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24 hour dentist indianapolis: For many people, dental emergencies are an upsetting and scary thing to have happen. If you live in Indianapolis, and you need a 24-hour dentist, Emergency Dental Pros is a limited company that provides dental care for those who require emergency care.

24 Hour Dentist Indianapolis

We also offer professional cosmetic dentistry and services in Indianapolis, IN. To find out more about what the professionals at Emergency Dental Pros can do for you, call today!

Emergency Dentist USA’s Urgent Care Services

We refers patients to Emergency Dentists within their network of over 1,500 dentists from coast to coast who have agreed to provide urgent care services when local dentists are closed or busy. If you’re in need of a 24 hour dentist in Indianapolis, you can call us at anytime. We will do our best to find an emergency dentist for you who is open and ready to help!

Emergency Dentists USA offers a 24-hour dental referral service, which is available 7 days a week! Call (866) 345-1896 for help finding immediate dental services. Go to to learn more about our services.

Urgent Dental Center & Family Dentistry is a 24-hour dental practice, open 7 days a week. We offer emergency dentistry for those suffering from tooth and jaw pain as well as other dental emergencies. Additionally, we provide comprehensive care for the whole family from infants to seniors in need of general dentistry.

We’re conveniently located on 79th Street just north of Allisonville Road in Indianapolis, serving all surrounding areas including Beech Grove, Lawrence Township, Brownsburg.

We work closely with your insurance provider to maximize your benefits and make sure you are not over paying for services or paying out of pocket unnecessarily. For those without dental coverage our fees are always affordable and we offer prompt decisions on financing plans to suit everyone’s needs.

We accept most dental insurance plans as well as offer payment plans.

We are an Invisalign provider and provide a wide range of cosmetic services including teeth whitening, composite veneers, crowns, bridges, root canal therapy, gum disease treatment and periodontal surgery. Our staff members have years of experience in the dental field and are all highly qualified to help you achieve your healthy smile goals!

If you would like some more information, don’t hesitate to call or email our dentist office today.

24 Hour Dental Services Indianapolis Indiana

Phone:(888) 619-9900

Indianapolis Devington Dental Office

It’s a pain to have a dental emergency – but it helps to know that Indianapolis dentist Dr. Geoffrey Devington is just 24 hours away. He can be reached by phone or even on social media at any time of day or night, and you’ll never pay an office visit fee!

For more than 30 years, Dr. Devington and his staff have been committed to dental care with compassion – so if you need quality dentures in the Indianapolis area, don’t hesitate to contact them! They can also help with all your general dentistry needs as well as cosmetic work.

Dr. Devington specializes in dentures, dental implants, dental crowns and veneers – but also routine cleanings and exams. (He also accepts insurance, including medicaid and Medicare.)

Dentures are a great choice for people who need support for a number of reasons, including physical activity or senior citizens who’ve lost teeth in accidents. Even if you have no tooth loss, you may find the benefits of full-mouth dentures worthwhile – including ease of speech and better oral hygiene. About half of his patients choose to have their own natural teeth crowned with metal so that they can also be used to anchor new dentures.

If you’re interested in getting your teeth whitened, Dr. Devington offers a home kit or Zoom! The end result can be dramatic – and they’re available for both your upper and lower teeth. (You may decide to start with the Zoom! process and then get the custom-made set of teeth.)

The best way to start is to call Dr. Devington at 317-201-0500 or schedule an appointment online at his website,

Same Day Dental

We are always ready to see you.

If you’re in pain, that can be debilitating. And if your dental emergency occurs during a time where most offices aren’t open, you’re going to have to wait until they are – and that could take hours or even days. Fortunately, there is one dental office that is available for any dental issue at any time of day or night: ours! At Same Day Dental Indianapolis we employ dentists who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we can provide the same level of care regardless of when the dental emergency occurs.

We offer:

Emergency Dental Services – If your dental problem is severe enough to require immediate attention, count on us for a solution. If you have a toothache or are experiencing any type of pain, we can address it almost immediately. You don’t have to wait until the morning! Just call our office at (317) 882-1310 and let us know what’s going on so that we can help you as quickly as possible. MIAMI DENTIST VISIT IS NOT NECESSARY TO FIX YOUR CRACKS AND CHIPS!!!

If your dental problem is severe enough to require immediate attention, count on us for a solution.

Southport Emergency Dental Office

is a local 24 hour dentist Indianapolis that has provided dental emergencies for over 15 years. They provide emergency dental care services to all children and adults. They are open 7 days a week and can be contacted anytime @ 317-285-3382.

Southport Emergency Dental Office offers the following:
emergency dental care, teeth whitening, tooth decay treatments, pediatric dentistry, restorative dentistry, sedation dentistry (Nitrous Oxide), root canal therapy (Endodontics), same day crowns (Emax crowns), same day implant placement (Zirkkor) and a full range of general dental services.

“Southport Emergency Dental Office is a local 24 hour dentist Indianapolis that has provided dental emergencies for over 15 years. They provide emergency dental care services to all children and adults. They are open 7 days a week and can be contacted anytime @ 317-285-3382.

Emergency Dental Pros

Emergency Dental Pros is the fastest growing dental help company in Indianapolis, IN. We are the emergency dentist of choice for many people all across Central Indiana, helping customers with broken teeth and other dental emergencies. Our qualified team of dentists and staff members has helped more than 10,000 individuals over the past couple years – including many children – through dental troubles that would have otherwise required a trip to an emergency room or hospital.

Emergency Dental Pros

We know that you didn’t plan on going through an emergency at work, school, or just out in public where there’s no dentist available for miles around. As a result, we are ready to offer emergency dental care across the state of Indiana and beyond. Our team of dentists has successfully treated many kinds of dental emergencies and we want to help you get back on the road to good oral health as quickly as possible. We know that dealing with dental problems at an unexpected time can be painful, but think about the benefits of our 24 hour dentist in Indianapolis IN services. This is a service designed for your convenience and ease when you need emergency care fast.

Each of our Central Indiana emergency dentists is a licensed dentist with particular expertise in certain areas of the oral cavity. This means you don’t have to worry about getting your teeth fixed by someone you’ve never met before. Instead, you can choose a dentist from our list for your specific needs, such as broken teeth (or another problem) or treatment for tooth decay or injury. We will get the job done no matter how urgent the problem may be.

We offer solutions for all types of dental problems. Our crews are fully trained in everything from routine cleanings and fillings to gum surgery (root canal treatment), implants, crowns and more. Our dentists have years of experience in treating dental emergencies such as broken teeth, chipped teeth and other mouth injuries that require emergency care. Some of the common reasons for a trip to our Central Indiana dental clinic are:

We know that you need a dentist fast when there’s an emergency. From toothaches, chipped teeth and other oral injuries to infections and disease, we treat them all here at our Indianapolis dental office. Whether you need root canal therapy or tooth extraction, we can help. In addition to serving people who are in immediate pain, we also provide treatments for children who have urgent dental problems (such as loose teeth).

East Indy Dental Care

5607 E Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46219
(317) 375-2273 [CARE]

Every day is a new opportunity to improve your health. This does not apply just to the body, but also to the teeth. You want those be bright and whitened and looking their best when you walk out the door, not yellowed and chipped because of neglect. We provide dental care for patients of all ages. No matter if you’re interested in one of our many cosmetic procedures, such as dental veneers and tooth whitening, or if you need simple treatment to help you maintain your oral health and well being, we can help. Our staff will work with you to find the treatment plan that best fits your needs and budget. With locations throughout Indiana, we are here for all of your dental needs.

East Indy Dental Care

We understand that oral care is just as important as medical care. It requires a great deal of attention, just like medical care does. If there’s a problem with your mouth or teeth that’s been bothering you for a long time, it may be time to see an East Indy dentist. Our dentists are all professionals. They can help you maintain or improve your oral health and appearance. The best thing about us is that we have a large number of experienced dentists, including specialists and general practitioners to ensure that you get the quality dental care that you deserve.
How To Find An Indianapolis Dentist
When looking for a dentist in Indianapolis IN there are many options out there for people to choose from. So how do you find the right one? One way is to look on the Internet for listings and reviews of local dentists. Another way is to rely on recommendations from friends or family members who may have used one before and may have had great results with their smile.

Dental Insurance Plans

We want you to be very happy with your dental care. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, please bring your concerns to our attention.

If you need an appointment or have any other questions, call us at 317-843-7771 or email us at We will be happy to help!
All the best,

Jessica Lantzy DMD

The health of a person’s teeth and gums can influence their self esteem as well as their overall quality of life. When people neglect their teeth, they are more likely to suffer from health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

In order to have good oral health, individuals need regular dental visits and good oral hygiene practices at home. It is important to brush twice a day for a total of two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste. It is also necessary to floss daily in order to remove the bacteria that builds between teeth. People should visit their dentist every six months or as recommended by an oral care professional. A dentist will be able to check the health of the gums and teeth in addition to making recommendations for any oral hygiene changes that need to be made.

Emergency Dentists

There are many 24hour dentist Indianapolis. Dr. Jihaad Abdul-Majid, DMD, Dr. Aatif Ansari, DDS and Dr. Helen Bishara, DMD are some of the expert dentists in Indianapolis who provide services around the clock with a focus on general dentistry.

Dr. Jihaad Abdul-Majid, DMD is a general dentist and cosmetic dentist at Eastside Smiles in Indianapolis, IN. He has served the community for more than 10 years and offers professional dental services such as dental implants, dental crowns, tooth whitening and preventive services.

Dr. Aatif Ansari, DDS is a practicing general dentist in Indianapolis. According to Dr. Ansari’s website , he aims to provide state-of-the art dental care to his patients with the use of the latest technologies.

Dr. Helen Bishara, DMD offers quality dental services including general dentistry , periodontics and sleep medicine at Kool Smiles Dental Clinic in Indianapolis and Carmel, IN. Visit Dr. Bishara’s website for more details about her practice as well as a list of the services she provides.

Dr. Miguel Franco, DMD, has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years and provides high-quality dental care to patients at his dental clinic in Indianapolis, IN. Learn more about Dr. Franco’s practice on his website

Dr. Matthew Heineman, DDS is a general dentist and cosmetic dentist at Heineman Office Dental in Indianapolis. According to Dr. Heineman’s website, he believes in utilizing the latest technologies and providing exemplary dental care to his patients.

Dr. Abram Hess, DDS has been providing dental services to various patients for more than 20 years and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Visit Dr. Hess’ website for details about his practice or call (317) 291-0300 today to schedule an appointment with him at your earliest convenience!

Dr. Harshitha Mukunda, DDS provides high quality dental care to patients at her Indianapolis dentistry clinic. According to her website, she believes that great dentistry is performed by a combination of the latest technology and gentle hands.

Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, DMD is a dentist in Indianapolis, IN who offers the latest dental treatments to his patients. His specialty is general dentistry and Dr. Rodriguez’s website highlights his many accomplishments including being voted as one of the best cosmetic dentists in Indiana by Indianapolis Monthly Magazine in 2010 and 2011.

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  • A small percentage of the approximately 300 patients who come through IU Health Methodist Hospital’s Emergency Department each day have dental problems, said Dr. Charles Shufflebarger, medical director. (
  • However, most of her patients self-pay, with only about 10 percent on Medicaid and another 10 percent on private insurance. (
  • For those who do not have insurance or Medicaid, the clinic offers a discount plan that comes with a $20 annual membership and offers 40 to 60 percent off most treatments. (
24 Hour Dentist Indianapolis