.
Genesis themes are packed with hooks that simplify the site adaptation.
Action hooks are places to add custom contents, while filter hooks alter outputs such as post, post date and post author.

Diagram markup.
Schema markup is a code that helps search engines to better understand the content of your site.
Sites with schema markup can look better and rank higher in search.
Genesis has its own SEO settings too, although some developers (including myself) disable them for an SEO plugin.

A number of Genesis subjects are ready for accessibility, which means that they contain features on which an accessible site can be built.
These include semanticized headings, drop down menus on the keyboard, and skip links.

All these features are also good for visitors to your site as they can make Genesis powered websites quicker to load and easier to use.

On as many sites as you want, you can use Genesis

Some business topics only allow you to use them on a single site.
If you wanted to use one on several sites, the cost would quickly rise.

For example, the Enfold theme costs $59, so that you could save $590 on 10 sites.

By comparison, once you’ve purchased Genesis, you can use it on a number of unlimited sites.

Genesis is updated continuously

In 2019, the Genesis Framework was updated 16 times.
In June 2019, version 3.0.0 was the biggest release, adding the ability to use Google AMP in the frameworks.

Once you have a Genesis child theme you will have access to all updates for the life of the theme and all updates to the Genesis Framework.
And to get them, you don’t have to use a license key.

Genesis works with the Editor Block (Gutenberg)

The Genesis Framework was ahead of the curve and supported Gutenberg, the Block Editor.

Here is an example of the Navigation Pro support for Gutenberg.

As you can see, you can add full width or width of images and benefit from the gallery of the Block Editor.

As the Block Editor continues to develop, Genesis themes seem certain to support any new features.

There are many plugins for Genesis

A search for “genesis” returns several pages of results on the plugin page of

StudioPress has developed 9 plugins and contributed 8 more.

Genesis plug-ins add features that are nonetheless useful for certain sites, such as:

Support for WooCommerce (Genesis Connect for WooCommerce)

Icons for social sharing (Genesis Simple Share)

Complete width layout support (Genesis Dambuster)

Other note plugins are:

Simple Genesis Edits – allows you to edit Genesis topic post information and footer information using simple shortcodes as opposed to code snippets, for example authors, date, categories and tags.

Atomic Blocks – this plugin, partly developed by the StudioPress team, adds new designs and function blocks to the block editor.
It can be used on any subject.

Improved documentation and support

When I first tried Genesis, I noticed it was barebones.
Back to this Genesis review, I can see that it has significantly improved.

Each child’s subject has its own setup guide, divided into sections.

Support is an important factor in the choice of a topic.
The last thing you want is to hit a block and don’t know how to seek assistance.
Fortunately Genesis offers multiple channels of support.
The knowledge base, FAQ, Community forums and the Facebook group are available.

There’s even a GenesisWP slack group where you can chat, ask questions and get tips and support online with other users.

There are now many more Genesis quality tutorials online.
Two sites that I found especially useful are:

WP sites for Sridhar Katakam

Both of these sites offer free Genesis coding tutorials and members only.
They both went for a while, so they had a big content bank.

Genesis: Popular WordPress Framework Cons


Genesis is a premium product that matches a price tag.

The Genesis Framework cost $59.95, but StudioPress strongly recommends that the parent be Genesis, using a child theme.

Child themes can easily customize a theme without changing the theme of the parent.
StudioPress provides the Genesis Sample Theme for free or a commercial theme can be purchased.

If you want both the framework and the children’s theme, the prices vary between $99.95 and $129.95.

The good news is that some ways to save money are available.

First, you own the Genesis Framework for your life once you have bought it, so you don’t have to purchase it again.
You also receive a 25 per cent discount on any other Genesis child subject you buy.

In the Pro Plus package you can purchase all Genesis children’s subjects for $499.95, which saves over $1,000 compared to individual costs.
This package price also includes subjects from third parties.

The Genesis Framework and all children’s topics are available free of charge and become a WP Engine client.
In 2018 WP Engine purchased StudioPress and now WP Engine offers to customers Genesis and its children’s themes free of charge if they subscribe to one of its managed WordPress hosting plans.

In addition, WP Engine’s 24/7 support for hosting helps set up and use Genesis plus child themes and plug-ins of StudioPress.
And they can often also help with general WordPress questions.

It can be harder to adapt a Genesis child theme

The Genesis sample theme has a configuration wizard that lets you quickly upload and run a homepage that you can then adapt to your own content.

The wizard only takes a few minutes to work and adds the plugins and demo contents you need automatically.

Genesis child topics are well documented to help you create a website that corresponds to the theme demonstration.

However, if you want to tweak the demo or do something else, you may need help from a developer to modify the code needed.

That’s not to say you can’t use a page builder Genesis theme:
Genesis + Beaver Builder is very popular.
And the Block Editor is becoming more and more like a page builder.

However, it helps to get the most out of Genesis by having a codeing experience or by knowing someone else.
Genesis has its own custom functions and a learning curve is available to accelerate.


What are the benefits of WP Engine?

Discover why organizations of all types and sizes choose WP Engine and how it can benefit you.

What can Genesis do for you?

From theme framework to custom blocks, Genesis helps you build with confidence.

What are the benefits of WP Engine?

Discover why organizations of all types and sizes choose WP Engine and how it can benefit you.

What is WordPress theme?

A theme foundation that is secure, fast, search-engine-optimized, and that drives business results.

What is WP Engine?

The WP Engine WordPress Digital Experience Platform gives companies of all sizes the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster.

What is the best hosting solution for your website?

A 60-day money-back guarantee Access to and support for Genesis and all 35 StudioPress-created themes Access to & support for the Genesis Pro plugin, which creates beautiful websites quickly using professionally designed and pre-optimized WordPress blocks, page sections of blocks, and entire page layouts of blocks Provides the ability to restrict blocks, sections and layouts to specific users so you can arm your content creators with blocks optimized to help make sure the beautiful site you build stays beautiful Ability to use Genesis, the premium themes and the Genesis Pro plugin on as many sites as you’d like and no matter where your site is hosted

What is Genesis Pro?

Launched to new and existing WP Engine customers in May, Genesis Pro helps you build better sites faster with WordPress.

What is your focus on WordPress development?

“Being able to scale your design and development work is critical for teams building with WordPress and is a major focus for WP Engine with all of our Genesis products.”

What are the benefits of using developer tools?

Make creating, deploying, and maintaining your own blocks easier with the developer tools.

What is Genesis Pro?

Genesis Pro includes a suite of capabilities to help you build beautiful websites that give you more control than ever with how you manage your designs using the WordPress block editor.

We’re proud to announce that WP Engine has launched a brand new and optional product for building with WordPress which embraces the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) called “Genesis Pro”.

What are the benefits of Genesis Pro?

Access to & support for the Genesis Pro plugin which delivers new super powers for creating beautiful websites quickly.

What is Full Site Editing?

“Full Site Editing” is a feature set that brings the block editor (Gutenberg) to all parts of a WordPress website and will give WordPress even more power than it has today.

How do you use blocks?

In today’s world, the block editor is only for editing content in the body of a post or page, but as soon as December 2020 (current estimated launch date), site admins will be able to use the block editor to create and edit content in the header (navigation), sidebar, and footer.


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  • According to BuiltWith, over 318,000 sites use the Genesis Framework at the current time.
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Build better websites faster with Genesis