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24 Hour Pharmacy in San Antonio

Baptist Medical Center Inpatient Pharmacy

111 Dallas St
San Antonio,TX 78205
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 297-7000

Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy

1310 McCullough Ave
San Antonio,TX 78212
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 757-2200

Walgreens Pharmacy #4552 – 24 Hour Pharmacy in San Antonio

4703 W Commerce St
San Antonio,TX 78237
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 434-5566

Walgreens Pharmacy #3141

1105 Goliad Rd
San Antonio,TX 78223
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 533-7602

CVS Pharmacy #7403

103 SW Military Dr
San Antonio,TX 78221
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 927-6755

Walgreens Pharmacy #5424

138 SW Military Dr
San Antonio,TX 78221
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 924-6582

Walgreens Pharmacy #7371

7019 S Zarzamora St
San Antonio,TX 78224
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 932-0138

Walgreens Pharmacy #3224 24 Hour Pharmacy in San Antonio

6901 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio,TX 78216
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 349-9809

Southwest General Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy

7400 Barlite Blvd
San Antonio,TX 78224
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 921-3430

Mission Trail Baptist Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy

3333 Research Plz
San Antonio,TX 78235
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 297-3760

Audie L Murphy Memorial VA Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient Pharmacy

7400 Merton Minter St
San Antonio,TX 78229
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 617-5300

Southwest Texas Methodist Inpatient Pharmacy

7700 Floyd Curl Dr
San Antonio,TX 78229
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 575-4945

Northeast Baptist Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy

8811 Village Dr
San Antonio,TX 78217
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 297-2000

University Health System Inpatient Pharmacy

4502 Medical Dr
San Antonio,TX 78229
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 358-2900

Methodist Specialty Transplant Hospital Pharmacy

8026 Floyd Curl Dr
San Antonio,TX 78229
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 575-8182

Saint Lukes Baptist Medical Center Inpatient Pharmacy

7930 Floyd Curl Dr
San Antonio,TX 78229
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 297-5760

Walgreens Pharmacy #2458 24 Hour Pharmacy in San Antonio

7802 Wurzbach Rd
San Antonio,TX 78229

Refill prescriptions

24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 614-3590

CVS Pharmacy #7808

4805 Medical Dr
San Antonio,TX 78229
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 616-0482

CVS Pharmacy #7460

14900 Jones Maltsberger Rd
San Antonio,TX 78247
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 496-9545

Walgreens Pharmacy #6335

14025 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio,TX 78247
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 656-5041

Northeast Methodist Hospital Pharmacy

12412 Judson Rd
Live Oak,TX 78233
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 757-5050

North Central Baptist Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy

520 Madison Oak Dr
San Antonio,TX 78258
24 Hour Emergency Number: (210) 297-4760

Walgreens Pharmacy #5765

1223 S Main St
Boerne,TX 78006
24 Hour Emergency Number: (830) 249-9565

Methodist Hospital South Inpatient Pharmacy

1905 Highway 97 E
Jourdanton,TX 78026
24 Hour Emergency Number: (830) 769-3515

Urology San Antonio Pharmacy

Welcome to the Urology Pharmacy in San Antonio.
In 2015, we began providing pharmacy services to our patients.
Since then, we have expanded our services to make it easier for our patients to order and receive medications.
This allows you to receive comprehensive, high-quality care.

Delivery & Pickup

Prescriptions can be delivered to any of our 7 clinic locations in San Antonio.
Prescriptions can also be picked up at our Pharmacy, which is located at 7909 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 110a.
Please let us know your preference when filling your prescription.


If Urology San Antonio is your pharmacy, the quickest way to refill a prescription is to send an online request.
You can also call (210) 582-5649 or (800) 798-5111 toll-free.

Please keep the following prescription refill guidelines in mind:

Patients must have seen their provider within the previous year.
(If necessary, make an appointment.)

Make a plan.
Routine refill requests should be made at least three business days in advance.

Patients have the right to select their pharmacy at any time.
Your urologist will write prescriptions for you to fill at any pharmacy of your choice.

Payment Methods

All major credit cards, checks, cash, money orders, and FSA/HSA cards are accepted at Urology San Antonio Pharmacy.

Questions and Answers

What time does the Urology San Antonio Pharmacy open?

During normal business hours, an Urology San Antonio Pharmacy employee is available to answer any questions you may have.

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 7909 Fredericksburg Road Suite 110a San Antonio, TX 78229

Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

A Pharmacist-on-the-Spot

For any questions you may have, call is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Pharmacists are available for emergency and clinical situations such as medication assistance and side effects, as well as complaint resolution.

Furthermore, pharmacists have access to the Urology San Antonio Pharmacy facility if a patient’s need requires system support and/or prescription fulfillment.
Because changes to prescriptions necessitate the involvement of a physician, after-hour issues are handled by our Physician on Call, who will then contact the Pharmacist if necessary.
Physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do I go about getting a new prescription?

Your prescriber must send a valid prescription to our pharmacy via the method of their choice.
When you have a valid prescription on file, you can use our app or call our pharmacy to place your order and arrange for pick-up during regular business hours or shipment, if you prefer.

During business hours, you can call the pharmacy to speak with a staff member or leave a voicemail with all pertinent information as requested in the message to request your refill.
After hours, you can leave a message for the pharmacy staff requesting a medication refill and follow the prompts to request a refill.

Please include the medication name, your first and last name, address, date of birth, daytime phone number, and any other information requested by the voicemail in your message.

A new prescription can be e-mailed or faxed to us by your doctor.
Please keep in mind that some controlled substance medications cannot be faxed, and Urology San Antonio Pharmacy currently does not dispense controlled substances.
If Urology San Antonio begins dispensing controlled substances, a paper copy of these prescriptions must be sent to the pharmacy before they can be filled.

You can request a refill through the MobileRX web-based app.

Download the app from the Apple iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

Based on state law, equivalency rating, and company policy, your prescription may be filled with a generic equivalent substitution.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a pharmacist.

If Urology San Antonio Pharmacy is unable to fulfill any medication request, an employee will notify you.
The pharmacist on duty will provide suggestions and guidance on where the medication may be found upon request.

How long will it take for my prescription to arrive?

Urology San Antonio Pharmacy will contact you 7 days before you run out of medication to schedule a refill.

If you run out before Urology San Antonio Pharmacy contacts you, or if you want to order your refill now, please contact us.
Please have your prescription number(s) on hand when placing your order.

Refills can be requested through the web portal if you have signed up for the free Urology San Antonio web portal.
If there are any special delivery instructions or requests, please include them in your comments.
If there are any additional questions, clarifications, or missing elements on the web portal refill form, a member of the Urology San Antonio Pharmacy team will contact you directly to gather the necessary information.

There is an automated refill option available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Please leave a message with any specific delivery instructions or request Urology San Antonio Pharmacy staff contact you prior to medication being shipped if ordering an automated refill.

If you have run out of refills and would like a call to your physician for a new prescription, please notify an Urology San Antonio Pharmacy employee.

Please keep Urology San Antonio Pharmacy informed of any insurance, address, or health changes.

If you require your prescription right away, please inform an Urology San Antonio Pharmacy employee so that your order can be expedited.
If you are unable to wait for a shipment, you may request that your prescription be transferred to a local pharmacy.
When the prescription is no longer required, it can be returned to Urology San Antonio Pharmacy.

What will the cost of my prescription be?

The cost of your prescription will vary depending on your insurance.

The cost of your prescription will vary depending on your insurance.

Because drug prices fluctuate on a daily basis, determining your co-pay cost cannot be determined until your claim is processed.
You can also get the most up-to-date information by calling the Member Services phone number on your prescription insurance card.

If you are unable to pay the out-of-pocket cost for your prescription, Urology San Antonio Pharmacy will work with you to identify co-pay card assistance, patient assistance programs, or possible charitable support.

The price may also vary depending on the quantity of medication purchased.
Your prescription will be filled for the amount of medication prescribed by the doctor.
Please advise your physician to prescribe for the maximum number of days/supplies allowed by your insurance coverage (days allowed may vary by plan).

If you have Medicare Part D drug coverage, the cost of your prescription will fluctuate significantly as you meet your deductible and initial co-pay, progress through the “donut hole,” and reach your total out-of-pocket expense.
Reimbursement Specialists can help you determine and comprehend your options.

What is the best way for me to pay for my prescription order?

All major credit cards, checks, cash, money orders, and FSA/HSA cards are accepted at Urology San Antonio Pharmacy.

How should I properly dispose of my medications?

Click here to visit the FDA’s site on medication disposal, or consult the handouts in your welcome packet.

If your medication is recalled, you will be notified by an Urology San Antonio Pharmacy employee and given instructions on what to do.

How do I file a complaint if I am dissatisfied with the Pharmacy’s service?

Patients have the right to file a written complaint known as a “Grievance” by filling out a form available directly from the Pharmacy or by contacting the Administrative Executive Assistant at (210) 731-2050 ext. 1024.

Complaints are investigated within 48 hours of their receipt.

What should I do if I suspect I’m having an allergic reaction to the medication?

Please contact your urologist or the physician on call at (210) 614-4544. (by using the same phone number).
If the physician wishes to consult with the pharmacist, he or she may do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Although you are welcome to call the pharmacy and speak with the pharmacist, contacting your physician may be the most expedient way of resolving your issue.
For example, if a medication needs to be changed, the urologist can initiate the change rather than the pharmacist contacting the physician on your behalf.

San Antonio 24 Hour Emergency Room

11320 Alamo Ranch Pkwy San Antonio, TX 78253

The Emergency Center accepts most private and commercial insurance plans and is proud to offer transparent pricing and low self-pay rates so that our patients are never surprised with a bill.

Why should you go to The Emergency Center’s San Antonio ER?

The Emergency Center offers emergency care services in the San Antonio area, as well as the following advantages:

Freestanding, fully equipped emergency center

Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Board-certified emergency medicine physicians, ER and ICU trained nurses, and x-ray technicians are all on staff.

Pharmacy on-site

An on-site laboratory that provides immediate results

Services for ultrasound and x-ray imaging

CT scans with high resolution

Patients can receive follow-up telemedicine services.

Patients have access to their medical records.

Upon discharge, three days’ worth of prescriptions are given.

With over 200 freestanding ERs now operating in Texas, it can be difficult to choose one, so it’s important to understand that not all freestanding ERs are the same.

We will make sure you get the care you need the moment you walk in the door at The Emergency Center.
Patients value our personal approach to patient treatment and care, in addition to our extensive services and capabilities.
Rather than speaking to our patients in medical terms that are nearly impossible to comprehend, we make every effort to provide easily understandable information about their diagnosis and treatment options, allowing them to make informed decisions about their care.

Our doctors treat each patient as if they are the most important person in our facility, and they take the time to provide friendly, comprehensive, and compassionate care.
We will let you know if your condition can be treated at an urgent care center, but if you prefer to stay, we will provide immediate care.
We keep our payment options low-cost and our billing process simple.
We will never surprise you with a bill.

What is the distinction between a freestanding ER and a hospital ER?

Freestanding emergency rooms operate similarly to traditional ERs, with the exception that they are not affiliated with a hospital.
We are able to provide immediate acute care services because we have a lower patient volume than a typical ER or urgent care clinic.

Furthermore, if a patient requires surgery, we will stabilize them and quickly arrange for their ambulance transportation to a nearby hospital, allowing them to avoid the lengthy wait times typical of hospital ERs.

What is the distinction between a 24-hour freestanding ER and an urgent care facility?

In more ways than one, the Emergency Center is more than just an urgent care facility.
Don’t make the mistake of going to urgent care when you really need to go to the emergency room.
When your health is in jeopardy, our ER should be your first port of call.
If you are not experiencing a medical emergency, you will be able to meet with a doctor to discuss your options before making any treatment decisions.

There is no wait in the Children’s Emergency Room.

The Emergency Center is well-equipped to handle common pediatric and children’s conditions, as well as more chronic conditions like abdominal pain and asthma.
Visit us to avoid long wait times and the risks of interhospital transfers at traditional ERs that are overburdened or ill-equipped to handle your child’s emergency.
Find out more about our 24-hour emergency care for children.

The Emergency Center Distinction

Our San Antonio ER physicians and nurses work quickly to diagnose and treat a wide range of emergency and non-emergency illnesses and injuries in both children and adults, allowing patients to get back to enjoying life as soon as possible.
Whether you have head, chest, or abdominal pain; fractured, sprained, or broken bones; shortness of breath; vomiting; dehydration; or even seemingly minor symptoms like a fever or sore throat, you can trust that our team of experienced medical professionals will treat you as if you are the most important person in our facility, and will provide you with friendly, immediate care in a relaxing environment.

The Emergency Center is fully equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies in one convenient location to provide patients with the highest level of comprehensive, immediate care.
Our high-resolution 64-slice CT scanner, for example, provides advanced imaging, such as detailed evaluation of coronary arteries.
Our San Antonio location also has an onsite laboratory and pharmacy, removing the need for patients to travel elsewhere when these services are required right away.

We take a unique, patient-centered approach to emergency care at The Emergency Center.
We make it a priority to educate each patient about their condition and treatment options so that they can make an informed decision about their health care.
Furthermore, because we understand that remembering medical information can be difficult when you aren’t feeling well, our patients always leave with an audio recording of their diagnosis and at-home care instructions, as well as up to 72 hours of their prescription medication, allowing them to go straight home and rest.

We also use advanced follow-up telemedicine services, which allow our physicians to communicate with patients “face-to-face” via smartphone, tablet, or other device.
It’s just another way we make getting quick care easier for our patients.

Learn more about The Emergency Center Experience, a noticeable difference.
If you or a loved one in the San Antonio area requires prompt, convenient, and comprehensive emergency care, rely on The Emergency Center’s Board Certified Doctors, ER trained nurses, and friendly staff.

Visiting Our 24 Hour No Wait Freestanding Emergency Room

As a patient at The Emergency Center, you can expect the following:

Typical Hospital Emergency Room

Your doctor will assess your condition quickly and listen to any concerns you may have.
In the event of a life-threatening injury or illness, we will stabilize and closely monitor your condition, arranging for urgent transport to an operating room if necessary.

Typical Hospital Emergency Room

Your doctor will work with you to diagnose your condition and develop an effective treatment plan.
Our centers are fully equipped with critical diagnostic technologies such as ultrasound machines, on-site labs, and high-resolution 64-slice CT scanners.

Your physician and a team of ER and ICU-trained nurses will treat your health concerns once the problem has been identified.
Payment will be collected at the appropriate point in the care process, never in advance.

Typical Hospital Emergency Room

When it’s time to go, we can provide you with a med pack containing up to 72 hours’ worth of any necessary medications, allowing you to go straight home to rest rather than stopping at a pharmacy.

Any necessary paperwork and medical records will be sent directly to your primary care provider or medical specialist.
TEC employs a proprietary instant record system that streamlines the often time-consuming process of sending, receiving, and viewing records.

Typical Hospital Emergency Room

You will also be given an audio recording of your doctor explaining your diagnosis and at-home care instructions, and you will be able to schedule a follow-up telemedicine face-to-face with your doctor from the comfort of your own home, saving you a trip back to the doctor’s office.

We take pride in providing our communities with quick, efficient, and affordable care.
If you’d like to learn more about how The Emergency Center differs from a traditional ER or any other medical facility, please contact us today.
We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

As COVID-19 continues to raise healthcare concerns, we want to reassure you that The Emergency Center is always open and ready to assist you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our team is closely monitoring the situation, following the safest protocol, and doing everything possible to provide you with the best emergency care possible.

COVID-19 Testing on-site for ER Patients

At all of our locations, the Emergency Center provides several emergency use authorization (EUA) approved forms of COVID-19 testing.
Patients who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms can be tested on the spot.
The time it takes to get a result depends on the type of test you take.

Patients who present to our emergency department with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or who have had a high-risk exposure to COVID-19 are eligible for these tests.
The Emergency Center is not an outpatient COVID-19 testing center, but rather a licensed free-standing emergency center.

Most major insurances cover the entire cost of testing, which is separate from your ER copay.
Insurers have agreed to cover the costs of COVID-19 testing for patients.
Patients must check with their insurance company to see if they are eligible.

The Emergency Center’s self-pay rates begin at $500. (which includes all COVID-19 testing).
Self-pay rates for special imaging or complex patient services may rise to $900.

Additional tests, such as influenza A and B, X-rays, and other tests unrelated to COVID-19, are handled differently depending on the insurance carrier.

Who Is Eligible to Take the Test?

All patients who present to our emergency centers with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or who have had a high risk exposure to COVID-19 can be tested at the Emergency Center.
The physician will determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Testing Varieties

COVID-19 tests are available at the Emergency Center in a variety of formats.
Our response times are unique to The Emergency Center and are not applicable to all hospitals/health care facilities.

If your rapid molecular PCR test results are negative but you have COVID-19 symptoms, we may order a rapid molecular PCR test.

After an initial infection, antibodies can take several days or weeks to develop.

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