Bath Bombs and UTI (urinary tract infection) – is Bath Bombs the cause?

Bath Bombs and UTI

There’s something undeniably delightful about dropping a bath bomb into the tub and watching it fizz while it offers the scent of the gods. But there’s a dark side to bath bombs that we need to talk about: Bath bombs are not always great for your vagina (Bath Bombs and UTI).

A recent article in revealed this sad truth about bath bombs, in which two gynecologists confirm that the colorful—but often chemical-filled—bath products can disrupt the delicate balance of your vaginal bacteria. A healthy vaginal pH level is between 4 and 4.5 — the ideal balance for keeping your vagina bacteria- and pathogen-free, but bath bombs can upend that delicate balance.

We asked Dr. Jennifer Wider, a renowned women’s health expert, for her take on bath bomb-gate, and she agreed with the other experts.

Bath Bombs and UTI

“Unfortunately, bath bombs contain chemicals that can disrupt the pH balance in the vagina, making a woman more susceptible to infection,” she said. “They can also irritate and cause redness and inflammation of the vulva.”

Say it ain’t so! – Bath Bombs and UTI

The good news is bath bombs aren’t guaranteed to disturb your vagina; in fact, many women bathe with them regularly and have no health troubles at all. Says Dr. Wider, “Some women can tolerate bath bombs without an issue, but if you’re sensitive or prone to infection, better to avoid.”

And if you do bathe with a bath bomb and notice itchiness, redness, or a change in your vaginal discharge, you may want to give your doctor a ring—and resist the bath bomb temptation.

How your bath bomb obsession is damaging your vagina

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Bath Bombs and UTI – Habits That Could Cause UTIs

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Bath bombs tend to be perfumed and dyed

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How does a Bath Bomb Work

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