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8 Factors That Make A Great App!

When it comes to app development for your business, the first question that comes to your mind is – what makes a mobile app successful? What should I do to conquer the market?

Though, conquering the market is not the only thing that would make your mobile app successful. There’s more to it than meets the eye!

Currently, there are over 483 million apps available in the market, and this figure depicts how fierce the competition is. Hence, you need to think out of the box. What elements will persuade consumers to buy your app? What factors determine the satisfaction of users?

A good app is capable enough to meet all the needs of users. You may need to hire dedicated Reactjs developers to develop a distinctive and unique application.

Additionally, after the development, you will need maintenance services. They will refresh the app at regular intervals to keep it updated and competitive in the market.

To help people make informed choices when it comes to app development, we list a few key traits. Keep reading to know what will make your mobile app better than the rest.


Versatility is one of the key considerations for building a robust app. By this, we mean it should function on all operating systems, be it Microsoft, iOS, or Android.

Different users would be on different operating systems, and your app should be able to cater to all of them. This way, you will reach every user in your target audience, irrespective of the operating system they use.

Consistent Color Scheme

Colors used in an app or website play an important role in influencing user behavior. Though, if you are looking for a color palette that would work well, you will not find any.

It means there is no hard and fast formula for using colors. The color scheme should be based on your brand and the features of your app.

If you are not sure about what will work well, try taking up A/B tests. When your app is still in the beta stage, and you roll it out for user feedback, try rolling different color versions and gauge your target audience’s response. It will help you make an ideal choice.

User Insights

As mentioned, you can collect feedback from real users about which color is best. In the same way, you can gather feedback from real users regarding the other functions of your app.

With the help of user behavior, you will be able to enhance your app’s UX for the better. Their actions will help you determine what is working and different areas of improvement.

Again, A/B testing is the best way to collect data. Based on the information collection, you can refine your app to make it the best among others. This data can further be used to create data-driven marketing campaigns that will be specifically targeted toward your users.

Focus on Some Core Features

The app that you are about to launch should have robust and intuitive features. Having said that, users do not use complex apps; hence you should not focus on complex features. The aspect that makes a mobile app successful is its capability to perform a task.

The one feature on which you should focus more is the one that drove users to your app in the first place. This will be the driving force of your app and will keep it going.

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A great app must consider user-centricity and demographics. A user-centric app gathers more attention, more active users, more views, and enhanced engagement. Successful apps integrate features based on the feedback gathered from users and offer a great experience.


Every screen in your app should be clean. It means that the elements should be visible. Make sure that you don’t make the app look distorted or clustered. Avoid an option overload and make sure that each screen is navigated easily.

Furthermore, make sure that the app includes some valuable features instead of loading it with features that are not very useful. Also, ensure that the features are light to use.

Besides, make sure that the run area of your app is of the appropriate size. It means that the location of all clickables and buttons is all thumb-sized. To build a user-friendly app, hire reactjs developers. It’ll be a great starting point.

Functionality Of The App

Consider it as the backbone of your app. The features of your app should work correctly and as desired. It should load fast, and the buttons should respond quickly. The features should work the way they should, and the gameplay should have no glitches.

If you hire Reactjs developers for your app, they will build apps that work seamlessly on all devices.

Having said that, your target audience may use a mobile, a phablet or a tablet, and your app should work the same way on all devices. An app with great functionality reaches the masses and outgrows other options in the market.

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Offline Capacity

There are points and areas where wi-fi connectivity is poor, and mobile internet is not feasible. You should have some provisions for your app so that some of its features can work even without an internet connection.

This is where offline capability comes into the picture. It is one of the most enticing features of a mobile app. Many users prefer an app that has some extent of offline capability. This enables them to use the app even without an active internet connection.

It will make your app much more resourceful and assures that your user base will only grow with time.

Final Thoughts

Hire dedicated ReactJS developers to get a leading mobile app developed for your business. They will help integrate highly valuable functionalities in your app to make it worthwhile. They will consider every minor development aspect to offer outstanding results.

Having said that, the success of your mobile app depends on the factors mentioned above. Moreover, every factor should seamlessly interlock with each other to help attain the ultimate goal, i.e., to build an app of your dreams.


You need to be mindful and do a lot of research when it comes to developing a mobile app. Think of the elements that would prompt users to download your app on their devices. Make it distinctive and unique and while you’re at it, read the article to know how you can make a great app.

Author Bio:

Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a reactjs development company from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.

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