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8 Interesting Reasons to Choose Magento Over Shopify

E-commerce is the new trend, and the trend is the focus of attention for many businesses because of the opportunities it provides and the results it is showing. Even the non-essential commodity retailers are lifting their game by stepping into the world of e-commerce.

The trend has flooded the market with various platforms that help establish e-commerce websites. It can be challenging to make a wise choice amidst the options available. But this article has got your back! The article discusses the critical aspects of top platforms to develop a clearer understanding.

The Two Major Options Are:


The story of Shopify goes back to a guy who wanted to sell snowboards online and concluded that e-commerce is crucial to selling skateboards online. So he decided to create one such platform on his own, and this is how Shopify came into existence.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to set up an online store to sell their products. Interestingly, a trader can sell their product personally through Shopify POS.

Shopify has been working to make e-commerce better ever since the very beginning. Shopify is one of the dominant e-commerce platforms in the market, which can support businesses of all sizes. Moreover, the platform is not a concern; it doesn’t matter if you sell on social media, online, in a car trunk, or store; Shopify has got your back.


Magento, owned by Adobe, is an e-commerce website platform. Magento allows its users to access hundreds of unique features that can help them to enhance their user base and sell their products better. Apart from valuable tools, such as SEO and marketing tools, Magento uses open source technologies. It gives users the ability to manage the look, functionality, and content on their website without compromising the user experience.

The best part about the platform is that it caters to all sizes of stores. The feature-rich platform of Magento will match pace with your expanding business and evolve as per your needs.

Magento’s variety of plug-ins and themes give the user the liberty to choose the outlook of their website. These features are of great help in improving customer experience and relations with customers.

Shopify and Magento

Shopify and Magento are two ruling platforms in the e-commerce market. Whether to choose Shopify or Magento has been a never-ending debate. So this write-up includes the comparison between both the types for a better understanding.

The Comparison




  • Pricing

No subscription

Subscription required

  • Themes

  • Magento themes can go up to $499. The platform provides fantastic themes.

  • The best feature is creating a theme of your choice from scratch.

  • A great range of flexibility is also available for customization of themes.

  • Pay $130-350 to avail the best fonts and mesmerizing templates.

  • You can easily create and add new pages.

  • All the themes are mobile optimized.

  • It also allows the insertion of social media feeds.

  • Ease of Using

The platform allows complete control over the website. Therefore, it can get tricky for a non-tech user to operate it. It requires comprehensive knowledge of the technology to use the software.

Shopify is a regulated platform. Therefore, it is more user-friendly for non-tech-savvy as well. They can efficiently operate the software without any additional assistance.

  • Extensions

  • Magento provides 3600+ extensions, and no additional knowledge is required to install the extensions.

  • Some of the extensions are of excellent quality and are a lot helpful.

  • Shopify offers 4200+ paid and unpaid software to enhance user experience.

  • In addition to that, Shopify also offers the additional advantage of integrated marketing campaigns.

  • Payment

Magento doesn’t have a Magento payment gateway. Therefore you will have to install some extensions from the Magento marketplace in order to make the payment.

Shopify offers 100 payment gateways to make the payment. But they charge some specific amount on top of the amount.


  • Helpline

Magento does not offer any additional helpline. You will have to log in to the commerce cloud plan for B2B.

Shopify support is available 24/7 in the form of email, live chats, and phone.

The battle between the leading e-commerce platforms, Magento and Shopify, is very close, and it is a tough choice to choose a better one.

Why Magento?

In the history of E-commerce platforms, since 2007, Magento has been bagging the top position from the very beginning. Due to its enormous benefits, rich diversity, great features, and flexibility, many leading businesses use Magento to build their websites. The industries involved with Magento are not limited to specific sectors; firms from various sectors, such as food, fashion, electronics, etc., rely on Magento.

Magento has helped these global leaders serve a million clients worldwide over the years. It is the excellent qualities that take Magento one step ahead of others. And there are multiple reasons which encourage businesses to select Magento over other platforms.

Here are the nine major reasons why Magento is worthy of being the first choice for your business when you envision building a store website.

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The Benefits are:


Pricing is a significant factor to consider before deciding on a shopping cart. How much budget are you willing to spend on the store? There is a difference between the pricing process of Shopify and Magento.

Magento pricing

You are free to download Magento as it does not demand a free monthly subscription. However, the hosting provider and a domain require you to make a payment to access them. Therefore, the charges that Magento will cost you are flexible and subjective to your selection.

This also works the other way around if you can add ingredients to your website if you wish to enhance your store’s capabilities. You can easily find the app in Magento App Market, and it can cost you up to $15,000.

Shopify Pricing

Contrasting to Magento, Shopify does not let you enjoy any free perks; it requires a subscription. Shopify offers five pricing tiers to choose from depending on your budget; it can go lowest from $9 to $2000 per month. The quoted prices include both domain and hosting fees, so you do not need to worry about the extra charges that you may have to pay. Magento looks like a better deal as it gives you free trials and gives you time to make a confident choice between the two.

High Scalability

Magento is exceedingly scalable, which can also be read that Magento is capable of supporting all kinds of businesses of various sizes, either giant or small enterprises. To exemplify this, you are a newbie with a limited range of products, and Magento allows you to expand your business with an endless number of products.

However, Shopify is also scalable and renowned for e-commerce platforms, especially small online stores.

High Security

Severe security concerns are significant issues you should be aware of while considering an e-commerce platform. But your worry can be reduced with Magento because your website will be safe throughout as security is guaranteed to the highest level with them. The specific thing about them is that they set up a security center to provide their users with all the necessary information on security, security practices, updates, and security patches and provide quick support if required.

Magento is said to create a perfect security environment required to fulfill the business requirements. Moreover, Magento helps attain necessary security components such as SSL certification or PCI compliance. By using Magento, you are reducing the risks that would prevail on the installation of additional extensions and also the risks from internet hackings and other attacks. Therefore, it can be concluded that Magento has been designed to provide the additional security required to run a successful, safe business.

Multiple Stores and Language Support

There are a vast number of multinational corporations that acquire Magento to operate their business. One of the primary reasons supporting the above statement is that Magento allows multiple stores, particularly in reference to various languages and currencies.

The best part about having these features is that they will enable you to widen your market base and reach out to many potential customers. All the components can be availed under one installation. Multiple stores are a lot beneficial from a customer point of view, as they provide global customers with an improved shopping experience.

High Performance

Lesser query time and faster speed loading are counted in the better checkpoints of a better-performing website. These seemingly trivial points encourage the consumer to explore more products and content on websites and, most importantly, lower the abandonment rate.

Magento is an innovator platform that puts efforts to enhance user experience and offer the best performance with respect to web performance. It allows owners to freely optimize their webpage performance, beginning with using third-party tools to change the source code. Magento and Shopify perform at high speed compared to other platforms available in the market.

Web design/Customization:

Shopify and Magento provide ample opportunities to build a website from scratch and give various themes to choose from. Magento provides highly responsive themes which come with solid customization capabilities.

Shopify works on the principle of drag and drop functionality and thus enables easy theme customization, whereas Magento uses Bluefoota and thus enables clients to uniquely design their website.

The difference between the software lies in the stability and the specialized services provided. Magento can be a better option to consider as the software provides an excellent opportunity to design a unique page and stand out from the competition.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to enhance traffic on a website; therefore, it becomes essential to consider SEO as an integral part of your strategy and essential business decisions.

Magento is an excellent platform for your website, as it provides users with ample SEO components to improve their ranking on metadata, rewrites, etc. The tools provided on Magento are not commonly found on other platforms so easily.

Good Mobile Experience

People prefer browsing from their mobile devices instead of desktop PCs. This change is evident, and if you are setting foot in the digital world, you should consider this fact to get customer satisfaction. Just like you, Magento is vigorously keeping pace with the changing trends!

The credits for excellent services can be attributed to the fact that the website is perfectly optimized and customized with a mobile interface. Websites designed on Magento are responsive on desktop PCs and on mobile devices, tablets, or notebooks. Customers will experience a quality shopping experience; no display or purchase issues appear on Magento web pages.

Therefore, when the whole world prefers to shop online, Magento has a significant role in hastening the inclination down the slump. Magento can be credited for enhanced user experience and providing owners with a multi-responsive website functioning on all devices.

Magento is a perfect partner if you wish to gain customer satisfaction and expand your business. Because if your customer is satisfied with your services, then you can expect a wider customer base.

Easy Third-parties Integration

Third-party inclusion tools are the most preferred choices of store owners for a more efficient website. Magento has got you covered even here! Magento offers the best system, making the website suitable for easy integration with multiple third parties. Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout, shipping tracking, Paypal, Braintree, some database applications, etc.

The third-party integration makes the user experience much more enhanced and convenient, and Magento also includes a guide for detailed step-by-step configuration.

A Better View

Lastly, mentioned below are some pros of Magento as an e-commerce platform. This will help you better understand why Magento is a better platform. The pros are considered in reference to the active version of Magento.

Pros of Magento

  • The platform adapts to the needs of its users.

  • You don’t need to subscribe to Magento to avail of the services, as the platform provides free services.

  • The Magento community supports users and will help confused users troubleshoot the issues they might be facing.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the above-listed reasons in the write-up may help you take scrutinous consideration and make a wise choice. Magento offers a lot of exciting features that provide unique experiences to users.

Although choosing an e-commerce platform is entirely subjective to your budget and goals, Magento emerges as a winner in light of the advantages mentioned above. In the arena of lucrative features, Magento offers unmatchable quality and flexibility to build the website of your vision.

Magento is the complete package that comes with unlimited opportunities to set your website out of the competition. This uniqueness can provide a much-needed boost to your new business and website. Want to switch to Magento? Switch now!

8 Interesting Reasons to Choose Magento Over Shopify