2021-10-12 18:44:28 At least 28 killed in Nepal bus crash | News

At least 28 killed in Nepal bus crash | News

The vehicle’s tyre blew out with at least 45 people on board, sending the vehicle off a cliff as many people traveled to celebrate the Hindu festival of Dashain.

A packed passenger bus plunged off a road in a hilly region of northwestern Nepal, killing at least 28 people and injuring more than a dozen others.

The accident occurred on Tuesday at 12:30pm local time (06:45 GMT) after a puncture to one of the front tyres, according to district official Rom Bahadur Mahat.

The bus was traveling from the southern Banke district to the Mugu area and was carrying at least 45 people, many of whom were celebrating the Hindu festival of Dashain.

“We are attempting to identify the bodies of the 28 people killed in the accident,” Mahat said.

Efforts to find

The injured were airlifted to hospitals for treatment, while rescuers continued to search for survivors and victims at the crash site.

Bus drivers pick up passengers along predetermined routes, but some passengers are not formally registered, making it difficult for officials to determine the exact number of passengers on board.

Because of poor road conditions, poorly maintained vehicles, and reckless driving, fatal traffic accidents are relatively common in the Himalayan nation.

According to government data, more than 2,500 people died in nearly 13,000 road accidents in Nepal in 2019.

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At least 28 killed in Nepal bus crash | News