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In this article I will compare to Shepherd dogs: Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd.

“Find similarities and differences between Anatolian Shepherd Dog vs German Shepherd” Compare Anatolian Shepherd Dog and German Shepherd. Which is better: Anatolian Shepherd Dog or German Shepherd?

Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd is originated from Turkey but German Shepherd is originated from Germany. Anatolian Shepherd may grow 9 cm / 4 inches higher than German Shepherd. Anatolian Shepherd may weigh 24 kg / 53 pounds more than German Shepherd. Both Anatolian Shepherd and German Shepherd has almost same life span. Anatolian Shepherd may have less litter size than German Shepherd. Anatolian Shepherd requires Moderate maintenance. But German Shepherd requires Low maintenance

Anatolian Shepherd History

Up in the mountains of central Turkey, in the region called Anatolia, a large, strong and rugged dog breed was born and is honored today on a postal stamp. This was the Anatolian Shepard – keeper of the flocks with strength, agility and speed. The Anatolian Shepard is able to pursue and catch any predator that threatens his livestock and they are his livestock. His keen sense of hearing and his excellent sight only add to his prowess as a protector.

The Anatolian is a giant dog, classified as a shepherd by the UKC – Kennel Club of the United Kingdom, while he is classified as a mountain dog or molossus by the Federation Cynologique International. When the breed was created, they were a gift to the farmers in the mountains to guard the livestock from cheetahs. This helped the cheetahs to stop attacking the livestock and prevented the farmers from wiping out the cheetah population by shooting them.

Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd - Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepard does have some controversy in his lineage as in some areas he is considered to be either the most closely related or the same breed as the Turkish Kangal Dog. The Anatolian is considered to have a blood line that goes back at least 6000 years.

They are direct descendants of mastiffs and mountain dogs. Yet they have the long legs, agility and aloofness of the sight hounds that are also in their bloodline. Originally called the “Coban Kopegi” or shepherd dog by their Turkish farmers, they were eventually separated into the breed called the Anatolian Shepard. When the breed was first brought into the United Kingdom the line of the Kangal dog was first. Then they were crossed with dogs called Anatolian Shepherds. Many breeders believe that the Anatolian Shepherd is a category that includes the Kangal, Coban Kopegi, Aksaray Malaklisi and the Akbash dog.

So as of January 2012, the Australian National Kennel Club no longer considers the Anatolian Shepard and the Kangal as separate breeds. The UK Kennel Club now recognizes the Kangal and the Anatolian as the same breed. For others they are still clearly separate and distinct breeds with the ASD being their own breed. In fact, the government of Turkey recognizes them as separate breeds and the Kangal Dog as the National Dog of Turkey.

The Anatolian Shepard was already in the United States in when the Anatolian Shepard Club of America came into being because of a young naval officer who had met the dogs in Turkey. They were allowed into the Miscellaneous Class of the American Kennel Club in 1996 after this naval officer had been breeding them in California for years. By 1998 they had moved to the Working Group where they reside today.

German Shepherd History

In 1882 german shepherd was introduced in a show at Hanover. They were created by the cross breeding of the rural sheep dogs by a man named Max. In 1906 they were first exported to America. After that the breed became very popular in UK.

Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd - German Shepherd

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Comparison Tables For : Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd

German Shepherd
Breed Name Anatolian Shepherd Dog German Shepherd

General Details

Breed Type Purebred Purebred
Is Hypo­allergenic No No
Lifespan 11-13 yrs. 10-14 yrs.
Height 26-30 in. 22-26 in.
Weight 80-150 lb 75-95 lb
Intelligence High High

History – Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Origin Country Turkey Germany
Origin Year 4000 BC 1899 AD

Temperament – Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Overall Friendliness Below Average Good
Family Friendly Good Very Good
Kid Friendly Below Average Good
Pet Friendly Below Average Very Good
Stranger Friendly Poor Below Average

Personality – Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

  • Affectionate
  • Stubborn
  • Protective
  • Affectionate
  • Loving
  • Does Not Like Being Alone
  • Willing To Please

Living Environment

Apartment No Yes
Indoor Yes Yes
Small Yard No Yes
Medium Yard Yes Yes
Large Yard Yes Yes
Temperature Tolerance ¹ 30°F to 70°F 40°F to 85°F
Barks/Howls Below Average Very Often

Exercise Needs

Energy Level Medium High
Exercise Required Medium High
Top Running Speed 22 mph 30 mph
Strength Very High High

Grooming Needs

Coat Main­tenance Low Medium-High
Shedding High High
Dander Low High
Drool Amount Medium Medium

Instincts & Behavior Comparison – Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd


Breed Name Anatolian Shepherd Dog German Shepherd

Breed Mentality

Dominant/Alpha Yes No
Family/Pack No Yes
Independent No No

Breed Focus

Distracted Easily No No
Average Yes No
Focused & Patient No Yes

Breed Instincts

Aggression Average Average
Burrow/Digging Average Below Average
Chasing Average Below Average
Follow Commands Average High
Fighting Average Below Average
Guarding High High
Herding High High
Hunting Average High
Protection High High
Remove Vermin Average Below Average
Sledding Average Below Average
Watch High High

Health Comparison – Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Breed Name Anatolian Shepherd Dog German Shepherd


Lifespan 11-13 yrs. 10-14 yrs.

Common Health Issues

Allergies No Yes
Blindness No Yes
Bloat No Yes
Cancer No Yes
Cataracts No Yes
Cherry Eye No Yes
Chronic Diarrhea No Yes
Cruciate Ligament Rupture No Yes
Cushing’s Syndrome No Yes
Degenerative Myelopathy No Yes
Demodectic Mange No Yes
Diabetes No Yes
Digestive Problems No Yes
Elbow Dysplasia No Yes
Epilepsy No Yes
Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency No Yes
Heart Disease No Yes
Hemophilia A No Yes
Hemophilia B No Yes
Hip Dysplasia No Yes
Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy No Yes
Lens Luxation No Yes
Lupus No Yes
Megaesophagus No Yes
Myasthenia Gravis No Yes
Nail Bed Disease No Yes
Osteochondrosis No Yes
Pannus No Yes
Panosteitis No Yes
Paralysis No Yes
Perianal Fistula No Yes
Progressive Retinal Atrophy No Yes
Retinal Dysplasia No Yes
Seborrhea No Yes
Vitiligo No Yes
Von Willebrand’s Disease No Yes
Wobbler’s Syndrome No Yes

Appearance Comparison

Breed Name Anatolian Shepherd Dog German Shepherd


Hair Yes No
Fur No Yes

Coat Type

Double Coat Yes Yes
Smooth Coat Yes No

Coat Texture

Rough Yes No
Straight Yes Yes

Coat Length(s)

Short Yes Yes
Medium No Yes

Coat Color(s)

Black Yes Yes
Blue Fawn Yes No
Brindle Yes No
Fawn Yes No
Fawn&white Yes No
Gray Yes Yes
Liver Yes Yes
Red Fawn Yes No
White Yes Yes
Bi-color No Yes
Black & Tan No Yes
Black & Cream No Yes
Black & Red No Yes
Black & Silver No Yes
Blue No Yes
Sable No Yes

Seroprevalence of canine herpesvirus-1 in Anatolian Shepherd dogs and German Shepherd dogs.

Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd