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7 Ways To Modernize Traditional Application

Modernizing applications can also be called as legacy modernization or legacy application modernization. So what do you understand by the term modernization means updating your existing application to a newer version to cope with the current requirements. This can include change in different languages, frameworks etc.

Modernize Traditional Application

So it can also be called as the software development of the whole system. As we renovate some old stuffs especially our homes into the new version of it by changing and making things lifespan better without retiring the old system.

In the modernization of the application, it also helps in increasing the lifespan of the business applications from technological innovations.

Application Modernization: Introduction

As if you are working on an older version of any technology you cannot do the new things that are introduced or you will lag behind from all the new features and the function of that technology and will hard for you to work on that after a period of time.

Similarly about the application if you are working on the application and if it is not updated you cannot solve the bugs and others issue as the system will not support it.

Application also have to be user friendly and fast working as the user needs a better experience while operating any application and if you are not updating your application their might be possibility that it does not provide many of the new features that are usual.

There are multiple of options available in the market for different applications they provide users with latest updated features so by updating your application or modernizing it can give you opportunity to rise your application popularity to the users to overcome in the competitive market.

Applications also play a vital role in the business and different organizations as the application are still outdated in many of the businesses so they could not perform the task that is required so lag behind in the global market. This also lead in the rise of the

maintenance and administrative cost. Thus application modernization can help you in lower down the administration cost and support and your innovation strategy is boosted.

Application Modernization: The legacy problem

Legacy application often faces lots of problem in modernization it requires specific number of cost and also people for the particular task also it is not that easy to modernized these types of applications using the technology’s which are being used today in the market that are IoT, clouds etc.

Application Modernisation - The legacy problem

They also face some problems like we do not find a proper leave the coders or unwanted maintenance costs high as well as it is incompatible to many of the systems.

You can also higher money different developers which can help you in the modernizing your application some of them home you can consider are hire NodeJS experts.

These experts can help you in exchanging the networks between users and the server of the application. As the modernization of application required many different methods that also contain some method that can be done only by node JS developers so you should prefer hiring node JS developers for the modernization of your application.

Here are some of the statistics which indicates what are the issues or problems related to the legacy applications-

• Many of the businesses are hundred up to 90% we can say due to as they are dependent on the legacy application and do not focus onwards their business really want to have in their application.

• About 65% of the business also believes that the legacy system do not full filter needs of the modern evolving digital systems.

• This is very critical to need the demands of the market by modernizing the application or by changing the features and functionality of the application around 88% believe this.

• Around 80% of business owners believe that if you do not modernize your application it can lead to the negative impact on your future business requirements or the growth of your business.

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Application Modernization: Breaking The Legacy Conundrum

Previously the modernization of the application means making the new application from the base but here you can re-architect or rebuild your application in the existing application with the change in the functionality agility and the necessary features can be introduced in this.

This new technique of changing the old legacy service to new modernized application lead to less cost and also beneficial in many other ways such as can reduce the administration cause and the people are also replaced by this application.

The things which are one done by the people can be done all by the application so the modernization of the application can have many different features such as you cannot all the data and your application without writing it on your pen and paper.

7 Ways to modernize application

7 Ways to modernize application

1. Encapsulate

In this method of encapsulation, it means that the application that is already existing and the functions that are there in this from before are broken in smaller services using the application programming interface is given to the users.

As we can say if want to book any ride that is a separate service then changing the exciting

booking and then payment method all the three are separated rather than putting together as one. So this will help you ease out the things.


• Change from monolithic application to microservice architecture.

• It allows you to do modular programming.

• Can facilitate debugging.

• Application code can be clarified and can be used across the project.

2. ReHost

You can shift this application from one to another infrastructure environment without disturbing its infrastructure or you can say you do not have to design the application again the existing application can be changed.

Hire node js developers can lift and shift model. how difficult the application infrastructure is to decide whether to use rehost or not.

An example of this is Amazon VM Export


• Do not need to change the application.

• The infrastructure cost is also reduced.

• Architectural charges are not applicable.

• For a complex project there is simple migration.

• Security management

3. RePlatform

As per the business requirements, the application is updated but the core infrastructure of the application is not touched or changed.


The user experience and overall functionality are optimized as per the business objectives. this can also be called a lift thinker and shift. Using of AWS elastic beanstalk to deploy an application is an example of Replatform.


• For managing the application the time is reduced.

• The security risks are reduced.

• Many automated tasks like patching, maintenance, etc are also present.

4. ReFactor

In this method, the core application do not required to be restructured but the functionality and services are changed for the users so that they can experience modern or on-demand features in the application is updated according to the needs of the users and business growth requirements.

This weekend say the existing application is divided into different parts that is the backend, frontend and other small parts so that the management of the system can be easier and be modernized in a limited amount of time.


• Cost effective method for scaling the architecture.

• It is faster than others.

• Frequently the service is improved.

• This help in automating the system.

• Smaller updates are present.

5. ReArchitect

This is the hardest method available as in this the whole existing application have to be changed according to the needs we can also say that this is a large scale modernization methodology you have to perform all the processes from which an application is developed its framework to the remaining of the architecture of the application. Moving serverless


• Improves business continuity.

• Mixed technology stack are implemented.

• Capability, agility and flexibility of the product is gained.

6. ReBuild

As the name indicates rebuild means to build the whole app again this is more like re-architect but with slide difference of the technique in this the app is broken fully.

Making of new application with a new avatar is started this requires rebuilding and redeveloping of the structure of application fully from the beginning the application is made totally from the base with the new features that are required in the competitive business world to beat the competitors in the global market.


• Business continuity is improved.

• Mixed technology stack are implemented.

• Capability, agility and flexibility of the product is gained.

• Accelerate innovation

7. RePlace

This is the final methodology in which we completely replace the older version of the application into the newer version of the application. They are completely changed and have different functionalities, scopes, and structures. More scalable such as cloud computing is deployed in it for making the application more productive.

Instead of using the whole Microsoft server, it is being reproduced by the cloud services this is the best example of replacing modernization methodology.


• Gains flexibility

• It is the cost-effective method for scaling application

• The capability of the product is improved as well as the flexibility and also gains agility.

Application Modernization Benefits

Application modernization can lead to having more users and secondly it is more cost and time effective. Here are some benefits of application modernization.

Application Modernisation Benefits

1. Competitive Edge

So as we know that there are many applications available in the market and many businesses that are in competition with each other if you want to reach a particular height in your business by modernizing your application in a different manner that the users can enjoy using your application with a lot of new features available in your application which are not present in any other application.

You have to think about it what you should add in your application to make a difference from the other applications built by the businesses.

You can also say that it can be magic for your business to come at the top by choosing a good application development in the market.

2. Enhanced Capability

With the modernization of legacy services it also enhances the capability of the application and the system connectivity as it as emerging codes, platforms and technologies. it also allows the applications to run in a smooth manner to fulfill the needs of the businesses for the future and for the present.

3. Cloud Native

You can shape your application into a cloud-native application by modernizing it. this gives you advantages of speed, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and efficiency.

4. Robust Security

The legacy applications are having more problems in making the applications secure as they are not compatible with today’s modern technology and are not easy to make them secure from the threads so modernizing your application can improve its security also give your users trust full bond between the organization and users.

5. Improved Users Satisfaction

There is a huge problem with using legacy application whether you are a employee or user so by modernizing your application where the different technology can make your application more user friendly and can satisfy the customers with the demand they want.

6. Staying Relevant

Application modernization also helps in the organization to stay updated with the digital technology such as iot, cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. it helps the organization to stay updated for the future flexibility or provides good technical environment.


So from the above blog it is clear that modernizing your application can lead your business to grow more in the competitive world with more facilities and the features to grow your business in the market.

There are multiple of ways available to modernize your application but you have two think about your business approach and should higher a professional or expert in that term who can give you a proper application development to make your application more user friendly and compatible with the other technologies.

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7 Ways To Modernize Traditional Application