2021-09-28 12:32:13 A Shaman Said Holy Water Cured Covid. He Died After Getting the Disease.

A Shaman Said Holy Water Cured Covid. He Died After Getting the Disease.

According to a health ministry official, a popular shaman in Sri Lanka who claimed to be able to cure coronavirus patients with holy water died last week after becoming infected with the virus.

The shaman, Eliyantha Lindsay White, was not immunized. According to the official, he died on Wednesday after being taken to a hospital.

Mr. White was a controversial and divisive figure in Sri Lanka, where approximately 53% of people have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to the University of Oxford’s Our World in Data project. The 48-year-old shaman practiced alternative medicine involving dubious potions whose ingredients were never made public.

Some high-ranking officials in the Sri Lankan government, as well as several professional athletes, have publicly stated their belief in Mr. White’s healing abilities. Medical professionals, however, condemned him.

“There is no credible evidence to show if there was a positive outcome from his work,” said Dr. Samantha Ananda, a spokeswoman for the Government Medical Officers’ Association, Sri Lanka’s largest doctors’ trade union. “We do not recommend anything that has not been proven scientifically.”

According to Dr. Ananda, the politicians who publicly endorsed Mr. White may have done so to curry favor with his legions of supporters.

Mr. White’s family contact information was unavailable, and a phone message left with a family member was not returned.

In November, three Sri Lankan government ministers, including a former health minister, were captured on video throwing pots containing Mr. White’s holy water into several rivers that serve as the country’s primary source of drinking water. Mr. White claimed that consuming the concoction would cure Covid-19.

According to the BBC, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, the former health minister, contracted the virus and spent two weeks in intensive care. No one from the three ministers featured in the video returned phone calls seeking comment.

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A Shaman Said Holy Water Cured Covid. He Died After Getting the Disease.