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Bat Symbolism Meaning Totem Spirit Omens – Ultimate Guide

The appearance of the Bat in your life is an omen of change. He requests that you pay close attention to the signs around you.

The transition may be scary at first, but you must let go of old habits and patterns that no longer serve your higher calling. They will only stifle your progress.

Understanding Bat symbolism can help one predict the future, decipher past patterns and trends, and even learn from them.

A study of the bat symbol may also aid in forecasting, predicting, or deciphering the meaning of one’s dreams, as well as in making decisions.

Community, longevity, maneuverability, balance, good fortune, evolution, and supernatural powers are all represented by bat symbolism and meanings.

There are over 1,400 species of bats worldwide, and they live everywhere except the most extreme deserts and polar regions.

As a result, these fascinating flying mammals are subjects of mythology and folklore in many cultures around the world.

Furthermore, the bat spirit animal is an important figure for people who have a strong affinity for bats.

This article will teach you about bat symbols and meanings (including vampire bats), bat mythology, the bat spirit animal, and other topics.

The symbolism and meaning of bats can both fascinate and frighten people. However, as you get to know this amazing creature, you may find a powerful ally!

Do you feel misunderstood by society, or are you afraid of change? Do you want to become more aware of your surroundings?

As a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, the Bat can assist! Bat teaches you to be aware of your surroundings while appreciating all that life has to offer.

Investigate the symbolism and meaning of the Bat to learn how this Animal Spirit Guide can illuminate, support, and guide you.

Bat Symbolism and Meaning

In different cultures, bat symbolism takes on different meanings. Depending on who you ask, the meaning of the bat symbol could be positive or negative.

Bats were thought to be evil and representatives of Dracula, a bloodthirsty vampire, by early Christians.

The ideographs for ‘bats’ and ‘luck’ have the same pronunciation in Japan. The Japanese, on the other hand, regard bats as a symbol of chaos, unrest, and happiness.

Bats are very important in Chinese folklore; the Chinese also eat bats because they are thought to promote longevity.

In short, the question of what do bats symbolize has many different answers. The symbolism and meaning of the bat vary by culture.

  • Community
  • Longevity
  • Maneuverability
  • Balance
  • Good Fortune
  • Evolution
  • Supernatural Powers

If you’re looking for Bat Energy wisdom, it’s a sign that your higher self is assisting you in sharpening your sense of true seeing.

“The bat is one of the most misunderstood animals,” said the late Ted Andrews (author of “Animal Speak” and many other wonderful books).

Because bats emerge at night, they have long been associated with death and the underworld.

When we look closer, we see that the Bat (like all Mammals) lives inside the Mother’s womb from which it emerges, representing a symbolic renewal and new beginning.

This is so true that folklore refers to these creatures as “Night’s Guardians.”

In nature, the Bat is very nurturing, indicating that it has been socialized within its group.

They have exceptional communication skills and are devoted to their family and children. While they may avoid humans, there is no shortage of interaction among themselves.

In fact, bats are so “touchy-feely” with their own family that these creatures of the night could be described as “cuddly.”

Bat symbolism is a deeply soulful reminder that we should never judge a book by its cover because of their warm, sweet nature.

Many species of Bat require echolocation to hunt; this is a very precise ability that gives Bat the meanings of discovering the hidden and being attuned to vibrational frequencies.

Bat wings are well suited to simple movements, which adds to their ability to find prey – they are, in fact, structured similarly to our fingers spreading out to discover what’s hiding in the darkness of our lives.

Bat Medicine is linked to the Shaman’s ability to walk between worlds in Shamanism.

The bat represents both death and life, as well as endings and beginnings. Flying with the Bat entails trusting your psychic abilities and believing in yourself.

In European folklore, the Bat Spirit is associated with magical creatures such as witches and vampires; this was not a favorable status at the time.

However, the Bat as a modern-day familiar is far more positive, even representing good luck.


While some bat species live alone, the majority of bats live in large colonies with hundreds of thousands of other bats.

Biologists believe that bats learn about safe roosting locations from other bats.

As a symbol of community, the bat understands that there is safety in numbers and value in belonging to a group of like-minded people.

If the bat spirit animal resonates with you, or if a bat unexpectedly appears to you, it could be a sign that you need to tap into the power of a community more.

Whether for work, a common cause, recreation, or any other reason, the bat reminds you not to go it alone; instead, seek out others whose goals and values align with yours.


Bats have been known to live for up to 20 years. This is roughly twice the size of a typical squirrel.

Bats have also been around for a long time – over 50 million years. (By comparison, humans have only been on the planet for about 2.8 million years.)

The bat is a symbol of longevity because they have been on Earth for so long and live relatively long lives.

Indeed, in China, where elders are revered, the bat is regarded favorably as a symbol of wisdom and longevity.

(Of course, most of us are aware that vampires, also known as vampire bats, are said to live forever!)

Your best years are yet to come.

The bat, as a symbol of longevity, reminds you that your best years are still ahead of you.

Indeed, bats are the types who improve with age. Furthermore, the bat spirit animal reminds you that nothing can replace experience – one of the benefits of growing older.

Consider the longevity of the bat when considering things in your life that you want to last a long time, such as a relationship, your health, or a project. Bat energy contributes to the fact that it will be the last to be built.


If you’ve ever seen a bat flying, you may have noticed that they appear to be out of control. However, bats have excellent maneuverability – even better than birds.

Bats have excellent maneuverability because their wings are designed similarly to human hands – only with a membrane and more joints. As a result, the bat has a high level of control while flying.

The bat, as a symbol of maneuverability, reminds you to be flexible and quick on your feet.

You may believe that you face more challenges and obstacles than others, and that the odds are stacked against you.

The bat serves as a reminder that it’s not about having more problems, obstacles, or stress – it’s about how you deal with them.

If things aren’t going your way or you feel like you’re going in the wrong direction, the bat advises you to maneuver! Consider your ability to pivot and adapt.

You could even imagine Batman or Bat Girl’s abilities as they dodge bullets and speed away in the Batmobile.

Know that you have the ability to maneuver and create better outcomes no matter what comes your way.


The bat, like the crow, raccoon, or wolf, is a widely misunderstood animal. The bat’s association with the night, vampires, and even diseases has earned it a bad reputation.

The bat, like the bee and the butterfly, is vital to the survival of life on Earth. In essence, the bat maintains equilibrium. Bats, for example, are pollinators.

They contribute to the longevity of important plants such as bananas, mangoes, agave, and others.

Bats also control insect populations, with some bats consuming up to 5,000 insects per night.

In a nutshell, the bat is a keystone species in their ecosystem: without it, the ecosystem would collapse.

Another fascinating fact about bats is that vampire bats will look after and feed the elderly or sick bats in their colony.

They will also adopt and care for orphaned baby bats. In other words, the bat is eager to fill in when needed.

As a result, the bat is a potent symbol of balance. When we consider how nature has perfected itself over eons, the bat plays an important role in this miraculous design.

If the bat is your spirit animal or if a bat suddenly appears to you, you may be called to fill in for a coworker or to care for someone in your life who requires assistance.

Your willingness to assist is your way of keeping things in balance. This selflessness indicates that you are in tune with the Universe’s positive forces.

Similarly, the bat may be reminding you to maintain a sense of balance in your own life. This can be applied to balancing social and alone time, work and play, rest and activity, your diet, finances, and so on.

Consider how the bat rests as well. They dangle backwards. The bat’s resting position is similar to the restorative pose in yoga, in which you lie on the floor with your feet up against a wall or chair.

This is an excellent way to rest your feet and legs while increasing blood flow to your brain. Find your balance, says the bat!

Good Fortune

Through pollination, the bat helps to extend the life of fruit trees and other plants. Furthermore, bat guano (bat poop) is a popular natural fertilizer.

Because of these factors, as well as the fact that bats live in large colonies, the bat is also regarded as a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.

In fact, the Chinese consider the bat to be a symbol of good fortune, wealth, and happiness.

If a bat or bats appear in your life, take it as a sign that good fortune is on its way.

You’ve probably heard the expression “blind as a bat.” This adage is false because bats have excellent eyesight and night vision.

As a result, the bat spirit animal combines the winning combination of luck and the ability to visualize what you want to happen.

Visualization, including imagining the steps to achieve your goals, is a critical practice for making your dreams a reality.


The bat is unique in that it is the only mammal that has evolved to fly.

Furthermore, the bat’s ancestors did not use echolocation, which was another adaptation that evolved over time.

Paleontologists and biologists are still puzzled as to how the bat developed their unique abilities.

The bat, like the whale, evolved to walk on land before returning to the sea as an extraordinary example of evolution.

The bat, as an evolutionary symbol, reminds you of your own ability to evolve. In fact, this is the purpose of our soul’s presence on Earth in this lifetime: to learn and grow spiritually.

The bat spirit animal reminds you that every problem is an opportunity and every setback is a lesson.

Sometimes the most difficult challenges and the most painful heartbreaks provide us with the most valuable learning opportunities. The bat tells you to keep going because you’re learning to fly.

Supernatural Abilities

Even in colonies containing hundreds of thousands of bats, if a mother bat becomes separated from her baby (known as a pup), she has no trouble finding them.

Furthermore, bats can navigate in the dark and hear sounds at frequencies that humans cannot. These are just a few of the bat’s extraordinary sensory abilities.

The bat has long been associated with the supernatural world due to their sensory abilities and the fact that they are primarily nocturnal.

In fact, some ancient cultures believed that bats could freely travel between the worlds of the living and the worlds of the dead.

Furthermore, because the bat is a flying animal, it is associated with the concept of astral travel – when the soul temporarily leaves the body and flies before returning.

Listen to Your Intuition

The bat spirit animal, as a symbol of supernatural powers, reminds you that there is far more going on than what many people experience in their busy daily lives.

Bats are naturally sensitive individuals, picking up on stimuli that others miss.

In essence, supernatural abilities are a higher level of awareness.

If you already know that the bat is your spirit animal, or if one happens to cross your path, it could be a sign that you need to tune in more to your intuition and spirit guides.

We are all capable of doing so. Finding stillness through prayer or meditation, as well as spending time in nature, can help to sharpen our intuitive abilities.

Maybe you can build yourself a bat cave where you can go to be still and tune in to your superconscious.

Bat Spirit Animal

What do bats represent as Spirit Animals?

Be prepared for major changes if the Bat has become your Spirit Animal.

Bats are extremely sensitive creatures. Bat will advise you to keep all of your senses alert in order to gather the signs and omens that the Universe is sending you.

Bat, as your Spirit Animal, will assist you in strengthening your natural ability to “see” with all six senses.

Bat Spirit Animal

If Bat continues to appear in your consciousness, spend some time cleaning and refining your taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing, and, of course, your clairvoyant or psychic abilities.

It is important to note that, while the Bat can represent death as a Spirit Animal, it does not have to be a literal death. Instead, something may come to an end – a job, a living situation, a relationship, or even outdated ideas about yourself and your place in the grand scheme of things.

Bat is here to make this transition as painless as possible.

These associations with death are one of the most powerful aspects of the Bat Spirit Animal and Bat Totem.

When Bat works with you, he is assisting you in confronting the inner darkness and loss that you are most afraid of.

You can find greater power and spiritual connection by accepting and facing your own mortality, as well as overcoming fears of loss and change.

The Bat Spirit Animal can aid in the development of your intuition and has long been associated with psychic senses and the ability to perceive more than what the naked eye can see.

Bat can assist you in navigating through darkness in your life or uncharted territory.

While some people are afraid of bats, others feel a strong affinity for them.

You may already be aware that the bat is one of your spirit animals, or a bat may have suddenly appeared to you.

In any case, you should learn everything you can about these unusual flying mammals. After all, bats can teach us a lot.

Bats are often night owls who get their energy in the evening and work late into the night or very early in the morning.

Furthermore, your family, friends, and community are extremely important to you, and you are all too willing to step in to help those you care about without hesitation.

Furthermore, bats are naturally intuitive. People who know you may have even described you as psychic.

Furthermore, if the bat is your spirit animal, you are someone who enjoys constantly challenging yourself, growing emotionally and spiritually, and learning new skills.

If you have a bat as your spirit animal, it means you have overcome man’s greatest fear, the fear of death. Because bats live in caves and only emerge at night, they represent our consciousness.

A bat as a spirit animal represents someone who is aware of his or her own states of consciousness, also known as inner awareness. That is why such a person can comprehend the darkness of night, death, and even the realm of dreams.

The Guardian of the Night is a person who has the bat as their spirit animal.

The bat spirit guide represents intuition, dreams, and visions in Native American cultures. People who have the bat as their totem animal are intuitive and visionary.

Bat Totem Animal

People born with the Bat Totem have unusual perceptions. It’s pointless to try to fool them with disguises. In fact, it usually backfires because Bat has no time for such deception.

Bats are extremely social animals. People who identify with the Bat as their Totem Animal prefer to be surrounded by family and friends with whom they can communicate honestly and openly – especially if others are concerned about their psychic sensitivities.

Bat Totem Animal

If you have a Bat Totem, you are an excellent communicator who can change the course of a conversation and adapt on the fly.

When you’re in a group, you know how to be an active listener, giving everyone a chance to speak.

As a result, you’re likely to have few (if any) “emotional collisions” with others.

Your perceptions make you wise and diligent, and you are frequently the one who initiates new things or cleans up afterward.

Working with Bat Totem energy can help you become a facilitator and initiator, assisting others in undergoing major spiritual transformations and confronting your own subconscious fears so that you can work with sacred mysteries rather than avoid them.

Are you allowing your fears and phobias to cloud your judgment?

Bat Totem can teach you about healing and developing courage by facing your fears and refusing to be swayed by society’s limitations.

When the Bat Totem is guiding you forward, you can expect a shift in consciousness or major steps in your personal or spiritual evolution.

Bat understands that sometimes the only way to overcome an obstacle is to go through it. You could follow their sense of direction to the depths you need to go.

The bat is a totem animal that represents letting go of fears and being free of them. According to bat symbology, the bat totem animal liberates you from your deepest fears.

When a bat appears, it represents the death of fears and the rebirth of someone who will live a fearless life.

Some fears can be so deeply ingrained that they bind us and cause us to become accustomed to living with them.

You’ve gotten so used to living with those fears and phobias that they’ve blinded you (just like bats are supposed to be!).

Even if you try to heal and overcome your fear, something drives you back to it. You make some progress before succumbing to the security blanket of fear.

The appearance of a bat indicates that your evolution is about to change. A bat totem animal is like a light that will guide you through your deepest fears.

A bat encourages you to confront your deep-seated fears and core issues one step at a time.

The bat will carry you higher, and no matter what happens, you will be lifted, safe, supported, and healthy.

An animal totem represents the animal’s protective abilities. As a result, the bat totem is an effective symbol for attracting more good fortune and prosperity into your life.

It is also a symbol of health and longevity.

Furthermore, the bat totem is an effective symbol for honing your psychic senses and expanding your consciousness beyond the physical world.

If the bat is your totem animal, you are a highly sensitive person who is hyperaware of your surroundings. When it comes to seeing through illusion, you have exceptional abilities.

You have the ability to get right to the heart of the matter. You are a social person with strong family ties.

You are a nurturing person with excellent communication skills who communicates through touch.

You have keen perception and may have prophetic dreams. You are able to quickly adapt to any situation.

If the bat is your power animal, know that he will take you on an unusual journey, but he will never leave your side.

Understand that the bat will not accept half-hearted attempts at self-improvement. He requires dedication and can be difficult, but the rewards are enormous.

When you make a bat your power animal, he will never leave your side. He will remain by your side as a loyal and everlasting friend, assisting you in discovering and maintaining your true highest potential.

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Bat Power Animal

There are numerous reasons to choose Bat as your Power Animal, not the least of which is to aid you in spiritual transitions and past life exploration.

Bat assists us in uncovering secrets, even those we keep to ourselves. Remember that the myth that bats have poor vision is untrue.

They have excellent night vision. When the shadows fall, however, Bat must rely on its echolocation ability to avoid disaster.

Bat Power Animal

Do you keep secrets? Do you hide your fears in dark places? Bat can assist you in confronting these issues and releasing the emotional burdens that are weighing you down.

Bat, as a Power Animal, can also teach us when a quick retreat is required – it is acceptable to return to the safety of a cave on a regular basis. There, you can rest and rejuvenate in a less visible location.

When you want to let go of old, outmoded ways of thinking and behaving, invoke Bat Medicine.

Get over your fear and embrace a new way of life!

Remember that facing the dark does not have to be frightening, and it may even help you seek out the Light as a place where you can always live.

A power animal’s most dynamic traits can empower you. So, if you want to change something in your life, think about the characteristics that the power animal represents.

You can, for example, meditate on the bat power animal in situations where you:

  • Would you like to see something flourish and grow, such as a garden, your family, your finances, or another endeavor?
  • Are going through changes and want to be able to deal with them with grace and flexibility.
  • Do you want to bring more balance and reciprocity into your life?
  • Would you like to improve your psychic or intuitive abilities?

Power animals are our sources of assistance and strength. Their characteristics energize and support us. One person can have multiple power animals, but only one is revealed at a time.

If a bat is your power animal, consider yourself lucky! A bat power animal and the bat symbol represent adaptability, strength, overcoming fears, rebirth, and success.

A bat power animal will empower you to overcome challenges and obstacles, just as a bat uses echolocation to avoid hitting objects and find what it wants to eat.

It will assist you in taking stock of your current circumstances and surroundings in order to choose the best path around obstacles in order to find your target and achieve your goals – whatever they may be.

A bat knows how to fly up, and that is where you will also fly!

Bat Mythology and Folklore

People all over the world are fascinated by bats. As a result, they are important figures in many cultures’ mythologies and folklore.

The bat was associated with vampires in Western mythology and folklore long before Bram Stoker’s Dracula, dating back to Aesop’s fables.


Bat Mythology and Folklore

Early bat observers noticed similarities between bats and humans, particularly their tendency to suckle their young at their nipples, as humans do.

However, due to their nocturnal nature, bats, like owls, became associated with the supernatural.

Bats were sacred to the wife of Pluto, the God of the Underworld, in Greek mythology.

The indigenous tribes of South America incorporated vampire bats into their mythology and folklore.

Some ethnologists studying the people and plants of Guinea even formally named one of the plants Bat’s Bane – because the juice of the leaves, when applied to one’s toes, appeared to kill attacking bats.

Bats were revered by Mesoamericans and South Americans as a symbol of the underworld and rebirth or return to life.

Small blood-drinking bats native to South and Central America became associated with the mysteries of death and eternal cycles of renewal, as well as vampire terrors.

Bats have been eaten in Turkey since the Old Testament declared them an abomination.

Bats were thought to be a good omen and bring good luck in Chinese mythology. Sho-Hsing, the God of Longevity, is represented by two bats.

Four bats symbolized health, wealth, longevity, and peace.

The phrase “blind as a bat” is incorrect because bats have good vision. Furthermore, only three species of bats have been observed drinking blood, and they have no connection to vampire folklore.

Mentioning a bat after nightfall is considered unlucky in India. Those who do so risk losing their property.

In Scotland, seeing a bat in flight, rising, and then descending eastward is considered unlucky, and one should not leave their home after that.

A bat in the chimney is a sign of impending doom in Belgium.

Mesopotamian Meaning of Bat

The Sumerians used the term utukku to describe demons. The utukku were described as dark shadows with poisonous voices.

However, some utukku were good and would fight the evil utukku.

A subset of demons known as edimmu lived among the utukku. The edimmu were described as the spirits of those who were not properly buried.

They were wind spirits, and some of them were said to have wings. The edimmu, enraged and vengeful, sucked the life out of people while they slept.

The edimmu are linked to bats, and some anthropologists believe they were the inspiration for vampire stories.

The Sumerians believed that providing proper burials for their Earthly bodies would appease the edimmu.

African Mythology and the Bat

People tell stories about bats all over Africa. The bat, like the crow in Native American mythology, is frequently a trickster. One Nigerian legend explains why the bat is nocturnal.

Native American Bat Symbolic Meanings

Bat is a Native American animal symbol that represents a light in the darkness. Bat medicine liberates us from our old selves and makes way for something new and healing.

Bat, like Coyote in other settings, can be a trickster. A popular game is blind man’s bluff. Allow Bat to teach you how to “see” by HEARING.

However, let Bat energy teach you that things are not always as they appear to you.

Bat Totem can teach us to go into the “dark” inner world and attune ourselves to our higher perceptions in some Native Shamanic practices.

Because the Bat Totem is associated with the Trickster archetype, it conveys the message that not everything is as it appears.

Bat symbolism is associated with rain and cleansing among the Zuni people. This is in stark contrast to other cultures’ associations with impurity and evil.

When it comes to Bat symbolism and meaning, the Zuni share one thing with other cultures: the association with the night. Bats are the Zuni’s nighttime guardians.

Bats are also associated with the power of life, death, and rebirth.

Christian Symbolism of the Bat

What does a bat represent in Christian mythology?

Bat symbolism was not popular in early Christian Europe. Bats were given the same consideration as rats, possibly for practical reasons or due to fear of these nocturnal creatures.

That is, they were considered vermin, unclean, and omens of bad luck. Bats are also associated with night and darkness.

Bats are considered unfit for human consumption in the Bible.

This is not a proclamation to protect bats, but rather to protect people from ingesting an unsavory animal, no pun intended.

Bats are associated with lust and sexuality in Christian lore, in addition to being associated with darkness, night, and thus demons, evil, and Satan.

Though not directly related to Christian doctrine, the fascination with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and vampire myths relating Bat to evil spirits and vampires stems from an association in traditional Christian communities in Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, the connotation of Bats representing seduction and lust plays into the archetype of the Vampire/Dracula mythology, which associates temptation, pleasure, sexuality, and all things hedonistic with these supernatural beings.

As a result, Bats can represent the “dark side” of your inner desires.

Just as Dracula (or Demons/Satan) can entice others to follow their command with their hypnotic powers, perhaps Bats represent our ability to be seduced by our inner, subconscious, or even unconscious longings.

As a result, the Bat is sometimes associated with desolate locations. When working with Bat, you may be called to go deeper into the isolated, abandoned places in your life or psyche to clear out the dust and create deeper understanding or healing by confronting what has been buried or neglected.

While modern and eclectic Christian believers may regard the Bat as a messenger and symbol of mysteries and rebirth, the imprint of Medieval Christian lore in which Bat symbolism was closely associated with vampires and evil spirits remains.

5 Surprising Facts About Bats

Bats in Greek Mythology

Bats were thought to be a type of bird in ancient Greece. However, the Greeks recognized that the bat was not a typical bird.

For one thing, because the bat was nocturnal, the Greeks associated it with the underworld, or the world of the dead.

A maiden named Alcithoe and her sisters were invited to a party given by Dionysus, the god of wine, parties, and ecstasy, in one myth.

The ladies, on the other hand, refused, preferring to stay at home to spin and weave. Dionysus was so enraged by their rejection that he transformed them into bats and birds.

Bats are described as carrying the souls of the dead to the underworld in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.

The ancient Greeks, in fact, believed that other winged animals, such as birds and butterflies, carried the souls of the dead.

The Bat in Celtic Mythology

The bat was associated with spirits and fairies in Celtic mythology, and they were shrouded in superstition.

For example, if a bat became entangled in a woman’s hair, the Celts believed she would die soon. (In reality, bats’ echolocation can detect our dense bodies as opposed to insects, which they eat.)

As a result, a bat has no desire to come into contact with a human.)

The Celts also told stories about pookas, who were fairy creatures who could transform into animals or humans. The animal could be a dog, cat, horse, goat, bat, or something else.

Pookas were thought to be tricksters, so meeting one could be fatal, but not always.

Pookas were also associated with fertility and were known to bring people gifts.

Bats are associated with the underworld as well as being a “spiritual navigator” in Celtic symbolism.

Because the Bat hangs upside down, Celts associated this night creature with transposition – akin to being reborn.

Bat is associated with the mystical and powerful Samhain (Halloween) celebration. This association can be seen even in modern secular Halloween celebrations.

Samhain, like other Fire Festivals, is celebrated with bonfires that attract Bats.

A Bat can cause trouble if he gets caught in your hair, according to Celtic folklore. It is said that if a Bat escapes with a strand of your hair, you will have bad luck.

Because hair has magical associations, the deeper meaning may allude to the need to keep your own radar clear so that you do not distract yourself or lose focus of your magic.

Bat is said to be an omen of changing weather in Isle of Mann folklore. It is believed that seeing Bats flying around at sunset predicts good weather.

Fairies, Phookas, and disembodied spirits were thought to take the form of Bats, according to Thomas Crofter Croker’s book Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland.

In this account, Bat symbolism and meaning also describe Bat as a trickster who can take over people’s bodies and cause chaos.

Other stories mention a female Bat-like being named Cyhiraeth. She is similar to a Banshee, but her call predicts death.

In addition to her cry foretelling death, Cyhiraeth can flap her wings to warn of impending death.

A tale from the Isle of Mann also contains Celtic lore that associates bat-like creatures with powerful female spirits.

Tehi Tegi is a sorceress and enchantress who seduces men into following her by posing as a beautiful woman riding a white horse.

She is said to transform into a Bat after luring men into a river, while her horse transforms into a porpoise.

Her victims then realize they are in deeper water than they realize, and they drown.

A bat swooping down and flying east is considered bad luck in Scotland, according to folklore. This is considered a bad omen, so stay inside.

Native American Bat Symbolic Meanings

Bat is a Native American animal symbol that represents a light in the darkness. Bat medicine liberates us from our old selves and makes way for something new and healing.

Bat, like Coyote in other settings, can be a trickster. A popular game is blind man’s bluff. Allow Bat to teach you how to “see” by HEARING.

However, let Bat energy teach you that things are not always as they appear to you.

Bat Totem can teach us to go into the “dark” inner world and attune ourselves to our higher perceptions in some Native Shamanic practices.

Because the Bat Totem is associated with the Trickster archetype, it conveys the message that not everything is as it appears.

Bat symbolism is associated with rain and cleansing among the Zuni people. This is in stark contrast to other cultures’ associations with impurity and evil.

When it comes to Bat symbolism and meaning, the Zuni share one thing with other cultures: the association with the night. Bats are the Zuni’s nighttime guardians.

Bats are also associated with the power of life, death, and rebirth.

Far Eastern Bat Symbolic Meanings

In the Far East, particularly in China, the Bat represents good fortune and longevity. The number of Bats seen has significance as well.

Five Bats represent the five blessings of long life, wealth, honor, health, and natural death.

Bat symbols are used by Feng Shui practitioners to attract happiness and fulfillment of dreams.

Bats with gold coins in their mouths are frequently placed in the West or Northwest of a home to open Chi for a happy family and assistance from notable people.

Hang it on your door to keep sickness at bay.

It is considered unlucky in India to discuss the Bat at night.

According to this legend, doing so could result in the loss of something valuable to you.

They are also considered a good omen in Japan. To encourage wish fulfillment, bat symbols appear on various works of art.

In fact, the Bat is frequently used, along with peaches and other symbols, to amplify the meaning of good luck in Japanese arts and decorations.

Bats frequently accompany the ideograph for Good Luck, giving the symbols nearly interchangeable meaning.

Though the symbolism of a Bat is associated with luck and happiness, this animal is also associated with chaos and unrest, possibly due to their seemingly frantic or erratic flight patterns.


Locals in Tanzania tell stories about an evil spirit known as Popobawa. Popobawa translates to “bat wing” in Swahili.

The dark shadow cast by a bat’s wings at night appears to be similar to the dark shadow cast by the spirit Popobawa.

Popobawa, as a shapeshifter, can transform from animal to human and back again. Popobawa is said to prey on humans at night.

So, if Popobawa is nearby, one option is to sleep in the open, rather than in their homes.

Tegi Tehi

The Tehi Tegi is the subject of a well-known Celtic myth. Tehi Tegi was a sorcerer and enchantress. She enchanted 600 men in one story.

The adoring men followed her as she rode a white horse from village to village.

The Tehi Tegi eventually led the men to a river. She waded out on her horse, making the river appear navigable.

Once all of the men were in the river, she used her arts to create waves, and all of the men drowned.

The Tehi Tegi’s horse transformed into a dolphin and swam away, while the Tehi Tegi transformed into a bat and flew away in the night.

The Norse Mythology

In Nordic mythology, bats were either associated with or related to owls.

In fact, the two were known as the same thing in Old Danish: nathbakkae, which translates to “night flapper,” or aftenbakke, which translates to “evening flapper.”

According to some accounts, the ancient Scandinavians regarded the bat as a supernatural being who could foretell death.

The ancient Scandinavians also believed that the bat could enchant people and change their behavior.

Navajo Bat Meanings

The bat is an important spiritual intermediary between people and spirits for the Navajo.

According to one Navajo legend, the goddess Changing Woman desired to make an offering to the god of winter thunder.

All of the animals were too afraid to assist her in presenting the gift. The bat, on the other hand, humbly stepped in and offered their services.

The Navajo regard the bat as a guide and protector. If a person is on a vision quest or looking for answers, the bat may whisper in their ear or fly in a way that provides answers from spirits.

The Origins of the Bat in Ojibwe

The bat was also a guide and helper for the Ojibwe. There is a legend about how the bat came to be.

The sun was rising a long time ago when it became entangled in the branches of a tall tree. The sun became more entangled as it attempted to untangle itself.

The sun did not rise that morning. The night animals, such as the mountain lion and owl, were unconcerned because they could continue hunting.

When the other animals and birds awoke, they saw that it was still dark and went back to sleep.

After a while, it became increasingly cold, and the animals realized something was wrong.

So they convened a council meeting to decide who would go in search of the sun.

After much deliberation, the squirrel offered that he could climb a tree and see where the sun went. So the animals all agreed, and the squirrel began to head east.

He eventually found the tree where the sun was stuck and climbed it.

“Little Brother, please assist me,” the sun begged. As a result, the squirrel began to bite the branches and untangle the sun. However, as he moved, his tail and moccasins caught fire.

“Please don’t stop now,” the sun begged. “I’m almost there.” So the squirrel kept working, despite the fact that it was extremely hot and he was on fire.

The sun was finally free, and it rose in the sky. The animals and birds were overjoyed. The squirrel, on the other hand, sat on a branch, lamenting the loss of his beautiful bushy tail and soft fur.

“Little brother, you have freed me,” the sun said, feeling sorry for the squirrel and grateful for his assistance. “What can I offer you in exchange?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to fly,” the squirrel thought for a moment before saying. So the sun gave the squirrel wings, and thus bats were born.

Maya Mythology’s Meaning of the Bat

The bat was an important figure to the Mesoamerican Mayas. For one thing, bats were regarded as fertility symbols, guarding corn and other crops.

The Maya, like the Native Americans to the north, saw bats as messengers and intermediaries between the human and spirit worlds.

The Maya also believed that shamans could transform into bats and back, and they worshiped a number of bat deities.

The Bat God Camazotz

Camazotz was a bat god of the Maya. He was associated with the underworld, nighttime, sacrifice, and death, as his name translates to “death bat.”

Camazotz was especially important to the Zapotec Maya tribe. There was a series of caves known as the Sacred Cenotes that were home to bats.

They thought the caves were the entrances to the underworld, where bats first appeared.

Legend of the Australian Aborigine Bat

A creation myth about the bat exists among the Aboriginal Kulin People of southeastern Australia. In the story, Balayang, the bat deity, is the brother of Bunjil, the great eagle deity.

Bunjil invited Balayang to live with him, according to legend. Balayang, on the other hand, refused, claiming that Bunjil’s country was dry and desolate.

Bunjil was so offended by the insult that he enlisted the assistance of two hawks, who set fire to Belayang’s land, scorching him and his family.

This is why bats are still black or dark brown to this day.

Meaning of a Bat Tattoo

When you see a Bat tattoo on someone else, you may not know whether they are paying homage to the Bat Spirit Animal or are simply obsessed with vampire movies.

One thing is certain: Bat attracts individuals who are drawn to mysteries and have a special relationship with the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth.

Even to the point of adorning their bodies with this fearsome creature.

Tattoos of bats make a powerful statement. Bat’s symbolism and meaning have had an impact on you, whether you respond by feeling magnetically drawn to a person with this tattoo or by feeling a cautionary instinct to stand back.

If you work with the Bat Spirit Animal or have Bat Totem energy, you may want to consider getting a Bat Tattoo as a tribute and reminder of the powerful, mystical, and spiritual path you’ve chosen.

A Bat Tattoo can represent the power of perception, psychic awareness, and a reminder of mortality and eternal life.

While there is a wide variety of Bat tattoo art and designs available, each arrangement has its own meaning.

A tattoo of five bats can represent the five virtues of health, wealth, longevity, an easy, natural death, and happiness, according to Eastern tradition. Sho-Hsin, the God of Longevity, can be represented by two bats.

Bat tattoos can represent good luck, health, and prosperity, or they can invoke the energy of chaos or chaotic magic.

In Japanese tradition, a Bat Tattoo can represent good fortune and is frequently combined with the symbol for “Fuku” or luck.

A bat tattoo is a fantastic tattoo motif because the design can be complex or simple while still clearly indicating that it is a bat.

Because bats are symbols of good fortune, a bat tattoo can serve as a constant reminder that good fortune is on its way.

A bat tattoo can also communicate to the world that you are undergoing personal evolution in order to become a better version of yourself.

Tattoos are extremely personal to the individual whose skin they adorn. But, hopefully, learning more about bat symbols and mythology will help you interpret your tattoo even more deeply.

Bat Dreams

Along with the bat comes the ability to reveal prophetic dreams and increase sensitivity to psychic phenomena, the occult, and the afterlife. One of the most important lessons to take away from this is to be wary of illusion.

Don’t give in to unfounded, false, or irrational fears. Allow yourself to spread your wings and let go of your fears.

Bat Dreams

A bat appearing in your dreams can have several meanings. It can represent filth, personal demons, or annoyances. Bats in dreams are also associated with rebirth and unrealized potential.

It is time to break old habits that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Bat is attempting to warn you that the path you are currently on is not in your best interests.

It is not assisting you in growing or achieving new goals. It’s possible that you’re going into a situation blindly.

Before accepting a deal or entering into this situation, it is a good idea to take some time to carefully evaluate the facts.

If you see a white bat in your dream, it could mean that a family member has died.

A black bat represents a personal disaster. If you dream of a vampire bat, it means that you are feeling depleted of energy or that something is causing you to lose confidence.

Seeing five bats in a dream represents good health, happiness, longevity, peace, and wealth, according to Chinese folklore.

Most people fear bats because they are dark and scary, nocturnal, always found in dreary, dark, and desolate places, flapping eerily overhead, and potentially blood-sucking.

Typically, the meaning of a bat dream is fear. Because bats are blind, a dream about bats could indicate vision problems or even blindness.

We all have fears, and the meaning of a bat dream could represent those fears in our daily lives. A person who has been attacked or bitten by a bat may develop a fear of bats and have nightmares about them.

Dreaming of bats in a cave could indicate that you are hiding your fears from others, but that they do exist.

A ‘dream about bats flying overhead’ indicates that your fears are still present, but they are not affecting your life right now.

Dreams can have a variety of meanings, and your perception of bats will undoubtedly influence your dream interpretation.

Some people, for example, associate bats with Halloween or the occult. Others see them as cute and in need of protection.

What matters is that you examine your emotional and physical experiences in the dream.

This is your subconscious mind telling you what you should do in your conscious, awake state.

Some dreams are insignificant, whereas others can contain important messages from your spirit guides or other metaphysical information.

Hopefully, learning more about bat symbolism and mythology will help you understand the meaning of your dream.

It should be noted that not all dreams about bats are morbid.

Depending on the dream’s other elements, your subconscious or higher-self may be sending a gentle and humorous message to let you know that you or someone close to you is acting a little “batty.”

When a Bat makes its way into your Dreamtime, it represents untapped potential.

Whatever you did in the past does not define who you are today. If you are considering contract negotiations, read between the lines carefully.

If you’re having trouble shaking the deeply ingrained cultural association between

Bat and fearful connotations, Bat Spirit Animal, and Bat appearing in dreams may still be beneficial to you.

Bat, as a symbol of your deeper fears, serves to remind you that you may be avoiding what you fear rather than confronting and working through your subconscious dilemmas.

You can even deduce deeper meaning from the context in which Bat appears in your dream.

What does a Bat represent when he flies far above you in your dreams? What does it mean when Bat comes up close and stares you down?

These subtleties can teach you a lot about how disconnected or aware you are of your fears. Are you keeping a message or an initiation at a safe distance or confronting it head on?

Dreams about bats can be powerful negative energy omens. But this is ONLY because society has demonized these incredible animals.

Bats are associated with vampires and other demonic entities in folklore. As a result, bats represent being internally (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) unclean.

Black Bat Dreams foretell of impending personal disasters, so be vigilant in determining whether it is time to conduct a spiritual cleanup of yourself and your surroundings.

Seeing a Bat in your dreams, on the other hand, could represent individuals in your sphere who are energy vampires.

These people will drain you of all your resources (financial, emotional, and mental).

Blind as a Bat Dreams – This is a literal symbol warning you to be cautious of a situation you may be entering ‘blindly.’

Consider this an omen to pay close attention and be extremely discerning when investigating and considering all the hidden and obvious facts.

White Bat Dreams – Because white is the color of purity and ascension, dreams about a white bat may represent the death of a close relative.

Read Bats in Dreams: Their Symbolism, Messages, and Omens to learn more about the Bat Spirit in dreams.

The Bat as a Rebirth and Renewal Symbol

The bat teaches us to face our fears and find the light in rebirth. You must confront your deepest fears and start a new chapter in your life.

Face your fears in order to overcome emotional barriers that are preventing you from embarking on this physical or spiritual journey. He inspires transformation as a shape shifter.

It is time to pay attention to new ideas, hunches, and emotions that you may not be familiar with. Accept the possibilities that the universe has for you.

Bat reminds us to let go of our ego in order to pursue spiritual growth and renew our thoughts and beliefs on a regular basis.

He assists us with inner work, loving our adversary as we love ourselves, and nurturing personal growth in all of its forms.

Bat bestows insights, renewal, and enhanced perceptive abilities. Trust your instincts and intuition.

He will assist you in deciphering hidden meanings in the words of others. What is not said will be audible to you.

Bat Encounters and Omens

Bats are amazing and mysterious creatures that are the only mammals that can fly. They orient themselves using a sophisticated echolocation system.

They have excellent hearing abilities and use their ears to perceive their surroundings.

During the day, bats hide in dark and desolate places. They sleep upside down and give birth to their children in this manner.

Bat encounters can leave people feeling unsettled, disturbed, and even scared.

Bats are mostly found in caves, ruins, tombs, and other dark and dingy places. Their eerie appearance, usually at twilight when they flap overhead, can be frightening.

Bats have a bad reputation due to their fondness for abandoned houses and ruins.

If you see a bat, it is a sign that something is about to die.

The bat is trying to tell you that that part of your life is over and that you should not obstruct its rebirth – it is one of the most important symbols of rebirth.

The thoughts you have while encountering a bat can also play a significant role in its bat spiritual meaning.

Perhaps you have been thinking about birth or rebirth, consciously or unconsciously.

The symbolic representation of a bat entering a cave to die (sleep) only to reappear at twilight represents rebirth and the need for birth to bring something new.

When the Universe is trying to tell you to let go of old thoughts and beliefs, a bat may appear in your path.

It could represent the rebirth of new ideas, kindness, generosity, collective good, and even freedom and other positive things.

If you see bats frequently, it could be an indication that you are progressing in your evolution.

You might be the type of person who cannot be duped by anything. It’s wonderful to find your groove, let go of old ideas, beliefs, and traditions, and welcome the birth of new ideas.

People in the modern Western world believe that flying bats could collide with someone’s head.

This is not true because bats use echolocation, which is a sophisticated orienting system that keeps them from colliding. This scientific breakthrough has done little to dispel the myth.

A bat circling someone’s house three times is considered a sign of impending death in parts of England and the United States.

A bat flying ‘playfully,’ on the other hand, could be a good omen bringing good weather.

A bat bone in your pocket ensures that no harm comes to you. People used to carry a bat’s right eye in their pockets to make themselves invisible in Europe.

Unfortunately, a bat in the house omen is a bad one. Because it is a bad omen, people often catch and hang them over the door.

Killing a bat is also considered unlucky in many parts of the world; one would die quickly if they did so.

Polynesian Bat Meanings

The bat is a sacred animal in Samoa and Tonga, where it is regarded as a flying fox.

In one story, a Samoan princess named Leutogi is sent to Tonga to marry the king in order to mediate a peace treaty between the two countries.

Leutogi discovered an injured baby bat while living in Tonga. She felt sorry for him and nursed him back to health before returning him to the colony.

The Tongans, a warrior culture, mocked Leutogi for her compassion for the pitiful creature.

When the king’s family began to suffer from bad luck, the Tongans blamed Leutogi. They claimed she was a witch who should be burned at the stake.

When they attempted to burn her, a colony of bats arrived and saved her.

Princess Leutogi was taken by the bats to a deserted island where they lived with her.

They pollinated and fertilized the island over time, causing it to become lush with fruit and flowers.

China’s Bat Symbolism

The bat is a symbol of good fortune, happiness, wisdom, and longevity in China, as mentioned earlier in this post.

In fact, in Chinese culture, five bats represent the concept of wufu, which translates to “five blessings.”

Longevity, wealth, health, doing good for others, and enjoying a happy old age are the five blessings.

A bat is depicted in some symbols as biting a coin, which is particularly auspicious for wealth and prosperity.

Others depict bats with peaches, which are another symbol of longevity and vitality.

According to feng shui practitioners, placing bat symbols in an office or entryway to a home is beneficial for attracting happiness, health, and prosperity.

Hinduism’s Bat Symbolism

Hindus in India associate the bat with the goddess of wealth and fortune.

Lakshmi. In fact, bats are worshiped and protected in the village of Sarsai, which is located in the state of Bihar in northeastern India.

Many people died during the 14th century plague, according to local legend.

Bats began to populate the area around this time. There have been no other plagues in the village since the bats moved in.

Vampires and bats

Three vampire bat species exist among the world’s approximately 1,400 bat species.

They call Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay home. However, some biologists believe that vampire bats existed in northern latitudes hundreds of years ago.

While vampire bats used to feed on wild animals, as animal agriculture has grown, they now primarily feed on domesticated animals such as cows, pigs, horses, and sheep.

Nobody knows for certain when bats became associated with vampires.

Tales of blood-sucking monsters predate Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which was published in the late 1800s.

For example, in 4000 BC, the Sumerians told stories about demons sucking people’s blood.

These stories eventually spread throughout the Middle East, Africa, the Slavic countries, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Historians believe that rabies is to blame for the connection between bats and vampires. Vampire lore was especially prevalent in medieval Eastern Europe until the nineteenth century.

People did interact with animals such as wolves and bats at the time, some of which likely carried rabies.

Historians believe that people who were bitten by a wolf or rat and then developed rabies acted aggressively and foamed at the mouth, as if they were possessed.

This behavior may have led locals to believe the rabies victims were vampires.

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