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Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix :Crossbreeding an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie resulted in the creation of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, a highly intelligent and active crossbreed.

Both parent breeds were bred as working dogs (to herd cattle and sheep) and were bred for obedience.

The Border Collie is regarded as the most intelligent dog breed, so it should come as no surprise that the resulting cross is also very intelligent and quick to learn.

This medium-sized crossbreed can be a wonderful addition to a family home as well as a working dog’s lifestyle.

Due to their high activity levels and need for mental stimulation, they are less suited to homes with limited space; however, this energetic and faithful crossbreed may be just what your home is looking for.

Let’s look at how the endearing ‘Border-Aussie’ came to be and what they need to be happy and healthy.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a cross between two sheepdog breeds that were historically bred to herd livestock such as sheep and cattle on farms and ranches.

Given that both breeds are classified as herding, it is not surprising that a cross between the two breeds produces a focused and intelligent hybrid.

The Border Aussie is devoted, obedient, and always on the move.

Even as a companion animal, they are frequently seen attempting to herd their family by running in arching loops around them before collapsing to the floor.

This type of behavior only emphasizes what they were bred to do and demonstrates how strong their herding instincts remain.

To investigate the hybrid’s history, it is necessary to first learn more about each of the parent breeds:

Border Collie

The ancestry of the majority of Border Collies can be traced back to a stud dog named Old Hemp who lived in northern England in the 1890s.

Old Hemp was such a good sheepdog that there was a lot of interest in his puppies, who would hopefully inherit his intelligence and obedience.

As a result, Old Hemp fathered approximately 200 offspring and had a significant impact on the popularity of this breed, which first appeared in the United States in the 1920s.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd’s history, on the other hand, is a little more hazy.

They are not at all Australian!
The breed was actually developed in the late 1800s in the American West.

Previously, this breed was known by a variety of names, including:

Spanish Sheepdog

Mexican Shepherd – New

Shepherd from California

It is widely assumed that they originated in a region between France and Spain, where they worked for Basque shepherds before migrating to Australia and, later, the United States.

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Origin of the Breed

Despite the fact that both parent breeds have a long history, the first crossbreeding of these two breeds is unknown.

Kennel Club Approval and Pedigree

The following Kennel clubs recognize the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix:

Designer Dogs Kennel Club Dog Registry of America, Inc. American Canine Hybrid Club International Designer Canine Registry

Because they are not purebred dogs, neither the American Kennel Club nor the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom recognize them.

Because they are a crossbreed, they are not always as desirable as their purebred counterparts.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Info
Size 19-23 inches (male) and 18-21 inches (female)
Weight 35-65 lb (male) 30-50lb (female)
Lifespan 10-17 years
Breed Type Mixes and more
Purpose Companion Dog & Herding
Suitable For Farmers Who Require A Herding Dog, Agility/Flyball Trainers, Active Families
Color Variations Black/White, Red, Red Merle, Blue Merle, Red Tricolor, May Have Tan Markings
Temperament Energetic, Intelligent, Loyal, Focused, Loveable
Other Names Border Aussie

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies

This dog would make an excellent family pet.

The average litter size for Border Collies ranges from 4 to 8 puppies, while the litter size for Australian Shepherds ranges from 6 to 9 puppies.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies

As a result, litters can range from 4 to 9 puppies, depending on whether the sire or dam is of a different breed.

Each Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppy will cost around $1,000 USD and will be ready to go to their new home in seven or eight weeks.

They will reach their full size between the ages of 12 and 15 months.

Because they are a mixed breed, it can be difficult to predict how big they will be at different stages of development because this is largely determined by the size of their parents.

However, based on the average weights of the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd, we can estimate the weights in the growth chart below:

Size of Female (lb)
Size of Male (lb)
8 weeks
3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months


The following is a list of rescue organizations in the United States that should be checked on a regular basis for any new additions that could one day include a Border Aussie who would make a wonderful addition to someone’s life:

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Best Friends Animal Society Hope for Paws


When discussing the temperament of a crossbreed, it is important to remember that each dog is an individual who may inherit any combination of the positive and negative characteristics of each parent breed.

In this case, the temperaments of both parents are very similar, so owners can hopefully make an accurate prediction of their Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix’s personality.

Potential owners should expect a highly intelligent dog who is eager to exercise both his brain and his body.

Relationships with Families

Border Collie x Australian Shepherd Mix

A breed with a lot of energy to burn and a lot of love to give.

If they have been properly socialized and have not been allowed to become overly protective, this dog is generally a friendly mixed breed with humans.

Border Collie x Australian Shepherd Mixes that have been well socialized make excellent additions to families with older and younger children due to their ability to play and tire the children out!

These herding mixes are usually very sociable and playful with other dogs as well, herding and chasing them until they are all exhausted.

Border Collie on the job
Australian Shepherd Mixes, on the other hand, are more hesitant to interact with unfamiliar dogs, so caution should be exercised when introducing a strange dog to a normally solitary working dog.

Some of these dogs may not be well-suited to living in a home with other family pets because they have a strong desire to herd other mammals.

This is due to the fact that they will most likely want to chase them and herd them into an enclosed space.

Appropriate exposure and effective early training (to prevent them from following their herding instincts) can lead to a peaceful household with other family pets; however, their herding instincts are strong, so this type of training requires an experienced handler.

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a dog that is friendly to humans of all ages as well as other animals and can be a great addition to the family.


This dog is a natural herder, with a strong desire to gather things – whether it’s a flock of chickens or a group of people.

While Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes inherently know not to physically harm the livestock they are herding, Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes from a strong working line may have an increased prey drive.

Some dogs who have a history of working closely with humans may become overly protective of their owner and, as a result, not very friendly with other people.

This can be avoided if puppies are properly socialized and exposed to a variety of situations as puppies, which teaches them appropriate adult behavior.


It is extremely difficult to predict the average adult size of a medium-sized crossbreed.

There are numerous influencing factors, such as gender, parent size, and gene inheritance.

In general, an adult Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix should weigh between 30-50lb for a female and 35-65lb for a male.

Females can reach heights of 18-21 inches, while males typically reach heights of 19-23 inches.


Because of their high energy levels, they are a muscular dog.

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a medium-sized dog with a mid-length coat that usually has feathering on the legs, chest, and belly.

They have a mesocephalic head with floppy ears and brown or blue eyes.

Color Schemes

Due to the wide range of coat colors in both the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie, predicting the coat colors of Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppies can be difficult.

Color palettes could include:

Blue with black and white stripes
Grey Merle

Markings: Red Merle Red Tricolor Tan Red Merle Red Merle Red Merle Red Merle Red Merle Red Merle

Coat and Grooming

Their hair is smooth and mid-length, requiring only light maintenance.

It is quite durable because it is a dense, weather-proof double coat, but it will require a thorough brushing on a weekly basis to keep the coat’s oils well distributed and prevent matting.

To target loose hairs in the undercoat, a slicker brush is best suited for the job.

They may require a full grooming every few months to ensure that their undercoat is free of excess loose hair and that it keeps them cool during the summer.

Nail clipping should only be done when necessary to keep your nails from growing too long and becoming uncomfortable.

The frequency with which the dog’s teeth should be brushed is determined by the dog’s diet and the condition of the teeth.
If they are in poor condition and have a lot of tartar build up, they will need to be brushed on a daily basis.

Daily brushing is not necessary if your dog is fed dry kibble and has limited access to dog dental chews.

Border Aussie Care Instructions

In general, this dog is best suited to experienced dog owners who spend a significant amount of time with their dog.

Border Aussie Care Instructions

The handling abilities required to reduce prey drive are extremely high.

Their owners will also need a lot of motivation to come up with new activities and brain games on a regular basis to keep this intelligent crossbreed from becoming bored.

Food and Dietary Requirements

Guide to Daily Food Consumption

1100 caloric

Kibble in Cups

Every day, three bowls of kibble are required.

A good diet for the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is dry kibble, fed twice a day.

A working Border Aussie, on the other hand, will require food that is higher in protein to provide the energy and stamina required for herding.

Working dogs will need around 1,400 calories per day, which is 300 more than a non-worked dog.

Wet food may be better suited to working dogs (due to the added protein), but the higher fat content of wet food may make dry kibble better suited to non-working dogs.

Requirements for Exercise

Exercise Requirements on a Daily Basis


90 minutes of activity

This is a high-energy dog breed.

This dog breed should get 90 minutes of exercise per day.

For this breed, you should include walking, running, and mental stimulation, as well as exploring new places or novel scents.

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, who is clearly great at herding, will be best suited to exercise in wide open spaces where they can run as fast as they want.

This mix’s trainability is very high, and their recall is generally very good, so off leash exercise is ideal for this breed to allow them to let off steam because, let’s face it, we couldn’t keep up!

How to Train a Herding Dog

Appropriate socialization is essential for a well-balanced, friendly dog.

Positive reinforcement is the most well-known dog training method.

They are quick learners and do not require a lot of repetition to learn a new behavior.
They can learn quickly from voice commands or hand signals, whichever you prefer.

A Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix will need a lot of mental stimulation, so they will be on the lookout for new challenges and puzzles to solve.

Owners should be willing to regularly invent, find, and create new tricks for their dog to learn, new places to explore, and new activities to do, as this intelligent dog breed requires a lot of mental stimulation.

Known Health Issues

Border Collies and some other sheepdogs are affected by Collie Eye Anomaly, a hereditary eye disease.

This is caused by improper eye development and can result in blindness.
Unfortunately, there is no cure, but tests can be performed to determine whether a dog is affected, clear, or a carrier.

You should make certain that your Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix’s Border Collie parentage is clear.

Deafness is common in Border Collies and thus a risk factor for this mix.
One study discovered a link between deafness and the color of the merle coat.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for deafness, which typically occurs in middle-aged dogs (around 4 years old).

Hip dysplasia, which is caused by a malformation of the hip socket, is also common in both Australian Shepherds and Border Collies.
This can result in painful arthritis and lameness; while there is no cure, it can be treated with pain relievers and hydrotherapy.


The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a medium-sized love-and-energy bundle.

Because of their high trainability and obedience, they are becoming popular as family pets.

Don’t forget that they need constant mental stimulation and a lot of exercise, which more experienced owners may be able to provide.

The Border Aussie is an inquisitive dog who enjoys a challenge, so they will undoubtedly enjoy spending time with and playing with their owner.

It is easy to see why the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is becoming increasingly popular as a companion pet.
Do you believe you have what it takes to raise a child?


What are the Colors of Aussie Borders?

The Border Collie & Australian Shepherd mix can either be black and white, gray, red, red tricolor, red merle, blue merle, and sable.

What are Border Collies?

They are a result of mixing the Viking’s spitz-type herders with the old Roman’s.

What is Old Hemp’s legacy?

He fathered about 200 pups that inherited his traits.

What are Borders?

Borders are in the medium range and have a muscular yet agile built.

What are the different types of Border Collie Hair?

The other type of hair is shorter, coarser, and with lesser feathering.

What is an Australian Shepherd?

Aussies are herding dogs that are a cowboy’s choice to work in a ranch.

What are the Breeds of Australian Shepherds?

Aussies , this sheepdog is previously called in other names such as New Mexican Shepherd, Spanish Shepherd, and Californian Shepherd.

What are the characters?

One character they have is being stand-offish with people by nature.

What is the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix combines two intelligent, energetic and affectionate breeds into one fun, active package.

What are the signs of a dog that is in trouble?

This can be expressed in destructive behavior around the house.

What is Proper Exercise for a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix?

Border Collies and Australian Shepherds share a daily need for exercise beyond a walk in the park.

What are the best sports for a Border Aussie mix?

Agility, fetch, sporting dog training and flyball are great choices.

What is a mixed-breed dog?

Generally speaking, a mixed-breed dog is the result of two different pure-breed dogs.

What is a Sheepdog?

The so-called “sheepdog” has historically been identified as the ideal dog to direct and protect flocks for farmers.

How Do I Train a Border Collie?

Use only positive reinforcement training with these super clever dogs, and they will reward you with a strong bond and great companionship.

What size are males and females?

Border Collies typically run 19-22 inches for males and 18-21 inches for females.

What is the Australian Shepherd?

Like the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd is classified into the herding group and is described as “ smart, work-oriented and exuberant ” This breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1993.

What is the Australian Collie?

Like both parents, the Australian Collie, also known as Aussieollie and Border-Aussie, is an extremely capable herding dog who thrives when they are given a job.

What is a Border Collie?

Border Collie is described by the American Kennel Club as “ affectionate, smart and energetic .” This breed is classified into the “herding group” of canines and is known for their drive to work, near-endless endurance, and a reputation for being the most intelligent breed of dog.

What are Designer Dogs?

Designer dogs are the product of breeding two different purebred parents.

What are the Benefits of Designer Dogs?

This practice, although frowned upon by breed “purists,” has resulted in healthier dogs and endless possibilities of adorable new breeds, including the Australian Collie which is the resulting mix of a purebred Australian Shepherd and a purebred Border Collie.

What is the Australian Collie?

The Australian Collie is a canine of medium build who tends to favor a Border Collie in appearance.

What are the different types of eyes?

Common variants are brown, blue, and green and result in a striking, multi-colored gaze.

Is the Australian Collie Low Energy?

The Australian Collie is certainly not a low-energy pup.

Is the Australian Collie Right for You?

Because of this, first-time dog owners without the time or space to dedicate to this intelligent, athletic breed are probably not the best fit for an Australian Collie.

What Are The Parents Of This Dog?

This impressive designer dog has two pretty incredible parents, and you guessed it right – the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd.

What Are the Four Australian Shepherds?

The four Australian Shepherd dogs in different colors Often referred to as Aussies, Australian Shepherds didn’t originate in Australia.

What is an Australian Shepherd?

Aussies are exceptional herding dogs, and they have a high work ethic and drive.

What is a Border Aussie?

Image source You can expect a Border Aussie to have an athletic and well-balanced body.

What are Border Collies?

Meet the gorgeous Border Collie Border Collies , simply called as Borders, are also known as Scotch Sheepdogs.


  • AKC Marketplace is the only site to exclusively list 100% AKC puppies from AKC-Registered litters and the breeders who have cared for and raised these puppies are required to follow rules and regulations established by the AKC. (
  • This breed was developed to herd cattle and sheep and was most likely derived from Basque shepherding dogs that traveled from Australia to America in the early 1800’s. (
  • According to researcher Stanley Coren , Border Collies have consistently ranked in the top 10 for all his dog intelligence studies.
  • After learning that command, they’re able to obey on the first try with a 95% success rate.
  • However, they’re only able to obey that command on the first try with a 50% success rate. (

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix